What age did your kids start doing chores?

What age did you start giving your kids actual chores? What were they? My kids are 2, 5 and 8 and I feel like I need to give them some responsibilities. Thanks!!!


My son is 7 and he puts the waters in the refrigerator and puts a new bag in the trash.

Mine are 17 14 12 10 and 8 and they all have chores littlest started at 4 putting laundry away and helping put laundry in the washer

My son is 6 and his chores are simple. Taking the trash from the bathrooms gathering all the dirty clothes and putting in a basket. He can strip the bedding off all the beds when it’s laundry day for beds. Making his own bed putting away his own clothes. He wanting to start doing dishes. Just waiting till he gets a little bigger for that!

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3 and 5 very small chores to start

Since they could walk (18-24 months)- literally all my kids started with putting their laundry away. “Open this drawer” and I tap it and then I’d hand them a small pile of their clothes “put your clothes in here” and tap the drawer. Then give tons of praise for being a big boy/girl helper and ask them to shut that drawer and open the next.


All 9 of my kids ages 14,12,11,10,9,7,6,3 and 2 have chores. My youngest started as soon as they could walk by picking up their toys, throwing away their diapers.

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Mine oldest started at 3, pick up ur room, now shes 8 and cleans the litter box, folds clothes, cleans room, cleans after self

I dont give my 4 year old specific chores as such she just loves helping thankfully. Hoping she stays like this lol. She will do dishes, strip her bed, tidy and Hoover her room, feed the dog, help us take recycling out, put her underwear and socks away, tidy the living room with us and anything we ask for her help with x

Son is 3- he doesn’t have designated chores but he helps out when asked. Setting and clearing the table, gathering laundry, throwing baby brothers diapers away, getting items that mom and dad need, etc. He’s a good helper :+1:t2:

My 9 year old does chores but my 6 And 4 year old don’t.

I had mine cleaning their own rooms or messes around 2. By 4ish, tidying up shoes by the door. By 6ish, bussing dinner table, cleaning up after, sweeping. By 10ish, dishes except fragile glass and knives. 10 also starts doing own laundry. I have 5 now, so I hardly have to do much anymore, trying to make them functioning members of society.

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Daughter is 16 and in charge of the kitchen she started helping when she was 8. Now she helps make dinner (side dishes)

Son is 14. Cleans the living room, takes out the trash in the bathroom and kitchen, cat litter, takes figs off yard. Started when he was also 7/8.

Baby is 4. Still working with her putting her clothes and toys away.

Our 3 year old helps out around the house. She helps with her laundry, she feeds our cat, waters plants, helps with her dishes (plastic), and obviously she has to put her toys away. Anything I can make fun, she does.

The youngest in my house is 4 - her favorite chores are scrubbing toilets and mopping floors :laughing:

My two-year-old will often do his own laundry by throwing the clothes in the dryer or washing machine, he also helps empty the dishwasher, picks up his own toys & feeds the dog. All with assistance/supervision

My kids are 6, 5,& 3 they have been helping since they could walk they pick up toys throw stuff away make their beds clean off and set table they take turns helping feed and water animals they also fight over who gets to help vacuum and mop and they put their clothes away

My oldest is 5 and just helps me around the house taking out trash doing laundry and feeding the animals

My son is two, he helps with feeding the chickens and the dog. He also helps me to take the rubbish out. He takes his plate out to the kitchen when he has finished eating and will help with the washing, will help put the clothes into the machine and knows which buttons to press to turn it on.

My youngest is 14 months and he knows how to throw his own plate in the trash and put his clothes in the hamper. He also somewhat knows where shoes go. Same for my 3 yo. He throws away diapers/pull ups and cleans up his play room. Lucky for us he likes to stand on his stool and rinse dishes so we let him help with that as well.

