What are the signs of labor?

Braxton hicks I believe its called… Your body’s getting prepared.

This happened to me, 2 days later my waters broke xx

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of labor?

Don’t worry when your in labor you will know. The contractions will be strong enough to take your breath away - that’s when you have to concentrate on breathing

It could be Braxton hicks. They feel pretty intense.
I woke up to cramps & I couldn’t fall back asleep i ended up having a bath & almost fell asleep in the tub I forced myself up & as I soon as I stood up the pain was back so I kind of figured I was in labor then I got dressed & my water broke so we rushed to the hospital. Within 8 hours I was 3 CM dilated when I got to the hospital. He wasn’t long coming at all & it was not far apart at all. But if you’re having Braxton hicks you’re probably getting very close to having your little one.

When you’re in labor the contractions will only get worse and they won’t go away.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of labor?

I will say this much- I always expected my water would break and I’d clearly know it’s labor. But NO lol with my son, my water broke like 5 hours in, when a nurse checked me. With my daughter, my water broke at 10cm when it was go time and I had her minutes later. Movies are wrong and it’s not like that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Colostrum is normal before birth, you can start hand expressing it now to save for feeds after birth.
Even if you had actual contractions now, it could be weeks before you gave birth.
Nothing here shouts birth is imminent x


That’s your colostrum. Consistent contractions would be labor. I had Braxton hicks for a while then at 38-39 weeks I started contracting, not consistent, pretty sporadic. I know they were real contractions though because I felt pressure down below and I didn’t feel those with Braxton hicks. When I went to be induced at 39 weeks I was dilated to a 2.

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Sounds like your body is setting itself up for labor. My daughter did the same way around 34 weeks, she gave birth at 39 weeks on Feb 8th.

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I started leaking af like 26 weeks :woozy_face: this all sounds normal!!

The stuff you’re leaking is colostrum. Which is super good for baby, and you can lose your mucas plug multiple times and it grow back! So I wouldn’t worry. I lost mine 3 times my last pregnancy. You will for sure know when you’re having contractions! And it’s time! There won’t be any mistaking it! Just try and rest :slightly_smiling_face:


I always tell people this. At 34 weeks you need to do your kick counts. This is all normal. Your water may not break on its own even in full active labor. When you’re in labor your contractions will steadily get worse and they will become more and more frequent. You can be dilated for weeks without progress. You can also have constant contractions without progress (had this with my youngest from 34 weeks until I gave birth). Trust your instincts.


Lactating several weeks before labor is normal. My water never broke and I didn’t lose my mucus plug.

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My first… I had period like cramps for about a week. I was sleeping & i thought I had peed my pants, but it was my water breaking. I was 31 & 6. I got flown to a hospital with a nicu & I stayed in the hospital until they induced me at 34 weeks. With my second, I was on progesterone shots & had contractions all night. Hospital stopped them. I was 35 weeks. Later that same day, they came back. I was flown again to a hospital with a nicu & had my daughter.

I’m 37 weeks and I’ve had contractions but not consistently I haven’t lost my mucus plug yet and I’m dilated to a one. Dr says I still have some time.

My water never broke and never had “you know tour in labor contractions” I was cramps and couldn’t keep anything down went to the hospital I was 8cm dilated never felt the first contraction

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Sounds like your body is getting ready, has your stomach dropped? I’m 37 wks atm, baby is finally dropping and I’ve got colostrum happening too, it’s normal. You’ll know when you’re in Labor though. Soon enough mama.

Be careful when into labor at 5 months and it had to be stop. I didn’t even feel a thing. I was just whiney

With both my kids I had sporadic contractions for the last month. Both kids my water broke before I went into labor but I’ve had friends that their water never broke. But trust me you’ll know when it’s real. You just all of a sudden get this feeling.

Your body is getting ready for sure…they will stop labor pains but let you go 2weeks before your due date…

That yellowish liquid is colostrum. They drink that before your milk comes in. It sounds like it wont be long now.

