What are the signs of labor?

Braxton Hicks my love, chill and take it easy! I got them at 6 months (scared me to death) then they went away once her head flipped downwards.

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Yes. Call your OB on Monday, and see if they’ll start doing an NST every week, sometimes twice a week.

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Sounds like Braxton, but like stated call your doctor I’m sure he/she will want to check to see if you are dilated. Exciting time, congratulations!

Yes it most definitely is, my labours were all similar to this. I’d call your maternity ward and go in for a check up.

No but it’s probably your body preparing for labor I had that the last month and a half of pregnancy. But everyone is different


Braxtons Hicks seem to me not diarrhea I have not a clue contact your ob in the mean time stay hydrated

Sooooo for me I didn’t feel none of that front pain my labor was back labor felt like bad lower back pains and then pressure (head coming in)

Sounds like Braxton Hicks :woman_shrugging:t4: false labor but it’s all to prep your body…real labor pains are much more intense

I’ve heard diarrhea is a sign labor can start soon. Real contractions tend to start in the lower back around to the front & are painful. Braxton Hicks tends to be the front of the belly tightening or in one spot or on one side & uncomfortable but shouldn’t be painful

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of labor?

I had this and gave birth at 37 weeks bearing in mind he was my Forth child so very common too deliver slightly early if it’s your 2nd or more baby, keep hydrated has I was having pains with my 3rd that felt like labour but they gave me fluids through a drip and the pain stopped but I was In the process of being induced shortly after due to other reason I would definitely drink alot of fluids try apple and pineapple juice x

Im currently 40 weeks, had hot flushes, diarrhea and intermittent cramping at 37 weeks but shes still in there. :roll_eyes:

Best to seek medical advice first thing …I wish you all the best x

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Make sure you are well hydrated, and call your doctor just to be safe.

I’ve had this for around a week, I’m 38 weeks and nothing :expressionless:

Not in all cases but I had this followed by bleeding then had my boy in the evening at 34 weeks . Defiantly ring your maternity unit. Who check you and your baby. Xx

From experience (not saying it will happen to you) I had that at 29 weeks thought the belly cramps and diarrhoea was a bug went into labour over night had him spent 8 weeks on neonatal so ring hospital better be safe than sorry x

You need to be seeing your doctor/midwife, not asking here!


Iv been the same and I’m 34wks feel like my period is about to arrive :weary: I’m getting induced the 25th at 37wks if he doesn’t come sooner! Make sure your drinking lots of water that usually is reason why I get lots of Braxton hicks if I don’t drink enough x

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Diarrhea can give you bad cramps, but You should definitely go see your doctor to get checked.

You’d know if it was Labour as it would be very regular and pain would increase rapidly too. Probably just the hicks. I had these with all 3 pregnancies from around 30 weeks pregnant. All 3 were past their due dates, had sweeps and was eventually induced with 1 pregnancy.

Diarrhea could be causing the “contractions” as well. Something besides labor could be going on. Too many what if’s. Call your doctor.

It could be Braxton Hicks brought on by dehydration.
At 33 weeks you don’t want labor to be soon, call your doctor and see what they say.

Yep sounds like Braxton Hicks to me

Like someone else posted if you get more than six in an hour you need to go to the ob department and get checked just to be on the safe side

Braxton hicks! Don’t be alarmed! It happens.

no. there Braxton hicks

No joke i pooped my brains out before labor with both my girls​:unamused::flushed::nauseated_face: then ended up in labor after.

Drink lots of water, lay on your left side and if it stops you’re good… if hasn’t stopped within 30min or so, you need to go to dr

When in doubt, check it out. I didn’t get ANY contractions or anything before my son was born. I was at work and my water broke. It wasn’t until about 4 hours after my water broke that I actually went into labor. So just go in and they will tell you.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of labor?

Braxton hicks can feel real, you’ll know when it’s real labor trust me lol


Yup. Went in to labor on Thursday. Even dilated. Got to the hospital and it stopped. Went back home and finally went in to labor on Tuesday and had my son.

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Get checked out that happened to me with my last baby and I thought it was lighting crotch and I was in labor ended up pushing to the hospital and having my baby in the labor and delivery hallway . She came 9 weeks early . I would get checked out. Better safe then sorry.


I’d get checked. I’m 30 weeks and was told anything I even think is a contraction to go in especially if it’s consistent.

