What are the signs of labor?

So I have two doubts. 1. What kind of sign is it when your cat sleeps next to you. By your belly. I’m 34 weeks pregnant. And my cat started sleeping next to me. 2. Also, what do contractions feel like? Is it a sign that I could have my baby early? And that’s why my cat is watching over?. I do have a 4 yr old one. But never experienced what contractions were. Had him C-section. (Early at 30 some weeks.)


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of labor?

I mean … animals can sense your hormones but that doesn’t mean you’re in or close to labor. You can also have prodromal or false labor for weeks sometimes a month or more before you actually give birth. The most obvious is consistent painful contractions that you can’t talk through and your water breaking. Everything else is really situational. A lot of women will experience severe nausea and/or diarrhea before labor starts. It’s the body’s way of cleaning itself out in preparation. You can also have back labor which feels like the worst backache you’ve ever had - so if you experience crazy intense back pain, make sure you have everything in place for go time.

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Contraction can be different with each labor. With my first, I thought I had gas. My husband thought it odd my gas pains were 5 minutes apart. At about 2 minutes apart, it was tightening in my stomach that radiated pain to my back. Baby 2 was induced. That was fun (sarcasm). That was like exploding pain in my stomach that intensified as it went to my back.

My cat definitely knew I was pregnant. He’s actually one of the first things that made me wonder if I was pregnant. Contractions start feeling like period cramps and progressively get stronger and more frequent.


I’d say if you are thinking you might be in labor you need to make a trip to the hospital or your dr to get checked out. Definitely a question for the professionals.


My animals stuck to me like glue when I was pregnant. Dog and cats. Almost like they were trying to make sure we were protected. The dog would actually put his head ON my belly lol
My contractions where like period cramps on steroids lol when first started labour. I wasn’t sure either. Had to call my mom, asking what they were supposed to feel like and she just made me go in. I was 37+4 wks tho.
But had been contracting since 29+6wks, when I got put on bed rest(my son tried to come early). So I’m the worst one to ask lol my whole third trimester was contractions in one way or another lol so I don’t know what “normal” is🤷lol

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My cats stayed by me and laid on my belly the whole time I was pregnant. I’m not sure what it means if they start doing it later on in the pregnancy. For my first pregnancy I thought I was having contractions so I tried to go to bed. When I wasn’t able to fall back asleep before another one happened I was like okay maybe this is really it, I’ll go in and have a labor check. And sure enough, my son was on his way!

When we was pregnant shes 4 monthes now our olde English did the same with me and has laid by me every sense and if daddy is in bed he stays with in living room till I go to bed with him. He did and still does the same things. He’s a sweet dog and he’s sweet.

My contractions started as dull backache- lasted all day . They gradually get more and more uncomfortable. Braxton hicks are coming so just be aware.

My cat did the same even tried sleeping on my belly around that time. I just had baby #3 and for the first time I experienced Braxton Hicks contractions but let me tell you… I thought the baby was coming! The contractions were soooo strong and last several hours, then gone and no baby. I ended up going into labor and like the other 2 it was a long 2.5 days. If ever in doubt get checked out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: good luck, wish you a fast healthy delivery!

My cat slept on my preggo with twins belly right up to delivery - I think he was disappointed when I came home without his " warm shelf"!

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When you feel a pain like period cramps or worse, that’s a contraction. Once they are between 3-5 minutes and are consistent for over an hour/or two, go to the e.r. Braxton hicks are very common at this stage in pregnancy. If you have any doubts, you can always call your L&D and explain the symptoms to you and they can advise you on whether to wait or not, or you can always go in to L&D to be safe! Good luck mama!

Braxton Hicks feel similar to contractions. If you lay on your side, drink water, or walk around and they don’t stop, you are likely having real, productive contractions and need to go to the hospital. At the very least, call your doctor.


Signs of labor varies for everyone. For me I just wanted to sleep a lot before my first was born. I didn’t want to get out much, I always wanted to sleep, I ate everything in sight. My dog also stayed super close to me for about two weeks before my first was born. With my second I didn’t go into labor, but the only sign it was soon was contractions.