My 20 month old cleans up her spills and kinda helps with her room. She also throws away her own trash. My 8 year old is in charge of her room and her bathroom. We just put dishes in the dish washer as we go through out the day, so she does the same, she puts up her own laundry, helps carry in groceries, and we take turns feeding the cat. She’s also swiffered the floors a few times.

My son just turned 2 and he puts things in the garbage. Like his freezie wrappers and the diapers he takes off. He also helps pick up his toys.

My son is 4 and I had him start to do simple chores around 2 1/2. Like make his bed, put his dishes on the counter, and pick out his own outfit. Along with put his shoes away and stuff like that :blush:

My kids aged 3 7 9 all have to tidy their rooms and also do small jobs around the house such as tidy the shoe box…hoover up wipe table ect and give them lots of gratitude and sometimes a small prize x

At the age of 1 by having them pick their toys up when they were done playing. They needed me to show/help them for only a few days an then they were doing it on their own. Plus they can take care of their dirty laundry as well

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My 8 year old empties and loads the dishwasher, takes out the trash, keeps his room clean, and keeps his laundry picked up. My 3 year old “helps” empty the dishwasher, keeps her room clean, and keeps her laundry picked up. On occasion, I might ask my oldest to tend to the dogs if I’m busy, but that’s about it.

I feel like it’s never too early to teach responsibility. If they’re old enough to grasp the concept that it’s they’re “job”, start teaching them. Nothing bad could come of it.

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My daughter is 8 and she is expected to feed the dog, clean the litter box, and keep her bathroom and bedroom tidy. She needs reminders to keep up with it but she does very well. She knows she can’t ask for tv or tablet time unless the regular chores are done, and I’ll ask for her help for other odds and ends around the house as needed.

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Start with the small things like putting toys away, putting dirty clothes in designated area.

two months! She took my little hand and we mopped the floor! Sure I hated it, but boy did I get muscle!

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just trying to inject a little humor there, well,

I try to get my 2&4 year to just pick up after themselves. Toys, trash, to bathe themselves, and the like. Not so much into chores yet. Your 8 yo is overdue lol I learned to do my own laundry when I was 8

My son is 12 he mows shovels feeds the animals take all garbage/recycling out n down to street n he also does laundry except the folding n he also helps with dinner 1-2x a week

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My 2 and 4 year old pick up their toys, clean up rooms, help throw things away, put away groceries, ect. They love helping when and if they can with everything! Teach them chores young!!

At 2, they helped pick up their toys.
3/4 they were putting their dirty laundry away and learning to fold laundry.
Mine are 19, 13, 11 and 8.
They do their own laundry, clean their rooms/bathroom.
Sweep, vacuum, mop, dust, dishes, they care for their own animals, each one has a cat and a dog of their own, one has 2 guinea pigs and a leopard gecko, one has turtle.
They are responsible for feeding/watering, washing, cleaning the kennel/habitat.
We also have a hobby farm, so they help tend to the farm animals.
They take trash out and do yard chores.
I’m raising capable adults, and we don’t give an allowance for helping care for the home in which they live.

6 and 9 yr old they help with folding the clothes and packing them away, cleaning up what they have out of place, my 9 year old “sweeps” in between, I let them both wash out their wares and if so any pieces in the sink .
Sometimes when I am putting the clothes to wash I would throw out all and let them sort out their clothes and put them in the machine

As soon as they can walk. They learn how to start doing things on their own. You just teach them.


My 6 year old makes his bed every morning and takes out the bathroom trash when needed. He also helps his little brother who will be two in October pick up his toys every night before bed. My 9 year old daughter makes her bed, vacuums her room, and does a load of dishes every other day. They also take all of their dirty laundry to the laundry room.

