What age do girls hit puberty?

I was just wanting to make a post and see if any other mommas has dealt with their daughters or themselves going into puberty eary. My daughter will be 7 in May and today we went to the dr for a possible uti. As I’m holding the cup for her to pee in I notice she has public hair. I mentioned it to the dr and we are getting a referral to an endocrinologist because she is way too young for this. I just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this that could maybe tell me what to expect and how it may affect her in the long run.


My daughter is 8.5 and started her period last month. She had started puberty right at 8. Her doctor also is sending her to an endocrinologist.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What age do girls hit puberty?

My daughter hit full on puberty at 8 . She is 23 now . It happens. I don’t think that really is that young for it to happen .

It’s not an age thing. It’s different for everyone.

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My daughter will be 8 soon and has hair on her intimate parts and armpits.
I know Plenty of girls who started their period at 8-9-10.
It’s more common these days to to hormones in food etc!


My daughters classmate got her period in 3rd grade.

She’s not too young at all .

I started puberty at 7 my only issues is I don’t usually have a normal period schedule

I was between 8/9 and even got my periods. There Is no wrong age everyone’s body is different

I was old… 100#s is kinda like a body trigger for starting. Girls are reaching this milestone alot earlier than they did in the past.

My oldest daughter started when she was 9 I’ve known girls to start at 8.

I have 3 girls. One of them started at 9 , then the other started at 14 1/2 & my youngest is 12 & has not started. I personally started at 10. Just never know really. Best wishes.

From my understanding my daughter will be 9 in april… girls can turn into young lady’s fast and early. My daughters had a few uti I assum from her holding her pee too long or not rinsing could be a sign shes hitting puberty… I had her Dr talk with her with me there about the period when she turned 8… cuz they have studies showing that girls can be 8-10 years old and it normal 12-14 is late now aways… I personally started mine when I was 13.

My little girl is 8 and has hit it as well. I also have an 11 year old who has but it seems as if my 8 year old is passing her up. So age has nothing to do with it. I started my period at 11.

Teachers told me by end of grade three two thirds of their class are leaving with periods. My daughter got her period at 8

It’s normal in some families to go through puberty early. Testing can’t hurt but know that it can be completely normal!

My kids started puberty at 8 and period the month they turned 10. Sadly it’s normal now.

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My 7 year old step kids got more hair on her tail than me…& under her arms…

My daughter was young. She was 8 or 9 when she started showing signs. Hair was early, then budding, ect. She started her cycle literally the day after her 11th birthday. My friends daughter started hers at 9!! It’s all the additives in today’s foods. I really feel that. So much is added to school lunches and processed foods. Hormones in meats etc.

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I have 2 girls 8 &9 with hair and the STANK. Armpits on onions 101.

My 1p year old started her period in December.

Oh it’s starting early. I honestly feel like it could be hormones in the food

And my 9& 10 year olds boy/girl have acne on the forhead.

Is she a bigger girl? That sometimes kickstarted it sooner

I started developing in 4th grade and got my period at 11.

My daughter was wearing a B cup in a bra at 9 years old. Her doctor didn’t think there were any issues with her early puberty.

I believe it is all the hormones and junk in our food.


My gramma mom sister and myself started at 9, my daughter started at 10. I’ve seen other post with similar questions in parenting groups and from what I read a lot of girls are starting 7-9

I started my period in kindergarten gave me a shot started it in 6th grade again. I spotted all through elementary school. Got hair on everything by 5th grade. I have thick thick black curly hair.(everywhere but my head) always make sure she has all resources available to her. No matter what.

My daughter’s both started their periods at 11

My daughter started getting hair at about 8 she is 11 now. She has experienced some cramping we feel maybe associated but she hasn’t actually started her Flo yet.

I personally started my period when I was 7 :woman_shrugging:t2: I have been healthy and nothing bad came of starting it that early… I have 3 biological daughters as well so it didn’t effect my reproductive health either.

I didn’t get my period until like 15/16.

My daughter started her periods when she was 8 but has no other signs , no hairs, no buds xxx

I got my period when I was 11

My daughter started puberty at 7 and she’s 8 almost 9 now and just started her period 2 months ago and she’s also type 1 diabetic

My cousin was 7 and started her period, her mom had to shave her legs and armpits at that age too (she is Italian her body hair is super dark and kids were starting to make fun of her). She also experienced weight issues. My aunt put her on the Adkins diet (lol this was like 20ish years ago).
My cousin is now a married momma of two and has managed to maintain her weight.