Could be Braxton hicks. But presently im dealing with what the doctor call prodromal labour. Which is real contractions that go no where unfortunately. It’s my body preparing for the real deal but could take days, weeks, even a month to get to real labour she said.
Mind you it starts around the same time every night now, so there’s a pattern to it. It just doesn’t increase in time and intensity to signify active labour.
It truly sucks and is so uncomfortable. I feel for you :sob:


I would try to keep baby in as long as possible my oldest was born at 33 weeks and was in nicu for a while if you feel like they are real contractions go with your gut and get checked so they can stop your labor


Girl get your butt to the hospital. You need to get checked and possibly prevent a NICU baby. Go now

You should go and get checked even tho its more likely braxton hicks because if labour started and suddenly stopped baby could be in distress and its still too early to be born always always get checked

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Your body is getting ready for labor. It’s pretty normal. If your worried, get checked out.

It happened to me, and they weren’t Braxton hicks. My labor started and then stopped. And then started again the next day.

I have 5 kids and was always told if I had more than 5 contractions in an hour go get checked

See a doctor love. It’s hard to give a definite answer online because labor is different for everyone. My first baby was born at 35 weeks via emergency c-section but most likely would’ve been born earlier if I hadn’t mistook my labor as Braxton Hicks and spontaneous leakage of
amniotic fluid for me peeing myself like I had basically done my entire pregnancy.

I can promise you will know when it’s actual labor. When you can’t speak during a contraction it’s time to go to the hospital. OR if your water breaks always go

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You can have real contractions an be dilating for weeks. Lay on your left side an drink a glass of water, if they stop then continue on. If they don’t an get worse go to labor delivery or call doctor first.

Following! I’ve been having contractions, horrible lighting crotch and lots of cramping. I’m 32 weeks.

Everyone is different. I personally never went into labor on my own. My mom didn’t even know she was in labor with my brother. She went to get checked if she was leaking fluid and found out she was and was also 5cm dilated already and in active labor. Had no pain lol.

Might want to call your Dr

Call. Your. Doctor. Now.

It can be tiresome but when that far along, we found everything a reason to go to the doctor or call our midwife. Definitely better safe than sorry. Could be Braxton hicks, or could be early labor

If in doubt get checked out and make sure to do your kick counts

Could be braxon Hicks but please get checked. I know everyone is different but contractions for me were severe I couldn’t even talk when I had them

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I’m 35 weeks pregnant
Was told it’s braxton hicks
But better be safe call your doctor

Always call your obgyn just like your beautiful baby every pregnancy is different.

Mom of 3, I wish I could tell you but I never got to experience natural labor. I was induced with all of mine.

I was having contractions for few weeks before I went intill active labour ended up 11 days over … hospital will only see u if 3 /5 mins apart and constant …ring them if ur worried x

Braxton Hicks. Your body is getting ready. Real labor won’t stop. Next time if you get 4 or more contractions in an hour for 4 hours go in because it’s most likely real labor

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What is lightning crotch?


I was told anything regular whether real or Braxton more than 5 times in an hour I should call.

When you have actual labour you will totally know about it. Sounds like what you just had was Braxton Hicks. Baby should be along very shortly.

I am on baby 4. I was in the hospital a week ago for contractions . Turns out I have had an irritated uterus. We live on the farm and I had to drive the golf cart and open the gates. We spent 5 hours in labor and delivery and was just recommended rest. My last baby came at 36.5 wks but I thought the contractions were just poop pains (colitis/ ibd/ibs). I literally got to the hospital at 545 and he born at 614. The first 2 were induced and I had an epidural. So no idea what contractions felt like. Hoping this one comes fast

Similar things happened to me but I was at 38w. Doctors said it wasn’t Braxton Hicks but they specifically used the term “pre-labor” so I was having actual contractions but they weren’t the “baby is ready” ones I guess? It was utterly annoying. After the forth time showing up at the hospital they finally let me stay and started inducing at 39.5w. Good luck and definitely check with your doctor.

You can go get checked out by the doc if it’s a concern. Better to be certain than uncertain

Go and get check out this happen to myself I was 36 weeks and was having contractions and showing signs of going into labour but luckily I didn’t but when I was past my due date I had contractions and I didn’t think it was anything went to my midwife appointment and they told me to go straight to the hospital as I was 5cm and in active labour its always better to get checked out x

Youll definitely know when its real contractions and labor

Braxton hicks most likely… I been having them since about right where you are & im 36 weeks 4 days today. I still get them. I had them roughly a week & a half ago that drug out for two days & then stopped & haven’t had em since. The lightening crotch is NO JOKE either so I feel your pain, I absolutely hate it lol. Idk about you, but I also get this pain in my groin that feel likes it’s about to be a Charlie horse but just stops short of being one & it’s sucks so bad. It will make my entire leg feel like it’s giving out !! Usually with my last three when it got to this point I only lasted maybe another two weeks so I’m thinking I’m pretty close. He’s already a decent size & is head down & dropped so I’m thinking he’s coming sooner than later lol.

Everyone is different. With both of my kids I didn’t have any Braxton Hicks. My first was born at 36 weeks and my second at 37 weeks. Always check with your midwife.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of labor?