My 5 yo started with throwing her diapers and other trash away the minute she started walking (10 mo) and to this day loves to help me with any and all household chores. I can’t empty or load the dishwasher without her or she gets mad lol. She likes to sweep and mop as well, doesn’t do the best at those, but she tries like heck :face_with_hand_over_mouth: she also folds laundry, again, not the best at it and it gives me anxiety watching :laughing: but she is a the cutest and hugest help! Never too early imo to start teaching :smiley:

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My oldest grandson cleans up the toys and stuff in the living room hes 6

I started my two older kids young. Helping pick up toys and their room from about age 18 months-2 years. Then I added more as they got older. They are now 8 & 7 and their main chores are their rooms, helping cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, helping feed and water the dogs, and making sure the trash gets emptied and put out the night before it’s picked up.

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my 8 year old puts away the silverware, folds her laundry, feeds the dogs and puts bottled waters in the fridge my 12 year old puts away the dishes takes out trash and recycling and picks up the dog poop they also have to help bring in groceries from the car and help with other things aroundthe house as needed…they get 5$ a week

My son is 2.5 and he picks up his toys and feeds the dog on a daily basis.

At 2 my kids fed the dog with help, at 5 …set the table, mate socks or sort clean laundry… at 8 empty dishwasher, vacuum/sweep. All can clean up their own messes…(toys, spills, take dishes to sink). I have 4 kids and teach preschool. My 2 & 3 yr olds do this stuff. 5 and 8 can water flowers/plants, put their own clothes away in drawers.

My 2 yr old and my 4 yr old have to have to have to pick up their toys every single time day. Help me pick up shoes and clothes if there is any around the house.

When mine were big enough to walk I made them pick up their toys and as they grew I give them chores to do. By the time they were going to school they knew that their rooms were clean and their beds made.

My 4 yr old feeds the dog, picks up own toys, learning to make his own bed, helps load washer and dishwasher (his plates, cups, etc. We put them in a bottom cabinet purposefully). He also helps whenever we clean by dusting, washing cabinets or baseboards, helping vacuum.

A 2 year old? Lol…

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I used this and adjusted it for the skill level of my kids.

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2 started picking up the toys she got out. Cleaned up the clothes after her bath. She now is 3 and tries to sweep like her siblings.

At 18 months my son was feeding our dog every day. He’s 2 now and still feeds the dog, helps clean up his toys, helps put away dishes, and hands me laundry to fold.

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My 2 year old picks up her toys, puts rubbish in the bin and tries to help with sweeping and vacuuming.

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Never too early with help…like picking up toys. When they would complain I would remind them next time they want to play not to take all toys out because they were going to pick them up after :woman_shrugging:t2: and it wasn’t fun.

My 4 yr old has to pick up all her toys before bed, and is responsible for putting all her dirty clothes away (she has habit of leaving them in bathroom for some reason :tipping_hand_woman::woman_facepalming:

If them little task as early as you can

My kids (10, 8, 5) help w laundry they wash and dry it (started bc its in basement and i was preg and had c section) options are preset so they just power on and start.
They feed/water and take dogs outside (when asked)
They also pick up their rooms and help w living rook.
For extra ipod/computer time they help put dishes away, wash dishes and pick up kitchen.

She’s 30 and not yet she’s to young😏

My 3 year old- cleans his room and helps put away pots and pans and dishes

My autistic 7 year old twins- pick up the living room toys and help put away laundry and help wipe down tables and counters

My 12 year old- does dishes every other day, sweeps floors twice a week and feeds the 4 animals

My 14 year old- mowes the lawn, does dishes every other day, takes the garbage out, fills 4 animals water dishes

And the 2 older ones take turns helping me clean the bathroom, helping me do the laundry and they take turns cleaning the ferret cage and babysitting for extra ps4 and Xbox one play time and sometimes cash for movies or to go out with friends

Kids can wash and dry silverware or put it in the dishwasher too.

My 8 year old is responsible for cleaning her own room, feeding her cat, changing the litter box, taking the trash out and doing dishes daily. And weekly she vacuums, dusts, hang up her clothes, Windexs, and cleans up the yard when asked. She’s been doing most these since 5.

