What are some super early pregnant symptoms?

I had pregnancy dreams for a week. Took early pregnancy test and it was positive.

lower back hurts so bad. i thought i might have my period coming and iam always tired. everytime i came home from work, it felt like i came from a construction site (i work in a hotel)

With my first pissed period second two I was sick as a dog cold/ flu symptoms and then my period was late this go round I started gaining wait and tested a week before period was due and it was positive

2 weeks after conception I had sore gums, felt them swollen, my teeth were itching me! Met two women with this symptoms

I felt sick and even more so when I ate eggs were the worst n I also had aches in my tummy now and then xx

I got super sick! And was 2 weeks pregnant! But I did have one prior, so as soon as I was sick I knew

I knew I was pregnant with my last child the morning after. My boobs were incredibly tender and I just knew.

My stomach was so queasy but I wanted things like a bacon cheeseburger so I was like ???

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SOOO TIRED. And eating made me nauseous. Never threw up but when I put food in my mouth it made my stomach uneasy

My boobs got firmer…went for a physical and dr had me get a mammogram gram at 30 because…family history…no cancer, but preggo! :grin:

You feel really off, everything is super sore and sensitive, very emotional, not much of an appetite and nauseous to any smells

Felt exhausted all the time, even after a nap or a goodnight sleep. And in the bathroom often.

My first just didn’t feel very good, 2nd just had feeling, third nothing but my husband made comment to realize was late

I noticed my boobs were bigger as a dress that fit the week before was suddenly tight across my boobs :joy: other than that there was nothing else

I felt slight pinching in my right and left ovaries, moody, tired, boobs didn’t hurt for my third, but for the second one they hurt the week before different than pms

I was actually monitoring my base body temperature every morning and the first thing that alerted me was my temperature went up a few degrees than normal.

VERY SORE BREASTS and tiredness. Knew I was pregnant before I missed my period.

My husband swears I had the worst breath ever& that his ex wife even had that too! He smelled it a week before I even took a test

Sharp pains in my right ovary area when moving about. Like a gnarling weird shooting sharp pain…I found out at 5 weeks so it was very early as these pains were prior to me knowing I was even pregnant

I had sharp pains in my lower abdomen and what felt like my vagina. I had a miscarriage in later March, then mid to late June I felt those pains again and I was like 2.5 weeks, tested negative. Took a test the end of June and it was positive.

When it is just my period my nipples hurt but when I’m pregnant I have a deep tissue soreness in my boobs.

Always nauseous and tired more then usual and eating habits changed started craving stuff I didn’t like

I knew within 2 weeks my son gave me super bad heartburn from day 1. But my youngest i just knew

My sense of smell was next level before any other symptoms kicked in.

I couldn’t stand the smell of cooking beef, had sore boobs and nausea. Happened early in all 4 of my pregnancies.

I found at 3 weeks with this pregnancy and I tested bc I was extremely moody and tired. My husband noticed the change in me and told me to test.

Nausea, headaches. I had been popping advil for weeks before I figured out I was pregnant.

I know right away because I am super happy all the sudden and things don’t bother me that normally would … I’m not confrontational at all.

I was napping every day. Then my boobs grew. My bras felt tight.

Lower back pain, bloating, constipation.

I had to pee quite often. My first sign with both kids.

Super sore boobs and they appeared larger!

They are super similar to PMS symptoms…it can be really hard tell.

A little bit crampy but no bleeding. Sore boobs and super tired

At 21 heartburn from popcorn was my first indicator. About 3-4 wks.

Nausea, waking up at the ass crack of dawn for no reason (Im a late into the day sleeper typically), heartburn

If you are pregnant and know your body you will know with in a few days when you get pregnant

Increased appetite. Pulling feeling across abdomen (if its the first).

I threw up the same day I conceived, its weird

Tender breasts with all 3

I found out at 3 weeks

Purple nipples, tender breasts, vomiting

The week before my period was due I could smell everything haha and I felt nauseous. Plus I cried over everything… The week it was due, sensitive nipples and so itchy​:joy::woman_shrugging:

Sooooo tired! I knew I was pregnant before I missed a cycle.

The smell of alcohol made me sick and if I tried to drink I get instant hangover headache/nausea!

For me I was standing in my kitchen eating dill pickle chips by the forkfuls

I could smell EVERYTHING!

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My boobs hurt sooo much and I got headaches/migraines real bad! The occasional cramp feel

I couldn’t drink coffee, which I can’t live without.

I was just so exhausted all the time without doing anything

besides morning sickness, I had really awful heartburn.

Tastes like a penny is in my mouth.

Got car sick every time I got in the car

Sleepy all the time, light light bleeding & sensitive breast!

Sore boobs, nausea, frequent urination, exhaustion

You can be extremely sensitive and moody. After that comes the morning sickness and your sense of smell heightens like an insane amount.

Heartburn, nausea, general confusion and hormonal imbalance, breast pain, and strange cravings

I was 2 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and just knew :woman_shrugging::joy:

I had to have tomato juice. Just had to have it

Nausea! No actual sickness though

The smell of aftershave, petrol, coffee etc…

I didn’t feel myself and was more tired

Extremely sleepy and felt like I had the flu

Tired and then nausea kicked in and boobs sore

I was cranky & my boobs hurt. I thought it was a bad case of PMS :rofl:

Sore boobs and smell. I could smell EVERYTHING. And I knew I pregnant. (3dpo)

Sore boobs and super sense of smells

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I got boobs. Went from A cups to C cups overnight

The biggest most noticable one is tender breasts…

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Itchy nipples both times within a week.

Extreme tiredness, sensitivity to smells, sore boobs

implantation bleeding got it with my daughter and one of my boys

Tired, hungry, no energy, sore breast/ nipples and moody

Gagging when brushing my teeth was always my tell-tale lol

I knew immediately. Nauseated. Breast pain

Sore boobs, exhausted beyond exhausted but nothing else

Extreme tiredness and feeling very off

Extremely tired and sore boobs

Sore boobs and exhausted like way more than I usually am Lol

My boobs started hurting , also i got sick even befor 6 weeks pregnet and i just felt weird

Sore boobs, aversion to alcohol

Take a test. No sure way to tell that’ early

Sore boobs and I just felt different.

Straight off drinking tea

Indigestion like a mofo

Abnormal tiredness and tender breasts.

There is no way to test that early. After conception it takes three days alone for sperm to reach its destination. If you produce enough hormone at earliest you may be able to test at three weeks pregnant but most won’t produce enough hormone until four weeks or longer. Some tests can detect six days before your missed period

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Greasy hair for me, I never get greasy hair and it would not wash clean. My cousin came to me and said her hair was always greasy I said your pregnant, she said she wasn’t she was on the pill a couple of weeks later she took a test and it was positive.

I was extremely constipated, my boobs hurt really bad and honestly I just had an instinct. I didn’t feel like myself. And I didn’t like the taste of pickles, WHICH I LOVE.

Morning and all day sickness for me, happened straight away, four weeks in, stopped at 8mths, with all three.

Tiredness i was so tired and my breasts started to hurt. Those were my only symptoms through the whole pregnancy thankfully.

def tingling of the boobs while the milk ducts open up

I thought I got covid :joy:
in Jesus name!

My nipples hurt really bad

Exhausted for no reason

I was just really tired

Sore boob’s and fatigue

Sore boobs, tired going to the toilet more

Bloating, major runny/stuffy nose, tired, nauseated, dizzy and lightheaded. Migraines. Chicken also sounded disgusting. Meat really at all for a little while and then Buffalo sauce had to be on everything and salt and vinegar chips/Gummi bears were life. Lol Really strong sense of smell! Some of my first signs.

My boobs was killing me, very emotional, goin of foods, dizzy, very tired