What age is okay to start hair removal for a girl?

Hi there. Momma to 3 girls. The oldest will be 6 in a little over a month and has been mentioning the hair on her legs. (She is Native American and mexican on her dads side and German and polish on my side so her hair is dark and thick.) My husband asked if I should start doing nair on them for her. I got to thinking, what is the age that you started? What is the reason to wait til any certain age? I remember being so self conscious and my mom made me wait until well into my teen years and I hated it. Is there really any reason to make my child continue to feel self conscious about something we could easily fix?

Having had no daughters, but now a granddaughter who is 11, I would say 12. I was roughly the same age when I started shaving, and this is about the age that girls start going through puberty. I would definitely not start the process at the age of 6, that is way too young for a child to be concerned with the hair on her legs. This could also start a pattern of body shaming of her own self. Let her know it’s okay to be young and not worry about that kind of stuff this early in life. Sadly society forces this need to look like a model on all women. It can cause long term self hate, self esteem issues, and later on even dysmorphia. We are pushing our children to grow up way too fast. Please don’t buy into this, as she cannot make the decision for herself at this young age. Stand strong mom, and let her know that she is beautiful, hair and all.

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Their bodies are still growing…I would wait until they bring it up. You don’t want them to be self conscious about themselves if they aren’t being bothered by the hair.


Maybe not now but maybe try shaving powder less harsh dam nair

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In my opinion, I think whenever a girl starts to feel self-conscious is when you should start addressing it! My daughter is only 4, but when she gets older and mentions anything similar, I’ll let her choose when/if she wants to begin hair removal. It’s not necessarily my decision. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You’re doing amazing by asking for advice and listening to her.


Maybe instead of getting rid of her hair it would be healthy to show her that hair is a natural and beautiful. That it’s okay to have hair. It would better for her self esteem in the long run to teach her to love her body.


I personally think 6 is way too young… my youngest is darker so she has dark brown hair on her legs & its pretty coarse. But shes 5, will be 6 in december. Theres no way in hell Im removing it now. Maybe when shes like 12/13. I was about 11 when I started shaving.

My mother didn’t want me shaving my legs until I was probably 13 I think, but I was being bullied at school long before then for my thick curly blonde hair I had on my legs and arms…so I decided to just shave them and be as careful as I could and I was 10 I believe. I couldn’t handle being made fun of for something like that anymore

Parents USED TO abstain their children from makeup, shaving, “grown-up” habits etc well into the later teen years…this was to prevent promiscuity and keep elders from getting the wrong idea (that idea was that shaved legs=prepped for sex BACK THEN)

NOWWWWW it’s a social norm, as is wearing makeup at 14/15 (there are alot of social norms we don’t agree with but society isnt what it once was just 20 years ago)

If she is bothered by it she is probably getting teased or worried about being made fun of. SPOT TEST THE NAIR in a small area first (trust me- I didnt- I was allergic - I bled from every pore in my skin that came in contact with it and my skin peeled off)

I was very self conscious about my leg hair. When I was crying and told my mom why, she helped me shave my legs for the first time. I’m so thankful she considered my feelings. I was 8 at that time.

We all have our specific hair preferences. Let her tell you when it’s time, if it is ever time. But don’t create an issue over something that might only be an issue to you/hubs.


Not nair. Buy magic shave lotion on Amazon

my parents waited to let me shave till I was about 11 or 12,It’s a natural thing she shouldn’t feel shamed or anything.

Start once the armpit hair comes. I shaved my legs at 11 and regret shaving so young.


Instead of shaving with a razor, maybe try an electric one instead. That way there is less hair, but she doesn’t have to deal with a razor, wax, etc


Let her be a child as long as possible. Teach her body hair is perfectly normal and nothing to try to get rid of or conceal, just yet. Just my opinion, but I believe 6 is a little too young. Just remember nair is very harsh on skin, more likely on young children. Once you start a habit, you’ll have to keep doing it. And using nair, she will have that awkward growing back stage, and have to deal with some hair until it’s long enough to nair again. I would wait til it becomes a bigger problem. With that said, she’s your child and you should do what you and she are most comfortable with.

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I was taught how to shave my legs at 10 because puberty sucks. Since she’s so young you could try the shave sponges.

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I was in the same boat!!! I have thick dark hair I was about 9-10 when I wanted it to go away… so if she doesn’t like go for it momma teach her how to get rid of it!!