18 months.
They started putting the shoes on the shelf and helping throw out garbage.
As they get older they get other chores that are age appropriate.
My 4 year old collect the dirty dishes and brings them to the sink, picks up the toys, cleans her room/makes her bed

My 22 month old, helps clean up toys, puts shoes away, and helps me load the dishwasher

My toddler helps pick up toys and put clothes away. He’s 17 months. He loves it. My daughter “helped” with dishes and wiping counters by about 4. By 6 she was getting daily chores… feed and water the dog and cats, put her own dishes in the dishwasher, bringing her dirty clothes to the washer, putting clean clothes away, making her bed. We’ve expanded the chores little by little as she gets older. She turns 10 this year so she’s now able to do full loads of dishes, scoop the litter box (or change the sand), sweeping, mopping, taking out trash, and cleaning her own bathroom. Obviously they’re not all daily. Lol.

My kids like to do things around the house.
My 12yo can basically step in for me if she had to, my 19mo cleans up her toys, helps sweep, load and unload the dishwasher and knows where to put her trash and laundry :woman_shrugging:

My twin 3 year olds and 2 year old daughter has to make sure there toys are put up and there clothes are in the dirty clothes.

My 3 and 5 year olds help put away their toys. My 9 year old loads and unloads the dishwasher, washes the table, and sweeps the floor

At three, helping them pick up their toys, laundry in the hamper they need to be guided, helping you to make their beds. They can dust, stand them on a chair and let them help with dishes. Thank them and give them praise.

My 4 year old helps take out recycling and helps put laundry away. My 7 year old helps take out recycling, helps put dishes away, and helps put laundry away. He also helps hang clothes on the line (he likes doing the clothes pins). They both pick up their toys and pick up the floor to run the roomba.

I have a 2 and a 3 year old and they pick up their own toys, throw their own trash away, put their dirty clothes and towels in the hamper, etc. Never too young to teach them.

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I think the 8 year old is old enough to make the bed (don’t expect perfection), set the table but no sharp knives, dry some dishes, pick up toys. Not necessarily all those things in one day. The 5 year old can pick up toys, maybe help set the table. You can work on the 2 year old picking up toys but it shouldn’t be a chore at that young age. These are my opinions. I have raised 4 children.

Just taught my 7 year old dishes. Now he volunteers for every thing kids like to help lol

At 2 I started him on putting his trash in the garbage can and his dirty clothes in the hamper and as he gets older and can do more we give him more

My 2 year old feeds the dog helps clean up and puts his dishes away because he wants to help when I’m unloading the dishwasher

My kids are 14, 12 and 9 they do their own laundry wash dry fold and put away. My 9 yr old does the cat box and helps put dishes away. My 12 and 14 yr olds do the dishes, mow the lawn and take out the trash. I cook, clean the bathroom and sweep vacuum and mop. My husband helps with my chores when he is not working. All three kids keep their rooms clean beds made all that. There is no reason kids can’t help out. Plus it teaches them skills and responsibility that will help them when they grow up and move out.

2… He throws away trash and hands me the toliet paper.

As soon as they start making a mess.

Try to do a visual job chart for the little ones with a reward ?

My daughter is almost three and she has to bring her own plate to the kitchen after eating and other little things such as putting her shoes in the right place and putting het toys away before she goes to bed.

My 4 year old LOVES helping me do stuff around the house! Granted she gets bored and 9 times out of 10 has wondered off 6 mins into it but the excitement is there when I ask her to help me hang up some clothes or run the duster round :joy: x

I give my 2 year old “chores”
Just things like putting his dishes in the sink, packing away his toys etc. he actually loves it!
Gives him a sense of independence

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My Mom did a big mistake she told the girls to clean because we were woman and man didn’t have to because they wasn’t supposed to now as grown man one had to learn the hard way and Mom is still washing my brother dishes he cant cook its sad to see he is 28​:disappointed: today i am raising my girls different to be strong and independent :muscle::grinning:teach them right

Around 2/3, I started mine off helping with the laundry ( sorting clothes, towels), making her bed, washing certain dishes, help with feeding the animals we had.