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My first I lost my mucus plug at 34 weeks. I was going to mention this to my dr in a few days when I saw them but never got the chance as a day or so later my water broke.

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Myself and everyone else here seems to be able to tell you, but my question is why you’re coming to Facebook for answers when you should be calling your provider or going to ER if you think you’re in labour. Even then, Google is more rational than coming to a group.
I’m not trying to put you down because we do all need help and its nice to get from others, but you should focus on you & your baby’s health, not the internet.

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You will know, the contractions will feel different, and they should be more consistent than the Braxton-hicks. I didn’t know when I lost my mucus plug with any of my three. I just knew, it felt different.

It’s so hard to say! My first I had no symptoms, my water just broke at 37 weeks. My second was the same but my water spontaneously broke at 32 weeks. Now my 3rd I swore I would have early. Back aches, lightning pains, mood swings, even regular contractions. He made his debut at 39 weeks. I really believe babies just come when they want to. See if your provider will do a FFN test since you’re 34 weeks!

This is prep still could be 6 weeks

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I know people dilated 4cm for a couple weeks nit going farther.

Can you feel the baby move today? At 34 weeks you should still feel movement. I would call my OB tell them my symptoms and probably go in just to make sure my amniotic fluid wasn’t leaking.

With all four babies I’ve always started lactating the same way around that time. You could be 3cm dilated and stay that way for weeks. Heck some go 2months dilated like that. So I honestly think your body is doing what it should do. It’s preparing :heart: is what it sounds like to me!

I’ve had 2 pregnancy, my water never broke at home. Watch for back pain as well as cramping. I had it both ways. I think your body is preparing its self. Best of wishes to you and your new little miracle.

When I lost my mucus plug I started going into labor one or two days later. First it started with contractions that just got stronger and then my lower back started hurting. I went in even though my water didn’t break and when I went in I was already at 5cm. I had my baby a week early. The contractions were consistent so timing them is best. Everyone’s different though.

Call your provider or go in to be safe if you feel any way that this may be labor.

Each pregnancy and labor is different even though many have similarities to others. Your body usually starts prepping for labor weeks before baby is actually ready to arrive. Some women go 40+ weeks and have no symptoms.

For me my first soj my water broke. But it was a trickle. Nothing like i expected or was told would happen. - i was in active labor when i got to the hospotal and then stalled for a few hours.

My daughter, ibwas already dilated, and habing kild contractions. Was set to be induced after 6 hours they broke my water, she came about 6 hours later.

My third, i was uncomfortable and only went in to be checked due to being told i had low amniotic fluids and needed to be checked every other day (following day my my day to be checked) -i was afraid my baby was suffocating, not 4hat i was in labor. He came within the next 2 hours. 40+1, 39+1,38 weeks. Currently33 weeks pregnant with my 4th and this pregnancy has been so different. Shes measuring 3-4 weeks ahead and ive been cramping a lot the last week

I started dilating a month before they finally induced me about a week after my due date. I would definitely recommend seeing your doctor. She came into the world fast, less than 2 hour’s the second one almost was born in the car.

Braxton hicks they are a bit painful but if u worry and stress out you’ll make your baby the same, try relax, they say I’d they last more than an 1.5 hrs is early labor. Braxton hicks shouldn’t last more than 2 hrs

Go get checked!!! Everyone says you’ll know the difference but that isn’t always true. With my last 2 pregnancies I had what I thought were Braxton hicks contractions. I realized it was labor when my water broke. The 2nd time my water didn’t break but I went to be checked just in case. Labor wasn’t painful, just uncomfortable. Every woman is different.

