What are the signs of menopause?

Help! I am 39 yr old, have had two children. (Both grown and gone) lately, I have felt like my cheeks and neck are on fire, headaches, and nausea. Over the past year, I have lost 38+ pounds to bring me to 131. I do drink a little more than I should, but my issue is, I haven’t really had my period in like, four months. I’ve had cramping and spotting, but not an actual period. My youngest is 19, so surely I’m not pregnant. Right? Am I going through menopause?


Probably premenaposal but thats when alot get pregnant be careful

Yes, see a Dr… wait loss is not a symptom of menopause

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Not menopause, you don’t lose weight.


Peri menopause is the beginning stages, but you don’t lose weight with menopause , you should maybe talk with your Dr, it could be something serious wrong


See your doc… I was going through something similar at 45, just not weight loss, and I found out I have 2.5mm lesion on my pituitary gland.

Same thing happened to me, saw dr… not pregnant and not premenopausal. They took blood all results normal. Now I’m in the 5th month n finally got my period. It was weird but now my periods can get back on track and ovulation cycles on track

It also can be diabetes I lost 20lbs and no period for months. I was told I had diabetes

39, You still young and can still get prego, might need a pregnancy test :woman_shrugging:


yu also could be prego i would be tested and losing weight during menopause never heard of it ,menopause hits different people different ways my daughter wasthe total oppistite of me,.she had to go on a hormone drug for a while.

Maybe ovarian failure? Talk to gynecologist or endocrinologist

Not menapose weight loss like that see Dr

Whatever is wrong I pray it’s a simple fix for you god bless

You need to see a doctor and not ask Facebook.


My sister went through something very similar and it turned out to be diabetes.:pensive:

Google. Talk yo your doctor

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Even if your youngest is 19, that doesn’t mean you can’t be pregnant.


Please please please book a dr appointment right now. 4 months and the loss of weight - it could be pregnancy yes but unlikely with weight loss (which could also be the reason for period changes, or Menopause… or Cancer … please see a doctor.


Google will make someone think they dying if they just have a tiny sneeze. I’m a nurse, folks really get scared when they Google search symptoms.

But I will add please be seen. Chances are it is not menopause. Not at your age. I could list a ton of items that need checked. Do you have your annual well visits? I would contact my primary and my GYN. Hope you get feeling better.

Have your thyroid checked


Im 57 now I had my last period 10 years ago I still get hot flushes they say in theory wot age you first start your period when you go into menopause I started at 11 but there’s ppl I’ve heard of started at 30 go doctor they can do a test on yiu

Yeah… you need to 1. Take a test. 2. If it comes back negative, talk to your Dr. 3 if you’re drinking more that can cause all that too. Hard to say. But I wouldn’t rule anything out or in by what people say on here. Go to a Dr. Get a test.

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What a worry see your doctor

Have you had sex? Menopause or not occurring.
Only you can say if its possible. Age of your current doesnt determine if you can be pregnant or not.
If your concerned…take a pregnancy test. And also go see a Dr… If you can afford a Dr… I dont know your situation.
Go to the health Dept. Its not as bad as people make it out to be. I went there for years…
Good people there.
I miss my NP…

I would start with taking a pregnancy test over the counter. If you’re pregnant you need to quit drinking. Make whatever decisions you need to make and prepare. You need to go see your doctor ASAP. Wish you the best!

My oldest child is 21. I’m 39 and I’m currently pregnant. You should get a pregnancy test. 39 is to young for menopause. You should also get checked up at the gyno

Talk to a real doctor. Not Google or Facebook doctors


Take a test, 1year without a period, hot flashes& night sweats suck. Your Doc can decide on hormone therapy, it’s no big deal. It’s called perimenipausal. It sucks but you’ll live.

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Have you taken a pregnancy test. Start at the issue and then work from there or better still go and see a doctor asap.

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My son was 21 years old when I gave birth to my daughter.

Have a dr check your thyroid T3, T4, and antibodies. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism at 39 this year. Most people don’t know but the thyroid being off can severely effect you and its a simple blood test.

Sounds like pregnancy symptoms. You should check with your dr because you’re not too old to get pregnant.

Pregnancy isn’t determined by how old your last kid is… You sound knocked up to me…you should probably go see your doctor :woman_facepalming:t3: :roll_eyes:


Stress can cause all of those things. Relax and go see a DOCTOR .Hope everything is OK .

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Both scenarios could be possible best to check it out with the doctor. Think about family history.

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Get that thyroid checked

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I was 44 and had the same symptoms and I was pregnant for number 6.

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Well talk to your doc and take a pregnancy test

You need to get your thyroid checked


Definitely take a pregnancy test, if that’s negative then you should see your doctor to find out what is going on

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I got pregnant for the first time at 36 (turned 37 before she was born). I’d take a test juuuuuust to be on the safe side.

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Thyroid problem and/or pregnancy

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I would take a pregnancy test just to rule that out. I just had my last daughter at37. My oldest daughter is 20. So it’s possible.

The same thing happened to my mom! But she was pregnant at 40! She thought she was going through menopause and she was 2 mo that pregnant! Good luck!

I think you are pregnant mama.

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Thyroid is highly suspect but the weight loss concerns me. Unless you were aiming for it. Weight loss like that can be a sign of cancer.

I’m going thru that now and I’m menopausal could be either go get checked better safe than sorry . also I have Thyroid issues an those are none of my symptoms at all .

Take a pregnancy test to rule that out…then see ur dr and get ur Thyroid checked! Then go from there. Good luck :heart:

I literally think mine started when in was 23. I haven’t had a period in years, a couple occasions of hot flashes. well be 50 this Saturday.

