What age did you stop showering with your kids?

Hi, I have been showering with my son since he was about two months old, and it was safe for me to do so (told by pediatrician it was safe), and he is now 15 months old. I do this to save time, and it’s a lot safer seeing as me, and he lives alone, so I don’t want to leave him out by himself while I shower. Tackles two birds with one stone. However, he has begun to recognize his own body and says “peepee” whenever he is undressed. He has not once said anything about my body and hardly pays attention to me in the shower because he’s playing the whole time, but I realize he may be starting to recognize his body parts and possibly will start recognizing we don’t have the same parts eventually and was wondering when you guys stopped bathing/showering with your kids (if you ever did)?


Following. Single mom with son here :woman_shrugging:

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I only ever showered with my daughter and stopped when she was like five. But it wasn’t a regular thing is was only every once in a while. I stopped bathing my oldest girl and my son together when he realized they were different. Maybe if you want to quit showering with him you should just shut the door and keep him in the bathroom with you?

My son is 3 we still shower together he asked where my willy was once I told him I’m a girl and I have a Minnie and that was the end of it. I would say maybe when he is 5 :woman_shrugging:t2:


Why is it an issue if he does? It’s your body, it’s nothing to be ashamed of :woman_shrugging:


Kids are 10 girl, 6 boy and 3 girl I still shower with them and they still bathe together I’ll let my 10 year old decide when she’s ready to stop getting into the bath with her siblings and I have started teaching my 6 year old how to shower by himself and the 3 year old is a free range bather, meaning if she hears the water running 9 times out of 10 she’s getting in with whoever’s in there.


I have showered with my son many times. He is now 3 and really don’t do it anymore. He has started picking up on “boobs” and such. He is aware boys and girls have different parts. When he mentioned it I explained it to him at a toddler level. Although I know some that still do shower or get naked with their kids around. Really it’s up to the parent and what they are comfortable with. Today’s society is way to sexualized and people are shunned. Do what you are comfortable with. Stop now if you want or shower till 5 no harm no foul I say


3 years when i stopped with my son. Yes he will start questioning your body but its only natural. How else is he meant to learn about different bodies? X


Um I stopped bathing with my son when he said that he wanted my vagina instead of his penis at 2 1/2 years old

Either when he recognizes the difference ot about 3-6 months before he starts school (so he can get the concept of knocking and privacy down and put it into practice)

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I quit showering with my son when I was rinsing out my hair with my head back and eyes closed and he poked me in the vagina with his finger. I was mortified. He was two then. He’s twelve now. I’m going to tell him this story tonight, then he’ll be mortified. :joy::joy::woman_facepalming:

My sons 3 and we still shower together, I was asked where my willy was and just told him boys have Willie’s and girls have Minnie’s he just said “oh, but everyone has bums? And nipples?” although we are a very open family!


He’s still just a baby, with mine was around 4 when we started teaching the anatomical words for our body parts, when we started teaching them about good/negative touching (when they were starting prek) daycare


My son showered with me till about 3.5 when he got curious I explained to him about body parts. And how boys and girls are made different.


My little boy is almost 6 and we stopped taking showers and baths together when he was about 4. Just depends what yall are comfortable with. I’m very comfortable with nudity, kids have never cared either way although my girls are also very comfortable with their bodies.


I agree with the other moms. But if you are worried then close him in the bathroom and turn on a cell phone with his favorite show.

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You teach him what a penis is you let him know it’s safe for him to touch and play with, don’t be weird don’t seualise it, I’m always naked around my son he’s almost three and he couldn’t care about my body cause I didn’t make a big deal
You shower and get on with it

It’s so flipping important teaching your kids about body safety the correct terms and analogy’s of it what’s right and wrong don’t shadow them !

Never have but my mom did with my till I was at least 8 probably. And my brother maybe 4 tops i think

Omg I read it quickly and saw 15 and I almost had a heart attack lol I see it’s months


Honestly I think you have a while. I never showered with my daughters but I know my almost 4 yr old recognizes boys the girls have different parts. Shes been in daycare for a while and they have toilets for both boys and girls to use in the room so its inevitable lol. The best was when I caught her trying to pee standing up.

Hes only a baby id stop about 3/4 if u wanted too

I think you have a while too. Remember that many kids are still nursing at 15 months. My son nursed til almost 3, so I wasn’t too concerned about showering.


