What are hospital bag must haves?

What should I pack in the diaper bag for when I go into the hospital to give birth? And how early should I pack it? I’m 37 weeks.


Pack now, I went into labor at 36 weeks and 37 weeks. When the baby is ready the baby is ready!! Don’t forget comfy clothes, phone charger, camera, robe, bath stuff to get a shower cause girl you’ll want one, chapstick, cough drops(it was so dry in my room!!) Blanket, slippers, baby’s coming home outfit and an extra just in case the newborn size is too small, a comfy bra

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Pack it now. Have it ready to go by the door, or in trunk of car. Pack things you’ll need for you n baby(clothes, rags, books, soaps, lotions, toiletries, etc) don’t 4get the carseat! Alot of hospitals want to check out your carseat b4 they let you leave with baby

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Start packing now babies come whenever they’re ready!
Going home outfit
Beanie cap
Phone charger
Sugar free candy
Nursing bra
Hair tie
Shower stuff

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Id pack it asap , i had both my boys at exactly 38 weeks. I wouldn’t pack diapers or wipes because you get those at the hospital , but for baby i would pack; baby’s wear home outfit, a couple comfy sleepers between newborn and 0-3 mos, hats, socks, mittens, baby lotion and maybe a towel and wash cloth for babys first bath and have carseat installed in the car already. For mom id pack chapstick , a sports bra and comfy outfits, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste toothbrush(obviously lol). Charger and camera for pictures . i highly suggest bringing your own blanket because the blankets in hospitals suck. I also learned with my first one to ask the nurse for extra afterbirth underwear and pads for you to wear at the hospital and home, as well as lidocane numbing spray !!!

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For you: outfit to wear home from the hospital, hair ties, phone cord and maybe your own blanket ( theirs are scratchy) for baby: a few pairs of pjs, picture outfit and going home outfit. The less you have the better in my opinion. Ive had 5 kids and with the older ones I always brought way too much stuff.

Heating pad if you have one it helps with your uterus contracting pain afterwards and or your back , toiletries , slippers , comfy clothes for you and baby, non perishable snacks, nipple cream, scrunchie brush deodarent, clothes for your so , or support partner, phone charger , boppy pillow nursing bras

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My husband packed mine the day I went into labor. Have the essentials. Phone, tablet, charger(s), Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, clothes for you, an outfit for the baby to go home in, lip balm, hair brush, hair ties, snacks for after you give birth

Pajamas, robe, slippers, your own hair products (shampoo/conditioner/soap), nursing bra and nursing pads, blanket for you
baby clothes, car seat,phone charger, tablet, cell phone, snacks, chapstick, make up?

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Pack now. Pads for breasts and lady parts. Dressing gown, slippers, wash bag, phone charger, your fave snacks are a must.

would already have mine packed nightgowns lots of panties phone charger baby outfit for going home

All I used was our chosen pacifier, chapstick, lotion, cute clothes for the baby and comfy clothes for me. The hospital charges out the wazoo for diapers wipes feminine pads etc no matter how few or many u use so u might as well use all of theirs u can…don’t forget chargers for whatever tech ur taking along.

Change for vending machine and little snacks. Travel size personal hygiene kit. Comfy pants or night gowns

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A comfy robe is a must!! Easy access nightgowns. Snacks. I was starving after cafeteria hours. Snack shop was closed due to covid.

Comfy panties and pjs. The after birth panties they give you suck!

CHAPSTICK!!! and comfy underwear!!

Pack now! Pack your baby’s first picture outfit. Are you having a girl? B because you’ll need a bow!

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I packed at 35 weeks. I also brought a lot of unnecessary things the hospital provided everything for my baby. all I needed was a going home outfit for her. The things I brought for myself and used were shampoo and conditioner, soap, nursing bra, nightgown, socks, blanket, phone charger, nipple cream, hair brush, hair ties,snacks, chapstick, toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant, and going home clothes.

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You should back your bag now along with babies things, also make sure the baby’s car seat is properly put in your car and secured. What you need for you depends on if you’re having a vaginal birth or a C-section

Serena Ramirez this!

Chapstick and a robe

You should pack now! Change of clothes for you and baby to go home. Car seat!

