Were you able to find babies heart beat with a fetal doppler?

I have a question about the baby’s heartbeat and when can hear it at home. So, I am 6 weeks pregnant with my 2nd. I have been very anxious to hear my baby’s heartbeat and was looking into buying an at-home fetal doppler. I’ve read that most women can’t find or hear their baby’s heartbeat due to the baby being so small until they are around 12 weeks pregnant. I should add that I have a pretty small build (115lb), so I’m hoping I’ll be able to hear my baby before 12 weeks. Out of curiosity, has any mom been able to hear their baby’s heartbeat at home at around six weeks pregnant?


I was never able to find the baby quite that early! More like 10-12 weeks I think I was able to find a heartbeat

All I could hear at even 8 weeks was the blood flow I had down there.

Way too soon. I couldn’t find it until 14 weeks and it stressed me out

Mine wasn’t heard on doppler until 12-14 weeks.

The baby’s heartbeat just developed, it’s still too tiny to pick up on anything other than a vaginal ultrasound. Give it a few weeks!

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I’m 18 weeks and still can’t find mine at home because my placenta is anterior. It won’t hurt to try just try not to stress yourself out if you can’t find it. It’s just another one of those things where every momma is different.

I would think that would be way too soon to hear it. If they can’t do it at the doctors office I don’t think you will have much luck. Maybe around 10 or 11 weeks, maybe but don’t panic if you can’t find it thinking something is wrong.

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12-14 weeks and I was small like you in the beginning. I still bought a machine to hear the heart beat at home but had zero luck that early on. Even at 12-14 weeks it was hard to find. Now I’m 21 weeks and its much easier to find.

Most trained professionals don’t find a heartbeat on a handheld, professional grade doppler until 10-12 weeks. At 6 weeks the baby’s heart is just developing and baby is roughly the size of a grain of rice. You may find the baby’s heartbeat on a home doppler at around 12 weeks but even then baby is tucked under the pubic bone. Most women easily find it at home around 14-16 weeks. If you are having anxiety in your pregnancy for whatever reason I would advise discussing your anxiety with your ob to possibly schedule an extra sono, bloodwork or whatever will help you feel most at ease… As searching and not finding it may add more anxiety… or you may find your own heartbeat and mistake it for baby’s giving you a false sense of security. Love to you momma

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Yes I have but not that early. Wait a little longer, chances are if you don’t find it you’ll just end up stressing out :heart::pray:

My doctor couldn’t even find it till about 16 weeks.
12 weeks minimum I’d say.

I was only 85lbs when I got pregnant and I still couldn’t hear my baby’s heartbeat on an at home doppler till between 13-15 weeks.

Wait until after your first visit. Watch where they find the heartbeat and go home and focus on the same area. Trust me if you try to do it this early you’ll just worry yourself. It’s not the easiest thing to find even as you get further along. Be patient it will be worth it!

I didn’t hear mine with the at-home one until 12ish weeks both times. But don’t worry if you can’t find it on there right away or all the time. My doctor said they’re fine to use, but don’t let that cause you worry or anything.

Just so you know, having a small build does not mean you’ll be able to find heartbeat faster or feel more kicks down the road! I was 97 lbs when I had my son and it changed nothing :white_heart: so don’t stress yourself if you think you’re going to hear/feel things sooner than average because it isn’t the case! :relaxed:

Not till 12 weeks and after. I know it’s hard. I’m 3 weeks. And I’m very impatient lol

I listen to my baby’s heartbeat almost every day!

I didn’t hear mine until late, like around 14 weeks or so because I had an anterior placenta (meaning the placenta was attached to the front wall of my uterus, so too much “stuff” was in the way).

Just had my 2nd Appointment. I’m 12 weeks. I could hear heartbeat. Doctor found heartbeat but baby moved around. I’m a small build 133 pounds but look smaller.

You can’t really hear the heart beat until 10/12 weeks even on the doppler at the Dr office. On the at home doppler I was able to at about 12/14 weeks.

Found mine at 9 weeks with my second.

You will just stress yourself and baby trying to find heart beat


I got myself a fetal Doppler and could listen to my baby’s heartbeat at 10 weeks.

