What Age should Babies Get Their Ears Pierced?

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"What age did y’all get your babies ear pierced?"

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"Up to you really, I waited until my daughter asked which happened to be two. And by 5 she asked for a second hole. “No more after that until she’s way older “"

"Don’t until they ask to have them done"

"I waited till they asked or wanted them done."

"When they are old enough to give consent to pierce their body."

"Whatever you decide go to an actual tattoo shop and not Clair’s or the kiosk in the mall. Don’t want blunt force trauma to the ear"

"I waited till she wanted them done. She got them done for her 8th birthday."

"I waited till mine asked. My oldest was 14 when she wanted hers done"

"When they’re old enough to ask"

"At the very least, take them to a professional piercer, but I’m on the wait til they’re old enough to ask side."

"I waited until my kids asked"

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I got my three daughters’ ears pierced between 4-5 months of age by their pediatrician. They cried for 2 seconds, and were quickly comforted by nursing right after. Their ears were easy to clean and since they were so little, they weren’t trying to constantly touch it, they actually never did, so they never got infected. They all loved wearing earrings…

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I had my oldest daughters done when she was 3 months (pressure from my mom because that’s when my mom did mine). And then I waited until my middle and youngest asked. Youngest wears them everyday, middle never wears them unless an occasion calls. She likes that she has the option.

My oldest now has like 13 total.

The rule in my house:you can pierce your ears as many times as you’d like, but no face or body while living under my roof.

i prefer three months old baby she never will remember the pain… my both daughters were three months old and only cried by the sound… after that they are fine…why wait get old

also my granddaughters got it early 3 months old too

When they’re old enough to ask for it to be done and also understand the responsibility of the aftercare with healing.

When the child is old enough to ask. I was 8 and was very good with the after care.

Should we also wait until our sons are old enough to decide if they want to be circumcised?

I did my daughters at 3 months like my mom did mine.

When both my girls asked for it… about 4 years old.

Should be their own decision, and not forced by parent because it looks cute.

I waited ! I am still waiting! She is 22 yrs old!!! Lol

I’m on the “wait until they are able to decide for themselves” side. I also find it interesting that the answers all speak about “daughters” and don’t address ear piercing in sons. Yet again, another place where others are deciding about procedures on a female body. Would you consider piercing your son’s ears a 4 - 5 months old? I suspect that those parents would say, “we’ll disuss it when they are old enough”.