What are your throughts on a female proposing?

I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years. We are 100% in love and are amazing together. We have talked about marriage a few times and I want to marry this man. I don’t want to be one of those girls who keeps hinting at it, but I kind of want to propose to him. Is that a thing? Can a female propose?


I proposed to my husband. I was nervous af but I did it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart:

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Do it if you want to. This is the 21st century. Go for it, girl!


This aint the dark ages baby…go for it :sunglasses::sparkling_heart:


You are an amazing, strong, wealthy woman that can do anything. I say go for it! If you want him that much he needs to know the truth of your feelings. You’ve got this!

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I did :joy: - after 6 months together! We’re still together now, 5 years + and 1 child. You can absolutely do this and it’s not that unusual!


Definitely go for it

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Love this!
There’s worse things in the world then a woman asking her love to marry her. Good luck! And congratulations :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Of course. You know this man so do ad you need to do.

No way. You never know if they were going to do it on their own or if they feel pressure. Guys should be the first to do everything.


Honestly, it depends on the man. If he would appreciate it or not or of it would make him feel less than a man. Know your audience.


It’s 2020


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Absolutely go for it

I proposed to my guy. He said yes but a month later he proposed back?

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Find out what your boyfriend thinks about it? Thats all that matters

I feel like if the man was ready for marriage he’d propose. This is just my personal opinion but I feel like women are naturally ready for commitment alot sooner than men are, so just keep that in mind.


I personally wouldnt. Most generally it’s the man’s job and he may feel like his manhood has taken a hit. I wouldnt want my partner to feel like less than a man. He will when hes ready. 2 years is nothing if hes your forever


Its been a terrible year, ask him.


Yes, you can do it. If you want to get engaged to someone you can propose to them, regardless of your gender and regardless of theirs. That’s all there is to it.


They can. More often of not the man’s hurt because he wanted too tho

Yes I proposed to my Fiance last October xx

You can do what ever makes you happy, hun!

I pre-proposed to my husband. I wanted my ring to have a special stone in it, so I proposed with it saying when he was ready to use it how he saw fit, to integrate it into my engagement ring.

Do it you are lucky to have found the love of your life

I proposed to my husband…if that’s what you wanna call it. We were laying in bed and I just blurted it out.

A female can do whatever the hell they want to do :grin:


Why hint? Just ask if he really sees marriage in his future

Do it!!!
Let me tell you my love story: we met on Tinder. He said I love you first, I moved in with him after 3ish months, we talked about getting married. He said if I bought him a truck we could get married(obviously it was a joke) so I bought him a toy/model truck & put a ring in it & a note, then idk, 2 months later we bought our house together, got engaged(he asked me this time). We were dating for 11 months when I said yes! We have been happily married for 3 years & we have 2 beautiful babies!
Girl GO FOR IT!!!
Maybe he doesn’t have the money for a ring right now. Maybe so it privately & not get on your knee if he’s the type of guy who would think that’s weird.


My best friend proposed to her man. It was really cute, actually.

I proposed to my husband we were together 21 years when I asked him he didn’t care if I asked him we have a 26yearold Autistic Daughter we’ve been together 30years and we will be married 9 years on New Year’s eve

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Do it!! I proposed to my husband ( kind of lol). I found out I was pregnant after 3 months and said " would you marry me?" (Thinking in the future.) We’ve been married 10 years now and have 5 boys and a little girl on the way. :relaxed:

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Can you handle it if he says no? If not, don’t ask. Why ruin a good thing. 2 years isn’t really much time. Have You talked about children? Are you on the same page? Good luck, God bless. :two_hearts:


Why not? All this “it’s the man’s job” stuff is old school. I say do it.

