What are good bottles for a gassy 2-month-old?

New mama here seeking advice: I have a 2.5-month-old and am wondering what you more experienced mommas used bottle wise for gassy babies. He’s been gassy and constantly has constipation. He is formula fed because I had no supply come through whatsoever. And he is also teething very badly in the back of his mouth. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance and have a blessed day


Round peppermint candy in warm water 2 colic babies worked on both of them

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Dr brown bottles worked great for me also maybe you might want to talk to the dr maybe its the formula

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Gripe water drops in the bottle can help too

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My son was constantly gassy and fighting colic. My milk supply wasn’t enough for him, so we also had to supplement formula. Our son had to be put on a special formula due to a milk protein allergy. We had to use gas drops alot. We also had luck with the Playtex bag bottles. That way I was able to get all the air out of the bottles.

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My son was Colic and these bottles seemed to help a lot along with a different formula that I will add a picture of. Also, get some Gripe Water and Baby Probiotics- that stuff is amazing for gassy bellies.

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I used the Avent Phillips natural latch bottles and they worked well for me but you can buy anti colic bottles to help prevent gas

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My daughter was gassy with a hard stomach and constipated all the time. We used the tomee tippee anti colic bottles, along with similac pro sensitive. Gripe water and gas drops also helped. I know how hard it is to have a gassy, constipated baby. Hope you can find some relief for your little one!! :heart:

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Def change the formula! Dr browns. I use the glass bottles. Or the boob baby bottle by joovy.

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Playtex nursers. Hands down. Used on both kids. Life safer. Doctor and numerous nurse recommended.


Used tommee tippee that’s what I used and then use enfamil gentlease I’ve noticed that if it’s locked behind a glass door that means it’s the good stuff at a grocery store don’t ever buy Similac it’s not a good formula

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Gerber first essential bottles work wonders!

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I really liked the Nuk bottles! I also used tummy drops for my little boys and it really helped!

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My oldest daughter did nothing but scream for 4 months then, on the advice of a good friend, I switched her to Playtex Drop-In’s and within a day I had a happy baby. I also used them from birth with my youngest 2 and never had a problem with them. I highly recommend Playtex bottles.


I used Dr. Browns bottles and they seemed to help.


Gripe water helps ease the gas for fast relief until you figure it out. Good luck!

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Dr. Browns or Tommee Tippee

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Try playtex bag bottles! Helps so much with air and gas!


We used the MAM bottles and they worked well for use! I also added gripe water

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I used Dr Browns and also had gas drops for extra help

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The Playtex with bags when he drinks a little out take thebotle and squse it upgive iieback baby gas drops


I use nutramigen formula its the easiest to digest and i found the windi to be extremely helpful also used tomee tipee and dr brown wide mouth bottles but the windi helped so much

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I used the bag bottles too! They were AWESOME!! My youngest projectile vomited almost every time he was fed. Switching to the bag bottles and to a soy formula worked wonders. Good luck with the little one!

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Playtex with disposable bags. Love love loved them

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I’ve tried tommee tippee, dr browns and cheap ones. He won’t latch on any of them even with different nipples sizes. He’s went from similac pro sensitive to soy now he is on Gerber soothe. I also have tried gripe water , he gets gas drops faithfully and I’ve even tried warm baths and swaddles. Thank you all for the advice. :heart::heart::heart:

Dr.Brown bottles I tried the tommie tippie ones and my son got more formula on him than he did in his mouth! But my son had bad gas to but the gripe water was a life savor for him and it also works for belly aches and hiccups

You need to change formula

Mam bottles a warm bottle always worked for me . My son was very bad and was prescribed baby gaviscon by his doctor which worked brilliant .