My daughter is 6 and has hair on her legs… my son 4 has said “why are you so hairy…” to her and she got upset so I redirected the conversation saying how we all have hair and he will get hair too… she is starting to get self conscious of it but waiting for her to come to me… there is waxing or sugaring which could be better…

6? Hair removal? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


If its bothering her let her know that it is natural but if she wants to get rid of it then there are a lot of different ways


10 or 11, was asking way before that though

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We need to seriously change the perception that women shouldn’t have natural hair on their body. Like it’s utter bull if you ask me. Granted I do shave from time to time but that’s because I like it. At the same time I will gladly go swimming with prickly legs because I just don’t care anymore.

I noticed armpit hair in the 4th grade. I was at the park and had a tank top on. I was so embarrassed. My mom taught me how to shave that summer

Food for thought……Growing up each of us girls when we turned 13 we got a electric razor….What’s the rush for?


Y’all I have an older sister who taught me how to shave my legs the night before my first day of high school. I went covered in so many bandaids that day hahahaha but we never had the social media aspect like the kids do now. They think about Thier bodies alot earlier it’s sad but we have to roll with it

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Whenever it’s something the child brings up and parents are on board. No certain age


I think it’s best to first address the self-conscious feelings above anything. If that’s what SHE is feeling and not a feeling assigned to her based on how we may have felt. Did somebody mention her hair to her? Is she noticing? I work on body acceptance first and then readdress the hair matters later if she is still expressing that her preference is to remove hair. Also 6 is so young to start hair removal in my opinion. I always thought around the same time as puberty would be a good time to start that.


My daughter is 10, she started shaving armpit, pubic area since she was 9…she did on her own, we never even discussed it​:thinking::weary:


My daughter was 11 and only waxes.

My daughter was 8 but I should’ve started earlier. But I let her decide if she wanted too or not.

I was 8… And mine was due to folical issues. And bullying.

My daughter is 8 and I just started using the clippers to shave her legs. She was uncomfortable with it being hairy and I think she’s too young for a close razor shave so we compromised. She was happy :slightly_smiling_face:

Every kid is different. Girls will let you know when they are ready. Nair was our product of choice for a few months, it lasted for weeks at the time, no issues. She progressed to shaving on her own. I just answered any questions she had and showed her the right way. There is no certain age…trust your kid. :wink:


All of the positive comments about “hair is natural and beautiful” yea yea…
Me personally… I could give a ___ less if you have hair, grow it out, never shave your whole life but as for meee… And my body… I can not stand hair on my legs, toes, lady bits (front and back), arm pits or face. I remove all that hair every other day because I refuse to have cactus legs when I’m trying to sleep… Same with my lady bits… So uncomfortable. So I say if he wanna remove the hair, why not :woman_shrugging:t4: some ppl are OK with having it and too lazy to shave. Some ppl have ocd about their own body hair :joy:

I have a few friends with pcos (not saying she does but just an understanding), so the concern can be bothersome on both ends as the child and the parent , but learning about what we can and can not control , gives a lot of insight .

Yep 6 I think is too young…I had hair blonde hairs and was 10 when I picked up mums razor…my daughter though has very dark prominent hair and at 11 got waxed…it was the beat option, she said it didn’t hurt and 6 months later we just have had her 2nd wax…

Nair is not healthy for her skin it could cause permanent damage even bad chemical burns


U are her momma,talk to her about why the hair is an issue & move from there…
Don’t let anybody judge yr decisions based on what’s best for YOUR child…


I think nair would be a good introduction. I used a razor on my daughter the first time and told her to always call me to help her till she was confident. Well she hasn’t called me to help her since that first time. She came to me the second time with shaved legs and I was so mad lol so if she’s anything like mine hide the razors lol cause mine waits for no instruction. She’s a self starter alllllll the way

Momma of 5 girls. We have dark hair, as well. My mom let me shave at 10, so that’s when I let them shave.

I personally wouldn’t use a chemical remover like nair on myself or a child. I would find a razor of some sort.

6 is too young. as a puerto rican german and french i had that thick black leg hairs too. I had friends with kids her age born with full back hairs, uni brows and mustaches as they got older then ur kid the hairs started to not be noticeable. i myself didnt shave till i was 11

And it was always starting out with an electric razor. My granddaughter just turned 10 and my daughter followed suit and let her start shaving.

My daughter’s started shaving when they got their periods which all three started at 11yrs old

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I’d be concerned about the chemicals, but I’d also be concerned about her cutting herself if she used a razor.
I wish i would have been able to shave when it started bothering me. I snuck and shaved and cut myself in several places. I can’t use Nair because my skin is so sensitive.

