What are the signs of pregnancy?

I have 2 pull out kids

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Omg ur prob just late then :roll_eyes:

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Ask for a blood test. I was 7 months pregnant and still tested negative until they did a blood test.

My last period was 10 days late for no reason at all… sometimes it just happens

Precum is exactly why the pull out method does not work…


Go to Dr get blood wrk if you don’t start in the next week .

I’ve stressed so much before that I was like a month before I even had a period .

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Pull out definitely doesn’t work, birth control and condoms don’t either (100%)
Go to your obgyn and get blood work, underlying health issues, stress a number of things besides pregnancy can mess with your cycle.

I was 10 days late and not pregnant

Wait a week and test again

I didnt come out as pregnant with my current pregnancy till i was more 6 weeks pregnant. Doctor said my body hide the pregnancy until it couldnt anymore

A late period is not always an indication of pregnancy. It could be stress related or hormones.

iv had periods 10-15 days late for no reason! it can happen. test again in maybe a week if you haven’t gotten your period yet!

I am 7 days late negative pregnancy test are you under alot of stress x

With my second…i didnt have a period for 3 months. Asked dr for a blood test and they refused. Go to dr and get checked if it doesn’t appear in couple of days.

Finally…i went to a pregnancy clinic. Got a strong positive on blood test,so they decided to do an ultrasound in a week to see how far along i was. I was already 12 weeks. Lol. Could be just stress…but could be medical issue or just tests arent detecting the pregnancy yet.

Could be a multitude of things from stress to hormones to pregnancy. Only way to find out for sure is go to the dr. Also, if you are trying to prevent pregnancy find a different method as pullout really doesn’t work.

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A late or missing period is not an indication of pregnancy
There are many other reasons your period is late


Im 11 days late with all negative tests

You can get pregnant Precum .
Maybe stress related. Make a drs. Appointment or wait a week and retest .

I would suggest a ovulation test kit . The good kind thats how me and my husband spaced the kids apart cause I wanted them between 15-18 months . We now have a 3,5,6,7 yr. Old . You can if possible go on the pill. I get it no on likes condoms but if you want to make sure you get pregnant with the next one when you want to. might not just want to trust the pull out method or not just the pull out method.

Go talk to a health care PROFESSIONAL!

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What’s up no protection?

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Yes!!! My 6th and 7th are 10 months apart, that pull out shit dont work

or return the seeds to sender… if that is an option.

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You can get pregnant from precum.
Wait another week or so and take another test
Late period could be from many things.

Idk if anyone else is experiencing this but ever since I got my Covid shots my periods are 2-3 weeks late every month . Period being late doesn’t really mean you’re pregnant

I’m 4 months late with negative tests. Mine are irregular though🥲

Blood test or Pee test? I was 6 months pregnant when I finally got a positive ( blood) test. Dr. told me per tests aren’t as reliable. I spent 4 of those 6 months worried something was seriously wrong with me to be rewarded with a beautiful baby girl. She is 47 now and we still laugh about her “hiding” from us.

A positive pregnancy test is a pretty good sign of pregnancy. Either way, go see your doctor if you think you could be and have them explain how all that works.

Go to the dr and get a blood test. I found out at 5 weeks but my boobs were super sore and I was tired and constantly hungry

6 days nothing. 2 months hugging the toilet every morning

You CAN get pregnant from pre-ejaculation. My first sign was probably breast pain and hunger… I kept swearing my period was coming. I was 3 days late. My baby boy is 3 years old. It is also best to test with the first morning pee because it is more concentrated.

Sex ed is failing . Yes you can get pregnant without ejaculation. This is why pulling out is not a recommended form of contraception.
Periods can be late for many other reasons though so wait a week or two and test again

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of pregnancy?

Go to the doctor for a blood test. No one here has x ray vision and can see it.


I would call ur doctor and take a blood test


You could just have a UTI


Go to dr for blood test

UTI. quick urine test At doc … especially if urine is a little cloudy, urination feels like there is still a little more and definitely if pain upon urinating

I had that same problem a couple weeks ago but it just went away after a week or so I’m on nexplanon too mine expires In Dec I wasn’t pregnant tho idk what happened I would just go see your obgyn could be any number of things

Go see your doctor for a blood test.

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Idk these posts are super annoying tbh it’s common sense if you’ve had sex there’s always a possibility of pregnancy regardless of precautions being used. Wait another week and take another test or call your doctor. Nobody here can see into your uterus lol

Anyone here consider maybe she doesn’t have access to a doctor? The rudeness is really unnecessary.


Do you have any planned parenthoods near you? They offer all this kinds of different things if you are able to get there.


If only one test is positive I’d wait another week and do another one

Could be a urine infection, that’s how I feel too normally. Get blood test done maybe x

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I would go get a blood test done at your dr. That is a fool proof way to know for sure. Especially if you’ve been on birth control.

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Could be several things but the only way to know for sure is a trip to the dr. Also. Blue dye tests are notorious for false positive.

When I was pregnant with my second baby, I had gotten a positive on a clearblue, but I got negatives on 2 different first response. I heard from a lot of people that first response gives false negatives a lot if you’re early on in a pregnancy… I went to a free clinic to get it confirmed. So if possible, try to see a doctor for confirmation. Or if you’re unable to, go to a free pregnancy clinic or planned parenthood and they should do a test there to confirm if you are or not!

Get blood wrk done asap


Go to a gynecologist.


It could be a UTI. They can cause pain in your kidneys which you’re more likely to feel in your back & abdomen. If you can’t get in to a doctor, try drinking lots of water & cranberry juice to naturally flush your kidneys.