My son was a gassy colicky baby and would hardy sleep due to the discomfort, i tried so many different bottles and formulas until we came across Nutramigen, we later found out that his colic and gasses were because he was having issues digesting the protein in the other formulas. As far as the bottles… i learned that it doesnt really matter what brand is used. Keep baby up right during feedigs, prepare the bottle 5 min before feedings and let is sit to make sure the air bubbles come up and pop, always have the bottles upright and make sure the nipple of the bottle is always filled with milk. After feedings burp him, and keep him in a up right position for 15 to 30 min.

Possibly could be the formula. My son had to be switched to a sensitive formula. I used Dr Browns bottles and also gas drops. It helped.

dr browns worked good, little tummy gas drops were my kids best friend, and also possibly changing formula carnation good start or possibly a soy based formula… carnation was a godsent for my 2 youngest

MAM Advanced Anti-Colic bottles

Comotomo bottles are the BEST

Playtex vent air bottles. We also had to switch to the Gentleease formula(omg my daughter was like night and day). She had the worst colic and would cry and cry until we switched her.

Nuk bottles with the hole in the nipple. Also Tommy tippies are good too.

My son had to change formula because of the gas and constipation.

Gas drops and tommy tippee bottles!

2.5month old babies very very rarely teeth in the back of their mouths. The first teeth to come thru are the front bottom 2 followed by the top front 2… perhaps something else is going on in your babies mouth honey

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I used Avent anti colic bottles for my son and they worked.

Avent bottles are my sons favorites. I bought the expensive tommee tippee and dr. browns and he hated them.

Playtex ventaire bottles and gerber gentle formula was what worked for my colicky baby

Avent bottles and
gentleease Enfamil the purple label. Saved us. My daughter didnt spit up with this one and she liked it better than the other bottles and formulas we tried a few different ones until we found what she could tolerate.

I didn’t get any special bottle I went to Walmart And for lined nipples that helped my little with gas!

We have a 3 month old and we use Dr. Brown’s and Playtex Vent Air. Both of those along with Mylicon drops and Gripe Water (by Mommy’s Bliss) has helped our boy tremendously.

My son was gassy when he was born and his doctor prescribed him some molicon drops.

there’s a drop you can mix in their formula. I got from peditrician when my baby was a baby. he’s almost 18 now. I forget the name of it, but, it was a blessing.

My youngest son had all kinds of gas, & acid reflux issues & we had the best luck with the Advent bottles. Now this was 13 yrs ago, so who knows what’s out there now! Good luck!

I used the avent bottles with the colic ring and gripe water… sounds like also maybe need to switch formula to help with constipation. My oldest could only have goats milk because all formula would not work on him… then my youngest was the one who was good on formula but became lactose intolerant after the formula stage… also when gassy and cranky laying him down and bringing knees to tummy and back out a few times may help release the gas

I swore by the playtex disposable bottles with my kids, my granddaughter only took the avent bottles

My son is also very gassy. We use the advent bottles in correlation with enfamil gentle ease formula and we put Nuby teething gel on his pacifier or bottle nipple and it worked wonders

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The Mommy’s Bliss gripe water works wo der on gassy babies.

Playtex vent air for both of my children. My 2nd child actually had a lactose allergy so it could be tge formula as well.

We did Dr. Brown’s, and loved them. But, it sounds like you might be dealing with a formula issue and not necessarily a bottle problem. Hang in there Mama, you’re doing great!

Dr will order something for gas. A little applejuice. And give belly time. Good luck.

I used the playtex ones . I loved them.

I would tell the dr also. Might need different formula.

Check with your pediatrician might be allergies if you where or daddy was to milk based formula check with your parents

The Dr. Brown bottles did great for my son also the playtex drop ins work very well you can squeeze all the air out

Dr brown bottles have been a huge life saver for all 3 of our preemies that were gassy and had colic

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Avent and give Mommy’s Bliss gripe water.

We use Dr. Browns and we love them.

Dr browns are amazing , tommee tippee worked amazing too ! For my colic/reflux baby !!!

Tommee tippee is all I use

How can a two month old teeth in the back of their mouth? LOL I have several kids and I’ve never heard of such a thing. Gassy babies, change the formula.


Dr Browns helped my son (2 months) so very much!!

NUK. And change formula!

To help with the constipation put 1/8 of a tsp of corn syrup in every other bottle, warm up, shake and let him drink, did this with both my kids and it helped in a day


Burp every ounce, use bag bottles and squeeze the air out, use concentrate instead of powder and don’t shake it, give an ounce of plain (sterile) water (for constipation), try gas x infant drops

I used Dr. Browns with all 3 of my Littles. They worked great!!

Dr Browns, they are fantastic

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Breast Flow bottles work great.

I used avent and playtex drop ins with all 4 of mine. I love them. Also gripe water is amazing.

I’ve tried tommee tippee, dr browns and cheap ones. He won’t latch on any of them even with different nipples sizes. He’s went from similac pro sensitive to soy now he is on Gerber soothe. I also have tried gripe water , he gets gas drops faithfully and I’ve even tried warm baths and swaddles. Thank you all for the advice. :heart::heart::heart:

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I switched to Playtex Ventaire around the same age with my son for the same reason and they worked like a miracle. The extra time it takes to assemble the 6 piece bottle was worth it. I still use them with a higher flow nipple and he is almost a year old.

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Dr Browns All.Day.Long

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Phillips Avent for colic

Burp every couple ounces and I found that the Playtex nurser drop in bottles worked best for my gassy baby cuz it uses bags and you can push an squeeze out all the air

Dr. Browns worked so well for my daughter. For the teething, they have little teething mittens for infant on amazon :slight_smile:

Playtex nursers, you can eliminate every air pocket. Concentrated formula is way better on bellies , no shaking needed

My daughter was also super gassy, every night I’d give her a warm bath then massage her tummy with lotion, then do bicycle legs and bend her knees up to her belly then apply some pressure. It ALWAYS made her fart lol I’ll try to find a YouTube vid.

If you can find Comotomo bottles my baby loves them I think they’re shape is very natural and there’s no straws or pieces it’s just soft silicone so needs to be washed promptly

I switched to soy. Put gas drops inside every feeding. Doctor browns bottles.

Dr Browns hands down. Completely changed my gassy 3 month old.


Dr. Brown bottles have worked wonders for us!

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Be sure to burp him very good he may be a little colicky expel all the air from the bottle when using playtex bags encourage water throughout the day to prevent stool from being dry

Also if your seeing white patches in the back of his mouth have him checked

Playtex Baby
Easy to use, clean, and can grow with baby.
I have tried many, but always went back to this one. 4x babies

Change the formula.
May be to hard to digest.
Sounds like it…

Platex vent bottles. They wotk wonders for my son with how they are curved. Takes out air bubbles. Just stop and burp in between the bottles. I had to then my doctor suggested gas drops if it got too bad. We had to switch formulas to strictly sensitive.

I actually ended up using the fitted bags so there was no air. Worked great. Dr Browns are also amazing.

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Dr. Browns hands down!

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Are you sure its gas? I thought that was the problem when mine were babies too. Turned out to be acid reflux, got a prescription for liquid zantac and all was good!! I swear that stuff was my lifesaver!!

Mam these worked best for me.

MAM Newborn Gift Set, Best Pacifiers and Baby Bottles for Breastfed Babies,“Feed & Soothe” Set, White, 6-Count https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01J889V1I/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_sxEPDbCWZN30F


Dr brown, or difrax s bottle

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Gripe water worked miracles for my boy when he was little.

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Dr browns anti colic. Made a huge difference for my baby

Every 2oz burp baby, don’t wait until they’ve finished off their bottle but as stated above. Dr. Brown bottles and gripe water!

I used tommy tippee, but I found the key to helping my gassy/reflux baby was loads of tummy time, and burping every ounce.

And the chances of teething at this age is slim but not possible. He could be getting thrush and will need antibiotics. Thrush is very common but extremely painful in some cases.