What are the side effects of birth control?

Okay, so I was on birth control for five years. I felt like I didn’t have any side effects like mood swings, but I’ve been off for three years, and I definitely do feel calmer, I just recently got an Iud a week ago, and the “crazy” came out again. Just not being able to hold back the comments, and it’s like it just consumed me, I couldn’t just let the situation go. Has anyone had a similar problem while on bc, or am I just crazy…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the side effects of birth control?

I had the same thing. The hormones messed me up so I switched to the copper iud.

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Yes ! I am just careful because the mood swing aren’t worth it to me

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Which iud did you get?

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Yes I was awful never again will I take any contra eptoves that alter my hormones x

I had mood swings, horrible head aches and acne!! The hormones completely messed me up.


Most birth control is synthetic hormones. I went on them to control my issues after getting my tubes tied and I’ve never been on birth control before and the two I tried fucked me all up it was terrible.

That was definitely my same experience with it - I turned into the Incredible Hulk like tried to put my man in check :grimacing::roll_eyes: dear lord lol it was kind of funny bc I’m like 5 feet even. Lol anyway I had to get it removed I couldn’t get used to it at all.

Lol, I was a raging bitch on birth control! It was plainly obvious even to me, that it was affecting my moods.

This is asked every week or more. Ask your doc questions or google before choosing. Do the research yourself


Yep every birth control I’ve been on I’ve had this issue. I won’t be getting on any more birth control after the depo

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Yes…and for the longest time I’m talking 10 plus yrs I got the paragard IUD aka no hormones which dramatically helped no more crazy after every baby I had a new one put in…the only reason I got it removed was it got stuck in the lining of my uterus back on regular bc now after forever I am much older now when it made me crazy …it is not having that effect this time around

I’d made me crazy bc of the estrogen type


Wait … Are we saying that B.C could be the cause of anger issues!!!
My entire life is a lie?!?!
Now I’m questioning every “hulk-smash” moment I’ve ever had :face_with_monocle::astonished::sob:

I have the injection and who knows it might add to my bitch side but I know I’d be a hell of a lot worse if I got pregnant :see_no_evil:

This is exactly what gabapentin did to me , idk if there’s any similarities or not


Yes I have! My hormones were so outta wack!

I went on the ring after my daughter was born and I was immediately depressed and felt like I was out of my mind crazy. Best decision was to get my tubes removed. My body is functioning the way it’s meant to without anything artificial getting in the way.

My sister just had to get hers removed… not only did it give her the mood swings and all, but it embedded and had to be removed… heard very few success stories from people who’ve tried them

No babies, maybe :woman_shrugging:t3:


I dno I feel like this when my anxiety kicks in :woman_shrugging:t3: I can’t bite my tongue xxx

Depends on the IUD. Mine is non-hormonal


I found the pill where you only have a period every 3 months made my moods stabilize. Plus no more pimples, shorter periods, less cramps. I was kinda devastated when they said i couldn’t take it after 35.

Weight gain for me long time ago.


Perhaps that is why when you can get fixed it is best to do so. The natural God given hormones are so much better for your body than synthetic options. Blood clots, weight gain and other adverse reactions are still normal things and just because you don’t have them now does not mean one day you will not have them. Going on an airplane or hanging around new smoker friends Could perhaps bring on a blood clot.

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Please stop putting that man made stuff in your body.


Weight gain , acne, hormonal imbalance, no period at all, having a period for months at a time, some birth controls contain copper which is super bad the list goes on and on.
Like listen abstinence is the only solution I can think of without adverse side affects, I take that back that can result in mood swings…. Sooo… good luck ?

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I thought all types of birth control have hormones including the depo I had that as I fell pregnant on the pill and years later got told I had a blood clot due to the hormones so now I cannot have anything that changes the hormones

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You are not crazy, thar can be one of the side effects

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This is my normal mood during pms, 2 weeks out of every month. Without birth control lol

It’s not crazy it’s just hormones :yum::rofl:I got pregnant on birth control so I chose not to take it anymore after that especially because it did make me feel my emotions even more intensely and I didn’t like it. I was being such a dick and moody alllll the time.

IUDs are non hormonal so I wouldn’t think there would be a correlation there. You might want to talk to your doctor.


Maybe you should ask a doctor or a pharmacist


Why don’t you ask your gynecologist?


All birth control send me crazy!! I got sterilised instead :joy:

I want to get my nexplanon out bc I feel the same way, you’re not crazy

Same. The mini pill is thr only one that doesn’t make me feel crazy. Non-hormone birth control pills.

Read the information on your own.

Will never use the IUD again. I had mood swings and lost so much blood. You have to find one the suits you. So far I have arm implant and I’m perfectly okay

Well I’m down with 2 blood clots in my leg from birth control. Never again will I risk my life. Risks are with everything. It’s really up to you and how you react to things.

Had nothing to do with your birth control :unamused: