What are some super early pregnant symptoms?

What are some very early signs of pregnancy that everyone is experienced? I’m wondering if you can tell me within the first week or two before taking a test?


Sore breasts and crying over everything.

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Sore breasts and emotional.

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I knew my first week. All the above symptoms

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Sore breasts was my very first pregnancy symptom

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Tender breasts, nausea. Those were the first symptoms I noticed with both of my pregnancies

I don’t know what kind of complexion you have but the first sign for me was seeing the veins be much more visible in my chest and breast area. Also sore breast, fatigue, feeling bloated and generally feeling just like I was coming down with something bc I was so tired and didn’t want to do anything

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Super tired all the time and sore breasts.

When I found realized I probably was pregnant, I had eaten a tub of cottage cheese, ham, pickles out of the jar, and ice cream. I never do that :joy: I was like hmm I should probably take one

Feeling hungover all the time! One day you are fine and one day you are continuously sick.

Boobs!!! Sore af that’s how I knew with my kids :woman_facepalming:t4:

Tiredness, vertigo, nausea, headache.

Instantly tired and peeing more and with both my boys I had diarrhea. Sorry tmi

Sneezing. Pregnancy rhinitis is a thing.

I knew I was pregnant before the test.

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Peeing alot, sore boobs, extremely tired

I craved Chinese food🤷🏼‍♀️ with both of mine… but other then that I felt tired all the time and Breast tenderness.

Sore breasts, emotional and tired lol

Well with me everytime iv had 5 kids, within the first two weeks I’d want mussels I usually can’t stand them :face_vomiting:

My very first sign is very sore breasts and nipples

Couldn’t stomach coffee

My boobs got really sore right before my period would’ve come! I never had sensitivity around my cycle before that!

Scrambled eggs turned my stomach.

Exhaustion and boob tenderness…unfortunately a lot of early pregnancy symptoms are the same as pms…and with both my pregnancies, the second i turned 8 weeks (2 weeks late) the morning sickness started, like 8 weeks on the dot!

Nausea sickness, emotional. Feeling off, headaches, sore nipples.

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I didn’t have an early pregnancy symptoms. I found out at 3 weeks (day of missed period) and didn’t experience any symptoms until six weeks and just had nausea at first.

My boobs hurt so bad… dont touch them you’ll get knocked out.

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Coffee made me so so sick

Swollen tender breasts. Having to pee extra. And extra sensitive sense of smell.

I found out I was pregnant at 2 weeks because I kept feeling like I was about to pass out

Spotting, cramping, sore breasts, nausea, frequent urination…

With my first it was craving toasted hot dog buns with ketchup. I was only 18 days past ovulation when I tested positive so it was pretty early.

With my second it was nausea and being super tired

With my third, I was tired and moody as well as I couldn’t stand the smell if chicken or Alfredo which is one of the most cooked meals at my house. Lol

Being super tired, nausea, or not wanting to eat anything beacuse nothing sounds good, peeing, sore boobs, emotional.

Sleepiness ~ to the point I couldn’t keep my eyes open if my life depended on it. Every time within 2 weeks of becoming pregnant. Would still get a negative test but I knew! 5 pregnancies.

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I had positive ovulation tests when I shouldn’t have been ovulating. Also things started tasting weird.

Definitely taste and tiredness for me.

I didn’t have symptoms until after my missed period and I found out. My first I found out because I took a test in solidarity with a friend. Fully expected hers to be positive and mine to be negative! :woman_shrugging:t2: Second I found out in the ER for an unrelated issue. I had a negative blood test just a week before that at the doctors office. I was over a month late for my period(not unusual for me) so they tested me and gave me progesterone to try to jump start my period. 1 week later a pee test said positive. No symptoms until 8-10 weeks or so.

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Only way ik I was pregnant being emotional

I knew 3 weeks in I had period cramps but no period.

The smell of things changed, ie used to love the smell of salt and vinegar then all of a sudden couldn’t stand it or the smell of cooking. And tiredness I was always tired.

I’m pregnant at the moment with my second son. With both, I had super heavy morning sickness in the morning, extra emotional and all that Jazz and craved greasy food basically right away, so I knew as soon as I missed my period both times to get a test due to those symptoms! Good luck

Smell. Heightened. Super intense dreams.