School age, when he asks to shower alone! Body’s are different and that’s natural and ok! You made him! It’s really all about what you as a family are comfortable with


I wont shower with my kids.


I am a blessed mother of 3 girls. 14,11,5. I still shower with my youngest and sometimes toss her in the shower with the oldest 2 if time is short. Idk about boys since I don’t have any.

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My little boy is 2 and I’ll bath with him every now and again, he’ll point to my boobs and then point to his and giggle, he points to his willy and says wee-wee and then he’ll point to mine and shrug :joy: they’re just children, they’re curious about everything anyway, no difference with body parts :woman_shrugging: I don’t know what age I’ll stop bathing with him but does it matter? They’ll decide with age when they want to stop sharing the bath or shower. I used to shower with my cousin when we were younger, I was a young teen and she was about 8 or 9, no one had an issue with it :woman_shrugging:do what feels right for you x


My son is 7. No locks on our doors (my nan slipped in the bath putting the shower head back so it’s a no from me)

Any time he hears taps or shower he’s in lol.

Plus…he comes in the changing room with me when we go swimming.


My kids are 6 and 4 and I still bathe with them


I put my children in a bouncer outside the shower and grab a towel and dry off behind the curtain so there’s still a level of privacy


My son is 7 and I’ll still shower with him in a pinch, and my daughter is 9. We are a “love your body at any age or size” household. Nakedness it’s nothing to be ashamed of to us.


I have two boys and one was 3 and the other almost 4.

I still showered with my son sometimes and he is 5 :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Never lol but some people do. Id say nows a good time to stop.

I always kept my back turned to my boys when I showered with them and one time I turned around because one slipped and he looked at me with a horrific reaction and said “oh my god what happened to your penis?!” Hahaha he was like 2 at the Time :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

My youngest boys are 4.5 and 1.5 and they still shower with me and their dad. Both of them know about their body parts and mine buts its never been an issue. We wash, they play and then get out. He’s in preschool so he likes to jump in the shower with one of us before school.


I stopped showering with my son when he started asking questions. Lol

I personally would not shower with my kids over the age of 2-3 yrs. 7-8-9 seem rediculous…WHY?
Let them have a fun bubble bath instead…

I still shower with my 3 yo son. He says, you have a vagina and I have a penis like daddy. We also go potty together and he says, you have a vagina to sit down and I have a penis to stand up. Lol.

I still shower with my 4.5 year old girl and 3 year old boy sometimes

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My son is 3 and my husband stopped showering with him about 6 months ago. The husband was soaping himself up (head/face) and the curious kiddo ‘grabbed’ him…lol Poor guy had soap in his eyes, trying to free himself from the toddlers death grip and nearly fell on top of the kid… lol. He was like, “Well, that’s the end of that!”…lol. The little guy still goes in the shower with me, though. He’s too busy playing to pay any attention to anything else.


Ah yes, let’s start sexualizing our 15 month olds


Showers on my quiet time and therapy, so mine get their own baths. :sweat_smile:


Still do, girls 5 and 7

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My son is 2 and I bathe with him every now and then and he knows what body parts we have but he doesn’t really point them out he ignores them and plays

When you are washing your hair and open your eyes and look down and his penis is hard you will stop! :joy: Thats when I said ok nope no more showers w mommy!

It’s your call. I never showered with mine but my 2 and 4 year olds (4 year old daughter 2 year old son) bath together with no issues and I’ll get change in front of them. Let them ask questions that’s normal and how they learn. But it’s completely up to you and what you are comfortable with.

I stopped showering with my first son when he was about 4 and a half years old he was ready to bathe himself now he is about to be 10 and my second son is almost 7 months so I’ll probably bathe with him till around the same

My 5 year 9ld regularly gets in the shower with me. Occasionally my 7 year old still does too. I mean I would think it was weird if they still want to shower with me when they are like 16, but they are kids, my kids.

Side note. My 2 1/2 year old girl points to my pubic hair and goes “ew” pretty much everytime she sees me naked.


I think it’s totally fine to do as long as they and you are comfortable with it.


My 4 yr old (boy) still showers with me (sometimes my husband is in there too we have a huge 8x8) walk in shower) and I think it’s fine.