I wanna say i was about 9 or 10 when i started shaving my legs… i had gotten to my moms shaver when i was young so my hair grew in quite dark and im very pale… i was sooo happy when my mom finally said i could but i feel nair is NOT the way to go! That stuff is nasty! 6 is also a bit young to be handling a razor and if my almost 6 year old asked me to remove her leg hair, id do it for her with a shaver as my own other personal options are my razor, epilator (way too painful for my tiny humans) and my ipl which im not about to lazer off my kids hair either lol but ya, if you are ready to commit, id say do them for her and see how she feels? It’s honestly leg hair n we dont need it so if it bugs her, i say go for it but just not nair! First time i used that crap i was gifted with an insane uti!

When they are uncomfortable is when I let them. That teachers them they are in control of their bodies


I’m Mexican and my pores/hair are very dark and noticeable, but parents didn’t let me shave until about 16, grew up very self conscious and not being able to wear nothing but pants…I don’t have kids but I’d probably let my daughter shave when she becomes self conscious about it.

Personally if she can handle it I would get her to start using an epilator. I was told that after enough time the hair follicles will be damaged and the hair will stop growing back. I highly doubt she will ever want the hair to grow back so why not. Plus I feel like that would be way safer than using a razor or harsh chemicals. I feel like with how young she is that even waxing wouldn’t be great for her skin.

I remember going behind my moms back and accidentally cutting myself on a razor because i didnt know how to shave the best thing is to address it and if she truly wants to do it then teach her the proper way and get safe razors for her to use! Especially because nair is really harmful to the skin

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If you do laser now, the hair will grow back once she hits puberty due to the influx of her hormones…if its something she is self-conscious about, I recommend nair instead of shaving…she is still very young

It’s your kid do it when necessary.

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I think she is your child and YOU as parents should be what you think is best for YOUR daughter and what makes YOUR daughter comfortable and happy! No one else should judge your parenting decisions when they have not walked a day in you life. Everyone has there own opinions and everyone raises there children differently.


I started shaving and waxing when I was 10.

I think I was 11 or 12ish


To each their own momma. My daughters were allow to in Middle School.

I was not allowed to shave until 12…I hated it and now that I am a grown adult I have ocd about hair on my body…I can’t even stand hair on my arms…I still don’t forgive my dad and mom for not letting me shave earlier because of the bullying :pensive: please let her if she wants it

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When she comes to you an says she wants to start.

My girls started the summer after 5th grade, which is also around the time they became a young lady (period).


I started shaving my legs in grade 6 or 7. Got my eyebrows waxed at age 12.

I started shaving when I was in 6th grade, I was 9, because I was being bullied at school =(

I would probably use one of those electric ones they sell for women’s arm hairs? Nair might be bad for her young skin and I think she might be too young for a razor. My mom once bought me some buffer thing which was essentially really fine grit sand paper and it helped remove my hair and it didn’t hurt me when I was in elementary school getting bullied for my hairyness

I started Nairing my daughter at 10 1/2

I started shaving my legs at age 12, but every girl is a little different :slight_smile:

My mom made me wait so I had to wear jeans always. I was made fun of for being harrier than the boys

I let my daughter shave once I noticed she didn’t want to wear any shorts because of the hair on her legs. I had let her shave her arm pits sooner because she started growing hair early and she was starting to smell. It’s all counts on how your child’s self esteem she’s now 12 and I just let her do her eyebrows for the first time.

This summer I couldn’t let my baby go to the pool with hair sticking out her bathing suit and hair from her underarms showing alot

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Not until they are teenagers and can do it themselves. Starting it young will create the insecurity about having body hair. Do not do that! Dont even talk about you disliking your body hair. Kids are the human version of monkey see monkey do. Even my little sister overhears girls at school talking about how much they dont like the hair on their arms and she started talking like that too and saying she wants it off. DO NOT DO THIS TO YOUR KIDS

Absolutely let her shave if that makes her feel better…BUTTTTTTT whatever you do dont let her nair…she can get chemical burn and really hurt her…then traumatize her…those chemicals arent good for anyone let alone a child…shaving is one thing…but Nair takes it to a whole other level…


I personally was around 7 or 8 when I got taught to shave, mainly under my arms, but I hit puberty and started having hair very early. I was already having periods at that age :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Buy an electric shaver/trimmer Teach her how to use safely.


Nair is a Strong Quemical. Shaving is better .

