What are the side effects of getting your tubes tied?

I have planned to make my tubes tied after having two kids. Does anyone have side effects? My friends said that they had back pain and knee pain, is it so ?


Heavier more painful periods

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Soo many side effects. I regret it every day of my life honestly

Had mine tied at 24, I’m 63 and have not had one issue. Best thing I ever did after having two kids. Didn’t have to worry about birth control.


I’m considering it too! :expressionless:
Pregnant with my 5th child. I’m still trying to talk myself into it.

I tied mine 3 years ago I don’t regret it one bit.

I kind of regret getting my tubes tied

I had mine removed 2 years ago, zero side effects

The only side affect ive had is my cycle is a week longer and cramps are more intense

My child is 34 and I had the surgery when she was 6 mints old and with the exception of a little soreness it was a breeze! Good luck to you.

I had my tubes removed in July and no issues so far

Everyone is different. Some experience no problems at all, some mild, some severe. Me personally the only issue I have had is my periods are more painful, but past that I haven’t had any other complaints.

I had absolutely no side effects

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F as I am looking at getting this done

I had mine removed a month ago and i feel fine

If your really done have them removed instead it helps prevent cancer

I’m getting mine removed February 4th

No more babies!:laughing: Seriously, I had no side effects, much lighter periods and no more worries about birth control.

Periods may become heavier

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Whatever all you lovely ladies do, just stay away from the essure coils.

I had mine done and now my periods are shorter, but way more cramping and I’m super sick during my period. But it only lasts a few days . Everyone is different though.

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I had mine removed and have the worst bleeding. After 19 months it has finally eased up but for months I was bleeding ALLLL the time.

My period is a little longer by a day or two, a little heavier on day one and two and cramps a little worse. All in all, I don’t regret it.

I have had 5 babies last one being 4.5months old had tubal ligation done when i had csection with her. Although I’m sad no more babies but its the best thing i could do. Periods are more painful but thats about it.

I get extreme pain for a few days a month where my ovaries are.

22 years and back pain is awful only thing for me

I had my tubes removed and now have the worst periods ever. My cramps are so bad that all i can do is ball up in a ball and cry and not to mention, i bleed severely. Like through a super plus tampon in less than 30 minutes for the first 2 days of my period. My sister had her tubes tied and it has done the same to her. She ended up having to have her uterus cauterized to slow down the bleeding.

Following … I’m getting mine done in June during a csection with baby number 2 … definitely done having babies but worried about side effects … anyone have it done that also has fibroids?

I got super heavy periods other than that all good

Periods are longer, heavier and more painful for me. I had mine tied almost 9 months ago.

I just get occasional hot flashes. Best thing I’ve ever done. My periods are normal and easier to track. I got mine removed not just tied.
Same day I was rearranging furniture and deep cleaning.

I have never had any issues and I had mine tied 18 years ago

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I got mine tied 6 years ago, no side affects.


My cramps are worse, bleeding is a little longer. Granted, I got mine done in November. So my body is probably adjusting still

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Periods became heavier! Cramps are worse! And it last longer then it use to!!

Soo everyone complains about the side effects. Yeah they fucking suck. The worst is random bleeding. Or prolonged periods and severe cramps. I’m about 9 years out still the best decision I’ve ever made…:woman_shrugging:t3: I’m allergic to latex so now I can have all the unprotected sex I want and not get pregnant its wonderful…

Having a tubal was one of the worst decisions of my life. I have 4 kids. I had a tubal when I had my youngest, she will be 8 in June. Prior to my tubal, my periods were light and short. 3-4 days. Day one was spotting, day 2-3 was normal bleeding, day 4 was spotting and I was done. Since the tubal, my periods last anywhere between 7-10 days, it’s always heavy bleeding. Instead of just minimal cramping, now I not only have cramping, but my entire body hurts. My back, my legs, my stomach… I have a headache for the duration of my period. And all of that doesn’t even touch the weight gain. I honestly suggest an IUD. I had one in for 5 years before I had my son. No period, no pregnancies. I have an IUD now because I was contemplating a hysterectomy because of the pain/bleeding.

I had no issues and that was 30 years ago

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My periods are HORRIBLE since I got them tied. I would not do again, if I knew now.

I had mine removed 6 years ago. No side effects.

I had my tubes tied 7 seven ago, and my periods are heavier, hurt worse, and last longer…and I hurt really bad mostly in the left ovary…but everyone is different.

Why not have them removed?