True labor for me was a feeling of throwing up to start and then heavy period cramps. After a 1 hour nap I woke up walked the length of the house sat down and my water broke. Then about 45 mins later after being admitted at the hospital the pressure down below was so intense and my whole stomach and back just felt like I was in a vice easing off slightly ever 15 to 20 seconds. Pushing wasn’t really an option after that. An hour and 20 mins after getting admitted and into the birthing room my baby girl was born.

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Contractions feel like a combination of period cramps and feeling like you’re throwing up. Cats are in general very protective, and your kitty is likely drawn to the heat and heart beat coming from your baby.


After eating way too much coleslaw the night before my second child was born, I sent my husband off to work that morning complaining to him I had the worst gas I’d ever had, painful even. It took maybe 15-20 min after he left for work before I started noticing that the gas seemed intermittent and at somewhat regular intervals (every 5 min). By the time he got back home to pick me up I was squirming on the front porch. I was sure I would have the baby in the front seat on the way to the hospital. She was born like five minutes after I got my pants off. It was a close one and I couldn’t believe I had forgotten what labor felt like, even briefly, as I shoulda remembered gas doesn’t hurt quite that much.

Animals are very intuitive. I would not doubt that they can sense, by scent or on some other level not available to us, that your labor is close. I WILL say that when your contractions hit, honey, you will know it.

I was different. I had contractions for about 2 months before mine came with both my kids and I didnt feel them. They weren’t strong and I dilated to 2cm and stopped lol it is different for everyone

Well with my first I went to my 6month apt and said “I feel kinda crampy today”, Doc hooked me up to a machine and said…“umm you’re in labor and going to the hospital”… So they can feel like minor cramps and then get worse and worse till you think something is tearing you apart from the inside out. My other two were platocin induced so it was nothing to 100 a blink of an eye.

Braxton Hicks, will feel like tightness spots or extremely mild cramping. You can have those at 20 weeks and not be going into labor.
Contractions start out as mild cramping and progressively gets worse.
Braxton Hicks while uncomfortable shouldn’t be painful and contractions are extremely painful.
The closer you get to birth the more clingy your animals will become. At the 28-30 week mark your body changes very very fast. You animals sense the difference and want to comfort you.

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Our cat would curl up next to my belly if I was sleeping on my side (which was all the time). Animals can sense things, but I wouldn’t let it scare you. My baby boy was born healthy and just celebrated his 12th birthday.

Okay I see a lot of comments saying about period cramps, this isn’t always a sign and depends if your baby is back to back or not. I felt NOTHING in my front, I had cramps but in my lower back. They get more painful and last longer as time progresses. The other thing I noticed was my mucus plug started to come away at the same time. It’s like a clear jelly that no matter how much you wipe just doesn’t stop or go away so you end up throwing a pad in your knickers and getting on with it.

My contractions did not feel like period cramps. It felt more like muscle spasms at the top of my stomach really hard ones that cut my breath. My dogs acted weird the entire time I was pregnant.

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My dog did this the last 2 months of pregnancy. She was “guarding the bump”
Contractions often feel like lower back/abdomen pain. Not always strong early on.


For me… contractions started out as kind of a mild period cramp and they just kept coming and getting more intense!

I think it’s different for everyone. I never got contractions in my stomach, they were all in my lower back and got so bad I power chucked 3 times. It would start off as a little pain and would last for around 2 minutes and in that 2 minutes it would seriously intensify to its peak and then slow back down to no pain.

The cat is just cuddling baby. And contractions feel like cramps

So excited for you! The cat knows a birth is right around the corner. Probably not going to go full term.

You will know when you are in labor. Cats tend to nuzzle up when a woman is pregnant. I know I have a few and they wouldn’t leave me alone. Anyways every single pregnancy is different every labor is different. For instance: 1,2,3 were just a few hours… 4, 5/6, were way too quick 4 was already crowning in the car, 5/6 they were within 2-10 in 15 minutes of labor but because not placed in the womb correctly had to have an emergency C-section, 7 was 5 days of hell for a vbac

U may or may not know when your in labour. Honestly the only way to be sure is if your water breaks or you go and get checked by your doctor. Honestly with my first son i had silent labour and didnt feel any pain. My braxton hicks were my contractions so all i had was tightening of the stomach until my water broke. Even then i felt nothing.my second my contractions were so painful and so fast that he slid out of me after two hours and im going on my third in a few months… it varies for every person and every pregnancy.

