Were you told you were going to have a big baby?

My first they said would be big she was 7lbs 6.5 oz and my second they said wouldn’t be over 4lbs and she was 6lbs 7oz

8lbs is not a “big baby”.

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I was told my daughter was gonna be around 8lbs 3oz. Born 4 days past due date at 7lbs 12oz

I was told my first was measuring big and she came out 9 pound 7 ounces after being induced at 39 weeks.

My second was measuring “normal” and came out 8 pound 8 ounces.

Sometimes they are accurate and sometimes not so much, either way I didn’t feel it made a difference to the birth and I didn’t need any stitches.

was never told the weight of my first love … he was 11lbs 14 oz…

I had a 10lb and then an 11lb I thought 8lb was pretty average

8 lbs isn’t big. My husband was 9 lbs and his brother was 12 lbs. But yes, my doctor said my son would be 8 lbs but he came two weeks early so he was 7 lbs even, had I went full term he would have been 8

They told me my son would be way over 10lb when he was born he was 7.12lb

I was told my daughter was big she was going to born at 8.10 but she out at 9lb and on my Second I was told he was to be over 10lb there put me on a Diet and no sugar for the last few weeks he come out at 8.10 x

All 3 of my babies weighed over 8 pds

My first baby I was told was going to be “at least 10lb”
He came 11days late and was only 7lb

My second baby was “measuring small” I had growth scans for him and he came at 38 weeks and was 10lb 2oz!
My 3rd baby they kept an eye on because my second was a big baby and she was born 2 weeks early and was 8lb 3oz

Anyway my point is not to get hung up on what they guess the measurements at as non of mine have been accurate x

With my 3rd one I was told he would be between 9 and 10 pounds, he was just a little under 9 1/2 pounds, 9 pounds 7.2 ounces to be exact, he was a vaginal birth the doctor was ready to do a C section but that was not necessary, 3 pushes and he was out.

Iv been told im having a big baby, had a scan yesterday and said she was 8pd 12oz and im hoping their wrong🤣 im due next week i had a scan at 34 weeks and she weighed 6pd 4oz

The machines are normally +/- two pounds

My girls were 7.4 and 7.8. I was told with my boy he was big at 34 weeks. Had an ultrasound then another ultrasound at 39 weeks…he measured 11lbs! C section scheduled the next week, 4 days before due date and he was 11lbs even. He’s almost 4 months and almost 20lbs! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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My last baby although it was almost 29 yrs ago . 2 hrs b4 she was born they told me she was gona be my smallest baby weighing about 7lb how wrong could they be , born 2 hrs later and she was 10 lb 2 ozs, all natural no stitches

My doctor told me I would have a 11# baby and when she was born she weighed 6# 8 oz but I was over weight when I got pregnant and my sister and I were 9# babies but my daughter was a premie

Yup… my 1st child i was told he was going to be a 9lb baby and he was only 6lb 14oz

8 pounds is average. I just had my daughter at 39 weeks by c section and she was 8 lbs 11 oz and she is also my first!

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I think why he thought she would be so big was cause I was so over weight the whole time even tho I only gained 25#

I was told my son was big. I ended up getting induced at 37 weeks due to some health issues and he was 8lbs even and 22 inches long. They were definitely right :rofl::rofl: they said if I went at 40 weeks he would probably have been close to 10/11 lbs

Yep. They predicted both mine at 8lbs. Both babies 6lbs

My doctors were pretty spot on with both my kids before I got induced both measured around 6 pounds my first was 6 pounds 10 ounces and second was 6 pounds 2 ounces.

I was told I’d have an 8 pounder and she was close to 10.