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I stopped my godson seeing my on toilet or undressed when he was around 3 1/2 - 4. I obviously never showered with him but he would wander in the loo or see me change my top when i had him. My own son probably maybe 4 xxx

I used to shower often with my son until he was 4, he’s 5 now and once in a while he will come in the shower with me… I don’t see anything wrong with it :woman_shrugging:t2:


Simple answer… Whenever either of you start to feel uncomfortable with it. It’s health and normal for kids to explore their bodies and be interested in their parents bodies. The human body is not shameful and shouldn’t be hidden. Absolutely nothing wrong with it at all.


I’m sorry but I not once showered with my kids I think it’s wrong but that’s my opinion I’m old fashion


When my son started being to curious about my parts is when it stopped and he was about 2 1/2 so it’s when you feel is best and I always try to shower in the morning before he gets up so I can have my time in peace.

4 & 5 and still shower with them

My daughter is 6 and if were in a rush we will still shower together

Mine are 4 and 6 they still do but I ask them everytime if they’re ok and comfortable taking a shower with me

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We’re a very body-positive family. We have 5 and 3 year old girls and they still shower with us when we are in a hurry. They know their parts and male parts because we don’t call them cute names or make a big deal about it. My five year old asked her daddy about his penis about a year ago, he simply said, “it’s a penis. I have one and you don’t because we’re made differently.” He then turned around and finished showering, and she never asked or cared about it again. Now, he doesn’t make it a habit to shower with her often, usually I do, mostly because she’s now eye-level, lol, but we don’t hide or shame nudity either. Now… It does make it a little awkward, because they have zero filter, when my poor three year old had a yeast infection and in a very busy target checkout line, very loudly, announces, “My bagina itches, daddy! Can you scratch it?!” He handled it like a champ though, lol, and without missing a beat, he responded, “Good thing we just got your medicine for your itching, but no, I can’t scratch it for you.”

I stopped when my son was 4 and started getting curious.

4/5 or until kid feels uncomfortable :woman_shrugging:

Its up to you really!
I have 4 boys, 18, 16, 8 and almost 3! The older boys stopped when i started bathing them together at 2yrs and few months old!
My 8 year old still would if I’d let him lol but stopped around 4! Youngest hasn’t started noticing the differences, so he climbs in my bath once and awhile still!
One day I might even miss it! :heart:

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When they ask to stop. I don’t see the point in stopping just because their curious about your body teacher freaking kids anatomy for crying out loud instead of teaching them to be ashamed and afraid


Not judging just curious how you manage to shave exfoliate. Wash and moisterize holding a baby? Frick that’s talent!

I’m just wondering how you figured out how to wash and hold him! Once I tried it, they get to slippery!!! And impossible to hold! :weary::weary::weary::joy: I have never taken a shower with any of my kids since lol


First kid I stopped when he was 5. My almost 5 year old second son still showers with me sometimes. He asks, I’m honest. I tell Him girls and boys have different private parts and not to look or touch. He doesn’t. He usually just plays and then I wash him. I’ve never showered with a child younger than one. Idk how y’all do it.


I didn’t ever shower with mine I’m not having dirty water and soap going on my child and I think everyone needs personal space


I allow my daughter to shower with me whenever she wants. She’s 10. She stopped showering with me when she was about 7ish… And it was more of a slow change over then just stopping. Her father stopped as soon as she told him is penis was too close to her face (it embarrassed him) and she was 2. I’ve always been open about our bodies and the differences between male and female bodies. She in no way sexualized our bodies. She just knew daddy had a penis and mommy and her had vaginas… Just like fingers and toes… We began telling her it was inappropriate for anyone else to touch her vagina (without her permission) once she was potty trained. We would ask her if she needed help wiping and ask her permission. If she told us no, we told her to do it herself.

when he says he doesn’t want to ? It’s a penis, it’s a vagina, we all got em :woman_shrugging:t2:

About 2 years old is when I stopped.

My boy/girl twins are 4 1/2 and if needed we don’t think twice about having them shower with either me or my husband in a pinch. They prefer tub baths so it’s not often but it’s not a big deal either.

I never showered with my kids. I had showers when they were down for a nap or when hubby was home ( I know you said your a single mom, so I get your view point, of saving time.) I was the one who gave our kids a bath, but i was dressed and they were in the tub. By 4 -5 they were able to do there own hair and body on there own. If hes starting to notes his own body parts, I don’t think you have a lot of time before he is starting to notes your body parts. Once that happens I would stop showering with him.

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My kids were 5 when I stopped showering with them.