Depending on responsibility and the want to if she were my daughter and wanted to I would fully choose the safest way possible and make sure she knew what to do. If she wants it done but needs help that’s perfectly fine also in my opinion.

I say when they start asking other wise she will do it her self possibly and cut herself


Mine started at 11 1/2, she just turned 12 this month. She had alot and it was dark. She really needed to, and her father and I were ok with it. She wanted to do it too. Her legs look great now! :slight_smile:

I didn’t let my girls remove hair on their leg until they were about 10

If she isn’t bothered by it I’d wait until she says something to you. Then Start her off with an electric razor. Once she comes a teen then maybe introduce waxing.

I wouldn’t do any laser hair treatments as once she hits puberty her hair growth cycle will change and most likely come back


My daughter was 10. I bought her the razors with the little wires across the blades, so it makes it hard to cut yourself. She is now 12 and a pro! Only you know your child and if she is ready.

If she wants it gone now then do it.
I used to sit there pulling mine out because mum said i was to young.I was 12.
If as you say her leg hair is dark and thick then she may notice the difference with her peers.

My daughter is 9 she’ll be 10 January 1st and she still hasn’t even asked. Ill wait till shes bothered by it or hits puberty

My daughters started at 7/10 on their own. They came to me said they wanted it done so I let them and was there to help if they needed any help

I started behind my mom’s back between 8-10 i don’t remember exactly. I had thick hair but super blonde. But I could see it cause I was so tan being that I have Spanish in me but blonde from the Ukraine/polish side of my family. My mom didn’t notice until I told her to feel one day

When they hit puberty is when most get thick and that’s when I let my daughter start but with guidance. She was 12. But my granddaughter hit puberty early so she was 10. Everyone is different

I was 9, when I made a decision to use mom’s double sided razor! Ahhh wish I had listened. Once you start shaving it’s forever! And boy, does it itch! Question, why is she self conscious of the hair? Hair on legs keep you somewhat warm in winter, is what I told my girls. Lol

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My daughter just asked so I let her use an electric shaver.

My daughter will be 10 in 2.5 weeks and she’s been shaving for going on 4 months. She said something to me about feeling uncomfortable in shorts anymore because of her hair. Since I don’t see any reason to wait it out to a certain age(within reason I wouldn’t let my 5 year old shave yet) but anyways we went to Walmart that same day to get Nair. We used it twice but it broke her legs out. She said the rash hurt a little( don’t wanna scare you of course, everyone’s skin is different) so we started shaving. She uses the Billie razors with a coconut based shaving cream for sensitive skin. I shaved her legs the first 5-6 times and now she does it by herself and does really well. She’s never cut herself.

My daughter was in 3rd grade when she first started shaving but decided after the first few times she was just iffy about it and now I’m 5th grade, she could care less about it :woman_shrugging:t2:

I use shaving powder. Best thing ever! Doesn’t irritate my skin and no ingrown hairs! I try to do it weekly bit I can go for 2 weeks with barely visible hair… also, hair grows back sooooo soft nit stubby :upside_down_face:

I started;shaving with a raiser in my teenage years&wearing makeup. My sister;made myself&sister wait. I tried;waxing my legs after graduating school(2004). There are;so many options. I’m preferring;waxing during summer which lasts 4 to 6 week’s. Best include;her about shaving her armpits&legs. All girls;develop different during puberty. The best;roll on deodorant I’m currently using is shield with motionsense it’s 72 deodorant&what’s nice is it releases fragrance as you move. I’m struggling;a bit with sweat smelling stronger when i need to drink more water.

The thing is, what is right for your child? Does she want it and you’re okay with it? Some people pierce their babies ears. I wouldn’t because of my personal experience. I didn’t start shaving until I was about 12. Being a brunette with Latina and Native American on both sides I had some hair.

If you’re willing to do it yourself why does age matter? If she will be more comfortable till you feel she’s able to it herself.

I have three girls. Once THEY ask, they are ready.

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I was 13 amd it was an electric razor, but my daughter was 12 and we started with nair.

My daughter was 10 and we went straight into half leg wax - my beauty therapist has been fantastic with her… we go every 12weeks for her and 6 for me …

Nair is probably a better option since shaving even though it doesn’t increase growth or anything can give the illusion of thicker hair

I have 3 girls and I just let them do it on their own I think they were all about 8 or 9 years old

You should probably ask her pediatrician because nair is a chemical and you don’t want it to burn her skin. I made that mistake once and OUCH. Me personally, I would wait until she’s older🤷🏽‍♀️