What are the side effects of birth control?

Okay, so I was on birth control for five years. I felt like I didn’t have any side effects like mood swings, but I’ve been off for three years, and I definitely do feel calmer, I just recently got an Iud a week ago, and the “crazy” came out again. Just not being able to hold back the comments, and it’s like it just consumed me, I couldn’t just let the situation go. Has anyone had a similar problem while on bc, or am I just crazy…


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I feel this. I am now taking Norethindrone and I hate it … Makes me feel crazy in all aspects and I’ve gained 15 lbs

I had the same issue when on it. I even tried several different kinds. I switched over to one that I believe doesn’t have hormones in it and it was going good until I was nauseous all the time. My doctor said it was normal. I have yet to find something that’s works. I would definitely contact your doctor and ask to switch your prescription.

Also depends on the types of birth control you’ve been on on the past compared to the IUD…

It happens with bc you just have to keep switching until you find one that works for you

Some of them do I was on diff types worst was depo. Mood swings but ironic ever since I been off I think my moods are worst off bc

No being able to control your comments? Lol I don’t think that’s a birth control problem sis


Sure blame your rude comments on your Birth Control :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

You’re literally adding hormones to your body. It can cause a plethora of mood problems, weight gain, blood clots, and much much more.


If you get the wrong hormone it can make you nuts! Talk to your Dr right away about switching. I had a problem with one and had to switch immediately because I felts nuts I couldn’t stand it.

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Yes I took them for like 6 months in my 20s and they did the same to me so I stopped, they also make me stink more haha

I have PMDD so I have to be on birth control. Imagine PMS mood wings times 100. There are definitely ones that help with mood swings. Please talk to your doctor. I had this happen before I was diagnosed and I was told it birth control can’t do this.

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I have had 5 different bc each time got pregnant after being on them for a while. I keep requesting for tubes tied or ovary removal because I do not want any more kids and knowing I can still get pregnant even after tubes tied I dont want that risk! Oh on my 6th kid.


I didn’t remember myself being that way but my sister felt the same way. Her anxiety and emotions were all over the place.

I had to stop all birth control and just get a tubal ligation. All birth control made me crazy.

It’s different for everyone. I’ve had an IUD 3 different times over a 7 year period and each time was so different. First time I bled heavily for a few months, then my period stopped and then we wanted another baby so I had it removed. Second time it gave me anxiety and I developed cysts so I had it removed, then I developed heavier periods so I got it a third time to stop the periods but now it’s causing really bad cramping and I feel like it’s making me have anxiety again. You just have to find out which one works best unfortunately. Each form effects everyone differently.

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I had the same issue on the iud. I now use the patch and feel fine

Maybe try the copper iud… it’s hormone free.

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Yes! Anger rage can happen
Also deep sadness
And anxiety
You need to switch b.c.

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I got the mirena and went so crazy I almost committed myself. I got it taken out and within a couple days was back to normal. I don’t take any hormonal bc now because it scared me that bad

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Definitely! Unfortunately any sort of added hormones makes me go insane, literally. Crying, short tempered. I eventually had to stop and later got the copper IUD which worked really well for me. I’m sorry you’re going through that though, it’s so hard knowing you’re out of control and not necessarily at fault for it. Crossing my fingers for you :crossed_fingers::heart:

Because bc Is hormones all lot do experience changes of mood. You’d be better using condoms and educating yourself on how to “safely” put them on. I see a lot of people saying how they often split or bust however that only happens if air is in them. When used correctly they are the most reliable form of bc