What age should I let my daughter get her nose pierced?

What age seems appropriate for a simple noise piercing? I’m debating it. She is a good kid but her age seems to young but it’s like not a big deal at the same time. Her dad said it’s fine but because we coparent we need to make sure we are both on board.


If she asked at 13 we would allow it. I wanted mine at 13 but wasn’t allowed and I got it at 16 and still wear it :slightly_smiling_face:


I was 16 years old (36 now and still wear it!)

I got mine at 14. Iam 34 and still have it and love it.

I got mine done at 14 took it out for 10 + years then just put it back in about 8 months ago and love it lol

I had mine done at 12 still have it 18years later at 30! Absolutely no regrets I love it

Both my daughter and I got ours done last year. She just turned 14 last month. She’s respectful, makes good grades, and is on the volleyball team at her school. She actually wanted her septum done but she wasn’t old enough and my husband was against it so we compromised.


I was 14 when my mom took to get my nose pierced. It was really cute.

My daughter was 13 and I got mine done with her!

I got mine done at 13 turning 14 :sweat_smile:

My son was 13 with his first one and 14 when he got his other side done. He wears a hoop in one and a stud in the other.

My dad went with me on my 16th birthday

I got my nose pierced when I was 13

I was 16 when I got mine done

My 12 year old just got her nose done and she loves it.


I got mine at 18 and still have it at 31. I think younger than that is too young.


I was 15 when my mom took me to get mine done and I still have it done.

I got mine done at like 15. Almost 30 and still have it!

I would say 16. That’s a big birthday so I feel like getting a facial piercing is a big deal and makes them feel like more of a grown up like they think they are once they turn 16. Lol

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I feel 15 or 16 is a good age. That’s just me. You’re here mom you can do as you please :orange_heart::orange_heart:


I was 15. Almost 34 now, still have it pierced and it hasn’t led to more piercings lol

I got mine done at 13, I’m 32 and still have it


i was 13 when I got my septum done I’m 25 now and it’s the only piercing I wear lol

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My daughter is getting her nose done Friday for her 14th Birthday and for good grades for the first marking period in school. I was the same age

My daughter got her at 14. We were going to do for 13 but it was dependant on her grades, choose, attitude etc. She slipped a lot so I told her she wasn’t being responsible enough for everyday things so I couldn’t see her being responsible to take care of a piercing. So we waited a year and did it for her following birthday this past january.

I let My daughter get hers done at 12!

My daughter got hers done at 15

My daughter is 17 and we just let her get hers done yesterday.

I told my daughter she could get it done the summer before highschool…she will be 14.

I got my belly done at 16 and noce at 17 or 18

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My daughter got hers at 13 and has since got three more so two on each side and then her septum at 15 so many kiddos have it now days I know some parents don’t approve but I’d rather take my child to do it safely and properly then for them to get to bold and find a way to do it behind my back and possibly not get it done safely so if she is ready I don’t see why not if your ok with it

I got mine done at 14 with my mommas consent and approval. I brought it up to her when I was 13 and she made me think on it for a year to be sure I wanted it. I’d do the same for my daughter as well! Just make sure she still wants the commitment


My daughter is about to be 13 and she’s getting hers done for her birthday!

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My daughter just got her septum done and she’s 14

Think I was between 14-17 when I got both of mine done, I’ve got 2 in the one nostril done at separate times. Mine are rings, but if kept as a generic stud they’re barely even noticeable, so if you’re worried about it affecting her negatively in any way now or in the future there’s really nothing to worry about.

I’d go with my daughter to get it done at her 18th birthday. Maybe get a tattoo too. We could both get one. Would be fun.

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I got mine at 14, I’m now 34 and still have it. I guess it just depends on what you as the parent thinks.

I allowed mine to do it at 12

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I’d say 12 or 13 I wouldn’t mind too much . Younger then that seems too young to me lol

When you feel she is mature enough to take care of it and wash it properly.

When she can do it and not have to have you sign for it.!!!

I love piercings and used to have a lot but other than ears, my kids can’t have piercings until 18


I let my daughter get her nose pierced on her 12th bday.