Comfortable elastic pants or shorts

Shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, soap. My maternity ward didn’t provide those things automatically. Mittens for baby or infant nail clippers, because they will scratch themself up sometimes (mine did). A book, cellphone charger, and clothes to change into when you leave the hospital for both you and baby.

Sandals and shower shoes. A comfy pillow socks and something to keep u not bored! U get bored watching tv. I was there for 3 days. Most of the time just watchong TV

Keep in mind if you forget something most likely the hospital will have it for you !

All I basically needed was a change of clothes for both baby and I and my phone charger.

You need to pack asap. Depends are a life saver.

I put each outfit in a ziplock bag for baby so I could ask hubby to grab it. so labelled first outfit then outfit 2 etc then shove the dirty ones back in the bag x

I just started in a hospital gown while brest feeding my baby and pack clothes to go home in and a baby outfit they send stuff home with u and got my carseat and blanket and pillow

Hair brush and slippers

Toothbrush and toothpaste
Mini mirror (I had a csection and they wouldn’t let me up to brush my teeth so I had to use a dish full of water and half ass it.)
Shampoo and conditioner
Shower shoes!!!
Body spray
Comfy nightgowns
Phone charger
Chapstick (makeup depending on how you are)
For baby a few cute outfits and pacifier (nurses will give you crap, your choice)
Baby lotion
Baby brush

You really dont need much, other than what you’d take for an overnight bag for any other place…plus an outfit for the baby, a snack, and some chapstick. The hospital gave me anything I’d need to take care of my kids, including diapers and formula.

Comfy leggings & panties, chargers. Baby’s 1st outfit. Nursing bra if you want to breastfeed. Shampoo, conditioner & body wash

Chapstick and eyedrops!! Hospital air is so dry.

I took wipes with me. I hate the little dry squares they used at my hospital. I also took a change of clothes for myself and something to bring baby home in. I also brought travel shampoo and conditioner. And lotion. We also threw in comfy clothes for my husband.

I packed a bag and had the car seat ready really early because I like checking things off my list. I brought the following: toothbrush/paste, hairspray, hair ties, deodorant, contacts, glasses, stretchy maxi dress and comfy shoes for leaving, lanolin, my breast friend pillow, comfy newborn outfit for baby

Just had a baby Friday. Change of clothes for you and the baby, charger, something for hubby to snack on, travel size Toiletries, flip flops (great for the shower)other then that I left with more staff than I came
In with. Our Hospital gives u everything u need while staying there!!

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Yes definitely pack it now! I had both my girls at 37 weeks and my water broke at home with them! Comfy clothes, your own blanket, maybe your own pillow. Extra long phone charger. Snacks for you. Outfits for baby (don’t forget mittens, my first daughter came out with super long nails lol)

Slippers and a bathrobe so when you get up to go potty. Shampoo,conditioner,body wash,brush, tooth paste,and tooth brush.Go home outfit for you.Go home outfit for baby. If you have anything to want to put foot and hand prints in they will usually help you.

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They will provide most everything you need and ask for extras ! Everything they bring you, you can take home. Bring a phone charger, comfy clothes, your own shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toothbrush and toothpaste, bring one for your partner too. Was also really glad I brought snacks and wish I would of brought more my hubby ate all of it ! Also some cash, small bills, they give you a free meal but after that it was like $5 and they only took exact change.


Baby nail file. They won’t trim baby’s nails in the hospital and they’re often long and sharp, and baby will scratch up their own face.

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Mittens for baby
Cellphone charger
Clothes for you. And clothes for baby to leave in
Sandals or shower shoes
Comfy pillow
I brought my own blanket cuz I can’t sleep without it
Something to keep you not bored
Depends are a life saver
Snacks for you n your SO
I also brought my own wipes for baby
Also had comfy clothes for my daughter’s dad
Also have carseat ready in ur vehicle


It depends are u going to a private hospital or government?

Also something to eat and drink that you like. And toothbrush for your partner in case he has to /can stay too.

I packed mine the moment I started having contractions lmao.
They supply diapers and wipes and here they give u the clothes for then while there in the hospital so really you just need a going home outfit for baby,
A robe to cover up easily
Phone charger
Breast pads!!!
Lots of lose fit underwear and pants and shirts
Snacks that you wanna eat after the babys born.