After my daughter had hers done, she said she has pain worse than she did before she had them tied

Knee pain most likely comes from age and what not. I wouldn’t say that was a symptoms of having tubes tied. Maybe back pain, but once again that could be age or the epidural etc… what probably is a symptom is heavier periods, maybe worse cramps and possibly early menopause. My legs and knees hurt all the time now and my tubes aren’t tied. I get back aches from time to time.

Had mine stapled… 40 years ago… few days of pain…

No side effects for me. I just got pregnant again

My periods are way better after!! It used to be so heavy and last 7-10 days and now it’s only heavy the first two days and only lasts for 5 days. I have no back pain or knee pain ever lol I have 2 kids and am 33 . The recovery afterwards wasn’t bad either I am so happy with my choice. I had my tubes tide almost 5 years ago .

I never had any problems and that was 31 years ago.

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My dr suggested to keep my IUD and not get them tired! She said everything most of these ladies are saying… more cramping longer and heavier periods and your chance of getting pregnant again is a little higher than if you just had the IUD. I have had 3 since they last 5years and I love it! No pain no cramps maybe 1 day of spotting!

Another option is having your partner get a vasectomy.

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Mine have been done almost 13 years. At first my periods were normal, but then became heavy and very painful cramps including back aches.I got cysts on my ovaries often. The painful and heavy periods weren’t every month but lasted a few years. I got the mirena because they became longer like weeks. The side effects of the IUD weren’t worth the trouble anymore so I had it removed after 4 months. I’m 43 so I’m hoping it will slow down soon, if not my next step is hysterectomy.

My doc recommended an iud over tubal ligation. She said you’re more likely to get pregnant again with tubal ligation as well.

Me personally I regret it bc I feel my periods are way worse and the cramping sucks like I’m to the point I don’t want my uterus anymore

I had my tubes tied during my 5th c-section. The only side affect for me is my periods are a lot heavier.

I had mine done almost 3years ago my periods became horrid I felt like I was in early stages of labor for 5 days every month on top of getting ovarian cysts which are the devil I got put on the depo shot and all the side effects went away


Periods last longer and the pain from cramps, I rather have labor,and I’m super sick and tired first 3 days


I got mine tied this past November and my recovery was a little bit longer than with my other 2 c sections. So far I haven’t experienced any pain but then again I still don’t get my period since I do breastfeed. I asked my dr to hear the side effects but he said only heavier periods. Reading these comments make me nervous as to what I might be experiencing with my period.

Cramps get worse and so does bleeding also I gained weight.


I had mine done 6 years ago during a csection, so side effects from the surgery I don’t know. After 6 years of having them tied my period is finally getting back down to 4-5 days instead of a solid full week. It’s also heavier, I go from oh my period is showing to ultra tampons and sometimes a pad too with in hours, and I can feel when I’m ovulating now. I don’t usually get cramps and never really have, so that didn’t change. I wasn’t impressed with a longer heavier period when I got them done though. Otherwise so worth it if you are done having kids.

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None - going on 23 years.

Had them removed, have had no issues at all

I had mine done after my last c section 2 years ago, my periods became so heavy that after I finished I was so wiped out I had to go on iron and ferritin tablets, I’ve noticed recently my periods have become less heavy so fingers crossed it stays that way, hope this helps x

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I had my tubes tied the day after I had our fourth child. to this day I remember the doctor walking in as I’m laying in my hospital bed recovering and she looked at me and said two things. The first was are you sure you want to go along with getting your tubes tied considering your daughter is in the NICU right now and what happens if she doesn’t survive. Mind you she was in the NICU because she had jaundice and because she had a hole in the muscle in her heart. She’s six now and thriving so.
The second thing she said to me was we tell women to consider not getting their tubes tied because afterwards your periods will become more painful and heavier. Depending on the day that I am in my cycle I agree with her sometimes. My cramps are a whole lot worse than when I was on no birth control the IUD everything. It is a lot heavier however for some reason it’s here a shorter amount of time than before when I was on my IUD.
Since my doctor gave the okay to have it done the day after our daughter was born to me the recovery was not as bad because I was still recovering from childbirth. so wearing loose-fitting pants and being careful getting up is all the stuff they’ll tell you to do after you have it but I was already doing that. The pain level after getting it done was not bad for me I didn’t have to take any medication for the pain.

I had mine tied at age 41 after my 6th child, no pain at all & went back to work the next day. Only side effect for me is also longer & heavier periods :roll_eyes:

I’ve had mine tied bout 7 years I’ve had no issues

Knee pain from having your tubes tied :thinking: that’s a new one back pain might be a slim possibility

Cramps are 100x worse (b4 i didnt even have them), bleeding is worse and im down for the count the 1st 3 days…they also are unpredictable now


Tubes tied 25 years ago, best decision for me! Had a poker night that same night!! Never an issue! Only a bit of gas pain in my shoulders that night but gone by morning!!