Boobs hurt. Then nausea

Reading these comments made me consider taking a pregnancy test

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Peeing a lot more. Wanting to sleep more.

Weird feeling in stomach and my boobs hurt right away

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For me shortness of breath, heartburn, restless sleep, needing to sleep with something between my legs. Lol

I could smell EVERYTHING. Sore nipples. And an overall feeling of “something is different”. But honestly, everyone’s early symptoms are different so it can range from fatigue all the way up to full blown violent morning sickness.

Absolute exhaustion!! Like falling asleep sitting up!!

Complete exhaustion and major moodiness for me. I’ve known every time, even before the test did.

Cravings, your gut instinct, tender boobs!

Super thirsty and dizzy

nipples sensitive asf

I had implant bleeding that made me take a test to see a couple days later, HCG was only 300.

I had zeronsymptons EXCEPT for breast pain my entire first trimester

Morning sickness. Literally days pregnant nothing was staying down.

I found out I was pregnant at 17 and 18 days along. Didn’t have any symptoms until closer to 5 weejs

Nausea, food aversions, fatigue, moodiness, metallic taste in my mouth, uterus feeling “full”, instinct etc

Constipation fatigue and tender breasts

For me, sore breasts, tiredness and my face would get flushed for no apparent reason.

My nipples would be painful both times. See boob pain was a period symptom but with the first I was 2 weeks late and just my nipples hurt. With my second I was doing an activity that required movement and I had to hold my breasts bc my nipples hurt. Took a test the next morning and sure enough lol

Implementation bleeding was my very first sign. I tested right away and it was negative. I tested again a few days later it was a faint line positive. I was around 3 weeks in

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My boobs hurt SOOOOO bad. I was also extremely emotional and moody; I would cry at the drop of a hat, and could never explain why. I also just felt “odd,” and that’s the only way to describe it! Something just felt off. I also felt a “tugging” sensation in my uterus, almost like I could feel a string being pulled from my belly button area to my crotch. SO bizarre.

It wasn’t until about the 6 week mark that I started feeling really nauseous and bloated.

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Super thirsty and tired and a dream that I’m pregnant.
After I get a positive test I get morning sickness, and seem to be EVERY other sign hahaha

Breast tenderness and food aversions. I found out I was pregnant at like 2 3 weeks with all my pregnancy.

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Heart burn for me, all 3 pregnancies

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I was so tired I had to take a nap during the day. Also my breasts hurt and were painful to touch.

Strange food craving… assorted sub at subway both times. The only two assorted subs ever eaten!

I just “knew” with all 4

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Mine was the need to constantly pee

I felt like I had a mild case of the flu. And my nipples were so sensitive that even the shower trickle hurt them.

Oh and the biggest thing… I went for six month dental exam and dentist asked me if I was pregnant based on my gums. They were very red and swollen which was unusual for me. He bet me lunch I was pregnant. First and last time I saw him. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:I was about three weeks at that time.

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None! I only knew because my period was late I took a test and boom preggers! Tbh my pregnancy was so smooth , barely any symptoms the whole time and bartender until 38 weeks! And labor was quick ! I was in the hospital for 5 hours until he was born

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Implantation bleeding, not all crazy but enough for you to think you’re starting your period again. My breasts were also sensitive and I was more tired than usual. Before I knew I was pregnant my coworker told me I was glowing and she had even asked if I was pregnant. That’s what made me take a test. The morning sickness started after I found out I was.


I didn’t have symptoms either time. With my first pregnancy my period was like clockwork. I could tell you within a 4 hour window when I would start. I went to bed know that when I woke up I should be on my period. I wasn’t. So I took a test. I was pregnant. With my second pregnancy it was almost the same. But that time I knew I probably was and took one of those test you can take 6 days before your missed period. I had 0 symptoms, but I took the test and it was positive. I was about 5 weeks before I ever felt any symptoms.

I was vomiting nonstop within the first week of my first pregnancy. It didnt let up for the next 5 months without meds that I was allergic to :upside_down_face:
That was definitely… an experience.