Proabley to early to pick it up liken12 weeks or more would be better

I found my rainbow baby at about 10 weeks but it took a good 45 minutes to be sure I had found it… if you do try do not get discouraged if you can’t find it cause in reality the baby is hiding behind your pubic bone till about 12-14 weeks

I had an at home doppler and love it. I was very nervous with this last pregnancy because I had so many previous miscarriages. That thing helped me so much with my anxiety throughout the entire pregnancy.

I guess I’m not the person to ask, I found mine at 6-8 weeks. You just have to remember that the uterus is still deep in your stomach and barely above your crotch so you’ll have to press hard. It’ll be barely audible but still there. You’ll just have to move from left to right and really find where the baby is and listen. This is my third and that’s how I did it. By ten weeks the heartbeat was loud and strong with my at home one.

Usually 8-10 weeks, which is why you don’t see an OB til then.

It’s just not possible. Even doctors can’t find it before 10 weeks, and they reeeeeally have to try at that early.
That early is just developing one, so you’re just going to have to wait.

I just got done with my 2nd pregnancy and I’m a big women(235lb) my first appts with both of my boys was around 8weeks and I got to hear the heartbeat both times.

We weren’t even able to find it with the Doppler at the drs office until 20 weeks. There are some factors, like where the placenta is placed, that can make it harder to find. I’m not saying you won’t be able to, but good luck!

Home dopplers are iffy even further into a pregnancy.

I found heartbeat at 10 weeks with my home Doppler , same doppler I used with my son.

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They don’t use fetal doppler until baby’s over 16 weeks were UK I’m 15 weeks and managed to hear heartbeat even then it kept wiggling off c

Don’t do it, so unreliable you panic when can’t find it and sometimes actually listening to the placenta and not the baby so could be problems and you wouldn’t know. Only let a Heath professional do it

At 6 weeks they can barely get a heartbeat with a vaginal ultrasound so I wouldnt try till at least 10 weeks we had a hard time finding mine at 12 weeks at th Dr office with their doppler

Heard mine at home at 8 weeks and 2 days. (Tried earlier but couldn’t find it) I’m about 120pounds. You can’t go by the heart rate number because it’s inaccurate, you have to learn the sound which will sound like a fast gallop beat. It takes time but after messing around with it you might be able to find it. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t though. The baby is very small and very low.

If you are feeling anxious enough about your baby that you need to use a doppler at home, then you should really be seeing a doctor or midwife.

I would say between 8-10 weeks. My 8 week check up they couldn’t hear a heartbeat, 10 wk checkup no heartbeat either. So then they figured out I had a blighted ovum. So 10 wks for sure.

This was at 8 weeks with my 3rd child. It did take some searching, but you might be able to find it VERY low. There’s a chance you won’t be able to this early though because of positioning of baby.

It will cause you more stress when you can’t find it. I am an OB sonographer and worked at a hospital for pregnant women for many years. I can not tell you how many women we had come in almost daily because they couldn’t find the heartbeat on their home doppler and almost every single time the baby was fine.


I’m very leery of at home Doppler. I went into a doctor’s office and the nurse who is TRAINED to use them mistook MY heartbeat for baby’s. If a trained professional can get it wrong, I’d be worried about undue stress expecting mommas can be put under if they don’t find one. It’ll be easier a little later in the pregnancy :heartpulse:

I have one now and I heard baby’s heartbeat between 8 and 9 weeks for the first time at home. It does take practice using it but it calms my nerves after our daughter was stillborn.

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I had one for my second pregnancy and found the heart beat around 9 weeks (and you can definitely tell the difference between hearing your own heartbeat and your baby’s).

There are a lot of variables. Like where the placenta is. I
Mine was in the front and even well into the pregnancy it was hard to find. Plus I couldn’t feel him as well. I am larger though. I am pretty sure at my 8 week appointment they found the heart beat with the ultra sound.