Pack now. One of mine came at 36.5 weeks and the other at 38.

Nursing bra. Your boobs will hurt.:pensive: lotion. Toyr shampoo and conditioner and tour own soap. Theirs sucks

Bring more clothes than you think you’ll need, I was only supposed to be there two nights and it ended up being six nights total. Just trust me on this one… Better to have too much clothes than not enough.

Pack Now.
For Yourself- bra, underwear, socks, tank top, nursing top, throw blanket, chapstick, hygiene stuff, towel, brush etc. Money for timmies, circumcision, snacks etc. ID.
Baby – 1 NB sleepers & 1 onesies. 1 0-3 sleepers & 1 onesies – headbands o
If girl, mitties/booties/socks, receiving blanket, hat, 14 NB diapers, carseat, carseat cover.

I packed a bunch of stuff and here is what I really used:

Comfy loose pajamas
Nursing bra
Socks and slippers
Extra blanket and my own pillow (It was November and I get cold very easily)

That’s about all I used. Everything else they provided for me.

For baby all I packed was a going home outfit and a blanket. In hindsight I would pack little onesies for him so the pics look cuter. I packed diapers and stuff but the hospital had everything so I didn’t use any of mine.

SNACKS! Anything you get ready with when staying at a hotel. Slippers/Robe. Two pairs of pj bottoms shorts/long pj’s. One going home outfit for you and two for the baby. One lite blanket and one thick.

hello u should start packing now!!! Baby clothes , extra diapers, wet wipes , lotion , tooth brush , comb , soap , powder , phone & charger , and make sure u buy the merternity pads the big ones its must not b the bandage material. Oh ya and carry a gown , towl and extra under wear…have a safe delivery B-)

Back scratcher, hair ties, and chapstick

I would be packed already! No need to pack diapers for baby or pads for you, because the hospital provides those. Be sure to have slippers (no socks, because they’re too slippery). At least one blanket and 2 outfits for baby and all of your usual hygiene products and charger.

Definately a couple of outfits for baby. You might to take pictures in different outfits . Even though its summer maybe a very light receiving blankie. And my 2 kids were summer babies but I use to have them wear a summer hat of sorts. And dont forget a clothe diaper in case you have to burp baby before you get home. I had to do the rounds before I got home. But with covid…best to go straight home. You’ll need the rest. CONGRATS!!

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Chapstick, lotion, aloe vera with lidocaine if vaginal, a book, babybook if your keeping one, the hospital will put footprints in it. And pack now

Tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, soap, extra over sized underwear…youll need them. Over sized shirt nighties are most easiest. The baby needs bows, and a few outfits, one newborn size and one 0 to 3 months as you never know how big she or he will be. Pacifiers if u wish for them to have one. Baby blanket, receiving blankets.

Pack for yourself, baby, and now because of the virus, also your partner. He will not be able to leave the hospital. For you: loose clothing, pads, slippers, hygienic products,toothbrush, shampoo, etc… phone charger, post baby snacks. For baby: carseat, 2 outfits in case 1 doesn’t fit like you’d like, and recieving blankets. baby will be provided with diapers and wipes while at the hospital. For your partner: phone charger, hygiene products. Extra clothes, towel, blankets, and pillow.

Pack now clothes for you all to come home in and a tip empty the baby cart of the diapers and formula to take home with you every time your baby is brought in do that

Do not underestimate the importance of chapstick! Nobody ever prepares a woman for how ridiculously dry your lips get during the labor aspect. :purple_heart:

For the clothes for the baby, be sure to bring a couple different sizes just in case one outfit doesn’t fit for whatever reason. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bring anything that will help you relax as well; soothing music, extra pillow, your favorite essential oils if you’re into certain smells, your favorite book or magazine. Something to help you keep your mind off the whole process can be helpful, too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Slippers if you don’t want to wear the hospital’s grippy socks.

The hospital will supply you with pull-up-like panties post-delivery.

Bring stretchy pants- you’re not gonna feel up to throwing on restrictive jeans or anything like that. Leggings or capris are always a good idea.
And bring snacks. For you and your partner. The cafeteria may or may not be open at specific times, or at all, and with COVID going on, the hospital likely won’t let your partner leave to go grab food and come back numerous times.