For me I had braxton hicks for weeks before baby came at 37+4 @03.26am. My waters broke at 37+2 @8pm and contractions started about 30minutes later, I never lost my mucus plug. You will know the difference between braxton hicks and real contractions. Braxton hicks are really irregular, light pains that feel abit like more intense period pains. Contractions are regular and became more and more painful for me.
My advice… dont be a hero and try and go without an epidural if u want one have it… and dont forget to breath!
The colostrum that ur leaking, if you can get it into a syringe take it to hospital with to give to baby (I breastfed and topped baby up with the colostrum while I was in hospital and baby only lost 6% of his weight… they allow up to 10%)
Good luck, enjoy the last few weeks without a tiny human attached to you 24 hours a day :joy:

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Girl you will know when your in labor, it freaking hurts and you feel the pressure. Even your first time. I just had my fourth and the saying the pain the most forgetful thing until you go through it again is the truth!! God bless and wishing you all the best!

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Losing your plug dose not mean that labor is near. The fluid your talking about is completely normal and it’s also not a sign of labor unless you know your cervix is dialed for sure then I don’t think it would be as I was in the hospital at 33 weeks and 5 days my cervix was dialed to a 3 and I was hospitalized until I had my son. You should just go and be checked. But from the sounds of it after having multiple kids you don’t sound like you are in labor or that labor is near

Talk to your doctor, they can also do a cervical check so they will know for sure if you’re dilated. They can go over the signs of labor with you. At 34 weeks your baby still has some growing to do, so it’s a bit early. I was told about 39 weeks ideal.

I was 1cm dilated at 35weeks with my first, started lactating at 25 weeks. I had some Braxton hicks at 35 weeks. But I didn’t go into labour. I was induced and they broke my water for me at 41 weeks. I was 3cm when they broke my water. I had harsher contractions due to the Pitocin to induce me but they were different than the false labour. More so in my back than anything else.

You will lose your mucous plug and have a bloody show.

When my daughter started losing her mucus plug she went into labor within the week. Besides the mucus plug she didnt have any other symptoms of labor besides maybe some Braxton hicks but the contractions just started out of no where in the middle of the night. She was 36 weeks 3 days when baby was born.

Call the doc, or go in and be checked. Every birth is different.


Ummmm go to the hospital

I just had my baby 3 weeks ago. For me the signs were, I stopped gaining weight a week before I gave birth and I was feeling tired and my lower back was aching. Then 2 days before going into active labor I started losing my mucus plug and began cramping. That’s how I knew I was going to go into labor pretty soon. You will know because your body will let you know. Eventually I started feeling actual contractions in the middle of the night the day I went into labor.

I lost my mucus plug and contractions came right after, later that day I had my baby. But people are different, you’ll know when you start feeling strong contractions.

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Honey don’t worry . You’ll know when that baby is coming . You won’t have any question about it lol.


Water may not break.mine never did and had 4

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Always go in and get checked, just to be safe. When I was pregnant with my daughter I had contractions off and on all night. And in the morning lost my mucus plug. I called the hospital and the OB nurse told me to rest, that my body was just preparing itself. It’s a good thing I didn’t listen to the nurse on the phone… If I would have stayed home and rested like she advised, I would have had my daughter at home by myself with nobody there besides my 2 yr old son. By the way this was a month and a half before my due date. Better be safe then sorry.


Lactating is 100% normal. What you’re seeing is colostrum. Totally normal some people start having that at like 10 weeks. It’s doesn’t mean anything as far as labor. If you’re having consistent Braxton hicks they could be real contractions and just not be painful however one big cause of them is dehydration so drink some water and relax and try to time them. If they’re consistent or don’t stop then I’d be concerned but nothing else you said sounds like signs of labor.


Everybody is different. Call your Dr.
My first labor was over 3 days. 2nd, I lost my plug twice. No labor. Made it may scheduled c-section.

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Your nipples are leaking colostrum (ealry breast milk) and that’s totally normal! I leaked from 18 weeks on.
Early signs of labor other than water breaking or contractions can include diarrhea.


