What are some remedies for an acid reflux flare up?

Hi everyone I’m in so much pain I’m having an acid reflux flare up (which only just started in April I’m assuming from stress) I have been prescribed two medications that give me nasty side effects …tums aren’t working either is Pepto Bismol…it is currently 230 am, and I am in so much pain, and I’m exhausted…my chest hurts my throats on fire I keep burping acid, and my mouth is dry. What are the remedies that work for you! Please help I’m in so much pain…


Pepcid complete.
Baking soda.

If it’s already started, try and stay sitting up so gravity helps. Sleeping in a recliner helped during flare ups, and sleeping on my left side was usually pretty safe.

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A glass of milk or a couple ounces of dill pickle juice used to help me when mine flared up

Chew gum it’s the only thing that helped me when I was pregnant

A big spoon full of yellow mustard

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Baking soda 1t spoon 1/4 glass water.clears up faster

Pepcid complete i take in extreme flair situations for longterm i take 1 omeprazole over the counter every day. Nothing can touch me i also refrain from eating 2 hours before bed. Avoid crystaline sugars and anything with blue or green food dye :ok_hand:

Drink a big swallow of vinegar. I know it tastes bad but it will help.

Only thing that ever helped me was a slice or 2 of butter bread

Baking soda and water. U will burp. Instant relief

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I have severe reflux and vomiting. I find anything starchy helps a lot if you cant take meds . Mashed potatoes really works well to keep acid down

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Chew gum. I did this with all 3 of my pregnancies. Only thing that helped

Apple cider vinegar.

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Theres a tablet call ranitidine take one in the morning and one a night works wonders

Eat a banana daily and drink peppermint tea it will help. Avoid coffee fizzy drinks and chocolate and anything high in fat

I have the same thing , milk is the only thing that helps

Baking soda and water… milk…

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Marshmallow tea and slippery elm bark.

Ompremazole…you can buy it over the counter. If your having really bad acid reflux take two 20mg capsules.

I know it sounds extreme but I’ve had heartburn so bad before that I’ve had to make myself throw up… a suggestion for if it’s ever too much


pri!osec, but it at walmart.

Aloe Vera Juice nice and cold (taste not too great) helps alot…pills only work for so long…walmart has it

baking soda with lemon and water … mix all three and it works like a miracle.

Digestzen …an essential oil blend. It works wonders on me.


A small slice of raw apple really works for me.

Lay on your left side

Try Pepcid Complete it’s worked for me

My Dad would mix baking soda a little sugar and water. drink right away

Teaspoon of bicarbonate soda in a glass of milk

Doctor put me on prilosec 40 mg daily for 90 days and to elevate bed also helps me to sit up while holding a pillow to my chest, hate to have an attack very painful

Had the same thing for years, nothing held until I started taking omeprazole 40 mg capsule. Get it from your doctor 90% of it’s gone

did they tell u what not to eat. too much acid in ur stomach. medicine does not help me either. bread i cannot eat.acid drinks like coke and orange juice

I have same symptoms! I am not eating much carbs anymore. And drinking seltzer water everyday. I feel a lot better. Good luck!

Liquid Mylanta in the blue/green bottle. Keep it in the fridge. Off brand works too

Take one table spoon Apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it! Let me know if it helps ! Organic Apple cider vinegar from Dischem

Prilosec…I take 1/2 of one every morning…no more acid reflux, heartburn, etc.

Try pickle juice dill

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Definitely don’t let your stomach get empty, always keep something around to snack on. thats when mine would get worse and i took a long time to realize. Also, oatmeal was a lifesaver. You can even add banana in it, and banana is a reflux reliever of its own so bam, twice the help in one thing!

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Eliminated most carbs, keto diet. Small meal at night. Got 2 point had 2 avoid alcohol/wine as 2 drinks would set it off. Sleep more upright with lots of pillows.

Baking soda. Put abt a quarter size amount in ur mouth an chase with water. I have this really bad. This is the only way ,I can get relief fast

ULSANIC! It really works… It’s an OTC medicine…

Pepcid maximum strength tablets. Works in about 10 to 15 minutes and is good for 12 hours.

Get some slippery elm powder from health shop or you can get tablet form great for the cut

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in water. Same stuff in medicine and much cheaper.

I take omeprazole daily and gaviscon advance after meals and before bed

Baking soda and water


It’s a life saver!

Yellow mustard! I know it seems strange, but it really works!

Dis happened me I ended up n emergency room. And den n intensive care. Had pancreaties which caused gallstones stones plus pneumonia. Plz ring ur doctor get checked xx. I tried all d remedies nothing worked. Happy 2 say am on d mend x

I take over the counter. Nexium

It can be triggered by foods high in salt, sugar or oil. Start writing down what you eat, there might be a connection.

Believe it or not, eating two slices of bread used to help me clam it down quickly

A cold glass of milk always helps me when nothing else will.

My Uncle would always drink a glass of warm water and baking soda… his was really awful. he eventually had to have surgery for a hiatel hernia

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Cut out sugary & acidic foods. & caffeine/spicy foods make it worse.
I wouldn’t recommend take anything daily that is over the counter. They do more harm in the long run.

Will be praying for you and the lord bless you.

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Don’t eat for at least 2 hours before you go to bed set up after you eat

I swear by it. Relieves symptoms almost immediately and prevents them from flaring up again for a solid 12 hours

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Bisodol works for me x

Skim milk helps a lot.