Opposite experience. I had preeclampsia and was taken from a standard appointment to OR for c-section. Before they performed the c-section, they did an ultrasound to make sure he was big enough for delivery. They said “he’s measuring 7.5 lbs already so he’s perfect!” A few hours later, he was born at 8.13 lbs

I didn’t know 8 lbs was a “big baby” :sweat_smile:


They told me my daughter was weighing over 8 lbs and she came out 6lbs 12oz😂

I was told my youngest would be no more than 8 lbs (which is average!) and ended up having a 12 lb baby. It’s all a guessing game until they arrive :heart:

Isn’t 8pounds about average? Lol

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I was told she was a few weeks early and would be about 10 pounds HA and she was one week early exactly and 8 pounds 7oz. Mind you I gained over 100 pounds my pregnancy. Joke was on them. It was me that was the fatty. Not the baby. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

My first born child weighed 9lbs 15 oz and I was 17 years old… she is now almost 18 yrs old

I was told my first would be close to 9 lbs and she was 6lb9oz :woman_shrugging:t3:

I was told my now 4 yr old was gonna be 9 lbs…she was 6 lbs 14 oz

Dr warned me that my son was going to be a minimum of 10lbs. That more than likely I would need a c-section. He only weighed 7lbs 11oz

I was told I would have a 10 lb baby. He was 6lbs 14 oz

My first was 9lbs 3oz, 21in. I was also a week past my due date. My doctor told me at one point she didn’t think I would have a very big baby, but it was just a comment in passing, not related to any US or physical exam. I’m only 5ft and not necessarily due to her size, it was a long, hard labor. So with my 2nd I made sure the doctors and midwives (different office from my first pregnancy) were aware so we could monitor her size and be prepared. My midwife estimated she would be about 8.5lbs, based on US and a physical exam where she palpated my stomach. Again I was a week past due and she came out 8 lbs 6oz. They are only estimates and are not always accurate, but that’s not to say they never are. 8lbs is not overly big, don’t stress over it. Your body knows what to do!!

I was 35 weeks and she was 7lbs 5oz (something like that) I was told that I was going to have a big baby but I had no idea I’d be giving birth a week later she was 5lbs 13oz

8 is average. Both mine were close to 10. :flushed:

My doctor told me I was measuring “normal” to have a 7.5lb baby. She was 9lbs 10oz. Honestly I wouldn’t believe a thing that they say about size! 8lbs is still a great size. I loved that my girl was a little chunk! Waiting to see how big the one I have baking is! :heart_eyes::blue_heart:

I was told my first baby was over 10 pounds. And that he would not fit through my pelvis so my only choice was a c-section. I was stubborn and wanted to try naturally first. He was born with a total of 6 minutes of pushing, and was 8lbs 1oz.

They tried the same scare tactic to try to get me to have a section with my second as well. Again, stubborn me wouldn’t have it. They estimated 10 pounds at 36 weeks! I let them induce me at 38 but it was a failed induction. She was born on her due date, literally 2.5 pushes, less than a minute! and was 9lbs, 3oz.

Both times I was also very clear to not cut me! No episiotomy! I told them if I tear, I tear. But No Cut!
Never tore at all. No stiches ever!

Truth is they don’t know. They can estimate, but it is almost impossible to tell from an ultrasound alone!


They told me my 3rd would be 10+ but he was 7lb 13oz

I was but I found out afterwards they were basing it on head circumference. Both my boys where bobble heads with teeny tiny bodies. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I was told my son would be 8-9 lb he was 6lb 14 oz

I was told with my 6th child she was gonna be about 10lbs .but at birth she was only 7.14 my 4th I was told she wouldnt be bigger than 7 lbs and she was almost 9lbs .

My first I was told was measuring above and he was born 10lb 1oz

My second they said the same and she was 2 weeks early and born 9lb 2oz

Third boy was 3 weeks early and he was 8lb 10oz

I had an ultrasound literally 45 minutes before giving birth to my oldest . They told me she would be around 6lbs 8oz but she was only 3 lbs 8oz she was born at exactly 33 weeks

I was told big and thought 8lb or so. She was 10lb…

I was told by family members my kids were going to be big babies. My son was 7lbs 13oz and my daughter was 7ibs 12 oz.