I would wait a week and test again.

When was your last period? I’m on the last two months of my third nexplanon (the first was actually implanon but it was the same thing) if I don’t have my period for a few months which happens a lot with this birth control then sometimes right before I’m about to start I feel like that. Really crampy where it goes all the way to my back for a few days then once I start it goes away. I hope that’s all it is and nothing more serious

I did that when I had a miscarriage. But hopefully that’s not what it is. Prayers :heart:

Blue dye tests are notorious for false positives. The only way to know for sure is to have your blood work done. Pregnancy symptoms are different for everyone and if you are pregnant you really should schedule blood work asap due to being on birth control.

Go to drs get blood test don’t ask Facebook or google


Sounds positive to me but that’s because that’s literally everything I went through when I was pregnant.

Go to the doctor and get them to do blood work and an ultrasound make sure it’s not in your tubes

Yeah i think u have caught it lv,go to drs

Clear blue if it’s the blue dye tests are notoriously bad for giving false positives. If the other tests are coming back negative, I’d assume you’re not pregnant.

Agree with all comments above. You need to make an appointment and see your doctor and they will do blood work to confirm if that is what it is to be sure. Doctors would be better then asking us non professionals as everyone’s pregnancies can be different. :purple_heart:

Contact your family doctor, or ob/gyn. It might be nothing, or it could be something that needs medical attention. You won’t know until you get checked out by a doctor.

Consult your smart phone.

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Go get a blood test to make sure. A false positive is rare but false negatives are more common (I tested for months and I was negative every time and then found out I was well into my 2nd trimester when I found out)

Could be the hormones from the birth control. But idk about thr positive test. I have the nexplanon since DEC 2021 and after my pp bleeding I went a few months without a period but had cramping, breast pain, and now I’m going on my 3rd week of bleeding. Very annoying. I’m thinking I’m going to need to see a doctor but don’t really want to be told it’s the hormones of thr birth control and it’s normal bc it doesn’t feel normal. I got that speal when I had the Mirena that all my symptoms were normal and caused by the hormones of the birth control.

It means you NEED to see a doctor!

I just went through this and had an ectopic pregnancy, my fallopian tube had ruptured and I would have never known but I had went in for an ultrasound because I had been spotting and they rushed me to the hospital
Go see your doctor

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Sounds like a uti. Or bladder infection. Go to docter


go to the lab for a pregnancy test - do not rely on the home methods.

Go see your dr. they’ll do a blood test just to make sure; any test that uses urine, measures the HCG so depending on when you take it, what time of day, how many times you’ve used the restroom, etc can effect the amount in your system.

:clap::tada: so happy for you!

I think you should go see you OB GYNECOLOGIST


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Could be a UTI, if anything go into the Dr and request a blood pregnancy test

Clear blues give false positives often. If you took three others and they were definitely negative, then I would say you are not pregnant


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A trip to your medical provider or obgyn


A positive test. Just because you’re experiencing other symptoms doesn’t mean you’re pregnant. Wait a few days and retest and speak to your doctor about a blood test. It’s that simple

Normally you don’t get a false positive… I’d go in just to be safe! Could be pregnant… could be ectopic pregnancy… could be miscarriage… could be other things. You’ll never fully know till you get checked out! Keep everyone updated! A lot of people don’t and it would be nice to know you are okay even if none of us know each other. Praying for you!

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False Positives are rare, but I know clear blue has more than their fair share of them. Just go get a blood draw and see what’s up.

This mama thinks that you should go see your doctor.

My friend at college has got pregnant twice on the implant so it’s possible

Faint positive then negative tests sounds to me like either a chemical pregnancy has happened but that’s just from my experience.

Have strangers on Facebook guess or get confirmation from an actual doctor. These are your only choices.

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Sounds like a uti, I’ve have 3 make tests show false positives

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of pregnancy?

Could be implantation bleeding. My first symptoms with both pregnancies were sore boobs and feeling faint. Go ahead and take a test, the ones nowadays can predict about 5 days sooner. I tested with the ones from the dollar store and tested positive 5 days before I was supposed to start my period. :heart:

Possible pregnancy.
Definitely take a test and take it easy to be safe.

Just go to Planned Parenthood and get the test

Could be pregnancy. Implantation bleeding can occur.

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You could be pregnant. Take a test. Or go to your local women’s center.

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That’s happened to me and just ended up being a weird cycle. Are your cycles pretty regular? I wouldn’t necessarily say that it is implantation if you have a regular cycle depending on how long it’s been going on. Implantation is actually not that common and doesn’t last for days. It could be if you ovulated later as implantation can happen from 6dpo-12dpo. If it is implantation, it takes 48 hours after implantation for your hcg levels to begin to rise - so I’d base you doing a pregnancy testing around that schedule :slightly_smiling_face:

You could be pregnant. With my first I had nausea, vomiting, dizziness. I called my Dr (who had told me I’d never have a child, I have 3). The nurse told me that their waiting room & the hospital were full of people with my symptoms. It’s just the flu &, they can’t do anything about it. I felt better & got a pregnancy test. It wasn’t the flu :rofl:

You’ve probably tested by now & know. If you haven’t get a test.

Go grab one of the $1 test from Dollar General. Either way it will ease your mind.

This happened to me right before I found out I was pregnant with my son. The spotting could be a sign of implantation bleeding (that’s what happened to me). Take a test within the next few days. If you get a negative result, try testing again a couple of days after.

:woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2: just take a dang test.

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