What age did your kid start school?

With all these back to school pics, it’s got me realizing my mini me will be starting school soon enough as well, in the next year or so. Personally, I would prefer homeschooling but I understand that may not be feasible for me, at least not right now. What age did your kid start school and did they skip pre-k? I know when I was a kid, my sister and I skipped it but it seems like a lot of my local friends have been putting their kids in Pre-k.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What age did your kid start school?

My son started at 4 and my daughter is 3 and is in preschool

No pre k for my girls. My twins started kindergarten at age 5

3, preschool. my oldest is in his second year.
my youngest will also start at 3.

Started pre k at 4 & kinder at 5

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Pre-k now is what kindergarten was 20 years ago. Being familiar with their letters and numbers, practicing how to stand in line, all those basic skills can help a lot in kindergarten. They don’t need full time pre-K. My kids did 3 day mornings, but just something to get the experience. It’s evident which kids do it.

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Age 4 and Kindergarten is 5 unless their birthday falls after Sept then they start the following year!

no pre k for mine. both started at 5

My sin started in 3 year old pre k. It was definitely the best thing for him.

My sons started at 3 1/2 cause of their bdays and my oldest daughter started at the same age due to the covid. But pre k is great for little kiddos it gets them used to being away from home a few hrs a day and most love it.

Both my boys skipped it 6&7 years ago … I wanted another year with my babies before they started school :heart::heart:

My 5 year old is in Pre-K cause he needed a little extra help before kindergarten, my oldest didn’t need it so he went to kindergarten at 5… both went to headstart at 3

Ik its different everywhere but here a lot of schools won’t allow a child into 1st grade without a year of kindergarten so i started with the 4k at 4 and did 5k as well. Ended up being better as they have them writing paragraphs by 2nd grade and reading/writing is not something mine picked up quickly.

My daughter started Kindergarten at 4 1/2 her bday is in a few weeks.

Both my girls started preschool at 4. I just sent my youngest last week :sob: she just turned 4 in the middle of August so she’s the youngest in her class, but so far she’s doing really well!

My daughter did pre school and pre k and I did also as a kiddo

My kids started pre k at 3 and both did 2 years of it

My daughter is 3.5 and very smart for her age . I’m touring a Christian school next week to put her in 2 half days a week. I’m a SAHM so it’s going to be amazing for the both of us !

My daughter started at 3 in preschool for her speech delay, my son went to “daycare” for kindergarten but started public school in 1st grade

We skip preK and my kids do not start until 6.

My oldest started head start at 2 1/2, my middle went to pre-k at 4. My youngest will go to pre-k as well but she’s only 2 so nothing right now

My oldest was 4, turned 5 in Oct. My middle was 5. My youngest was 5 for a few weeks. He missed the cut off by 2 weeks.

My oldest started at 6 in the First grade. He could read, do basic 2 digit math and write a short sentence. My youngest started Kinder at 5 and he could do the same minus the writing he didn’t like to write.

All of my girls started at 3. I recommend it

Preschool and Pre k was fantastic! My daughter missed the kindergarten cut off by 30 days So she went to pre-K last year and I can’t sing enough praises. She loved it and she now loves kindergarten

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4 is when my first two started PreK

My kid started preschool at 3, VPK at 4, kindergarten at 5.

Kindergarten was primarily half day when we were young. Now it’s all day. That’s why many kids go to prek. I did prek at 5 and kindergarten at 6. Mine were old. And I was actually going to do 4 and 5 prek for my little, but covid made it homeschool.

My oldest two started at 4 as their birthdays are in summer so they just turned 4 , my youngest son started at 4 but was about to turn 5 . My youngest daughter who is almost 3 will start next aepter she will still be 3 technically still but two months from 4yr
We skipped JK with my first and decided not to with the rest I felt like she didn’t get as much socializing and is a bit behind every one in her school

My kids are both started school at 4. My son is doing half days in k4 and will be 5 in May and my daughter is doing full days in regular kindergarten and will be 6 in March if this helps

Oldest girl 13 went for two yrs middle girl 10 never went and my baby 4 will be going just because money is tight and I can’t be a sahm rn

My daughter needed pre k and is in it for a second year she was super behind in speech and now she is catching up and doing a lot better. She loves it. She started on her 3rd birthday

My kids all went to Head Start (preschool) at age 3 for 2 years. They absolutely loved it. I think it’s a good idea to start them early! It helps get them prepared for what’s to come when they go to kindergarten. It helped All my kids tremendously.