The same age you’d encourage dad to stop

It’s up to you, honestly I don’t care if my almost 4 month old daughter sees me naked, but I personally would never shower with her, because I like the shower skin burning hot

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My son sits on the toilet while I shower… he’s 3. I don’t think it’s a big deal. Unless they are uncomfortable or you are

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Do what feels comfortable for you. I showered with my son, still do in a pinch. He is two now.
I say what they start to ask questions about your body vs their body… but that’s just my opinion.

My son is gonna be 4 tuesday we shower together and he jumps in when I try to take a bath -_-


Well goodness, my kids still try to jump in with me at 6 and 7. They don’t think anything of it, they say it’s faster when they do that than taking a bath… :joy:


I have 3 & 1 year old girls so maybe it’s different… they typically bathe together every night but if we’re in a hurry I’ll throw them both in with me. My 3 year old knows what her body parts are but we have explained that it’s not okay for anybody to touch anybody else’s body parts, so there’s never an issue. They typically play with their barbies or whatever while I rush to get cleaned up.

I stopped showering with my son when he asked me where my penis went :hushed::joy:

I stopped actually showering with my boy at 2yo, once he understood mommys peepee "discapeared":joy:🤦 and was always asking about my boobs. He showers with his dad but not me. He sometimes sees me naked but he dont point it out. He knows mommy dont have a peepee

I stopped with my son around 5, that’s when it was obvious he was “looking” at me. I got uncomfortable and he’s been fine alone ever since. I would just give him a bath instead

Sometimes we all take family showers. My son is 3 and my daughter is 1.5y. It’s only weird if you make it.


My son is 4 and we rarely shower together it is starting to get uncomfortable for me. As he asks questions like where’s ur peeper momma? Lol

My son turns 4 in January and if I’m strapped for time he’ll still shower with me.
He asked one time about my parts and his parts, I gave him the proper names, told him they were your parts and your parts only and that was it. He doesn’t give two shits honestly lmao

Until your child becomes uncomfortable the decision is for you and your family. Everyone is different, I wouldn’t stress too hard about forcing separation if no one is uncomfortable lol


My friend showered with her son til he was 4

Everyone is different, although personally I would say no later than four… At that age their old enough to be left for twenty minutes whilst your bathing/ showering, know the dangers of water (if bathed rather than showered) can support themselves and wash themselves to a degree.

Obviously ALWAYS supervise them at that age, but otherwise keep doing what your doing until you or you little feels they want to bathe/ shower seperately

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My son is 4 and I just stopped allowing him in the actual shower with me due to noticing we had different parts and I was no longer comfortable with him being naked and in there with me. I do allow him to play in the bathroom/ bedroom while I’m naked I just dont feel comfortable being naked with him at the same time because that’s when he really notices

My husband works out of town most of the month so it’s just me and my 1 and a half year old. I actually shower when he’s eating and put the high chair in the hallway so I can look out of the shower and see him. Works for us.


I’ve never showered with my boys but I stopped getting dressed infront of them by 2. My husband showers with them tho. They are 3 and 4


When they didn’t fit in the bath anymore. Around 6 yrs I think. All of my kids know that boys have a penis and girls have a vulva. My 2 yo does point at me and says volvo. And he knows his is a “nisnis” :man_shrugging:

I did a couple of times with my boys. Which they are 4,2&1. But when my oldest why was I different I told him is because I’m a girl. That why we are different. And that’s when we quit taken showers n baths together. But it’s only natural for them to ask.


I stopped when he was 3 because he asked where my tail was. And then I explained boys and girls are different and have different private parts. After that he hasn’t seen me naked since

I bathe with my 5yr old son & 2yr old daughter. He knows we have different parts & he knows what they are called & he also knows he is not supposed to touch mom’s privates. Easier & less messy if they shower with me

My son was probably about two-and-a-half 3 years old when he stopped showering with me on the other hand my daughter is 6 and still sometimes with me whatever makes you happy and you feel comfortable.

Also when he’s at that age don’t be afraid to hide it everybody has them teach them what’s good what’s bad great tool

I still shower with my almost 5 year olds and my almost 4 year old.

My son is 6 and sometimes it’s just easier to chuck all 3 kids (I have 2 girls as well) in the shower with me


My husband and I only shower with our 2 year old when we REALLY need to, like if she got super messy for some reason after her bath or if I’m sick then husband will just take a quick shower with her when he gets home.

But she almost always gets a bath alone. But once she turns like 3 I’d stop having her take showers with both of us altogether