Braxton Hicks. Drink lots of water, stay hydrated, and try to lay on left side to help calm everything down. It’s just the beginning. Your body is doing final stretching and preparing for your baby. You will have it for a few weeks I’m sure.

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It was so bad with my second. I would bounce and bounce on a yoga ball and the contractions would get so bad! I was induced with both.

Drink lots of water and put your feet up. It’s braxton hicks if it doesn’t progress or it goes away

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32 weeks is really early. You don’t want labor right now. Tight feeling is Braxton Hicks. I literally was buckled over in pain couldn’t move or walk with my contractions. I feel like you’re unsure until they actually happen.


I went into labor early at 32 weeks. Worst experience of our lives. We spent 47 days in the NICU. Please drink lots of water. Call your doctor. Don’t ignore these signs like I did please. Your baby needs more time

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My twins were born at 32 weeks, try not to panic hun , your body knows what its doing xx

This happened to me, ring triage and get checked just to be safe. I didnt for days as they said jyst braxton hicks. I finally went and got saw… my waters went as I arrived and baby was here within 23 mins. I was 33 weeks and she was totally fine but get yourself checked just to be sure :heart::heart::heart::heart:

I went into labour with my first at 34 weeks said it wasn’t the norm or usual to do so had her 5 hours later nearly 6 weeks early 5lb 4 she was 13 years layer she’s now taller than me :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:t3::joy::joy: u know ur own body try not stress just worry urself more than u need to wee one will be here when ready no one had a guide book xx

Ppl can’t even get on here and ask for other opinions uess a rude judgemental comment is posted. I just don’t understand why people are the this way anymore it didn’t used to b like this…


Well we aren’t doctors. But I can tell you that Braxton Hicks can be painful. But real contractions for me felt different. Not like tightening but like period cramps at first, times a million LOL. But seriously, ask your doctor, not social media. That’s just irresponsible.


For me, it started off with stomach tightening lasting about twenty seconds, 15 minutes apart consistently for about 8 hours. Then gradually got more painful and between 5-8 minutes apart consistently, and I could not lay down at all, in any position, because of the pain. That is when I went into the hospital and had my baby about four hours later. I did not have a noticeable mucus plug, and my water broke about thirty minutes before my baby was pushing their way through to the world.

Watch for your mucus plug…looks like bloody, clear glob of rubber cement, then within a week. :slightly_smiling_face: The mucus plug is a thick clump of cervical mucus that forms during pregnancy, helping block the cervix. The cervix is the entrance from the vagina to the uterus. When a person loses their mucus plug, it may mean that labor will begin soon.

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I would go in for a check. That’s what they’re there for.

If they’re inconsistent (disappearing over night) then they’re BH contractions

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Braxton Hicks. Very normal.

Have you lost your mucus plug yet?

Real contractions feel like your gunna shit yourself lol

Could be Braxton Hicks.

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Braxton Hicks I believe. Check for bloody show or mucus.

Make sure you are still feeling the baby moving. Go to ER if not!

Labor doesn’t just stop once it’s started so it’s probably bh. Call your doctor though, always. That’s why they’re there and they know specifics of your pregnancy so they could tell you better than we could. You’re close either way so good luck!

Call your doctor or the PA, they will probably want to see you. Good luck!

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I had terrible regular braxton hicks just as you described from around 35 weeks and I went full term. Personally I’d probably talk to your midwife though just to be safe as you’re nowhere near full term.

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Could be Braxton hicks, but I would ring your triage unit to be safe

It could well be signs of labour. My contractions slowed right down because I was dehydrated. Make sure you drink plenty x

I had this I would get checked as they said was braxton hicks then my daughter arrived early :roll_eyes:

Probably braxton hicks but speak to your midwife as it is early for baby to come they may decide to give steroids for baby’s lungs just incase. Have you still had plenty of movement from baby today? Xx

I had this with my 2nd at 34 weeks and I was classed as in early labour as my cervix was slightly dilated.
They gave me steroid injections for the babies lungs and I stayed in hospital over night so I could have the 2nd dose of injections 24hrs later then I was discharged.
She was born 7 weeks after :joy::woman_facepalming: x

I had similar with my secound, I was up one night having regular contractions that wouldn’t go away from walking around or drinking water (so wasn’t Branxton hicks) around 34 weeks i think.
Went into labour at 37wks before my waters broke the contractions literally felt the exact same As what I experienced at 34 weeks but obviously without out the actual labour part.
Lighting crotch i experienced for ages as my son sat low from early on.

I’m 31+5 and am classed as being in early labour. I have had exactly the same. Really bad for a couple hours then nothing for a few days. Check with your midwife they may want you to have a steroid injection for his lungs xx

Why don’t you just call your doctor

It’s called Braxton hicks contractions