Girls can hit puberty very young. The youngest mother on record to give birth was a 5yro. My sister hit puberty at 7 almost 8.

I started my period at 10 and so did my two girls.

I started my period at 9 but began growing pubic hair around 7and half 8 years old. No other issues for me🤷🏽‍♀️

My daughter got hers at 11

I started at 9. My daughter started at 10. Dr says it is very common.

My girls hormonal from about 8. My girls periods started at 11 My 10 Yr old who’s likely asd come other day showing her hairs :see_no_evil:. I think it does start early,they say anywhere from 8.i wouldn’t worry. The pain it could possibly be ovulating if going start period. My 12 Yr old suffers with bad pain then.

I had friends with breasts and periods that started at 8. I didn’t until 14. Have an almost 10 year old, no signs yet.

I had a friend in 2nd grad who got her period, she was 8. I was 10. My best friend and my mom were 12. Like a lot of these other comments are saying; it’s the hormones in our food

My daughters both started around that age. Got their periods around 10. Had to shave their underarms since 7.

I went into puberty early. Around 8-9. Period around 10-11. I would do your research if they offer a shot that stops the puberty from progressing. I received them and now my periods aren’t normal. I’m not sure if it’s from the shots or if it’s just my body. My mom did research and found a few side effects she was worried about so she stopped me after a few months. So my advice is just do your research if they offer them. Best of luck!

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I got my period at nine and started getting body hair

My daughter started developing at 7 and started her periods at 9. Dr said not to worry. Other than hating her periods, she is fine!

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My friends daughter who is 5 is like that also, she has smells under her arms and in between her legs, and has some hair already. She had to take her to an endocrinologist also, she is definitely growing ahead of her age, she has to do some sort of treatments.

Having hair there is not abnormal at all… Usually you’ll find your daughter will go through stages in life as yourself so if you were early on she most like will be… Average age is around 9 + for period to start but having hair appear at 7 is common.

I was her age when I got them and then got my period at 9 years old. My oldest daughter got hers at 11 and my youngest who is almost 12 has yet to start so :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

My daughter is 12 (13 in June) and does not have her period, she definitely has signs it is coming though, I would say between 10-12 is normal to start showing signs. But each girl is different.

I started puberty at 9. With small breast, periods, and hair.

I was 17 years old… my granddaughter she’s 8 and she’s horrified :cry:


My daughter started to develop her breasts last year and stayed her monthly this year & she’s 11 it seems it’s starting sooner these days.

My daughters 9. Weve been shaving her legs for a year n def wearing deoderant already😳

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I started my period at 8. I had breasts by the time I was 9.

According to my pediatrician, the advrege age for girls to start puberty is somewhere between 8 & 10 currently. So I don’t think 7 is out of the realm of possibility at this point.

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I was just told by my own personal pediatrician that 7-8 is actually quite a normal age to start puberty. As I had some questions about my own 8 year old. Everyone is different though.

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yes my daughter… she was almost 10 when she got her period. its the foods amd chemicals added … our ped said she sees this often now because of what we put in our bodies

My daughter started puberty at 7.5 years. Her first indicators were breast buds and growth height spurt. She has just turned 10 and has pubic her down below but no underarm hair or period yet.

I started my period when I was 7

Boobs started in middle school for 11 or 12, I started my period at 14

My nieces 12 & 13. Boobs at like 11 & 12

My daughter turned 10 in December and nothing yet. Everyone is different. I was 11 when I first started mine.

My one daughter started getting pubic hair very early on. Also probably around 7 or 8 Neither of the girls started there. Until they were 11 but my 111 year old already has boobs bigger than mine. However the one that started getting the pubic hair earlier on still doesn’t have boobs. Every child is different. I was grateful that mine started a little later than some that I had heard of because that is a whole lot to deal with at a very young age

My daughter just turned 9 January 15th…she has every sign of puberty except her actual period. Her pediatrician swears she won’t get it until she’s around 11-12 years old…even after I told her most females in my family start between 9-10.