I just felt “off”. I wasn’t myself. It was a Saturday and I told my husband that I am going to take a pregnancy test next Saturday and I am pretty sure I’m prego. Sure enough, next saturday it came back prego. I was only 2 weeks along when I took the test.

My sense of smell was intense and way off. I craved calamari which I hate and hated the smell of waffle cones which I usually love. This was one week after getting busy. My doctor later told me it was probably implantation symptoms :slightly_smiling_face:


I was only 4 or 5 weeks but my boobs hurt so much and i literally couldn’t stand the smell or taste of chicken. Quite a few things made me sick. And i had those symptoms start a week and half beforehand.

Boobs hurt and felt like I could puke at any moment. With my first i felt weird tingling in my stomach, took a test after I missed my period and it was negative. Waited a few more days and took another and it was positive

My boobs hurt a bunch the week leading up to when my period should have started, I also felt just off. When I was two days late, I was like nope I’m pregnant. Took a test and yep!


On my first pregnancy, I had un bump under my belly button (noticeable) before I would take the test.

Boobs were also very sensitive, could barely walk without holding them.

But nothing of that for the 2 others.

With my first, I craved super spicy everything and was super sensitive to smells and couldn’t brush my teeth without dry heaving. With my second, I had the same symptoms for about a week and then I was throwing up constantly and had major food aversions.

They honestly mimic pms symptoms for me. Sore boobs, light cramping, tiredness. I didn’t get morning sickness with 1st but I did with 2nd & 3rd pregnancies. Every pregnancy is different.

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Extreme tiredness, I was exhausted just by driving 5 minutes to work. I had really weird pains in my lower abdomen and shooting pains in my v… Craved salad like a mother.

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I craved eggs before I even took a test. And I usually hate eggs. Must’ve needed the extra protein.

I was dizzy- I’d get lightheaded if I stood up too fast. That’s the only symptom i remember.

I had the worst yeast infection of my life immediately. I took a test a week after conception and got an immediate result

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I was vomiting couldnt eat anything test was negative period was late three days after negative test waited two wks and tested positive. Was 4 wks when i found out

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Around conception both times, I had exceptionally vivid dreams. I also felt hideously unwell the first time with a cold, second time with flu like symptoms. First pregnancy I had implantation bleeding earlier than my regular period - it only lasted two days and was fairly light. No implantation bleeding with the second.
The second pregnancy I also couldn’t bear the smell of the bus which smelt strongly of cleaning products…but no one else seemed to think it smelt strong!
This was all before I took a test between 10-14 days past ovulation. My fingers are crossed for you! :revolving_hearts:

It’s different for everyone. My daughter I had no symptoms. My son I started to suffer from migraines real bad. Went to the docs for meds and test. To see what was bringing on the migraine s. Found out I was with baby. Best to simply get tested. I’d go see my doctor :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My first symptom was lower back discomfort, not very painful but like a sore feeling. I also had dizziness and sensitive smell. Certain smells made me sick and I was never like that.

For me my boobs hurt so bad! My second, I really didn’t have any symptoms really… mostly my bf said my stomach felt hard. So I took a test lol but a little later on I had nausea here and there.

Everything smelled like burnt peanuts, zero alcohol tolerance, (puked immediately after first sip) that was true for both pregnancies i had and i was only around 2 weeks along when it started

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Boobs are very sore!! Also, if you normally get period cramps a week before your period and they don’t come is another sign. I think also fatigue is another major symptom but that started around 5 weeks for me.

One day i woke up and ever egg I made smelled like it had went bad…I went through over a dozen I assumed it was bad batch of eggs at the store…my husband though I was going crazy he said all the eggs were fine 2 weeks later I had a positive test…

I felt like I had the flu… food tasted differently, nothing seemed appetizing. I also had mild cramps for a few days and felt out of it. This was for both pregnancies.

Emotional!!! I felt very emotional in the first week or two before I found out with both my kids. With my son I also felt nauseous at the sight or smell of food

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I’ve had 5 pregnancies and the first thing I noticed with all of them is my gums would bleed when I brushed my teeth and I was extremely tired all the time. Oh and I had very very crazy dreams!!!

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I couldn’t keep my eyes open. It was seriously like I had narcolepsy. I was so tired and food tasted weird. Things I usually like would just taste off.

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