My oldest is 4 and is in headstart. My 3 year old is in pre-k and goes to daycare and is in a pre-k class as well. He’s been going to daycare since he was 1.5

My oldest son was 6. My three younger kids were 5.

My son is 4 and he just started his second year of pre-k. He’s loving it so far and they do so much with the kids

My son started at 3 just going 3 days a week for 3 hours. He loved it so the next year he did 5 days a week for 3 hours. Then started kindergarten at 5.

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My daughter was 3 when she started school.

She had recently turned 4 and started junior kindergarten, full days.

4 some areas have a pretty school and some have pre-k or young 5’s. My daughter did pretty school at 4 then straight to kindergarten. My son did early childhood, pre-k then kindergarten so he start at 3.

My older two boys went straight into senior kindergarten. My third son will he going to junior kindergarten.
I’m in ontario Canada. We have day care, then junior kindergarten, then senior kindergarten and then grade one.
Your child should be 4 within the school year to start JK

Both of my girls have been in a preschool setting since birth, basically.
I believe it’s really important in order to help children develop their social/emotional skills and to understand how to be in a group setting

We skipped pre k :upside_down_face: I taught him at home. But he’s 6 and just started kindy. And he’s doing great! This is what has worked for us. And so far it’s not been a problem.

One started pre-k at 3 and the other started pre-k at 4

I started my 3 kids in Pre-K my daughters when they were 3 year of age, and my son when he turned 4. They loved it, it was only 3 hours a day. And they learned so much, it prepared them for kindergarten.

I see alot of parents putting their children in pre school at 3 pre k at 4 and kindergarten at 5.
My granddaughter started preschool this week and she’ll be 3 in October but she only goes 2days a week 8 hrs but next year will be 3 days and then pre k will be full time . I think grey honestly need that interaction with others and will get them ready for pre k and the real world. Wasn’t sure how she would do being she’s only been with very few immediate family and she’s doing awsoto the transition and in the long term she will be ready for pre on :slightly_smiling_face: gd luck!!!

Pre-k has changed a lot since we were kids. Also, now that kindergarten is all-day in most places, the transition from no formal schooling to all-day kindergarten is likely to be a shock. I highly recommend it.

My baby has been in prek since he was 9 months old. Not daycare, prek. Lol. Like, literally. It helped him tremendously, he’s very very social, holds conversation with adults, very smart boy. He quit Pre-K at age 5, went to Kindergarten, now is in first grade.

My oldest started preschool when he was 3 but my youngest two did not go to preschool so they just started Kindergarten at 5. Biggest mistake even my daughters both had much more trouble in Kindergarten because they didn’t go to preschool were as my son did go to preschool and he didn’t have any probable ms in Kindergarten.


Is a great option

Mine have all did prek . Some did 2yrs, some 1 yr and 1 of them did 3 yrs. It just helps them get used to the school environment and socialize with kids their own age.

My kid is 4 and is in PreK. I did this mostly because I have sleep issues to where it’s hard for me to fall asleep. So with her at school I get more time for sleep.
( before anyone says anything I’ve tried most over the counter sleep aids and at least 3 prescription medications for sleep and nothing works for me and if it does work it only lasts a few days to a month)

Kindergarten. I feel that anything younger than that is just a glorified name for day care.

A few did pre school

My girls started pre-k at age 3. Every child is different though

My son started at 5 brcause his bday is at the end of the year. My daughter will start prep at 4.