As long as you both understand what you’re asking and that you will continue to have to work on your relationship and marriage and y’all are good at compromise and all that good stuff and agree on kids and other big issues then yes. Do it. Make it fun for him too. Ask what his ideal proposal would be if he were “the girl”. Then take his ideas and make them about him and go for it

No not in my opinion , good luck with that


I’ve always heard that only in a leap year is a woman “suppose” to propose to a man. :woman_shrugging::joy::woman_shrugging:

If its already been brought up and he’s on board. He may be saving up for the ring or trying to plan his own proposal. It could go either way…he could be all about it or it could kill him because he’s trying to do something wonderful for you at the right time. I personally wouldn’t…if you’re already living together and madly in love marriage is just a piece of paper in the end. Maybe talk to his parents or siblings or friends to gage to see how they think he may react to you proposing?

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I wouldn’t…but that’s me

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I proposed to my husband. We had been together 6 yrs and had talked about it all the time. His sister was dying of cancer and i wanted her to be there so I asked him

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I proposed to my Husband!

My wife did we’ve been married 19 years now it is a thing

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I proposed. Go for it. I may regret my action, and Im thrilled to be getting a divorce, but do it. It’s the same risk as if he were to ask you.

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If that’s what you wanna do then do it

My mom proposed to my dad and they’ve been married almost 23 years.

I proposed because he had been sitting on the ring for a year … and I shouldn’t have. He wasn’t the right one for me, he wasn’t wanting to actually marry me. We broke up a few months later. My husband proposed and we’re happily married. :woman_shrugging:t2: I say let him do it. If you’re tired of waiting or he’s sitting on the ring, call it quits. He’s not going to.


my sister in law asked my Twin and he instantly said yes

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Feels like a question for your boyfriend. You don’t have to ask directly to get the answer you desire.

Why not!?
But don’t do the down on one knee thing!
At least you’ll know if that’s what you both want :woman_shrugging:t2:

Do it equal rights means equal proposals.

I wouldn’t. But I’m old school, I think the man should. If he was ready, I think he would ask. That being said it’s your life and your relationship, if you want to marry him, go for it!

I would! Go for it girl! I 100% think women can propose to men.

I’ve thought about asking too. I’ve been with my better half 6 years and we have a 3 year old together. I just don’t want him to think it’s weird.

It’s a hard no for me. If he wanted marriage he’d ask.


Absolutely…go for it

I kind of proposed to my husband. We got married 2 months after we started dating and 4 months after meeting. We were talking one day and I told him “I love you so much. I would marry you tomorrow, under a bridge, wearing a trash bag”. He replied with “get the marriage license”. We were married 2 days later. We debate if I proposed or if it was just two adults making a joint decision to spend the rest of their lives together. I have zero regrets, no matter which way it happened, it got us each other.

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Just saying the only person who was a girl who proposed to her husband now ex turned out to be a lesbian

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Depends on how your man feels. I joked with my man about purposing to him and he said I was going to take that away from him. I had to wait 2 more years but he finally did it.

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Of course. You know this man so do what you need to do. Love forever :heart::heart:Congratulations

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I don’t see why you cant

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Read him this post as if someone else wrote it and see what his reaction is to it??


Its awesome idea ,but be unique original in how you do it ,please send an update

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You know what? Do whatever you like.Its you that knows you want to spend your life with him.If he says no its ok,maybe he’s not ready yet.So wait if you want to.All the Best

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I am traditional with this subject. You already take his last name, have to grow the babies and go through all that. At least let the man do the proposal as its him accepting his own feelings too. Women do way too much these days. Let the men have some of the fun and responsibility still.
Woman want the equal rights but the bottomline is we all want to be swept off our feet and loved. Men can’t do what we do. So leave them to do the chivalry stuff that make us feel special still :grin: thats my opinion anyways. X


You most definitely can! Although I’d give it a little more time… He may be planning something and waiting for a certian date.

You can do whatever makes you happy. There are plenty of women who have proposed. Nothing says you have to do things the old fashioned way.

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I asked my ex husband and we were married 17 years. When I asked he said he was too nervous to ask me so he was glad I asked him.

