What are the side effects of the IUD?

So I just got my iud 3/4 weeks ago. Kinda lost the count. But any way. Well my last period was valentines day. I know funny. A week after that I got my Iud. Well I guess I started my period.ije yesterday. And my periods last me 3 days. Well today 3/12 would be the day my period would be on its 3rd day. Mind you I have never been on birth control. And this is the first time I have. Only because (sorry for TMI) Well my partner is tired of pulling out and want our intimacy to be more like romantic I guess. Lol. But any way my question for the ladies who’s had the iud. Did it mess up your cycle??? Did you just have ot removed and got another opinion???. I don’t want to switch birth control. Because 1) I’ll forget the pill. 2) I probably won’t make it to my appointment for getting the shot. 3) I don’t want to get the patch because Well I’m a 4/20 person. And was told that. With the patch you can’t smoke. I don’t have heavy periods. And the iud… hasn’t made me to the point we’re I have to remove it. To were I’m bleeding filling up pad after pad every hr.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the side effects of the IUD?

I bled a lot for the the first 3-4 months I wanna say. But after that, I had a normal period every month on it still. After almost two years, I had it removed because it was giving me pregnancy symptoms pretty badly.

If he doesn’t like pulling out why doesn’t he get a vasectomy? Why is this up to you?


The first time I had it, I had a heavy period for 8 months straight. Second time it completely messed me up. Third time I had a regular period every month for about 9 months then nothing after that. But not having a period messed me up too so I had it removed.

Everyone is different. Some ppl don’t hardly have a cycle and some go heavier than normal, and some are just normal. When I had mine everything was normal but I would sometimes skip months. I get the not remembering part that’s why I got my iud but I had it removed 7 years ago when I wanted to have my daughter. My question is why does it have to be up to u for birth control he can just use a condom and then won’t have to worry about the whole pull and pray method.

I bled for a few months after having mine. 5 years now and have light and irregular periods, not monthly. Your body has to adjust

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Mine stopped. I might have 1 every 3 or 4 months…occasional spotting but not real period. Its very light and maybe last a couple days.

I’ve had mine 10years (replaced once) and Love it!!! Barely bleed at all anymore. Love it!!!

My period complety stopped with the Mirena. There were other symptoms that I hated. Having no period was the only nice one besides it did keep me from having any more babies from a toxic relationship and lasted long enough I could figure a way out.

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I’ve had an iud for 7 years. (I’m on my second one). And it does mess with your cycle It’ll be out of wack for 6 months ( could be more could be less. Everyone’s different) I’m at the point where I get it maybe every 3-4 months light spotting for maybe 3 days.

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If you just got it give it a few months at least… It takes time for your body to adjust to the different hormone levels… So your period may be heavier or different for a while and there is also a chance it will completely stop all together… Everyone reacts differently to bc… But your body had to adjust to the change in your hormones… So even if you changed it right away you would still have things change as your body is trying to adjust and balance your hormone levels… My ob has always asked me to give it at least 3 months before deciding unless there is a bigger problem but even 6 months is preferable as it takes time for your body to adjust

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Non stop bleeding for 4 months.
Also frequently getting UTIs which I didn’t find out until months later it’s side effect

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I had 1 for 6 months and bled everyday for the entire 6 months so I had it taken out


I have my second one in and I’ve never had a period with an iud. Usually just a little spotting the month after I get it.

I bled for awhile after getting both of mine and then I didn’t have one for the rest of the first 5 years. After my 2nd was put in I kept it in for 3 years before having it removed and trying to get pregnant. It took me 3 years to conceive afterwards. I had complications and pain during intercourse with the 2nd one

I’m on my third IUD and literally don’t bleed from the day they put it in until it’s removed

I haven’t had a period in 8 years (since last kid) no pull out game and no pregnancy scares. I’ve had them since my first child 18 yrs ago.

I had the mirena for 5years and my period wouldn’t come once but every 6 months or so and it was always short and light!

It took me 12 weeks for my body to regulate after getting the liletta IUD. I would have heavy bleeding for a week then go away completely and come back the next week. My dr told me to give it a few months so I did.

You got an IUD without learning about any of the side effects first? Yes it messes up your cycle. Many women don’t have a period at all with an IUD.

I had the iud for 3 years periods completely stopped after 2 months

It made my periods stop with the occasional spotting every few months. Best 5 years of mah life lol

I have had the copper IUD for 15 years. It’s great. My periods didn’t change much, but I never had 3 day periods (that’s on the very short side of normal) don’t worry about it

It can take up to 6 months to fully adjust I got periods often until after 6 months now I never get one!

I dont even get my period anymore. I love my iud

Not getting pregnant

It’s different for everyone, so you won’t really know until after your body regulates to it… But I didn’t have much change really… And I just go in every 3 years, get the old one out and replaced with a new one for another 3… Pretty simple and easy option, no worries until it needs replaced once every 3 years. Lol. I’m like you, don’t want to remember a pill everyday and don’t want apts. Every 3 months, and idk much about the patch thing? But the iud in my arm has been a good fit for me, I hope it will be you too! Best of luck!

I love mine! No periods/worries/problems for me.

I’ve had mine 4 1/2 years. I stopped having periods after having 1 after insertion until about 6 months ago. Now I have a period so light that I only wear liners.

I had non stop heavy bleeding for months with the copper one… causes an inflammatory reaction and is toxic to eggs/sperm… Had to have that removed. Minera was perfect for me. Light period for a couple of months then nothing at all for years. Was fantastic…no weight gain no side effects.

I haven’t had my period in 3 yrs with my IUD

You can still get pregnant while on the IUD, so just know while it’s more effective than other birth controls, it’s not 100%.
as for IUD’s, personally it’s my favorite form of birth control. My periods are lighter, they last anywhere between 3-5 days, there’s no weight gain, mood swings, hormonal issues. It’s a great contraceptive.

just remember. You can still get pregnant. I watched my sister get pregnant 6 months after she got her IUD.