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My oldest folded wash clothes when she was 18 months old. Cause she wanted to do it. All children should pick up their toys from the beginning.
Wiping tables, washing certain dishes, getting silverware for meals, clear table n anything else they n folks are comfortable with.
We all live together.
One hard fast rule at our house, ya wanna eat, ya carry in groceries. Even a toddler can carry a bag of chips or carrots.

My daughter made her own bed at the age of 2. As soon as they are capable of doing something. Let them.

My kids (22 & 10) only kept/keep their rooms cleaned & toys picked up until 13 yrs old…then they had/will have “chores”.

Mine have been doing age appropriate since they were little.

Simple things like loading and unloading the dishwasher, taking out the garbage, if there’s pets dog doo pickup water/fed, scrubbing kitchen floor, sanitizing bathrooms, etc… Once my son was able to reach the faucet, dishes was his main job. Now, he enjoys laundry… his room, on the other hand, not so much lol🤷‍♀️

Mine are 3 6 10 and 11, all but my 3 year old have chores that I feel they can do and do well

My oldest was 5…with my youngest we started at 4

As soon as they were crawling… I would make it a game… Babies would help pick up a toy and put it away

When they started asking for stuff. Gotta earn money for it

I had specified tasks as a child because my mom likes the way I do certain things. As I got older, my grandma considered it helping her clean up the house and clean our room

My kids had age appropriate things do when they could walk well. Granted at 1 mostly just throwing away their own diaper.


I just had mine work with me what ever I was doing. Little ones like to help fold clothes. Give them little things. Putting away toys can start as soon as they walk you’ll still have to do most of it but getting them in the habit is the main thing. Just slosly add chores as they gain skills.


My 2 year old helps feed the animals, and helps clean the play room. 3 year old helps with the play room, makes her bed, dusts, and puts her laundry away. My 8 year old does dishes, cleans her room, folds her laundry and puts it away, and takes turns with the 14 year old to clean their bathroom. 14 yo field his laundry, cleans his room, takes out trash, and helps with yard work… we always start young! If they are old enough to make a mess they are old enough to help clean it up.


My kids didn’t do any, they had to help pick up toys and keep their room clean. They had to rinse their dishes and put them in the dishwasher. Clean their hamster cage when they were about 7 or 8. They did their own laundry. 1 load each after grade 3 or 4 when they had “favorite clothes” they wanted. I folded them for them. I always did everything else. My daughter had very long lists at her dads.

I started “chores” with my kids as toddlers. Folding and putting away clothes, sweeping, cleaning up after themselves, etc. try Pinterest for age appropriate chores.

I’ve got a 5 and 8 year old and we started chores last year. 1. Cleaning there own rooms 2. Putting laundry in the dryer and putting dryer clothes in the clean bin, putting there folded clothes in the drawers 3. Taking the trash bag out of the trash bin and putting in a new one. 4. Helping dry dinner dishes. Not anything overwhelming but they have 2-3 chores each and the laundry ones they share. Every time they go to visit my sisters or my mothers they always tell me that they are the most helpful kids.


Start with picking up toys as toddlers, they are never to young to learn. Whatever household chores your doing have them work with you… hands on learning.


I never gave my kids “chores”, I just expected them to keep their rooms clean, pick up after themselves, and help out when needed, but not assigned chores.

My son is 4 and has Autism and he picks up his own toys and puts his own clothes in the laundry hamper and fills the dog food bowl.


At 4-5 they needed to make their beds and bring used dinnerware to cupboard. 7-8 they can help with dishes and esp now with dishwashers, learning how to load and why certain placement. After that, they can help with all chores. I had a job chart and all our names rotated every week. As mom, I did an " undocumented" extra vacuum and bathroom clean in middle of week.
My theory was, you live in a house, you help clean house. Yes have 3 son’s and they tend to be more particular than my daughters.