At the time my 8 yr old started early puberty. It’s not uncommon for this to happen more. Many things have hormones in them so it is starting to take a toll on the young kids.

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I hit puberty in 2nd grade period and all it was awful

I’m 26 and started my period at 8 and back the 8 to 10 was normal too

People have to understand that these kids today are different from when we were growing up. Im 44 and i have a 17yr old and 11 yr old daughters. My 11 yrs old daughter hasnt started her period but she has hair under her arms and on her legs and her private area too. She has breasts as well. Some start earlier than others. All girls are different in that area. I wouldnt say theres to much concern if she is 7 or 8 with pubic hair. But as her parent of course it is your decision as to what to decide to do. But me myself have talked to both my girls about their bodies and sex because this world is so much more advanced and scacry i wanted them to hear it from me and be able to speak freely about it such as questions or concerns rather than school teaching them or them learning through the internet.

My 10 year old just got her period. It happens alot earlier now a days from the foods we eat :grimacing:

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My oldest daughter’s doctor asked me at her 7 year check up if she had started her period yet. I was like she’s 7! He said yea it’s not out of the ordinary for them to start at 7. I wouldn’t worry. She is now 9 with some beginner bras she’s had for a while and claims she is starting to get hair down there. We have had the period talk multiple times just in case. But nothing yet… I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens within the next year as she turns 10 in a week. I’ve given her her own deodorant. We haven’t started shaving as she hasn’t shown interest and I’m not going to make her or whatever until she’s ready or it becomes an issue.

I was 9 when I got my period. My daughter has had hair down there since a couple months old. No armpit hair though. She went to and endo and she’s fine. She’s not 10 turning 11 next month.

I started my period at 9 or so, developed breast buds at like 7 or 8. Every child is different, but with all the chemicals and everything in food and drink now it’s becoming more and more common to see this in children younger and younger.

My daughter looks like a full grown women at 10. She started her period at 9. She started really developing around 8. She had a huge growth spurt right after she turned 8.

From 7 on up it all depends. I know kids that started periods at 7.

I was 8 when I started I was wearing a b cup bra in 3rd grade when most my friends weren’t even thinking about training bras yet lol it was awful the jokes omg I was called Dolly for years. My 2 daughters though didn’t start until around age 10 and 11

This post makes me sad . My oldest is 8 and my youngest is 4.5. To think my
Oldest could start a period at any moment . :neutral_face::pleading_face:

I took mine when I was 14 years old :see_no_evil:

Seems to be getting younger and younger

My granddaughter has been dealing with this. They started to give her shots to slow it down

I saw started my period at 9.5 By the time I was 50 and had gone through menopause

My 10 year old daughter and 11 year old son started the change about 2 years ago. I do believe it’s the hormones or chemicals in the food.


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It’s called precocious puberty

Unfortunately, it’s the crap we feed our kids.


11 yr old- just got her first armpit hair, has bewbs and wear sports bras, uses deodorant.

10 yr old- has tons of armpit hair, I’ve shown her hoe to shave, but she’s eh about it. She is budding in her chest, so I’ve started her on sports bras. And she uses deodorant, too.

I was started my period at 12 years and started shaving shortly after.

My sister started her period in 5th grade. I was 6th grade

I got hair really young and honestly I think was a sign of my pcos as besides that I didn’t hit puberty until I was 14

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The only thing the endocrinologist will do is give her meds to stop her period. She is not too young, you just think so. My daughter started her period right before her 9th birthday


It’s all the hormones in our meat


Every person is different.

Different for everyone. Known people as young as 8 and as old as 14… Somewhere in there is safe lol.

Definitely not too young or early. I had pubic hair by the age of 8, and got my period at 9 1/2. Every person is different.

I was 9 when I got my period my 8 yr old has pubic hair he is a boy so I don’t know if that makes a difference but like I said I was 9 and my daughter was 10

I was 7 when I started mine and no one thought it was weird. All the girls in my family start young

Yes my daughter needed deodorant at 5 . and started hairs at 7. She just turned 10. Has full hair down there. Full pits. And now has acne :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

My daughter got her period at age eight. It was so hard for her

My niece, started developing boobies at 9 and menstruating at 10 but the meds that she is on, made her develop a lot quicker. I am only now noticing the underarm hair and pubic hair and she is now 11.