Take a pregnancy test. They don’t call it menopause technically until you’ve been absent of bleeding for at least a year

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Go to your doctor to get the full work up. My mom was 38 when I was born & she referred to me as “the change of life baby”. Anything is possible so might as well get everything checked out.

Your period could also stop because of the weight loss. I’d still talk to your doctor about this

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Go to the doctor. They are qualified to give you a diagnosis. Your symptoms could be anything as they are symptoms of so many things from pregnancy to a hormone imbalance. Whatever it is, get an early diagnosis. Good luck


I’m going through mine and do feel sick occasionally but the hot flushes are a sign and my periods are very irregular

You most definitely could be going through a start of it. I had all thr signs, that you mentioned. Although, my doctor said i had to go 12 full months, without spotting or a full period, i done that, and havent had a period since.
Dr done blood work, to get a hormone count, mine, was way low…that is how she told me they determine if that was actually what it was. I was 42

I’m 38 and my eldest is 20, I’m expecting my 3rd now

You can still get pregnant at your age. I would just incase. If it’s not. It could be premenopausal, get your thyroid checked.

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Google the symptoms and see if you share any. It’s different for everyone

I had my son at 43. Thought it was menopause for 2 months.

You can be pregnant…is possible!

See doctor stress can cause thing s have be in your 50 years for what you talking about please see the doctor soo. You can

I had my 5th baby last year at 40. If I were you I’d do a test at least just to rule it out before you go down different avenues

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For a year or more I had my period almost non stop and it became unbearable so went on a low dose birth control pill which helped, but then manufacturers changed it and it no longer helped so I stopped. I was fine for about a year as far as having normal cycles then my periods became further in between and same symptoms as you. I feel that menopause feels so much like pregnancy you are almost convinced of being pregnant. I then had my period only 3 times in one year and now have had it 3 times in one month. I wish doctors could be educated enough to describe our hormonal process to us rather than just say “it’s hormones.” I also learned there is very little medical information for us to understand these huge changes in our bodies :disappointed: thankfully we have forums like this.

Why can’t you be pregnant? I had a baby at 39, 19 years after my fourth child.

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I am 40. I had on in off period and sweats. I had spotting as well pain to. Now back on Depo

My mom had my sister at 42 and i was 17

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Either way drinking isn’t helping💕

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My mom. Had her last child at 41!

Be careful I had same symptoms…uterine cancer! Get in to an OBGYN!!!


I went thru at 40, but go to the Dr, he or she can tell you. After checking me out he informed me it was “the big M!” To which I laughed and said as long as it’s not the big P I’m good!!


As most here are saying. See a doctor. You get a pregnancy test, they even have menopause tests. But a doctor is going to know the tests to give. A doctor will also know what treatments or therapies to help with the symptoms.
If there is a possibility you are pregnant, especially if sex plays in the timeline, hold off on the alcohol. Take a test asap!
I had similar issues when I started going through menopause. Including nausea. I don’t remember hot flashes (as what you’ve described) during my pregnancy but every woman is different. Best of luck. Be blessed :raised_hands:


My niece through she was going thru the change and it turns out she was pregnant at 40

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I had similar symptoms after my 1st child and it was my thyroid. Turned out to be Graves Disease. Symptoms can be similar to menopause…just see your doctor as soon as you can. Prayers. :pray:t3:


An unexplained weight loss of 38 pounds is alarming, and plenty of women have babies at 39. When you say you drink a “little more than you should” that is also alarming since it could mean you drink a lot more than you should. Get to your primary care provider ASAP for a full work up.


Decrease alcohol and have your thyroid levels checked💙A pregnancy test too of course. Good Luck

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Get to a Doctor and be checked! I did what your doing and ended up with cervix cancer! Not saying you have it but I have gone through a lot. Don’t want you to go thru what I have. I will keep you in my prayers!


My sil had her third child when her youngest was 17. She thought she was going through menopause.


I’m 38 and same symptoms and verified with gynecologist that I am in menopause. She did blood work and some other things.

You can become allergic to some sorts of alcohol but you may also be going through the change of life but do you see your doctor

I had my last child at 48. Surprise!!!

See a dr asap. Not only menopause, pregnancy, cancer is a possibility. You have to see a dr. All the symptoms and such a weight loss this could be SERIOUS.


A family member had her first child at 38, so, pregnancy could be a possibility! See a doctor, Facebook is not a medical site!


Menopause can start as early as mid 30’s but always best to see a doctors to eliminate any other conditions that have similar symptoms.

Its called pre menopause. Yet everyone starts at different times

My brother and I are 17 years apart. So it’s possible. Get checked out. If you are pregnant please don’t drink.

Stop drinking…take pregnancy test…if negative it is most likely para menopause. Check with doc

See a Dr for blood tests lh and fsh - the changing in these values the Dr can tell re menopause or not

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Have hot flashes since I was 55 and I am 72 and still get them

Do get to the doctor and get your hormones levels tested it could be your thyroid!! Don’t take no for an answer advocate for yourself!!


Take a pregnancy test. If that is confirmed not to be the issue make a doctor’s appointment


I was 42 when my youngest was born my other was 17!!!

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You normally don’t lose weight during menopause. You might need to see your doctor


We announced I was pregnant at my 40th birthday party 21 years ago so if there is a chance you could be pregnant then I would take a rest to confirm or otherwise. It is not impossible.

Go see a doctor. Not like anything I went through and i was pre menopausal before 43.

Time for a visit to doc. You have too much if a variety of things going on to address here.

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You lost weight? Usually gain with menopause Sometimes period stops then starts again Could be peri menopause the starting of menopause Call your doctor !!!

I had a baby at 40. Get checked out.

You need a Pap. The Dr will check your hormone level and tell you.

If it’s unexplained weight loss; get checked ASAP.

A blood test will tell you if it is menopause. See your doctor.