What are some questions should I ask when visiting pre schools?

This doesn’t have to be anonymous, but what are some questions I need to ask when talking preschools? My daughter is 2.5 and is super anxious to go to school like I can’t keep her from trying to run out the door lol. I live in Illinois, so is 2.5 even old enough to go? She’s very fluent when she speaks; she can count to 15, says her ABC’s by herself, knows colors and animals. She knows the days of the week in song form, but she’s close to saying them herself. She can’t site the alphabet or numbers quite yet, but we’re working on that as well as writing them. She’s also potty trained besides naps and bedtime. I’d love for her to be in a school setting with other kids for socialization. Thank you


I would make sure they are credited and the teachers are finger printed and first aid, CPR certified.

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Security when it comes to drop off and pickup, kindergarten preparations, and class sizes are some things I would look for.

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Preschool DOESNT start until age 3.

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Most preschools start at age 3, if you can find one that will take her at 2 make sure it isn’t just a glorified playgroup. Is she a small child? The other children may think she’s a"baby". The baby thing could work to her advantage because the others may be helpful and kind. Does she have the gumption to prove herself to them? She seems to have the skills for learning in preschool. This is based on years of working with preschoolers. If you find a school ,watch her closely for signs that she’s In over her head socially and try later if she is.

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Generally kids need to be at least 3 while most are 4 when they start preschool also must be potty trained to the point of needing no help. If you want your child around other kids and learn maybe look for private daycare that actively works with them. When my daughter was 3 we paid 400 a week to a former 1st grade teacher who was daycare licensed. She even did monthly reports as well gave us the work they did so we could see. She loved it.

A daily schedule. When do they nap… eat… circle time etc. Check DCF inspection records online.

We started preschool at 2 for my then youngest last year. We made sure they were accredited, had current first aid certifications, had secure drop off and pick up procedures, asked what curriculum and state mandates they followed, attendance and sick policies, parent involvement policies, daily schedules and activity time. We found one that offered 2-5 day schedules with half days, full days and aftercare. We also made sure that if at anytime for her we needed to reduce or extended her classroom schedule we could. She thrived at 2 half days and moved her up 5 half days. She didn’t attend this year due to covid and welcoming a new sibling but I feel we have the tools at home to keep are they progress started at her school. We received a daily report of activities done, how she felt, what she did and what she ate. They worked on her potty training and gave a report with times of that as well.

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Ours starts at infants is all acedemic based and I’m in Illinois. What area are you in

A good preschool should answer questions before you have them but you should ask about ratios and daily routine. Also sounds like its time for her to go to school. The anxiety shes having isnt permanent i promise. 100% of the time when i have an anxious child crying for mom or dad everyday, it passes

Ask about class sizes to number of teachers, philosophy of how child learn, education credentials of her class teachers (not as a whole), late fees/schedules, how they handle extreme behavior in children (time out, redirection, or expulsion?)

I started out with getting recommendations from trusted friends & researching from there. At the moment, in a lot of states, only students & teachers are allowed in due to the virus. Might take a bit more due diligence

When my daughter was 3 she was able to attend Junior Kindergarden because the dead line was if you were 4 by Dec 31st of the year you started school you could be enrolled However when she was 2 she was at a play group though our Toy Library that met 2 after noons a week from 1 to 3

Even if not official preschool …daycares and stuff work on teaching things… like learning center where mine first went and now we turned to a Montessori and I have to say … montesaoris are amazing for teaching and excelling kids at all ages !! Ask about the security part like can just anyone come get my son ? Take her with you and get her feel of it also ! And what kind of structure they provide … like a schedule learning . . Mine was circle time snack . Free play… learning some numbers and letters … lunch … free play… nap etc… it is important I believe for all kiddos to have structure like that in school

If you cant come any time unannounced its not a daycare for you

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Even if preschool sees her as too young there are daycares that sometimes do educational things that help getting them prepped or even a Montessori educational place (a bit more pricey)

Either way i ask to see certifications like CPR and AED certified.
Check security procedures for pick up and drop off (my son’s preschool had a finger scan door before you could even enter)

Most schools have the three year old program, most go all day. You as the Mother are doing a wonderful job in teaching child. Hint for more well adjusted kids, no electronics in chikd bedroom EVER, NO TV, NO RADIO, NO PHONE, TABLET, KEYBOARD, GAMEING DEVICES, LIKE WI, OTHERS. Get a simple alarm when is older to wake up by. The bedrooms are for six words that start with the LETTER S. Now one word is a no till marriage. Yes we raise three girls and did they cry, whine, beg, cry some more, try to hide other people electronic devices, always caught, lol. All three girls finishing college, finishing masters and entering the job market with well paying jobs. Push that education to the max. Good job Mother

It varies by state and county you live in. I live in a city setting and we have a student assignment center that screens little one to see if they are ready for school. I wish I had more positive answers for you

Stop in randomly that’s when you’ll see how there really like also vacation policy and ratio

Ask how many staff members are assigned per number of children. In the better schools, it’s usually one for every 3 kids.

I know some schools have 3yr old preschool but can get costly I’d check your schools and see if they offer things like that

You could join a local homeschool co-op for socialization.

Make sure they have cameras. Ask if they’re employees are required to have background checks. Ask about what your child you be learning. Child to teacher ratio.

Usually age 3 do you have a mum and tots groups near you? They are great and help them to socialize x

Ask other parents where they have sent their kids.

They have to be 3 in tn and only so many get in usually it’s reserved for children with learning disabilities. My oldest only got in because he was premature.

Kids in preschool should be learning through PLAY!!! Assessments should be done incognito, no table tests. Check for ratio numbers, curriculum, field trips or special visitors, screen time, licences, certifications, food handlers

They have to be 4 to go to preschool she might be able to go to headstart if you have one near you

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All these answers are soooooooo wrong. Hi. I’m a pre-k counts teacher within headstart. Please for the right information pm me. I’d be happy to go further into detail with you and hopefully help answer some questions for you. I’ve been teaching for 18 years.

Try headstart. They go from 0-5 y.o and have an AMAZING program which helps families tremendously