They told me my daughter was weighing at 6pound she came out 4 pound 10

1st pregnancy told me she was a big baby, she weighed 6lbs 4oz
3rd pregnancy told me he was a big baby and he sure was a big baby lol 8lbs 14oz
…guess sometimes they’re correct and sometimes they’re not :woman_shrugging:

I was told my entire pregnancy that my son was going to be a big baby. They measured him shortly before he arrived and said he was between 6lbs 11oz and 8lbs as of that scan, but they expected him to continue growing until 40 weeks. He was born two days after that scan at 38 weeks and weighed 5lbs 3oz but was 19.5” long. They were soooo far off lol

Yes lmao I was told my baby was probably 10 pounds. She came out at 40w4d weighing 6.15

She said 8 or 9lbs. He was 8.9oz

I had a 10 pound :joy: 9 pound 6 ounces, 8 pound 6 ounces and 7 pound 12 ounces & they were all C Sections !! They said my 10 pound would be really small but he was stuck under my ribs :joy: They literally had to push on my rib cage to push him down !! Don’t believe anything the Docs tell you :blush:

With my 1st they told me she was 7lbs in August and I was due November 18th had her November 11th she was 6lb 6oz

My Dr also told me I would have a big baby and that she was measuring very long. She weighed 7lb 2 oz and 21.5" long

I was told I was going to have a 7lbr and ended up with a 9lbr the first time at 39w. Was induced at 39w with my 2nd and was told he was already 8lb and he came out 7lb 9oz

I went the other way. I was told 8lb7oz and dropped a 9lb4oz in less than 2 hours.

They told me with my daughter she would be well 8 lbs but she was only 7 lbs 8oz :woman_shrugging:t2:

With my first, day of delivery doc said 7lbs…she was 5lb 7oz. With my second, day of delivery the doc guess 7 and a half pounds…she was 7lb 7oz. So close!

8 pounds is average, not big! Don’t worry about what the drs say–it is rare to have a baby too big for a mom unless she has some pelvic deformities.

My first was 7lb 9oz then next 4 were 9lb 14oz, 10lb 04oz, 9lb 08oz & 9lb 02oz. So its just my normal for bigger babies. However, scans have always said they were bigger than they came out… As my last was expected over 10lb but he was my smaller 9lber

I was told (right before giving birth) that they thought my daughter would be about 8 lbs. she was born 9lbs 12 oz!

My doctor told me i was measuring two weeks behind around 26 weeks and he would probably be a preemie with severe problems he ended up coming 4 days before his due date and was 10 pounds we ended up breaking the record at our local hospital

Yes. At the beginning of each I was told I would end up with a big baby if I over-ate. Dumb doctors. I lost weight, despite over-eating, and my babies were 6-12, 5-4, and 5-9. Delivered at 40wks, 38 wks and 37wks

If you want an estimate of how big your child will be look at how big you and if you have any siblings were. That’s a decent guesstimate of the size you are having. Both of my children were little 5 lbs 5 oz and 6 lbs 15 oz and they were a quarter of an inch of each other in length. I had them at 39 weeks due to blood pressure issues.

Complete opposite happened to me, I was told she would be around 5 lbs. She was almost 9 lbs

So my due date was the 8th, on the 6th I was told he’d be roughly 11lbs, he was born on the 12th at 10lbs 13oz :blush:

I was told I was having big babies. My first was 9lbs, second 8lbs, third 10lbs, fourth 10lbs, fifth 8lbs, sixth 10lbs.

8lbs is not big. It’s actually pretty normal. They are just guessing and are wrong a lot of times.

My son was measuring 2 weeks ahead (big baby) I had him 5 weeks early and he was already 7 lbs 2 oz. He would have been huge lol

My first baby I went pretty big huge in fact everyone said I’d have a big baby my Dr repeatedly said a big/huge baby, I gave birth in four hours to my wonderful son he weighed a huge 5lb 9oz that was 32 years ago he is tall, fit and fine.

I had my baby at 37 weeks and she was 9lbs 12oz. We almost died. Her from shoulder dystocia and me from blood loss. It can absolutely be a scary thing to have a big baby. I didn’t take it seriously at all and I’m traumatized.