But eventually I needed to go on a prescription for it.

Sounds stupid but pickle juice works sometimes

These have worked wonders for me!

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1 tsp of baking soda in 1/2 cup of water. Mix until clear. Drink. It will make you burp really big because it nutralizes the acid in your stomach. I swear by it

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Baking soda and water.

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Gaviscon is great for heartburn

Take a shot of warm water n teaspoonful of baking soda🤢 its gross but I hold my breath lol u let out a big burp n the pain is gone. My x husband put some in capsules for me but the shot helps immediately!


I have ultra strength pepcid ac. When my heart burn is just absolutely terrible I take two pepcid and drink vitamin d milk. This helps calm it, not always take it all away. Also I have read baking soda can neutralize but I have never tried itm

Whole milk. No other milk works just whole milk.

Baking soda withenough water or juice to make it palatable. Take 1/4 tsp a couple of times a day


I get it too… I do a 2 tsp of applecidarvinegar and 1 tsp of baking soda in a half cup of water as it settles everything within a couple minutes?

One half vinegar with baking soda

Omeprazole been taking it 5 years haven’t had heartburn since


I use to have acid reflux bad, started elevating my head with two pillows at night and taking two omeprazole every morning. Elevating your head keeps all that acid from backing up into your esophagus.


Also you need to be very careful because I suffered with it for years before I finally did something about it and by then I had a small ulcer and you can do major damage to your esophagus so do some thing now

Pickle juice, apple cider vinegar, papaya enzyme

I tried all kinds of medication before I finally took Aciphex and it works wonders. It is a prescription so you’ll have to wait for a script but in the meantime you can try chewing Gaviscon (sp?). It usually works for me

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If you drink coffee, Stop, that’s the only thing I did and it worked very well!! You ca have decaf!!

MILK and fruit tingles hepl so good

Yellow mustard. 2 spoons

NEXIUM is my life saver. I take 2 every morning.

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A tablespoon of pure white vinegar.

Stack 3 pillows in a wedge shape to sleep on. The elevation helps.

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Start by not eating past 5:00 PM, elevate the head of your bed, I had it for years, I take pepcid every day for my stomach. Good luck I know what pain you are in.

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Eat a couple jumbo marshmallows

Milk, rennies, I also use ranitidine

If your diet is a dairy one
This is probably your problem

Sparkling water
Heal ur gut…take probiotics prebiotics and enzyme supplements

Dont take zantac

I have to get my gall bladder taken out as I have pylops
Not sure if this is why I have heaerbyrn issues
I always thought it was becuz all the pain meds I too gave me ulcer


I used to take omeprazole for mine. Thought it was acid reflux since I do have it. Found out a few years later it was actually gallbladder attacks that would happen several times a week. Ended up getting it taken out. Hope you find something to relieve the pain! We would put some ginger in some water and warm it in the microwave and let it steep for like 15 mins and then give the water to my daughter when she was an infant and had it and it really helped her.


Vinegar works really really well. Pickle juice. And sleeping slightly elevated or on your left side. For immediate relief!


Imodium ( mint Quick dissolve ) works fast, banana, quick shot of apple cider also find little bowl of oatmeal. But the best would be over the counter Nexium. I’ve spent a life of severe acid reflux problems. We so bad they went in and tied my relux value, was a cure all for heart burn or acid relux, but would not recommend this surgery to anyone as it cured the acid and heartburn it causes a much worse problem. Basically you will never be able to vomit again. Think of having food poisoning of just the flu and need to get all that stuff out… Well you can’t it’s very painful when you get sick. Trust me on that

I have been dealing with acid reflux for a little over a year . I finally got relief with a prescription called dexilant. It’s the only medication that worked for me I took several different kinds for the first 6 months and nothing was working until dexilant.

I take pepcid for my occasional acid reflux. It usually works within 5 minutes. Even the walmart brand works for me. And no side effects.


I had really bad acid reflux and went from one specialist to the next, and everyone just kept prescribing meds. I decided to visit a nutritionist and she did tests for intolerances and based on that gave me a diet to follow. Within two weeks the reflux stopped. Food is usually the biggest trigger when it comes to reflux.

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Eat a couple pickles or a shot of apple cider vinegar. When you have reflux it feels like you have too much acid in your stomach but it’s actually because your stomach acid alkalinity is off, vinegars help regulate this and will stop it almost instantly.


I take pantoprazole (protonix) and it helps a lot. Also, Prilosec helps a lot too. When I get flare ups and it’s burning my throat, milk helps some and bread sometimes helps to push it down. It’s rough. I go through this sometimes 3-4 times a week.

Are you sure it’s acid reflux? My doctor prescribed me meds for acid reflux and they didn’t work. Neither did OTC meds. It turned out that I had gall stones and they were actually gall bladder attacks. Didn’t find out until I was in the ER. Haven’t had an issue since having my gall bladder removed

Are you sure it’s acid and not gallbladder I always thought mine was heartburn until it was almost to late and tried to kill me. I’d go to the emergency room if it happens a lot


I use nexium. I also suffer from acid reflux and you no longer need a prescription for them

This could be serious. Get yourself to a . A and. E. Hospital insist you get tested. Heart. Gallbladder. Coronavirus. Anything. Im on blood pressure tablets and statins. I kept getting it. A lot better. But fatty foods or spicy ones are not good.

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