What age do girls get their period?

I have an 8 year old girl (my first baby) she got her period last Thursday. And I just think she’s way to young for that. I called her doctor but she didn’t seem to worried about it. The only thing she did said was that she might have to go trough a whole process to maybe stop it(because once you get it you only have two more years of growing) and my daughter is really short for her age.

So my question is, has anyone had their little ones get their period at a young age?


my mom started hers when she was 8. she just developed faster!

Two more years of growing? I’ve never heard of that… I’d be really, really concerned! Maybe get a second opinion?


I was 9 when I got mine. Some people get it sooner. Not a big deal.

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My little sister started hers at 10 and her doctor didn’t seem concerned about it! She is just developing a lot faster than most girls her age!

2 years of growing? I got mine at 10 and I didnt stop growing at 12.


I was 9, and I did stop growing by 11…

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My cousin started at 8. She did NOT stop growing!

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My sister was 8 when she started . I was 15

I definitely grew for about 4 yrs after i got my 1st, id get a second opinion! Ive never heard of that and i cant imagine messing wither her body to stop it or make her grow would be a good idea…


I was 9 when I started mine. I’m dreading my daughter starting her she will be 10 in November

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I’ve never heard that either…and I dont think you can stop her period. It’s natural. Please dont go messing with her cycle…those hormones can really screw her up long term. A lot of girls start young! I was 10 I think…definitely grew most after age 12. Lol. Your daughter is fine. Shes just an early bloomer.


I got mine at 10… it’s really not a big deal. A lot of girls go through it younger. She’s just going to develop sooner

I got mine at 10, and I definitely didn’t stop growing

I’m not sure it has anything to do with growing… Boys actually hit their growth spurt after puberty 🤷. But yes studies show that with every generation puberty has been coming earlier and earlier because of all the extra hormones they put into precessed foods!!

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I got mine at 9. I was in 4th grade.

Get a referral to a children’s hospital close to you

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You need to have her hormones checked ASAP

I had it at nine years old. Just a little girl.

Both of my girls started at 11

Don’t stop it.
It’s possible to start that young

I got mine when i was 13 yrs old, and a month later my 10 yr old sister at the time got hers, it didn’t stop either of our growth, just sucked having a period like most women get

Some girls go into puberty at a young age. Some can start at 5 with signs or symptoms. Its orrfevtly normal.

I was 9 when I got mine.

:joy: you dont stop growing two years later. Maybe get a second opinion.


I was 12, I was 5’8 fast forward to age 16 I was 5’10 and now at 23 almost 24 I’m 6ft. I’ve never heard of that meaning you stop growing after 2 years.


Everyone grows to different heights and every girl gets her period at a different age. It is normal and natural. Nothing wrong with being short either, so what is the issue?


I was seven when I started hormones grow faster than body did but i didn’t stop growing but the doctor also put me on a shot until I was 12 try taking her to a different or maybe even the health department there are meds to help stop it

I started when I was 9. I have been the same height since i was in 5th grade. But, I’ve never heard that it can affect your growth. Maybe that explains it though

I started at 11 and quit growing by 12. I’ve been the same size everything since 7th grade.

I had mine at 9 and it sucked …I was so young! I’m fine never had any health issues, I was just a baby but I got used to it and was just fine!

My sister was 9, she didn’t stop growing and its more normal then what people think it is x

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Where in the world did you hear that growth stops 2 years after the periods start!?!?!?!?


I havent stopped growing since i got mine at 9 lol ive gained at least 75lbs since then. :joy::joy:


I started when i was 8. I’m 38 now everything is fine


My grandma was 10 when she got hers, I wouldn’t stop it, let it happen.