Another thing you may want to bring is a notebook and pen to journal your way through the experience. It’s a beautiful thing but you do tend to lose memory on the details as the years go by-at least I did. I’m really glad I documented things while in the hospital. :heart:

And as most others are saying, you should probably pack now. You’re cutting it pretty close. :upside_down_face:

Best of luck and Congratulations!


I wouldn’t take diapers they give you diapers in hospital. I would take clothes for picture and onesies. Be sure to have car seat installed. Go to local fire department they can insure you installed it correctly

Pack now :grin: make sure pack yourself brush,deodorant and compfy clothes and outfit for the little one to come home in. Best wishes

Now and couple of outfits for the baby and stuff for you need pj and toothbrush and hair brush bath wash shampoo

Chapstick, gas drops, shampoo/conditioner, brush, comfy clothes, take ur babyhood, and a keepsake box

Snacks. Once the cafeteria closes, you’re on your own.

Can’t forget long socks or slippers! Easy and convenient oh and hair ties!

Pack now, don’t forget your phone charger. You will take lots of pics.

Pack at least two weeks in advance you never know

Diaper a bottle baby clothes pads for you close I think that’s it

clothes, camera, baby clothes, toys for baby, hygiene items.

Pack now. Some clothes for you and the baby. Phone charger, camera, camcorder. Breast pads and kotex. Slippers and fuzzy socks. Fuzzy blanket. Focus object. Good luck and congrats.


One thing to check: my hospital offered newborn pictures so I brought a blanket my grandma had made for when I was a baby for a prop. I also packed a going home outfit for baby. Don’t forget to put the car seat in before you go to. Most, if not all hospitals will require to check you car seat and installation before they let you leave. I found that less is more when packing. I didn’t use half of the stuff I packed.


Well, I had my last one at 37 weeks so I’d pack it now. Chargers, comfy clothes, meds, tooth brush, shower stuff, breast pad inserts, face mask so you can nap without lights bothering you. Puzzle books while you wait to have the baby…


I used very little while I was in the hospital but my most used things were: chapstick, hair ties, hard sole slippers and I had a nursing nightgown and robe so I could easily nurse and still cover up if we had visitors. I packed mine at 36 weeks and had it loaded which was good because I delivered at 38


Depending on where you are the hospital provides diapers and formula. Take them and they’ll refill it. Bring snacks.

If your feet are swelling, make sure that you pack a going home outfit that has wide enough leg holes. I packed comfy leggings to wear, but the swelling actually gets worse for a couple of days after birth and the leg holes were too small for my ankles to fit through! I ended up wearing a pair of jeans that I had worn into the hospital and when my husband took the picture of me and the baby about to leave the hospital I told him it better be from the waist up!

Pack now. Phone charger. An easy change of clothes for birth coach That way they won’t have to run home if labor goes into a second day) a few protein bars that you like, good slippers, a robe and a nursing bra, baby’s take me home outfit. I used all the hospital stuff less to remember to take home. Make up for pictures if you are into that. In the days of Covid masks. Also get the car seat installed now. Our local state police barracks does free installation checks. Not sure if every state does it or if it is allowed during Covid. Massagers or tennis balls for your back during labor. Also remember if you forget your whole back you are still having a baby and trust me you can make do with whatever they have at the hospital. Enjoy the experience.

Don’t forget extra undies and PJs… I was much more comfortable in my own. They provided pads that snapped to a belt with my oldest and with the others it was mesh undies. I packed extra in case I leaked on them. My pjs were far more comfortable and easier to move around in than the hospital gowns.

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Pack now. I had 3 c-sections so you may not use some of my recommendations.
My most important recommendation is TOOTHPASTE. I forgot mine when I had my oldest and the one the hospital gave me was like brushing my teeth with a thick school glue. It was horrendous, I threw up because of the texture.
a couple sets of pajamas so you can get out of the gown ASAP
Shampoo & conditioner
an empty bag to put everything they will give you in (diapers, wipes, etc in the room are generally yours to take when you leave)
a casting device for the TV, like a chromecast or apple TV. (we were able to use one during our stay for my youngest)
Cash in case you need it (for vending machines for your support person, or a magazine from the gift shop, etc.)
a bathrobe and slippers
extra socks


Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, slippers for walking around, comfy clothes if you don’t want to wear a hospital gown, brush.

