What are your opinions on having a second baby shower?

I had a sprinkle for my second then a diaper party for my third since it was her fathers first child it was a huge hit!!

Do it!! Celebrate that baby boy to the fullest. Who cares what others say it’s not their baby or shower or life. It’s not up to them!!! They don’t have to show up!!

I had two showers. My kids are only 21 months apart. I had a girl and then a boy.

It’s a different gender. I dont see a problem with it.

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One for a girl and another for a boy. That’s it!

I had a shower for my second baby my sister in law had surprise meet and greet shower I guess

I had a baby shower for both my children. they are. 18 months apart they are a 13,&11 now every baby deserves one

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Have you a baby shower first and second babies are different but should be celebrated just the same

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My friends gave me a shower for my second and fourth children.

One they are different genders there are not many things you can reuse . I have two , 3 years apart my first was a boy my second a girl

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Oh honey, he is important too and your REAL PEOPLE will not hate on you for having a second, third or even fourth baby shower. Haters would not need to be invited so you’ll have a fabulous time …


I think it’s an old fashioned idea that you only have one baby shower. Now, pre Covid-19, people have showers for different genders, or when the kids are far apart in age. There are “sprinkles” “diaper” and “welcome baby” parties for 2nd, 3rd, etc… babies of the same gender. Also, gender reveal parties.
If you want to have a celebration, have one. If your friends or family offer to throw you a party, accept the offer. You’ll never be having this same baby or chance again.

I had one with my son 35 years ago. Eighteen months later I had one for my daughter. Fifteen months after that I gave my husband a surprise baby shower with all his friends (diapers and wipes), it was fun.

I had a second baby shower bigger then my first one actually lol but first was a girl second baby a boy 7 years apart

Two different genders, two different baby showers. I would see the “hate” (even though there should be no hate) If it was two girls but in your case… THROW THE BIGGEST BOY BABY SHOWER THERE CAN BE!

My girls are 7 years apart so yes

Someone once told me to do the same thing for every baby. If you had a shower, have another one. So each baby is same. But maybe second time do a diaper party, stuff like that. :woman_shrugging:t2: food for thought.

Have as many as you damn well please

Celebrate! That’s old school way of thinking imo.

Yes you can !!! In have one for all mine !!!

I had my first for my son inside do to rain and I’m having one for my daughter in July outside at a lake on the beach. All baby showers r different if u think about it bc of different gender. Just know that whatever u chose to do that no one is mad at u. They will luv u the same honestly.

I had a baby shower for both of my kids. It isn’t about receiving gifts but everyone coming together to celebrate. Besides, you want both your children to have pictures to look back on and hear stories of family and friends coming together and being excited for their arrival :two_hearts:

Why cant u have a baby shower for both, its suppose to be a celebration of the ba e yout carrying, it doesnt matter that u had 1 for your first, this baby isnt your oldest, so why not celebrate him

I had one for my 1st & 2nd but not my 3rd… i would have liked to and should have. The first 2 were given to me by family members.
My 2nd and 3rd child were only 11 months apart. Perhaps that was why lol

I say, if you want 1 then have 1

Every baby should be celebrated


If nothing else, a diaper/wipe shower would be appropriate. We done that for my sister in law .

I wish I had one for my second i hear people having sprinkle for thier second and being the same sex. I just really think celebrating with family the arrival of a baby is worth it. Who cares about the gifts my 2nd was a boy he has alot of pink hand me downs from his sister for things the outgrow fast baby shower could have helped with his bedroom stuff or clothing but just having a party with the family minus gifts is uplifting.

If you want to just have a party to celebrate baby, do that! Tell people you don’t want gifts (most will bring one anyway) and have all the baby shower things-games, food, etc.

I had 2 baby showers both boys, refused to have a baby shower with my third even though the baby was a girl. I think it’s acceptable to have 2 baby showers if both babies are different sexes.

If family and friends throw you a 2nd shower, SO WHAT…its no ones business, my 2 kids are almost 13 yrs apart, my work gave me a shower at work, my husbands work gave him a shower at work, and my family and friends also gave me one, total of 3 with the last one, but that many years between them, I had nothing

have 1, every baby deserves to be celebrated


A baby shower was throw for me for each one of my three kids. My Aunts and mom for my first daughter. The father’s side for my son. And my brother’s Gf held 2 separate ones for my youngest daughter. (One for older family and one for friends)

Screw that. Go for it

I had a baby shower for all 3. All boys. Baby showers are there to celebrate and if people would like to bring gifts to help you start off on the right foot. Do what you want dont worry about what others sa. If they want to come thwy will come.