I know lots of kids getting them now and days between 9-11

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Yes and she didn’t stop growing after two yrs. By no means

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My oldest got hers at 9 she will be 12 next month … jus over summer she went from a size 5 to 8 in womens and from 12 to 5 in womens pants… shes still growing lol

My mom got hers at 9 (back in the 50s) but I hear it happens

Mine got hers at 10 or 11 I didn’t get mine until I was 16

I got mine age 9 (I’m 35) and I still grew but I stopped at 5’4… it’s normal for girls to start at that age but must educate her on this

I got mine at the same age and was given an injection for a year every month. I believe camled lupron . Anyways I have definitely grown lol I am still however short about 5’1 and I really don’t mind lol you’re daughter will be fine !

Let her be, stsrting on the pill, messing with her cycle, susceptible ti more rapid weight gain, let her be, all beautiful flowers come when they are ready

I got mine at 8 and neither my mom or doctor were concerned about it

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I started mine at age 9 n I’m 5’4 but all the females in my family r short my grandmother didnt start hers until she was 18 n she was only 4’11 when she passed away

Everything will be fine Mom. :blush:


It’s completely normal, and also… get a second opinion. My son is 7 and sees an Endocrinologist. If they had issues with her size, she would have already had a Bone Age X-ray done. And growth hormones would have already been discussed. She is a little late in the game to just now be worrying about size.


My sister got her at 9…fully grown adult lady with 3 kids and 8 grands…she will be just fine imo

I got mine when I was 9 and I kept growing. I’m 5’6

I was 8 going on 9 when I got mine, and I didn’t really have any problems with it. I was pretty average for that age, now I’m just about 21 and 6 foot. I definitely did not stop growing :joy:


I got mine at 10. I’m 5ft tall but my daughter got hers at 11 and she has out grown me in the last year and is still growing. I’ve honestly never heard that before.

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DAMN THATS WHY I STOPPED GROWING?!?!?! :roll_eyes::thinking::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:I got mine at like 9 I think. And I’ve been 5 feet tall my whole life. But I’ve always been curvy and plump for age and hit puberty early. Damn. Hope she grows more.

Its normal my oldest got it early and she was tiny but now taller than me

Take to her to endocrinologist!


I had mine at 9 and I’m six foot.

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i think it’s best to let her body go at it’s own pace. If she takes something pills or shot to stop it, they may mess up her chemistry and can cause problems in the future. It definitely sucks that she started so early but she will get through it.


Am I the only one that didn’t until I was 16 :woman_facepalming: but your daughter should be fine. It’s a naturally thing that comes when it’s ready

I got my period at 8 :woman_shrugging:t2:

Personally, I was done growing in terms of height before I got my period. But it doesn’t sound abnormally young.

My sister was 9 when she got hers

It does happen…teach her how to deal successfully

I was 10 when I started. Continued growing and topped off at 5 10


I got mine at 11 and had huge growth spurts in the 9th grade so at 14-15. I very highly doubt it’s true that you stop growing two years after you get your period, your body doesn’t stop changing until your 20s and beyond is what I always believed. Besides how her body is is perfect, don’t be so quick to jump to put her on hormones just because you’re not ready, her body is…so catch her up. hopefully you havent let her see your concerns about this because the last thing you want to do at this point in her life is show her she should be ashamed her body is changing…

The doctor seems misinformed? I am pretty sure we still grow until we are into our twenties. I started late, like 13. But a friend of mine started early like your daughter, and she was still growing in high school. I think she will be fine.


I was 10 and had no clue what was happening My daughters were 12

Thats pretty typical. And its not unheard of for it to be super irregular the first couple years.

And the thing about growing seems off to me… I stopped growing in height around the same time i got my first period. I dont think the two are related. Growth is determined by the pituitary gland, which is a separate hormone system that the ovaries.


Omg that’s so young. How old were you?(mom). My doc said a year or 2 from when I got mine…

Why would you stop your daughters menstrual cycle? It is natural and normal… kids these days are going through puberty much sooner.


I got my period at 8 years old too, and it didn’t stunt my growth. But my period was so horrendous I was put on birth control at 9 and stayed on it til 17.

I got mine when I was ten my teacher explained it as I was raised by a single father. Lucky my teacher kept pads in her desk.