When ever in doubt or uneasy see the dr. Put ur mind at easy. You may be in early labor. Gl


It’s hard to say there are no full tale signs everyones labor is different. With my first I had back pain that was about it until I was in the transition phase. My next one I woke up to pee came back to bed and realized my bed was soaked no contractions until a few hours later my 3rd I was having mild cramps went and picked my kids made dinner went to hospital was sent home labor at home until I was having back to back contractions when I walked and my 4th I was Induced.
If your talking about your boobs leaking that has no effect on when labor will start

My only sign for both my boys was my water broke. I’m so glad I didn’t have to second guess.

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Body is starting to prepare… a long process… try not to stress, call Dr. If it helps… relax, have a cup o tea… maybe a nice bath…


If you think you may be, get checked, but just by the things you’ve posted, I’d say no. Leaking breastmilk is normal at that stage. You can sit at 3cm dilated for weeks. Braxton hicks are normal. I’d say you’re probably good for now, but if you feel like you need a doctor, go in! I’ve had 6 kids and know how a little reassurance can ease your mind so much!


call your Doctor and go to the hospital fast, better safe then sorry.


All totally normal. You will know when you’re actually in labor. And if they still do dr checks every week the last month or so, your Dr will let you know if any concerns need to be addressed.


I would say
Bubs isn’t quite cooked yet
I lost my plug when I was 6 cm diolated
My waters didn’t break
With my first one
First labors can take a while
And can stop and start
It doesn’t sound like you have gone into progressive labor as yet
Every woman’s labor experience is different
For instance
As I said I lost my plug at 6 cm
Which was when my contractions started
At 40 mins apart
Most women have contractions in their belly
Mine were in my thighs
I waited until my contractions were 15 mins apart
When hubby got home from towing his mates car back to our place
I told him it was time
Well every pregnant woman’s nightmare came true
The Damn car wouldn’t start
Eventually got to the hospital
After 2 hours of being in maternity
My labor stopped
Due to the fact that I was over due they kept me in for observation
Nurse gives me a sleeping tablet as I was already exhausted
At 10 pm I went back into full on active labor
Contractions back in my thighs
She was born at 5.12 the following morning
Part of my birth plan
Was to watch the birth
As soon as they got the mirror in place
They had to move it and scramble for a scalpel as she was coming still in the sack and it had to broken as she was being delivered
I’m sure when bubs is ready to make an entrance
Your body will know what to do
When it’s time
Good luck with your labor and delivery

Everyone’s diff but once ur tummy starts getting tight consistently and feels like pressure that’s usually go time. before the real pain starts


U will be fine my fourth child I had no labor

Call the doctor or go to the ER

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Mine was lower back pain at 35+4 days. I was told 4 hours after I went in to be on the safe side that I was having a baby in the next 24 hours. Emergency C-section 12 hours later. Everyone is different, trust your gut and don’t feel guilty for asking to get checked out.


Call your Dr they may need to see you

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That is colostrum and it’s totally normal. You can wear nipple pads to catch it or you can even get a haaka and collect it to save for baby if they need it. You shouldn’t pump but a haaka is safe. Drink plenty of water and lie on your left side and it should help the cramping/contractions settle down.

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You really do know when your in labor. Its very intense. Your entire belly gets very hard and It stops your breath. That’s why each contraction ide take a big breath and tears would just flow. It was a beautiful pain. You can feel baby getting ready and feel pressure when it’s time to push. Call your Dr if you think you are in labor.

I have never been in labor but I have two boys. My first was an emergency c section at 28 weeks and my second was born via c section at 42 weeks. My body just DID NOT want to do what it was needing to do to get my second out. The hospital I went to for him, the didn’t do VBAC so I had to schedule a c section. Looking back I’m glad it happened that way because he was a BIG baby for me. I was 118 pregnant with him and he was 8lbs 5 oz lol I was all baby. But that baby did Not want to come.