I went into labor 3 weeks early with my 4th and my cat got real clingy the last month of my pregnancy. They can hear the heart beat and it comforts them like when they were in the belly.

You’ll know contractions when you feel them. I was worried I wouldn’t know when I was in labor too but oh boy I felt every contraction! It’ll be like cramps but more of a tightening feeling (I’m not sure how else to describe it). A good indication is if you lose your mucus plug.
As far as the cat goes, possibly. My dog used to lay her head on my stomach but that was about a month before I went into labor. And my mom said nesting is a sign of going into labor soon but I started doing that my first trimester

For me (I have bad period cramps) Braxton Hicks felt like I was about to start my period. Real contractions felt like my body was serious about having the baby now. There was a huge difference for me.

Cats are protective. I know there’s been a lot of stories about them but they’re very protective. Contractions feel like really bad period cramps and just keep getting worse.

Everyone is different for me I didn’t have any signs of labour until I was in actual labour. My contractions just started very suddenly you’ll know they’re contractions very intense pains all over your stomach that go then come back. With my first & second I waited at least 20mins to make sure they were contractions before waking my partner :joy: but signs are loosing your mucus plug, nesting (cleaning your house top to bottom) organization. Sloppy poos. And yes they say animals/children know.

I was induced with my 1st but with my 2nd when labour stared I couldn’t even sit down it was too painful and sharp I couldnt sit down and read a book to our son before bed and it slowly started getting worse in my back and top of my belly down, I kept pacing around and the only relief I got to be able to sit down was sitting on the toilet and for 2 days just kept getting worse and worse to the point I couldn’t walk between contractions and looking back I probably should have got a wheelchair when I got to the hospital instead of trying to make it upstairs :joy:

Weirdly enough I’ve noticed my ragdoll is really really clingy lately won’t leave my side and all and meows for me all the time it’s weird as anything I’m 34 weeks now
I have been having issues with my heart where my pulse goes pretty high and I’ve kinda put two and two together when they start he Instantly comes and sits on me I guess to keep me calm and what not

Your doctor or whatever medical provider you are seeing should have given you signs and symptoms to be aware of.

I didn’t really have any early signs or labour. Maybe a clear out and a tiny streak of blood in discharge but that also happened 3 weeks before labour as well as 12 hours before. I literally woke up in a active labour :sweat_smile:

If you were in true labor, you would know. Takes your breath away

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My animals flocked around me.my whole pregnancy, it’s what animals do. And you will fell some contractions early in the last trimester. That’s your body preparing it’s self for labor. Real.labor pains are 5 x more intense than those. They hurt enough to.make you want someone to stick an 8 inch needle in your spine to numb that pain.

Best way for to describe early labor was if someone had a robe around my belly and randomly tightened it then released it. Hard to really put it in to words and most times I didn’t really know if I was in labor or not lol

My first, I had him at 37 weeks and I woke up to my water breaking so I went to the hospital and was in obvious labor lol

My daughter was induced. However, a few days before I felt -horrible- pains like I was in labor and it turns out I had a kidney stone and a really bad UTI.

Could be possible your cat knows or your cat is just being clingy. My animals didn’t a rip with either of my kids lol so I’m no help with that.

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Critters always know. I have a “nanny” dog as we call him. He loves all the babies. I didn’t have stomach cramps, but I did have back labor. I timed them until they were 4 minutes apart. I was in labor for 15 hours with no pain meds but then the babies heart stopped beating so I had an immediate emergency c. Good luck momma, you will do great! Have a safe delivery and healthy baby!