I have an 8year old. I find this devastating.

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I never ever heard they stop growing 2 yrs after getting their periods. I was 10 when got mine…I’m not a good comparison cuz I am short, but so isnt my mom and sisters. My daughter got hers about 11 n she is now 14 at about 5’5-5’6. She is still growing. It’s all about genes…not periods. My daughter’s father is tall so she got the height from him obviously lol. I wouldnt worry hun. But wow…8 is young. But I see it isnt uncommon from the other women who got theirs around that age. Youngest in my fam got theirs was 9 but everyone else was 10 or older. It doesnt really surprise me though cuz kids these days seem to develop faster than kids in my n my upper generation’s time. Wouldnt worry hun

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I got mine at 9 it kinda runs in my family its rough but she will get through it and she could still grow a few more inches I hope this helps you

I think I got mine at 9 or 10 I was really young too. I dont think it’s good for the body to necessarily “stop” the periods, (that’s my body though). Seek another opinion if you’re concerned about the first

I got mine at 9 years old.

I got mine at 9, and grew until I was in my mid teens

My oldest sister and I got ours when we were like 11. And my twin and younger sister both got theirs when they were in middle school. Every women is different. And stopping it just sounds so unnatural

My niece got hers at 8 as well she is almost 5’ 6”

Um. Don’t ever go to that doctor again? That is extreme misinformation. Her period has NOTHING to do with her growing. They are completely seperate. Periods start anywhere from ages 8-18, everyone is different. I started at 9 (I’m only 5 feet but my parents are both really short). Do NOT give her anything to stop it, it can cause her to go into menopause (my momma is an np and I showed her this out of curiosity). She’s perfectly normal, just for now stick with pads because for the maturity stage her anatomy would be at rn tampons or cup aren’t the best option :black_heart: maybe also get a second and third doctor opinion :black_heart:


My mom and sister did!

I got mine at 11 and it didn’t stop my growth I’m 5’9


I was one of the last in my class to get mine. When I look back on life, I did not have a “mature” body until well into my 20s. Even starting late, growth didnt stop after 2 years.
Think about the women in your life. Did any of them, regardless of when their periods started, appear to just stop growing through the puberty years?

I agree with others about getting a second opinion.

Why would you post such personal information on Facebook


I got mine when I was 10!

I got my period at 8, please listen to your doctor. I didn’t have the option to stop mine and wish I did. I have so many health problems caused by this.

I got it at 9 , I’m sure she will be fine

My twins were 10 and so was i

I was 13. I’ve heard it’s the hormones in the chicken and meats we eat .

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I’ve never heard of the stop growing thing… I didn’t get mine until I was 14 & I’m only 5’2. I don’t think the period has anything to
Do with that.

My daughter was 9 and she is 5”2

I got mine at 9 years opd

I grew for like 4 or 5 years after getting my period

I got mine at 11 and kept growing. :roll_eyes: Your daughter’s pediatrician is full of it. Look into getting a new doctor for your child because she’s spreading potentially false information :woman_facepalming:t2:

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That is really Really young. The only thing like that I have heard about is a child being exposed to something designed to help men with testosterone. That can cause that.

I started at 9. Its ok.

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I was 9 when i started just watch though i had a horrible 31 years of pain and got misdiagnosed with endometriosis but that wasnt the case i had precancerous tumors so if they say endometriosis get her re evaluated

Don’t stop it. That just seems so extreme. It comes when it’s supposed to. Every girl in my family started getting boobs at 9 which meant period 2 years later at 11. Stopping her period for a few more years seems so ridiculous


I got mine when i was 10 n im 4’10.5"…i stopped growing before i got my period lol i dont think thats true on the growing thing…let the body go through the process naturally theres nothing wrong with getting it at that age

My daughter just turned 9 but she started getting hair in her whoha and arm pits and not to mention the worst body odor ive smelt on a little kid at the age of 7 So she has had the starting signs of puberty but we r still waiting for aunt flo to come