Only an ultrasound is gonna pick it up at 6 weeks. Doctors find it bt 10 and 12weeks the chances of you finding it before 12 weeks is slim just bc your not trained. It also will depend on the placement of the placenta. If your going to get one make sure it shows the heart beat bc its common to mistake yours with babies


Please don’t use a doppler at home. When a health professional is listening to your baby we can differentiate between what is the placenta, maternal pulse and fetal heart rate. We can hear abnormalities such as ectopic beats. We also know the correct range it should be. There have been cases of miscarriages and still births because a doppler has been used at home for reassurance and the mother has heard what she thought was baby’s hearbeat but it wasn’t or it could have been the fetal heart but not normal. If you are ever worried about baby’s movements or your pregnancy please seek professional medical advice. X


We were not able to hear the heartbeat on the one we have until ~20 weeks with all 3 of my kids. The one I have is older, but I have read that you usually can’t hear it at home until later on in the pregnancy

I had a very small build at 115 lbs and had a handheld Doppler that I bought on Amazon. It worked very well for me 12 weeks plus but my husband was always concerned about my anxiety with it all.

I’ve had 6 pregnancies. 5 live births. None I heard until about 12 weeks. I was super small for the 1st 2. Gained weight for the last 3 obviously. My placenta was in the back for only the first. The other 4, my placenta was in the front. None of the variables matter. You can’t hear the heartbeat until about 12 ish weeks. I also used a doppler for my 5th pregnancy. Placenta being in the front means I cant feel baby move alot. She was also growing on the smaller side so her “lack of movements” had me concerned alot. I had my husband find her heart every time and it was just right.

I was 120lbs and we couldn’t find it till about 12 weeks. We were advised not to get a home doppler because most of them are junk and will scare you more than anything. We were just told if we ever got a bad feeling or worried to stop in at the ER and they could monitor us. We had 3 loses before our son so they were pretty easy going with us


The best results will be about 12 wks or more. I had one with my last baby (#5) for peace of mind after multiple losses. I went into it knowing there was a chance I wouldn’t be able to find it and not to freak out if I couldn’t. I watched videos on how to do it also. I didn’t use it a lot but I used it a lot less once I could feel baby move but if he wasn’t as active as normal and I got worried I would use it and it would ease my mind. I got mine of eBay. (New)

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Very very unlikely at 6 weeks. We don’t even like to attempt until 8 to 10 weeks, due to the fact that its not best practice to search for it that early, then not find it… and put unnecessary worry in mommy’s heads if that makes sense.

My daughter just found hers at 9 weeks but not consistently. She’s 12 weeks now and gets it every time.

Usually it’s between 10 and 12 weeks depending on where your little munchkin is positioned.

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It’s even iffy at 12 weeks for many ladies. At home ones, usually 12-15weeks is when you can hear it. The at home machines end up causing more stress than needed.

I have a doppler and up until 12-13 weeks I couldn’t hear anything. Doctor even tried at 8 weeks with their doppler and couldn’t find a heartbeat.

I was able to hear my first at just over 10 weeks. I found my youngest at 9 but couldn’t find it again until about 14.

I heard my son at 10 weeks. I’m 7 weeks now… I wonder the same.

Even in the doctor’s office they can’t rely on Doppler until 9-10 weeks. Using them at home also isn’t recommended.


My Dr never even tried until I was at least 12 weeks.

I heard my daughters at 8w with an at home doppler :heart:

At 6 weeks it’s hit and miss. Give it another few weeks or so. Don’t stress about it and try again. :heart:

At home fetal dopplers don’t read until later. I didn’t hear mine until 30 some weeks. I had a cheap one though.

They’re still below the pelvic bone until 12 weeks. That’s why it’s not very possible.

I did at around 11 wks.

U won’t find it with a Doppler til 12+ weeks…

And also I have a Doppler I’m selling if interested

you will just find your own artery

I heard my baby’s heartbeat at 8 weeks

I wouldnt do it trust your doctors equipment more then something you buy on Amazon

I had one but the ones u buy over the counter per say, u can’t hear the heart beat until about after 21weeks

I heard at 10 weeks with a handheld Doppler. You have to search around for awhile though.

I’m on my third and heard mine at 8 weeks

It’s about when the heart develops. Each development is different

You probably won’t be able to. When I was very far along sometimes my doc would have a hard time finding it. It’s just hard to know what position the baby is in, plus you’re also able to hear all of your own pulses in that area which you can confuse for your babies heartbeat.