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My tubes were removed December 2019. I haven’t had any issues.

Reading these comments scares me. I want to have mine tied, I have six children. I already have heavy periods… Oh geesh.

Horrible periods ever since! Cysts, and ovary pain every month.

My periods were horrible after I had mine done

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Worst decision i ever had. My whole monthly changed for the worst .

Periods heavier but a little shorter. Stomach was sore afterwards for like a few days, feels like you did too many an workouts.Other than that nothing!

I’m starting my 4th period since December 8th. Got mine done a lil over 2 years ago. Lots of pain in back knees and cramps.

3 years later I cramp alot I bleed heavy and have bad mood swings

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I had mine tied for nearly 17 years with no problems

I just had my tubes removed 6 weeks ago. Period cramps are a little worse and a little spotting in-between periods. But after surgury everything was fine. Just little pains which was expected from surgury but my neck hurt so bad. They said it was from being pumped full of gas for the surgury and shouldn’t last longer than a day but it lasted a week.

I would say do a lot of research first my dr advised me not to and I wish I listened to him Worst thing I done first they didn’t get my right tube when they done it so I got the marina first wast put in right and bleed for 8 weeks straight got it out and another put in still had on and off bleeding for another 8 weeks so put on the pill as well as the marina and now I’m getting bleeding ever 2 weeks some time spotting some times more and it’s affecting my mental health to the point I don’t feel normal anymore and I don’t feel like I can enjoy myself because I never know when I’m going to start bleeding

I had mine done the day my third baby was born this past August. The birth itself was great but I ended up with three hernias at one time. Talk about painful. More painful than recovering from three c sections.

I got mind done 19 months ago
And I lost interest in sex :cry:

Had mine done 2 years ago and had no problems.

The best thing I ever did was to have mine tied or I would have had 11 kids like my mum I had 3

I’ve had mine tied for 13 years and I had nothing but trouble. My periods are worse/unpredictable, my hormones are always off, I started having issues with cysts, I have hot and cold flashes everyday. For me it has been more bad than good.

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I’ve never got it done, but I’ve heard the clip ones can come off and move around in your body. So probably best to go the old fashioned route with getting them cut and cauterized.

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It’s been 3 years since I had my tubes tied and all that happened was my periods are heavier but only last 3 to 4 days and I get cramps. I never used to but as long as I don’t get pregnant I’m good with it!!

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I had a tubal and ablation back on July 1. No side effects at all and no more periods!


Had my tubes for 11 years and have had NO ISSUES!! It actually made my cycles very regular.


I had an ablation in 09. In less than 2 years I had a full hysterectomy cause of the bleeding and one of my ovaries was full of blood because of the ablation. Best decision I made. Don’t mind the hot flashes every so often.

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For those worried about the surgery part, I just had a csection/tubes tied on Monday. I feel a little more sore than my first csection. I’m curious to see any long-term impacts. My doctor said you shouldn’t see a difference in periods afterwards. I chose this because I did not want to deal with hormonal birth control the rest of my life and I have a heart condition and should not get pregnant again.


DON’T YOU CAN STILL GET PREGNANT I DID. I had a miscarriage at 3 months long. Very painful. I tell everyone DO YOU’RE RESEARCH FIRST. They can grow back and get you pregnant again.


Back and knee pain have absolutely nothing to do with getting your tubes tied


Done 2 years ago after twins 5 and 6 surprised us. Doc prefers to remove tubes. After every pregnancy my body has been different for a few years and this has been no different. It was my first csection so that was new

It’s different for people.i cramp more than I use to. I bleed heavier. I had mine tied in 2000 and I have gotten pregnant 2 times after having it done


I want my tubes removed but I don’t know the side effects either so I’m curious about that as well! If anyone knows side effects of getting them removed, please let me know

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I will say I had my tubes tired and the periods after were horrible. My Dr gave me a endometrial ablation. That also failed. Last year I had a hysterectomy.

I’m getting mine done at the end of the month. They’re just cutting out a section of each tube and cauterizing the ends

I gained 10 pounds, painful periods, more moody, painful ovulation, bleeding sucks but compared to getting pregnant? I’ll take it!
Nothing chocolate & pampering myself can’t fix. Not getting getting pregnant is the best part.


I just had mine removed last week when I had a csection with my third child. So far my csection healing hasn’t been any different at all but I don’t know what the effects will feel like in the longer sense.

I havent had mine done but would like too… I heard the periods are a little worse for some so I can understand the back pain during that time… not sure about why the knee would be affected at all…