My daughter got her nose pierced for her 12th birthday. She also has 3 earrings in each ear & 1 cartilage. That is how she chooses to express herself, and I’m 100% ok with it. She loves all of her piercings & takes care of them responsibly :blush:


Both my girls were 13 when they had theirs done.

Mine was 14 (she’s now 15) when she got her septum pierced (had just turned 14 a month or two before us getting it done). My oldest son is 16 (almost 17), and has his ears (lobes), septum, and bridge pierced.

13 is fine for me. Piercings can come out so to me personally it’s not that big of a deal

I got my belly done at 13 and nose at 14 I had to prove I could take care of my belly one before I got one on my face

I think 12-13 is a good age for a small piercing.

I got mine done at 15 and I still have it in to this day at 30 lol. Honestly, if she ever changes her mind she will just take it out and it will grow back in no time, trust me :joy: I’ve had to re-pierce mine upteen times


You are her parent. You are allowed to make that decision and it does not matter how anyone feels about it.


Our school system won’t let them here. My almost ten year old wants her septum done.

Driving age is what we base responsibility like that around here :slight_smile: Even if she ends up hating it, it does not leave that big of a scar

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As someone who comes from a family who owns a shop, we pierce noses at 12 along with cartilage piercings of the ears. But age limits are different at each shop

My mom let me when I was 17. She let me get a little tattoo too.

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When I was younger I would say let her do it, but I had piercings when I was younger and now I just have the scars. And it’s the same with tattoos. I have 6 and some I wish I didn’t have or at least made better decisions. And now it’s permanent. Piercings aren’t permanent but the scar can be. And keep in mind regardless of what kind of metal it is, her body could still reject it, leaving a bigger scar. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very cute. But just make sure she’s aware of risks

I’d probably let mine as early as 11-12 I’d a shop would do it. Its just a peircing. Nbd

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I was 13 when I got my belly button pierced, my mom was totally against it and my dad took me on my birthday my mom didn’t even know for years until she seen me getting in the shower one day, they were going thru a divorce and my dad was being spiteful, I got my nose at 16 bc she wouldn’t let me and a friend did it, it got really infected. So I’d say if she’s mature let her do it, so something like that doesn’t happen it’s not a tattoo and permanent so yeah if you think she’ll take care of it I’d allow it!


When it’s her decision .

I wouldn’t allow it til after their of legal age. It wrecks their teeth and then she can pay for repairs herself,

My daughter was 11…
And I KNOW I’m going to have tons of people posting how awful this is…

But hear me out….
It’s no different then the ears, honestly.
And if it’s what makes them feel secure, beautiful and unique then go for it!
My daughter just turned 12 and still loves her nose ring.
And if she ever doesn’t love it, then she can take it out.


As long as she’s responsible and old enough to understand about maintenance annnnd healing, she can’t switch rings out quickly because of the healing time. I wanted mine done as a teen but didn’t do it until last year (I’m in my 30’s) some people are saying she might change her mind later, BUT she might not and it’s her body.
Also, if she plays sports make sure she understands the risks and get it okayed by the coach so she isn’t forced to take it out for a game before it’s healed and it closes up.

For her 18th BIRTHDAY​:bangbang::bangbang:SHE will be an adult…and in charge of making more sound decisions. Make it a special day for her by paying for the procedure and letting her choose the “nose ring” as a gift.


I had my mine done when I was like 16 and I am 31 now I still have it

I’d be comfortable with 14 for the nose. It’s one that is cute and doesn’t leave a noticeable scar if she decides to take it out

I think 14 is an appropriate age for piercings. I got my tongue done for my 14th birthday and my nose done on a whim when i was 15. I already had small size gauges at that point, which r now not small lol. My mom was a certified piercer so she worked in the trade and we spent a lot of time in tattoo/piercing studios. I think it’s less about age and more about ur child’s conviction towards it. Do they understand how to care for it, before and after it’s healed? Will they be responsible with their jewelry? Do they understand how the piercing will scar if they decide to take it out and r they okay with that? Does their school have a policy against it? These r the things to focus on once u decide if they’re old enough or not.

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Serious question. What is the attraction to having a nose ring?

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I would say 12 or 13. But ultimately I think whenever they understand that they need to and will take care of it. If she is not going to take care of it then why spend that money. It’s not exactly cheap to get your nose pierced if you go to a good piercing place.

I did mine myself when I was like 14 and I’m about to be thirty and still have it

I was 12? Belly button at 13 and tattoo at 15

I let my son get his nose pierced at 12. I’d say as long as she’s old enough to know the importance of cleaning it, and keeping it clean, then I’d let her do it. If she doesn’t like it or changes her mind, she can always take it out.

My daughter got hers at 13. And her belly button at 14. But I am probably more lenient about things like hair color/style, piercings etc (I took my other daughter for her first tattoos on her 17th birthday 3 years ago).


Ask her throughout the year and show videos about how it’s done and the after care of it don’t just show the good ones she the ones that also get messed up so she knows there is times where it doesn’t go right. I got mine done the first time at 13 second at 24 because I took it out due to health problems, I still have mine in and it’s been almost 3 years I love it. I also have my tongue, ears, bellybutton, and my girls pierced. I love all my piercings

Got mine at 13 I’m 27 now and still have it

My daughter is 12 and I asked her if she wanted her nose pierced. She doesn’t but I would let her. I’m also the mom that will let you have whatever color you want in your hair.

I got my first non ear piercing at 13. I was a mature only child and was super responsible so my mom had no issues with any body mods. I wasn’t allowed tattoos until I could get one in a shop, though.

Piercings will close if she winds up not liking it, no risk. I say let her if she’s responsible enough to make sure it’s cared for appropriately while it’s healing


I think when she turns about 65

I think whenever they have the understanding of taking care of it while healing should be a good time to do it. Completely up to you, don’t let the haters get ya down.

I was 13 when my mom let me get mine done.

I was 13 for my belly button and 14 for my nose. Still love my nose ring!

I had my belly button done at like 12. Kept it until my second pregnancy at 20. I couldn’t get it back in the joke closed up and never seen it to be worth getting it redone. But I did get my nose done but only like 2yrs ago I was 28. It’s annoying and I probably would have hated it in my teens and took it out.

My daughter got hers done for her 16th birthday!

I was 11-12 I don’t quite remember but my parents wouldn’t let me so I just did it myself.


My daughter got hers done a couple of months ago…she’s 11… she came to me and asked…we discussed it (the importance of cleaning it etc) and we waited abit and she still wanted to get it done… so we took her… I got a few opinions about it some good some bad but ultimately YOU decide what’s best for you child! I’m also happy she asked instead of getting one of her friends to do it or something🤷‍♀️

I would say but this is my opinion only. It’s your kid. 15/16. My daughter is 17 and I just allowed her to get one 3 weeks ago and a small stud only. :woman_shrugging:t4:. I’m 42 and I just did it with her :woman_facepalming:t4::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I think I was about 12/13 when I got mine done. So about then.

I got my belly done at 14 and my nose at 18

I was 14, now 34 still have it

I would make her wait at least 1 year. If she still wants it a year from now, then go off of her maturity and responsibility level, does her behavior deserve it? Will she properly care for it to avoid infection? Etc…

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I told my daughter when she moves out and is independent paying her own bills and running her own life. Not in my house

I was 12 when I had mine done and I still have it at almost 30

Mine has both nostrils. One at thirteen and one this year. She called my bluff on the first because I said if you can do it yourself go for it. And she did. And then I let her get the second one two years later. She also has a tattoo. (Edited to add she’s almost 16)

My daughter got it done for her 13th birthday

Most of my 10 yr old granddaughter friends have them

I am willing to let mine do it for her 16th birthday. He dad on the other hand is not ready for that & would like her to wait until she is out of high school.

i was like15- 16 back when i got mine seems like forever ago :joy: but i’d say like 14 :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:
eta- im 33 and still have never taken out yet 🩷

I let my older 3 get there’s done at 14!!!

I was 13/14 and still have mine in years later

I got m tongue pierced at 13 I mean if she’s a responsible kid, get good grades, etc i don’t see why not. It’s her body and she can always take it out down the road.


I was 13 when I got mine pierced, it was my birthday present that year, the only reason I took it out is cause my son had the habit of accidentally head butting me directly where my nose ring was, I want it back so bad