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I was pretty much told after 5 years, if it’s a different gender, or if it’s a different father. I was told I was selfish for wanting another one, but apparently under these stipulations you’re allowed :woman_shrugging:

I will go to every one of my friends baby showers for so many reasons. I want to celebrate their babies and they may need baby stuff. What’s the big deal? I love them, I love their babies, let’s party!


I have four kids not once did I have a baby shower… Why should someone else buy stuff for your baby


I had one for all three of mine. There is always something you will need with a new baby. Diapers wipes and such.

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I’m kind of old school we didn’t do a second shower back in my day. Times have changed do a shower to celebrate the baby just tell everyone not to bring gifts

If friends and family volunteer to host one for you go for it. I have thought giving yourself a shower was like asking for gifts and bad manners . However if you want have a party to celebrate pending arrival like a BBQ or something that is different.

I had a baby shower for all 3 of my girls every baby should be celebrated!!:heartpulse:

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It’s your choice, do what you want to. If anyone has a problem with it, tell them not to come, simple as that

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My in-laws did the SAME THING! Made me feel guilty af for wanting one. My kids were 5 YEARS apart! All I wanted to do was celebrate her! No gifts! Now every time she has a birthday I’ll throw in a little “Oh, NOW you wanna celebrate”! I bring that shit up all the time because pregnancy did something to me and I just kept my head down and let it go! Shit still pisses me off. Throw that baby a party and only invite the ones who aren’t opposed!

Do not do a baby shower, do a baby sprinkle. There’s a lot of judgement towards woman who throw a baby shower for their second as you already have pretty much everything you need. With baby sprinkles, guests are not expected or have to do gifts, it’s just to celebrate another baby.

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I had 2 with just this pregnancy one I planned with my grandma (she’s old fashion so it was all girls) then one that my mil planned so that my Fiancé could be involved I think if I can have 2 showers for one baby you can have a second one for a second baby

I’d prob do a brunch or something with close friends for the second but I’d feel weird having a second shower, they spoiled us so much the first time lol

It’s ok. Have a beautiful day

You do you!! Each baby is a blessing and should be celebrated as such, in my opinion.

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I had 2 baby showers. And when I have my 3rd I will have another…:woman_shrugging:t3:


In my family we always do one for the first baby. If the second baby is a different gender we do another one.

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I had a baby shower for both of my kids, one boy and one girl.

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I had one for both of my kids

You get whatever you want

I had one with each of mine. I have two boy, girl

All three of my boys I did because my family wanted too and they were all 3 yrs apart. I got rid of most of what they had outgrown so I needed it again. This time #4 is coming when my youngest will be a little over a year old so im not doing one. They are all the same gender. If it was a girl maybe i wouldve.

My nana still insist that i do something for this baby because she thinks it wont be fair otherwose

I had a boy then a girl had a shower for both I would even if I had 2 boys or 2 girl each child deserves there own

We just had barbecues with both of mine

I had baby showers for 4 out of my 5 children have as many as u want !

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Go for it. Whoever doesn’t like it doesn’t have to go

I had one for each, both girls. Only 3 years apart. There’s always a reason to celebrate a baby. That whole “you only need one” crap is from a time when all baby clothes were gender neutral , diapers were all cloth and reusable, and they didn’t need carseats, do you girl. Celebrate that baby however, and however often you choose.


Baby showers for each baby in my world. But I have heard of people only doing them for the first child :woman_shrugging:t2:

My son is 8 and I am having another one for this one due in January.

If ya are having a boy and yar 1 st one was a girl. Well ya can have a baby shower. Or just call it a life celebration …

Who cares…if you want one have one. If you don’t care about the gifts call it something else. Babies are expensive, so if someone wants to throw you a shower let them and if others don’t like it they can stay the hell home.

I’ve been wondering how it works for a 2nd baby as well. My first daughter is 13 years old and im starting all over again. I didn’t have anything but a couple of her outfits I saved. Im having another girl in August but haven’t decided if I want to do a shower or not

Yes I would :slight_smile:
Different genders :slight_smile:
If they were the same gender then I wouldn’t care

I had one for all four of my kids - but they were after each was born and it was more of a meet and greet.
Every baby is a blessing and should be brought into the world with a party!

In my circles, you only do a shower for the first baby. That having been said, if it’s a thing in your circle, go ahead.

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You could do a “sprinkle” where people bring stuff like clothes, diapers etc

I’ve had a baby shower with all my kids. Dont worry about what others say. I got downed for having a gender reveal as well. I didnt care. You either show up or not. It doesnt hurt my feelings, but dont be upset if I dont force my kid to have a relationship with you. Relationships go both ways.

