What age did your child start smelling?

What age did your son start getting stinky pits?


7 and deodorant since then.

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Girls get stinky too and 9 to 11

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My daughter has been wearing deodorant since 7. Every child is different.

Mom of 3 grown boys here. At around 11 they start to stink. For about 2 years my house smelled like stinky boy and Axe body spray. Good Luck

One was 9 the other was ten

My daughter is 11 and she started around 10.

8ish. Really depends on the kid.

When ever they are ready the important thing.is advice cleanliness soap and water then antiperspirant.

My son is 8 and has started wearing deodorant.

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Depends when they hit puberty. My son started at 9

Now! :woozy_face: He’s 9 going on 10.

My youngest daughter at 6. But, I noticed when she drank milk, her odor was stronger.


My son started needing deodorant at 8

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Started around 8ish. My daughter started around 9, closer to 10

My kiddo was about 9. Make sure he showers daily with deodorant AM and PM.

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My son is turning 10 in 2 months and has noticeably gotten stinky within the last 6 months

My son is only 6. He has bad b-o and stinky feet.


I started all mine boys and girl about 8

My boy is 6 and I’ve noticed he is starting to smell musty after a long day of playing

My son just recently shy before his 6 bday I noticed he started having stinky arm pits. And we bathe everyday. Bc he sweats a lot too

Mine is smelling like something fierce these days! He’s 12,13 in June. He started using deodorant around 10. My daughter was a bit younger then 10.

All kids are different. My older two boys started maybe a couple years ago, so age 8-9. Unfortunately my youngest son started last summer when he was only 4 and turned five this past dec.

My son start using deodorant at age 10 now he’s going through puberty he’s 12 so now he really needs it lol… and he started getting acne on his forehead

I started to really notice it on my son around 10

My son started wearing deodorant at 8

My son is 8 and is meticulous with his showering.

My child started smelling only when she got super sweaty around 7 and at 9 she smelled daily and needed to start using deodorant.

:pensive: my son is 7 and is in need of some deodorant…

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My daughter was almost 6…we had to get a bone age test and turns out she was maturing faster than she is suppose to and now she goes to an endocrinologist to keep an eye on everything.

My 5 year old smells bad we have to make sure she puts deodorant on every day and she bathes everyday

Around 12-13 when they go outside they smell like outside

My daughter started around 8

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My daughter at 4, four! Doctor says it’s not out of the ordinary.

My son around 10 bit has been wearing deodorant since 8 to get him in a habit. He is 12 now and hitting puberty…definitely needs it and alot more showers!

12 year old still doesn’t smell.

My 10 year old sweats a lot but he doesn’t really have a body odour though. Even though i got him used to wearing deodorant. I just think that it’s good to get into the habit of having good hygiene.

My son was about 4 with the underarms my daughter is 6 and no b/o yet

Mine started around 8 or 9

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my daughter was 4 now we use roll on deodrant xx

My daughter is 8 and she gets stinky pits sometimes.


Just noticed my 3 year old sons pits were stinky. Will be seeing pediatrician because it can be caused by a parasite or something like that at a young age.


Daughter is 9 and has been using deodorant for about A year just to get in the habit. She doesn’t smell yet though.


Can’t remember on my oldest but my middle is 2 and he wears deodorant he’s always been a sweater, and my youngest she’s 3m and baths daily because she stinks from sweat 🤷 and the whole feet thing is a whole different subject I think they all came out with horrible stinky feet.


No two children develop the body chemicals and hormones at the same age. I’ve had one not need it til after 16-17 and another need deodorant and more diligent showering at six. It all depends on the child.


Hard to say out of the 10 kids they all started at different ages. My youngest son had BO by age 5 and sweats oil (didn’t know that was a thing) oldest son didn’t really smell until about age 13, one of my 28yo sons started to clear a room with his BO by age 11 the other 28yo son was 13 before he really needed deodorant my 25 yo was such a germophobe that he never smelled(up to 6 showers a day) my 24 yo son stared to smell at 12. The four girls between 12 and 15 (when they stopped showering every day.) My 17yo now takes 1-2 showers a day schedule depending working 36 hours a week and sr. In high-school.

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My 8 and 9 year old boys got deodorant in their stocking this year. They both are starting to get a little ripe. My oldest is really good about showering and using it. My youngest not so much and gets so stanky.


5th grade is usually when the schools here give them a hygiene kit. And at that age they think wearing deodorant is the best thing ever. It’s usually right on time too.


Mine is 8. And some days are worse than others. But holy cow them pits and feet can get rough!!!

Every child is different. My 8 year old daughter started stinking in the last 4-6 months. She uses deodorant/showers daily. My older daughter who will be 11 in April, didn’t start smelling/showering/using deodorant daily til the last 4-6 months.