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I’ve been waiting 7 years cause I’m stubborn and wont propose to him :joy: do what makes you happy :heart:

Absolutely not if he is 100% in love like you day he will ask you.

I wouldn’t do it but I’m not going to tell you not too. Life is all about taking risks.

Girl it’s 2020 AND your relationship! Do it if you want to!

My husband and I proposed to each other sort of. We woke up one morning and asked in tandem you wanna get married? We got married 3 weeks later. It will be 3 years married in March, 4 years together in June.
Do what you feel in your heart. If he loves you like you love him he will be thrilled.
Old world gender roles are old and tired.

Pink proposed to her husband

If u wanna do it do it .
Don’t let people talk u out of it ,if that’s what u want

Girl, do what makes you happy. Who cares about tradition, start a new one.

It’s a thing but I’m against it and I think you should let him decide if and when because for all you know he has something to surprise you but you may ruin it trying to rush things.

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How do you think he would react?

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How does that even work? Would you get him an engagement ring? Would you still expect him to get you one? I say go for it because why not? Keep us posted though I would be interested in how this shakes out. Married for 13 years to my love. Best wishes!!!

I proposed to my fiance🤷 he said yes

Go for it! Worse thing he could say is no, then you know where you stand.

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If you want to get married,propose.

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Its 2020. Women can propose. But there are still men with complex issues that think its not right. If he denies you for such a concept, than that may shed light on what a marriage would end up being with him.

I proposed to my partner. I don’t see any problem with it xx

You do what feels right. Fuck social gender roles.


I proposed to my fiance! And my mom proposed to my dad! It’s definitely not just a male thing!

Do It!!! Especially with the way things are nowadays, I would do it!!!

My husband proposed to me twice and I wasn’t ready for marriage. When I was ready, I asked him. 15 years together now. Do it!

They definitely can. Just make sure, somehow, that he’s okay with that sort of thing. It might make him feel insecure since it’s not traditional

Ive been with my bf for a year… We were together at a young age before, but i had to move away for a few years. And im 34weeks pregnant with his first baby also mine… We talked bout getting engaged a few times but he said he wants to do it and not me… But same time i want to purpose to him… I might just surprise him when i get my money going… Lol he can say he purposed but it will b me

I did it … I proposed to my man and he said yes, we aren’t making it official until he does it correctly, i even got him a ring for the proposal lol

I asked my husband to marry me. Go for it. It doesn’t have to be down on one knee or anything. Just be you.

Why not? If you both want that then why not?

Go 4 it if ur sure he feels the same and it’s the right time! U never know he might be planning 2 pop the question too lol! Guys asking the girl is so outdated these days!!!

Absolutely! I would definitely bring up the idea somehow or get his thoughts. I know my husband got uncomfortable with the idea of me proposing to him. He’s old school. :joy:

Would u not rather just not mention or hint and know that when the time is Ryt for him and he does ask that he’s done it all of his own back that it’s 1000% meant and not badgered into it that’s how I want it to happen because then when it happens I know it’s 100% meant xxx


Of course! Go for it! Xx

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I proposed to my husband. Got married two weeks ago. I also asked him out. :joy:


Of course they can :joy:

Asked my bf how he would feel if I asked him to marry me in a special way …he said he would love it :slightly_smiling_face: A relationship works both ways …If ur feeling it go for it :slightly_smiling_face:

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I did kinda. He was always the one who made the moves in the beginning so I knew how he felt and that he would say yes and we had talked about it. Then one day he suggested tattoos and I said ok if we get engagement ones. Then he cried lol

Look up a video and show him and see what he says… then you will know how he feels about it without giving it away… Some men have egos to big lol

Yes they can BUT there’s a reason he hasn’t taken your hints. I would straight up ask him why he hasn’t asked you and let him know that thats what you want to happen. Im just one that thinks women usually want it before men so I say usually wait for him