Lactating is normal just put some pads on or something to collect it if your breastfeeding. I didn’t lose my mucus plug until my water broke. My first labor I had no pain at all but you will know when u need to go to the hospital your water will break

Your doctor should have said/told you by now.
There’s a few different signs that happen gradually. Everything from the mucus plug to slight cramps to water break to contractions, real contractions every 2-3mins…not the Braxton Hicks

*question: are you measuring on time? Like when they measure the stomach top to bottom? Actually they’re measuring the size of the uterus but you know what I mean. It’s supposed to be to the exact week you are. Like if you’re measuring at a 34 then indeed you are right on time, earlier or later.

First baby? I assume

From the sounds of it-you prob have another week. But sex/semen willll make you contract so be careful if you are indeed 34 wks :+1:t5:don’t wanna do that.

You only want to do that if you’re at least 38/39 wks.

See the doctor. I was 4 cm dilated for a month before birth. And even then my waters had to be broken as they would not self break

Everyone is different, with my daughter my water just broke, wasn’t dilated, or anything, an was still a few weeks before my due date. But with my son he dropped, lost the mucus plug, and dilated, and contractions but had to have my water break. Usually signs are the Braxton hicks or a lot more discomfort than usual

You can be dilated to 1-2 for a few weeks. Every pregnancy and labor is different. Work with your doctor to form a good plan.

The fluid is colostrum - it’s your baby’s first vitamins, minerals, antibodies & all kinds of other magnificent nutrition that your body provides … After a few days of nursing your milk will come in - your milk for the first couple weeks called “first milk” is higher in fats & extremely valuable to your baby… After a couple weeks it will change a bit & adjust itself to your baby’s needs …

You are lactating colostrum… it is like (early stage breast milk…) that is totally normal towards the end of pregnancy… you would definitely know if you were in labor… there will be many signs…not just 1 typically… I’d say your body is just getting ready to be having baby soon…that’s all.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of labor?

Could be early labor signs. Your best bet is to go to the hospital and check. If your water hasn’t broke. I would say it’s your body preparing for labor.


Not to put a downer on it but that can happen till 40 weeks x

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Could be Braxton Hicks. My plug fell out weeks before I was due and was having false labor all the time. Keep count of if and when you have pains and how long. You can always call your o call Dr for an option before heading in.

Can’t get hurt to get checked to be safe. (Also, My bday is May 14th❤️)

Could be bile. That happened to me & dr did emergency c section.

yepper u could have it any time

Your mucus plug can regenerate so it’s not really a sign that labor is coming


With your bowel movements and back pain, PLUS losing your mucus plug this early, you need to go get checked.


Could be something, could be nothing. Get it checked out. I have similar stuff going on, also 32 weeks. I’m going in for a check this morning.

When in doubt get seen. Stress isn’t good for you nor baby.

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You can have lower pains and loose stools for a while before you give birth/go into labor. You can also lose pieces of your mucus plug. Losing pieces of it doesn’t mean you are going into labor. To be on the safe side, I would call your doctor or go in to be checked at your L&D hospital! :heart:

Go get checked out bc you can have light labor

I’m 34 weeks and feeling the same and lost my plug last week, this is the third time I’ve lost it now and it grew back. If your worried go and get it checked but most of the time they will just say it will grow back. Hope this helps x

I’d go get checked just to be safe. Everyone’s and each pregnancy with me was different so it’s hard to say the common signs lol

Could be early labour

this is all normal for around that time. some get it some dont. just cause u lost ur plug dont mean ur going into labor next week lol call ur dr if ur worried but i wouldn worry.

I would go to OB those could be signs you might go into labor early. 32 weeks is a little too early. Prob want to try to keep baby in until 37 weeks.

I would def get checked ! My dr said anytime after 30 weeks could be baby time … when we had asked about traveling she advised no more then an hour from the hospital in case I went into early labor !

You need to go get checked out. If it’s real labor, you don’t want to play around with timing

Ask the doctor not Facebook


Talk to your Dr. Not Facebook


I went into labor the day of or after I lost my plug both pregnancies

I’d get checked for sure.