With my anterior placenta and baby towards the back of my spine I couldn’t feel kicks or hear a heartbeat for a very long time. It was disappointing and at times worrisome but he was totally okay so if you can’t, don’t worry. it can take time. I felt kicks with my first very early and with him it was 22, 23 plus weeks before I felt anything at all.

I picked up mine at 10wks and a big girl :slightly_smiling_face: I never used mine after that until around 20wks just to show my nieces and then later in pregnancy as we had a few scares due to reduced movement.

I’ve never been able to pick up my sons heartbeat on our doppler and Im 39 weeks :grimacing::grimacing:

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Wait until about 12-14 weeks and don’t panic if you don’t hear it because the ones online are not professional machines. I have severe anxiety and I would take a break and try again after an hour if I couldn’t find it. The main point is don’t panic if you can’t find it

Don’t bother, didn’t work at 35 weeks. All you hear is your own body.

6 weeks would be far too early to find it on a doppler you’d need an ultrasound

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too early, its sometimes too hard to even do an ultrasound at this stage and sometimes an internal ultrasound is needed. as others have said you will only stress yourself out trying to find it now and not finding anything.


6 weeks is definitely far too early. Sometimes these at home dopplers can pick up your own heartbeat, rather than your babies. I would personally wait until closer to the second trimester… I loved my doppler tho!

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I’m 7 weeks pregnant too with my second and I couldn’t get a obgyn appointment until third of June. A mth away😧 I’m anxious to know everything is okay and have wondered the same

They are not recommended as you can pick up your heart beat or your womb xx

I wouldn’t try until twelve weeks at least and even then I have to tell you it can be very hard to find yourself while the baby is still small. Having used it on the ambulance we always have to warn moms that if we don’t find it that way right away it doesn’t necessarily mean something’s wrong it could be too early or just not good enough conditions. So if it’s going to make you panic I wouldn’t do it.

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The midwives don’t even usually try until 13 weeks because they dont want you to stress unnecessarily if you cant hear it… you’re setting yourself up for failure.


Midwife here! 6 weeks is much too early and often a fetal heart wouldn’t even be present on scan at this stage but I did manage to find my baby’s heartbeat just after 10 weeks and started feeling very light movements just after 11 weeks!

I am a midwife and I highly discourage the use of at home dopplers. We don’t even usually check for a heart rate until 16+ weeks and even then it can be very difficult. In all honesty, having an at home doppler will provide further anxiety for you, especially if you cant find the heart rate. I suggest waiting until your appointments with your doctor or midwife or your ultrasounds.


At 6wks my doctor had to use a transvaginal ultrasound to pick up the heartbeat cause the normal ultrasound wouldn’t have been able to. Dopplers are not recommended and shouldnt be relied on to hear babies heartbeat

I had to get a ultrasound done to see how far I was and at the time i was 6 weeks and 1 day, and its amazing how small the baby is, but the doc said we can check for a heartbeat but sometimes you cant hear it at 6 weeks yet, but I was able to hear it, so it might be possible you can hear the baby’s heartbeat but I’m not sure with the at home ones, i have never tried one

I wasn’t able to find either of my babies heartbeats at home with my fetal Doppler until about 11 wks.

I was 9 weeks when my midwife tried and heard it then. She only tried for me due to me miss carrying the pregnancy before hand and she knew I was anxious to try. If you go ahead and try don’t feel disheartened just give it time :blush:

Don’t. Don’t worry yourself, your first appointment with the OB should ease your mind. At 6 weeks you’re not going to hear anything.

Save your money, its way to early

You won’t find it at 6 weeks & will only cause yourself so much stress. I had to get a doppler as I was in hospital more than I was out for a very worrying pregnancy. I wasn’t able to locate a heartbeat before 12/14 weeks. And every time I Couldn’t I panicked. You will hear it when it is audible, but not this early. Also small babies can be in one spot one week & you won’t find them there a few days later & you freak again. Be careful about relying on dopplers :blush:

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Leave it to the professionals

Doctors have hard time with doppler at 6 weeks. Most use internal ultrasound that early to see heart beat