All mine including my youngest now started at Preschool, then did TK, then kinder. :heart: my youngest will be 5 in December and is in TK now

All 3 started prek at 4

I’m a stay at home mom. So I homeschooled for pre-k for my two older kids (5 and 7). They’re expected to know more now before starting kindergarten. So it’s really just about how much time you can devote to teaching it to them. Writing their name, recognizing and writing alphabet, being able to count, knowing shapes and being able to draw them, knowing colors. If you can start teaching them at home and can have play dates for the social aspect then pre-k isn’t “needed”. My middle son just started school for the first time this year. He’s 5 but will be 6 next month. He would have started kindergarten last year buuuut his birthday falls after the start of the school year and they have to be 5 BEFORE August to start.

My oldest two skipped preschool. My youngest turned 5 in August and we decided not to do prek with him either. We’re just informally teach him at home. He will be 6 when he started kindergarten next year.

It’s truly a personal preference.

My grandson skipped pre-K and went straight into kindergarten at the age of five.

My daughters went to two years of pre-K.

I believe that pre-K better suits a child for social interaction.

Like I said, it’s a personal preference.

Most preschools start as long as your child is 3 before fall/1st day of school my son will be 4 in Oct and he started this year. He will go to Pre-K next fall and then Kindergarten. My daughter also did 2 years of preschool before kinder. I like it because it gets them used to sitting socializing following directions learning letters numbers colors and making friends


All of mine attended pre-k. I felt like starting them in part time, part week pre-k would help prepare them for full days when kindergarten started. It also helped them get a jump start both educationally wise and socially.

My daughter has been in school since she was 2. She was accepted into early prek because there was development and cognitive delays that required intervention. But for others its more to get them used to being able to socialize and follow instruction before being placed in all fay schooling. If prek isnt something that you want to do then i would suggest maybe doing daycare a couole days a week to get them a little acclimated to routines and environment and and will know whats to be expected. Plus letting them socialize with thejr peer group is always good for them.

My daughter started Pre-K at 4 years old.

Straight into kindergarten a few weeks before she turned 6.

i know some kids who started at 4 and some at 6… spose it depends on the kid

Kinder lol I skipped pre k because the only pre k where I live in literally almost a $100 for 3 days.

My daughter started kinder at 5 and she’s doing really well. She’s a little behind on her letter sounds, but she picked up everything else super quick.

I put in my kids in school (hand in hand early learning center ) all at 1 years of age.

My youngest had preschool she did better adjusting to school than my others who didn’t have preschool. There’s a program upstart that a lot are doing from home. Kindergarten is when usually kids start school.

My daughter is 3 and is in pre k this year. And she will do pre k again next year

Mines in headstart at 3 and he loves it

My oldest started at 4….(she was in daycare before then)
2nd started at 3
3rd started at 5 (due to the centers being closed for 2 years)
4th will probably start at 3 (he’s almost 2)

Pre school at 3, and this year she’s in pre k 4, next year kindergarten

Do whatever you feel is best for your child… but I will say this.
3-4 year old childrens hands are not even fully developed to hold a pencil properly. Forcing them to do so for hours during the day can cause damage to their development.
Children this age are also learning their values and character traits based on their primary influences (i.e. the person they spend the most time with) and for me, I wanted my kids to have my traits and values. But everyone is different…
I also think that the extra bonding time is crucial for children as they often feel more insecure and vulnerable at this age apposed to when they are 5-6. Providing them with extra security will grow stronger, confident , and more independent children in the long run.
I think a lot of people underestimate how important it is to train your child for the world BEFORE throwing them into it, is. Because yes, pre k can be beneficial in a lot of ways, but so can keeping your child home an extra year. My daughter didn’t go to prek and is now in kindergarten and excelling. She had no issues. I plan to do this with my son too. For me, it worked. But to each their own…

Where I live in Ontario pre-k is 2-4 years old and the start jr K at age 4-5 depending on their birthday pre-k in my opinion is amazing as it gets them use to drop off and being away from home for a few hours everyday socializes them with other children and gets them use to listening to someone else other then family and friends plus sometimes puts them ahead of other kids starting jr kindergarten there is no downside

5 (this year, he’s in kindergarten)
He’ll be 6 next week.