I was told my daughter was gonna be about 8-9 pounds she came out to be 7.5. So what they say about the weight isnt always true.

I was told my daughter was going to be a “big baby” almost 9lbs and long… She was 6lbs 4oz and 19inches long…

I was told I could have a larger baby up to 10 lbs because of gestational diabetes but he was only 7!

I was told mine would be around 8lbs and was 10lbs 11oz. I kept saying he was big and the doctor and my husband did not believe me…

I was told my entire pregnancy that my son was gonna be 8 or 9 pounds when he was born. He was born at 5lbs 13oz and wears preemie clothes right now. The doctors are not always right.

U/s weights are never right. My 7#r was supposed to be 9-10#. My others were off too.

They told me my girl was over 9lbs, had her a week early and she was barely 7lbs
They then said ultrasound can be estimated within a pound or so… who really knows

Yeah I was told my daughter was underweight like maybe 5lbs but she came out 7lbs 11oz! They are not always right

My 1st was 6lbs 7oz and his shoulders got stuck so my 2nd pregnancy they kept a close eye on him. They said he would be big but ended up only being 7lbs even.

I was told 8ish lbs for my second & she came out 10lbs 2oz. I was told 8lbs for my first & she came out 7lbs 15oz

I was told my daughter was gonna be over 9 pounds she weighed in at 8lbs 2oz you’ll be fine good luck!!

8?is not large I was induced with my son at 38 weeks and he was 9:14. My newest daughter measured 8.5 at her 39 week ultrasound and I was induced that night, had her the next day via emergency csection due to cord prolapse and she was actually 8 pounds exact. Sonos are plus or minus a pound

I was told I was going to have a 9+ lb baby. He was 6 lbs 5 oz :rofl:

With my 2nd baby, they were estimating her to be about 9 lbs. she ended up being 6lbs 4oz. :woman_shrugging:t2:

i was told my son would be over 10lbs & he was 8.1lbs

I was 6days early an my first son weighed in at 7lbs 13oz. Would have weighed 8lbs 14oz if he would have been on is due date. My second an last son weighed 5lbs 13oz an would have weighed a pound more if he would have been on his due date but he was 6days early as well

I was told my last two pregnancies that they would be 10 pound babies, they both came about two weeks early and both weight over 9 pounds each, Dr said if they Gaga’s waited they’d definitely be 10 pounds or more.

I was told I was having a big baby. Had a c-section at 38 weeks and baby was over 8lbs and over 21" long. By the time he was 2 weeks old he was nearly 10lbs so had I been forced to wait until 40 weeks he would have been rather large.

I was told I was having an 8 lb boy he weighed 9 lbs 4 oz (39 weeks) & told I was having a 10 lb boy he only weighed 9 lbs 8 oz (38 weeks).

With every single one of my 4 kids! They always had me scared my baby was going to be too big and I’d need c sections. Biggest one was 10lbs smallest was 8lbs and everything was fine🙂

I was told a 7 lb baby back in the day before ultrasounds…four weeks late and finally induced and the dr said right after delivery looks like a good 8 lb baby…after weighed…he was 9 lbs 6 ozs and 20 inches long!

I was told if I had went all the way to my due date which was like sept 26 or something. That my daughter would weigh about 11lbs! So we had a csection on the 17th and she weighed 9.9lbs. This was two years ago and let me tell you I felt HUGE! Lol

My one son weighted 8lbs 13 oz

My first baby was 10 pounds, her brother is on the track to be the same weight, due Nov 12. Big babies are just more to love :heart:

They told me I’d have an 8-9lb baby. He came out 7lbs 7oz lol their weight guesses are way off

I was told my baby would be 8ish lbs and she was 6lb 5 and didn’t fit any of the first size baby grows I had brought :woman_facepalming:t2::laughing:

My doctor told me before i got induced my girl was seven and seven and a half at most and shocked everyone when she came out 8 1/2 lbs