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I am expecting baby #4 and my family is throwing me a small diaper shower :woman_shrugging:t2: nothing crazy or extravagant just something to celebrate the baby. I told them I honestly didn’t think I’d have a shower because it is baby #4 and I have pretty much everything I need (hand me downs) but they still insisted on a diaper shower to celebrate her. I am thankful for that :heavy_heart_exclamation: I have 2 girls, 1 boy & currently expecting another girl in August! I would say, if you want a shower throw one or if someone wants to throw you one let them. People who love you & want to celebrate your new baby will come & those that don’t want to dont have to :woman_shrugging:t2: I say celebrate your baby :hugs:

We did a baby sprinkle for our second :blush: less focus on gifts, more focus on family time, food and celebrating baby.

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Do you whatever makes you happy. I just thru my daughter a second baby shower. Every baby should be a celebration.

I think it’s perfectly acceptable for you to have a 2nd baby shower. This baby is a different gender then your first one so clothes can be handed down but, you know.

Write no gifts. Do up invitations that say something like ‘come celebrate life with family and friends’. Make it a day to celebrate life.

My step mother in law threw a baby shower for our 1st, my mother in law threw one for our second and my sister and mother threw one for our 3rd… I didn’t ask any of them to they just did. I don’t see a problem with it especially if there is stuff that you need. Like going from a girl to a boy or vice versa and if you didn’t expect to have another and got rid of everything (like my situation :woman_shrugging: lol) In my opinion I think it’s up to you really… You and your family.

It’s called a baby sprinkle. It’s just a get together celebrating baby. No gifts.

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I had 4 showers with my 1st and 2 with my 2nd. 1st was a girl 2nd was a boy. Now they are 15 years apart so I had nothing.

The older generation did 1 shower, but ppl my age usually have one for each kid. I had a shower for my son, and due with my daughter I just want a cookout with family and friends, no gifts necessary. You do you boo

Have as many as you want

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I didn’t get a baby shower for my first and im bummed I won’t have a baby shower for my second. Do what you want dude. Celebrate motherhood and how happy you are to be having a baby both times.

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And why the fuck not??? Every baby deserves to be celebrated with a baby shower :heart:

There is nothing wrong w getting a second baby shower especially if it’s a different gender

I have a baby shower each child because every baby deserves to be celebrated.


Had a shower for both of mine. If people have bad things to say… then I would not invite those people. Win win


Do a sprinkle! They come, sprinkle you with love and a gift if they feel it fit.
I think baby showers are a show of love for the baby. Each baby deserves a celebration.


It used to be taboo to have more than 1, no matter the age gap or gender. I think it depends on the age of the people you invite. If a lot are older, they will likely still have that idea that its offputting to have more than 1 shower. If it’s not for the presents, you could have a get together for everyone to meet the baby afterward, so they could see your other child & baby. I personally never even had 1 shower bc we didnt need gifts & felt that no matter what, people would feel obligated to bring a gift even if they didn’t have the $.

You do what you want. If people are talking crap, don’t invite them

I was under the impression each baby gets a baby shower. I have friends who even had multiples per baby ( depends on the family) who ever is hating doesn’t have to go. :woman_shrugging:t2: you do you momma! :heart:


I believe every baby should get a shower​:two_hearts::footprints:


I had one for both my kids

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It depends on how far apart your babies are. My youngest two are 8 years apart, although I did have a small baby shower for my third child with just my family members. I have two large baby showers for my last child. I didn’t ask anybody though my mother and my mother-in-law both just wanted to do it I certainly wasn’t going to say no

Absolutely had one for your baby girl but now you’re having a baby boy you need one for him :baby:

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Ppl have thrown me a baby shower with each of my 5 children.


I had one for my first and second…and will for my last pregnancy…why not? Have fun with family celebrating a new addition. Every baby deserves a celebration.

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I didnt get one for my first son an didnt get one for my second son either… If u wanna celebrate him then you go ahead if no else does then oh well an more food for you​:joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I had 2 wish i woulda had all 3… Its a celebration of the baby… Plus this is a boy… Enjoy it momma have a shower and celebrate that lil man

I wouldn’t personally. They can make gifts if they’d like.

girl have a second baby shower forget that. it was my first baby and i invited 250+ people and only 3 showed up. 3 people i hardly talk to. i didn’t get too much but i highly enjoyed their company and support. the celebration and excitement of a baby! and if i was having another one i’d do it again!

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I say have one…its good time to get together. The years fly by so fast. I don’t anybody that ever regrets time spent with family and friends…just chances you passed and didn’t…babies are a blessing.celebrate each and every one…