For baby- pacifiers if you plan to use them. With more hospitals going to breastfeeding friendly they don’t give them pacifiers anymore.

Don’t bring too much. You won’t use it. Brush, toothbrush, undies, change of clothes , phone charger they will give you a beautiful nightgown hah. Awesome socks. Mesh undies. Etc. bring outfit for baby.

I brought my own pajamas for afterwards, comfy clothes to wear home, phone and charger, my own pads and underwear, the hospital pads irritate my skin for some reason. Baby’s out fit to go home. My tooth and hair brush.

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Don’t forget your nursing pillow if you plan to breastfeed. It helps to get comfortable with the new baby nursing while you have a lactation nursing close by.

It’s never too early to be packed and ready (anything can happen or baby could come early) and I would take bathroom essentials (never know if you’ll be there longer than you thought) hygiene products, things to help you keep occupied if needed. And snacks! Lol
I had a normal vaginal delivery but she had jaundice and hypoglycemia after birth. I only planned to be there 2 days like everyone else but we ended up being sent to a children’s hospital. So our 2 day stay turned into over a week and we were not prepared at all

I’m 37 weeks & mine are already packed lol. You can never be to prepared. I put 4-5 different outfits in the diaper bag, w. Mittens & hats.

Just enough to get your baby home out fit to go home in hospitals have all the diapers there just use the ones there because of COVID 19 they don’t really want a lot brought into hospital

Should have packed a month ago. I had none for my son he was 6 1/2 weeks early and I had some pants and an outfit for my daughter she was just over 3 weeks early

Clothes for baby and you. a toothbrush for you. No diapers or wipes needed. The hospital will provide those on the cart. I suggest taking the diapers out of the cart because the hospital will replenish them.

Pack it now , an out fit for the baby ,an outfit for you diapers wipes burping cloths ,something to read while you’re waiting,

Nightshirt, Robe or Housecoat, pads, underwear(they use to only give pad and a sanitary belt??) Grippy socks or slippers,Your own washcloth and towels, shampoo & soap. Lotion,powder. Cell phone charger.

Toothpaste,toothbrush,your own sanitary pads because the maternity ones are literally like a diaper,comfy clothes,wipes, baby going home outfit,slippers, deodorant and shampoo,body wash. A favorite pillow is always nice as well.

Pack now. Bring car seat with and bring it in with you. Bring a outfit to come home in for the baby and if you want a different one for baby pictures . Bring comfortable pjs for yourself you will be more comfortable. Blanket for the baby. Phone charger and a robe and slippers and snacks for yourself and masks and a book or puzzle book. Just enjoy the bundle of joy and bring a brush and tooth brush, toothpaste. Pack a outfit for yourself to come home in.

Breast pump if you plan on breast feeding. The newest trend is as much stimulating as possible to get milk to come in.

Pack now. Phone charger, camera and camera charger. Chap stick. Pj’s and comfy clothes. Nursing bra if you are going to nurse, robe, shampoo and body wash (and other everyday bathroom necessities) slippers. Sleeper, receiving blanket, picture/take home outfit (pics are usually done right before diacharge and baby can be naked too), pacifiers if using them, hat. They have diapers and formula for while baby is there plus usually send some home too. Whatever you open there you take home if you want it. They should also provide mesh underwear (total lifesaver) and pads for you. Get the seat installed and checked by a certified person. 37weeks is fullterm so its smart to have it all washed and ready to go. I never made it passed 37weeks. Lol

Robe and pillow, brush, bring an extra empty bag: for dirty clothes and all the stuff the hospital will give u

Bring your own pillows and a comfy blanket.

A go home outfit for you and baby. A phone charger, toiletries. You should be packed now.

Now clothes for the baby to go home in also clothes for you ,toiletries,blanket to wrap baby. Camera

Call your hospital and see what they are providing you and baby. Then finalize your bag. I barely had to pack post partum stuff.