Like you’re gonna poop. Pressure like you’re gonna drop a good one

You’ll know when your in labour and having contractions

Contractions feel just like period cramps, they progressively get more intense

I had contractions at 34 weeks and a planned c section.
I had to go hospital every 2 days to keep an eye on them

Contractions feel like God has put his hand up your hoo haw and is slowly ripping your insides out. Then he stops for a bit before continuing.

It could be something called “braxton hicks” which is like a false labour that is kinda getting you prepared for the real thing soon coming up, the cat just probably knows there’s a heartbeat and wants to be protective

When you have a contraction you’ll KNOW. It’s not like anything you’ve ever felt before.

My contractions felt like tightening in my lower belly and lower back pains also

You’ll know if it’s a contraction.

If it gets more painful if it doesn’t most likely practice labour

Contractions feel like severe period cramps however some have labor in there back which will be severe lower back pain

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of labor?

Animals know
Contractions are different for everyone
For me it felt a little electricity shock nothing painful but everything tightened up like muscle spasms but it was my entire mid section
Felt weird!
I had a c section so I don’t think I had full force contractions

My friend. Same thing. Its normal when you have a cat. They re watching over you.

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Your cat knows & just protecting you. And trust me you will know when you are in labor. The lower back is just so wonderful
It feels like you are going to take the worst shit in ypur life. And usually in the last stages of labor & as you are bearing down to deliver your beautiful baby, you will poop :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:

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My cats have slept near my belly since before I was pregnant - true contractions feel like your tummy tightening. Braxton Hicks does not mean that you were going to have your baby early. It is your body preparing.

Animals are attracted the pregnant women I feel. It doesn’t mean labor is coming right away. I can’t help too much as I only feel contractions in my back and after my water is broken.

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My cat was the same way I went into labor with my twins within 2 weeks

My cat was always with me during my second. I had preterm labor from 27 weeks till I was induced at 39+6 weeks

Sorry I’ve no pets🙈 but I’ve had 5 babies, 1st child waters went which was ideal I knew I was in labour… 2nd child induced…3rd child thought was braxton hicks but then had upset tummy followed by contractions every 40 mins…born 5 hours later… Other 2 both induced, I think you just get that instinct its different and you feel different xx

My dog has started doing this ( I’m 33 weeks Monday). It’s normal. For me contractions feel like the worst gas ever.


Contractions can feel like something is squeezing your back or in the front. They can be painless, mild, to seriously uncomfortable. Braxton Hicks can be uncomfortable (not always) but they come and go and there’s really no rhythm or timing to them. I had lower back contractions that were annoying, decided to get checked in case, and they ended up giving me something to make them stop because it was too early. Id say when in doubt, get checked out!

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Honestly with both my kids my contractions were different, my first I knew instantly what the pain was and I was leaking fluid (my water) with my second I started contractions through out the night, pushed the pain aside and continued my day until my water broke while I was out with my 3 year old. Even then I still didnt feel like they were contractions and could deal with the pain… honestly I feel like you will know, if your not sure always worth calling your doctor and seeing them :slight_smile:

My cats were the same way came around alot more towards the end of the pregnancy but it seemed like they just knew what was gonna happen and wanted to soak up some extra love :heart:

Honestly my contractions felt like my period cramps ×10


Early Labor contractions usually start from the back and move to the front feeling almost like a twinge or menstrual cramps. It may also feel like baby is balling up. If they are continuous and don’t stop with hydration, warm bath etc then I would call your provider because you are still very preterm. Good luck with your baby to be.

I can only tell you kimda like abdominal cramps. I was in labor and had no ideal since idk what period cramps are … its also like a wave kinda feeling if that makes sence. If you have any concerns call dr asap.

The night I had my son my dog watched me like a hawk. They can sense when your close.

Currently 35 weeks with third baby went into preterm labor this week but then it stopped by its self. Braxton Hicks contractions are a little more painful then period cramps. If it starts feeling like a wave of pain that comes more often and become more painful probably the real deal. Unless your water breaks dont worry unless contractions are coming 5 mins apart. Good luck, hope this helps

Oh baby girl when you have a contraction you will know. They are hard to explain other than a big squeeze of your belly. Since your fist baby came early your second one may also as a friend of mine had all three of her children early. Have fun, enjoy, and congratulations!