My daughter, birthday end of May started kindergarten at 5.

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At 4 they started pre k

We have 4 kids….our oldest 2 did preschool for 2 years and started kindergarten at 6 (summer birthday) and 5.5 respectively, our third did preschool for a year and started kindergarten at 5.5 & our youngest skipped preschool all together and started kindergarten at two weeks after turning 6 (summer birthday. They currently are newly graduated & starting college next week, a junior in high school, 6th grade & 4th grade. They have all done well in school academically and socially, so do why you feel is right for you and your child(ren) both financially and socially :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

Low cost homeschooling self paced online program pre-k to 8th only around $25 per month I’ve been using the site about a month with my 4 year old we also do worksheets from workbooks etc at this age homeschooling is super easy I wish all moms could do it hope this helps someone!


My son went to pre-k at 4 started school at 5 he’s now in first grade at 6

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3 year old half day preschool mainly to socialize him more

We started pre-k at 4. If you choose to skip it I would just make sure you are really working with your child on letters/numbers/ sight words ect. The expectation is really high in kindergarten now. At our school they were expected to know at least 100 sight words, be able to read age appropriate books & were even doing spelling tests by the end of kindergarten.

Both started preschool 2 days a week at 3. Started kindergarten at 6 and 5 1/2

My oldest is 7 in 2nd grade. She went to pre-k for a few months at daycare and then started kindergarten. My son had been going to daycare since 6wks old and is now in preschool, next year pre-k

My kid is turning 7. He didn’t do Pre-K only Kindergarten. And Kindergarten was home schooled!! You don’t need Pre-K, but absolutely nothing wrong with it. Since your child isn’t in school yet, here’s my opinion on Public compared to Home. I do love he’s socializing, and working with other groups in public school, but 2 weeks into school he had already caught COVID and we’ve already missed 1 1/2 weeks of school because of it. Catching colds, flu’s, COVID can be quick in schools which is so far the only downside I’ve come across :disappointed: Pre-K could be easily done at home if you want him doing it :slightly_smiling_face: he’s not behind compared to the other kids, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that a lot.

My oldest went to pre-k at 4…only for socialization purposes to get ready for kindergarten. She didnt need to learn anything academically, she was already ready in that department. My youngest will also go to prek at 4. Also mostly for social reasons.

Both my kids went straight to kindergarten. I was a SAHM until they were old enough to go. My 1st was 5 when he went, his bday is in March. My 2nd was 6. His bday is in August when school starts. I didn’t want to throw him into school just barely 5 years old so we waited a year with him

Oldest was 4, 1 month to 5, in preparation k, youngest 5 almost 6 in K…no pre school

Daughter started at 3
Son started at almost 2 cause I work for a preschool . And he goes to work with me.

It 9-1
They have centers, carpet, we work on skills, painting, coloring, shapes, numbers, listening, following directions in a group setting, how to open lunch themselves that’s important it’s a lot for one or 2 teachers to help 20 plus students in a short them frame.

3 and 4 preschool 5 kindergarten

All my 5 oldest did head start they started at 3years old. My 3 year old just started head start on Sept 1st she loves it cause she gets to go play with friends her age. It helps alot cause it’s a school setting and they teach them and evaluate them to see where they are academically. Also teaches them boundaries and what is expected of them in the classroom. It also sets them up to be more ready for kindergarten.

My son skipped preschool my daughter did not. He started school when he was 6 because of an August bday my daughter started school at 5 almost 6. I could deff tell a difference between my son and daughter getting used to school and what was expected of them.

My 3rd child didn’t do pre-k, or any day care, she was home with me until her first day of Kindergarten, she was 5. She still learned to read and write in sentences and was described as a “role model student” on her report card. Pre-k isn’t all that important imo, but every child is different.

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My son didn’t qualify for pre k due to his birthday so he started at 5 in kinder. He has gone to a public school the whole time (he is in 5th grade now) for 6-12 we plan to homeschool.

My daughter had a couple of months of pre-k at a daycare but we had to pull her when covid hit. She went to kindergarten when she was 4.