My son is 11 and he started smelling last year…I have to make him wash his hands every couple of hours…his hands smell like butt!! I dont get it…?? And he doesnt care about his hygiene…I wish I could get him to care more about it


My son was about 9 when stinky pits started. :nauseated_face:

my daughter is 10 and God help her… she is q clean person and uses do religiously but sometimes it doesn’t help


6 years old. We were at a bouncy house party. My friends mom and I were talking about how a kid was smelling up the entire room where they were eating pizza and cake. It was my son. I called the pediatrician the next day. He told me to get deodorant without anti perspirant. He’s too young to wear anti perspirant. He’s been using it for 3 years.


My daughter was age 7 1/2 nearly when she started smelling… she has a roll on that she uses every day now so that she is in a routine with it just like we all do even when she doesn’t maybe need it as much but not taking any chances lol

I think 10 is a stinky age especially if they were active sports and ect

All 4 of my girls started smelling shortly after birth…especially with the #2…those babies could peel the paint off the walls and make the strongest stomach person gag and run. By age 6 my grandson has pit odor.

My daughter started at 11. She’s 13 now and I got her Lume deodorant and it works very well.

My son is 9 and has been wearing deodorant for about a year. He’s tall for his age and everyone thinks he’s older. But his twin brother is smaller and doesn’t really need the deodorant yet.

My son started at 9 and got him gentle deodorant. I believe it is Toms

Right before Christmas my fiancé was playing with our twins wrestling around and when they were done my fiancé had this nasty look on his face and said they smelt like onions. They will be 9 in April.

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My son just turned 10 and he’s been wearing deodorant for about 2 years.

My son is 5 and smells like pickles lol


My oldest son is about to turn 11 and has started getting sweaty and slightly stinky pits about a week ago

My daughter started putting on deodorant around age 6. She gets sweaty super fast.

My son at 9 years old the smell of onions was terrible :nauseated_face:we tried kids deodorant,powder and nothing work now he use my husband’s Spray deodorant he’s 11 now and we got that under control my baby was coming home from school feeling uncomfortable in his own skin

My daughter is 8 and Oh goodness she’s got some stinky armpits and feet. She puts on deodorant before bed at night and in the morning. It helps a bunch.

My son’s were about 9. But good lord their FEEEEEET!! I have them put deodorant on their feet with gold bonds powder. One is 12 now and the other stinky feet one is 26.

So my daughter is sensitive to Lactose and is directly related to stinky pits. I made the connection when she was 4-5.

Honestly, my child was 9 months old. Even the doctors couldn’t belive it, I thought it was me all the time until I took a sniff at :hushed:

My son is 7 and he has strong BO uses deodorant/antiperspirant almost daily I started making him use it about a year and half ago but he uses it more regularlynoe. If he gets sweaty playing he will smell like a grown man.

Age 5 for my son. He sweats easily especially while sleeping.

My son is 8 and a half and he has had smelly pits for a few months now

My daughter around 8. Her pits will smell like onion :nauseated_face: if she doesn’t use deodorant :woman_facepalming:t2:

Mine was in Kindergarten so about 6…may have been 5


My son was 11 when he started getting the stinky armpits, but we finally found something to stop it.

My daughter was 9 when she started to stink

My son has had stinky pits since he was about 3. I’d use TOMS deodorant if we were going to a play place or somewhere he’d be sweating a lot :woman_shrugging:t3:

Every child is different but what’s up with girls using men’s deodorant ??? My step daughters pits smell super bad and I noticed her mom buys her men’s deodorant. Don’t know why lol

My daughter started smelling like onions around 7/8.

My daughter is 9 and has been wearing deodorant for probably about a year now.

Elementary teacher here some kids start smelling at 9. It depends on bathing frequency and when hormones start. Kids start puberty at different ages.

My daughter is 7 and she started when she was 6

My son was 7 when I made him start using deodorant. Lol.

12! He is about to turn 13 this year.

5 yrs old for my daughter… she is 7 yrs old now and has been wearing secret for 2 yrs now.

My son is almost 11 and he has had stinky pits since he was 9🤣

My boys are 8 & 10 and they stink lol. Both wear Tom’s deodorant

My niece was ripe at 7!

My daughter was around 7 when she started getting BO.

My daughter started smelling at 6 or so.

10 and 6 year old boys and neither smell yet :woman_shrugging:t2:

8 or 9. But every child is different.

8, I had to have a whole talk with him about hygiene! He still could care less, boys man :rofl:


Yes my son was 9… I was like ughhhh… Smelling like a whole man…:nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


My grandson is only 7!

My son started at 7 and my daughter was about 8

Omg!!! I’ve asked so many people this. My son is 6 and his armpits are awful after a long day.

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As soon as puberty hits? :joy: My oldest started developing at 10/11. Shortly after she’d smell after activities or coming home from school. She’s 13 now and smells all the time unless shes showered and has deodorant on. People used to tell me only boys stink and I was stupid enough to believe it :joy: My other daughter is 9 and shows no signs of puberty so she’s not smelling yet.

My son stinks, he’s 9.