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I have 3 cats. 2 male and a female. She hates me because I take away daddys attention. She would kneed on my belly starting at about 33weeks. Kneed and purr and lay and sleep. Sometimes she would kneed and purr and my daughter would kick, then my cat would rub on the spot and purr louder. That happened from 33weeks to 36.5 weeks. The day she stopped doing it was the day before my daughter was born.
Ps… you would think she loves my daughter… but nope… hates her too :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming::joy:
Part 2… I have an extremely high pain tolerance. I didnt have an epidural so I felt everything. I only went to the hospital because my water broke and I was 8.5cm at that time. Didnt feel anything… I didnt feel a contraction until I was 10cm for 30 min… then they were strong but not take your breath away strong. They came for a min and a half then I got a 40 second break, then another min and a half until my Dr came. I was waiting for my dr so I was 10cm for 1hr 45 min. I really cant be of much help with this one. My period cramps are worse than my contractions were. :woman_shrugging:t2:
Good Luck!

You will know when you contract and honestly it’s better to wait until your water breaks so your not in hospital waiting foreverrrrr

When pain is so unbearable you can’t breathe or stand up. Time to consider a doctor

I only have pains in my butt I was in labour for 2 days and didn’t know it, with my first my labour was all belly and I just knew. This one, I was 36 weeks and my water broke exactly in my 36th week after two days of butt pain.

Sometimes I think the questions on here are fake. It’s always something weird

Not sure this will help but here’s a cute pic of my mama hens lol I was only 26 weeks on this picture. Not sure it means anything but that they like the heat… as for labour pains didn’t feel any with my 1st got an epidural right before my water broke. Only started getting cramps after giving birth. They said that contractions feel like period cramps… Atleast, for this baby will know what cramps feel like :two_hearts: best wishes to you and your family! Congratulations! :clap::clap::clap:

I’m not sure what signs of labor are since I have been induced early in each of my pregnancies but from what I’ve read it’s regular contractions 7 minutes or less apart that can start in the low back to the front low abdomen, urge to push, leaking fluid or a gush of fluid.

My cats always snuggled close by as I got closer to my due date (probably started the beginning of the 3rd trimester) or anytime I’m sick. I think Animals can just sense changes and want to comfort us.

My dog knew when I went into labor. We had put a gate up to keep our room clean and he sat there and stared at me until we let him in. Had baby the next day

I didnt feel contractions with my son even when I was in labor your stomach will get hard though

I had no idea I was in labor went for my induction and was having contractions I honestly didn’t feel a thing until the foley bulb was placed

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of labor?

I would call your Dr or go to the hospital just to get checked.

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Sounds like Braxton hicks. You could still carry to full term. Just double check with your midwife/Dr

I’m curious to know as well! I’ve had the same and I’m 34 weeks tomorrow :woman_facepalming:t2:

When that feelin doesnt go away and the tightening gets stronger and closer together thats labor. Call dr when those contractions are 10 min apart.

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Braxton Hicks contractions

Braxton Hicks is 6 contractions and under an hr

Braxton hicks most likely.

I would call whomever is your primary care. I had Braxton Hicks at 33 weeks and had my son 2 days after it started.

If you can talk through the contractions it’s usually Braxton Hicks…
try laying on your side, take a long bath or shower and drink a full glass of water they should go away

That was virtually the only before my placental abruption. I had some low pain. Then vomitting and diarrhea, and then I passed out. Get checked for anything abnormal. Because mine wasn’t an obvious sign that something was wrong, but it was

Time it - most likely Braxton hicks which is practice contractions, if contractions (tightenings) get quicker (less time apart) then potentially labour

Could be Braxton hicks… call your doctor.

With the diarrhoea it does kind of sound like it’s not far off, your body does usually clean itself out when preparing (for some people anyways) but when they say you’ll know then you will know if it’s true labour.


Wow I’d definitely get checked out for sure…

Just get checked, people always say braxton hicks and they said the same to me. Didn’t believe I was in labour. Had my daughter at 33 weeks with no time for pain relief.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of labor?