What birth control do you recommend?

I got pregnant with my daughter while taking the pill. My six week checkup I got the iud and my body pushed it out. I am now back on the pill and have been for a few months now. But I have anxiety every time I have sex even when we use a condom. So my question is what type of birth control do you guys recommend?


I use the depo shot. Love it


Anything that messes with your hormones is bad. I do however take the pill, have been for years. Ask your doctor what they would recommend. Something stronger or another form of birth control.

I love the Nuvaring. It stays in for 3 weeks and then you take it out for a week to have a period.


Best advice is to use the rhythm method. Depo shot isnt good for you. It causes bone :bone: and joint problems , mood swings, random depression and weight gain. It’s a synthetic hormones that have bad long term side effects. The only good thing about it is, it stop your cycle completely until you get off it. It a shot you get on your Upper Butt cheek. If I remember clearly you it’s every 13 weeks. You miss a shot you have to start the process all over

Implanon or Nexplanon


Get him to take control of it and get the male injection… or the male snip lol


I love the nuva ring, you can switch out to a new one every 3 weeks so you can skip your period and it’s lower in hormones.


Non of them… all them are bad for the female body… tell him get snipped or use a condom


Implanon for sure! But it messed with my hormones badly but then again it was right after I had my son … had it for 4 years … 10 years later still no oops baby!! Good luck!!

Be sure to take your pill the same time every day. Also certain medication, like antibiotics, can make it less effective. I was on it for 13 years, but got off of it when my husband got a vasectomy! :raised_hands:

Get your tubes tided

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I’ve been loving my Nexplanon implant in my arm. Lasts 3yrs, and never had an issue. I got pregnant a few times on the pill, but never with this implant.

I use xulane which is a patch. Put on once a week, for three weeks, off a week for your sacrificial river, and then back to it.
I’ve had it for ten years, never had an issue.


I used nexplanon and never got pregnant when I had that in my arm

The pill is very effective you just have to take it everyday at the same time

I do the shot. Have been for for on and off for 21 yrs. it’s every 3 months but the problem I have with it is I gained to much weight

I was on the nuvaring

I’m.on the coil had no.problems x

Whatever you do, always use a condom or track your ovulation days too. I use the nuvaring, but it’s for controlling my cycle more than anything.

I can’t take hormonal birth control we used spermacide jelly for years it worked until i got drunk on my birthday an forgot :joy:

Alot of medications interfere with the pill. If your seriously not wanting another for a long time, go get the thing they put in your arm. That works well, but getting pregnant later isnt as easy, because the body holds the med longer.

I liked nuvaring best. Condoms used with contraceptive foam or jelly is good too because no hormones and double protection.


There is NO fool proof method of birth control. There is ALWAYS a risk, even though some may be less risky.
Abstinence is the only 100% method. Just saying. If you’re so worried use multiple methods and keep your fingers crossed.

Had the IUD for 5 years, then Nexplanon, then depo shot and now I’m finally “approved” for my tubes to be tied bc they wouldn’t do it at 20, when I had my kiddo.

None are 100% , use multiple methods and pray.

I’ve used the pill since I was 16 and I’ve never been pregnant. You have to take it every day. 

I used depo after getting pregnant twice in the pill (I started smoking so my dr lowered the dosage). Then my ex got snipped. That reversed itself 9 years later, and I got pregnant with #4. So I had my tubes tied.

Talk to your gynecologist. Pull out method is NOT foolproof. Sperm is in pre- ejaculation. Time bomb waiting to happen.

Higher dose pill? And take it at the same time every day

I have the nexplanon. Its a implantt that goes in ur arm it last for 3 years i like it. I havent had any problems since it was put in in july and my periods have stopped completely. Ive tried the depo shot and the pill and the nexplanon is the one ive liked the best.

I’m the odd apple here. I got pregnant while on the pill, with condom and spermicide, and on Depo. I had an ectopic pregnancy with the IUD. Either my body is backwards or you might need to consider multiple preventative measures.

Here’s the real question? Are you done having children or are you just done for right now? If you’re completely done having children, a tubal or a vasectomy would be your best option. Your IUD may have come out because your uterus and cervix were still too swollen from birth and now that things have returned to a more normal shape, you may have better luck with one. They also make those in different sizes, it’s possible they used one of the smallest ones, and a larger one would stay put. There are five year implants available too that get placed under the skin in your arm.

The best people to talk to about this though would be your boyfriend and your doctor. Explain to both of them how you feel, that you aren’t enjoying your sex life due to this fear, and work with both of them to find a solution that you’re able to feel safe and comfortable with.

No offense but a lot of the information you’re going to get here isn’t from medical professionals, isn’t accurate, and won’t help you like a frank conversation with your doctor can.


I have the mirena for 3yrs never had any problems

I have the Nexplanon implant in my arm and I LOVE IT. No periods, no kids, no crazy hormones… it’s awesome.

I’m on the Nuvaring. Best BC I’ve tried! Insert and take out every 3 weeks for your cycle to come the 4th. It’s convenient and you can take it out for Sexual Activity and still be protected. Depo had me spotting the whole 3 months and gain weight drastically. The pill, I could never remember to take on time… it’s really what works for you.Everyone takes different to BC.

Copper IUD, twice. 10 years of successful birth control.

Nexplanon your periods are light and no cramping

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Xulane Patch. Wear it 24/7 no periods no pregnancy.

I use the Nexplanon and loved it never any problems besides mood swings and emotional when we removed it. I got pregnant with both or my children on the pill.

Abstinence is what I use and it works very well.


You can use the nexplanon its an arm implant and it lasts for 3 years. I was on it then at the 3 yr mark got it removed and went on the pill… Wound up pregnant so the best bet is something that you do not have to remember to take everyday

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Iv been on depo for 22 years. It works for me but iv heard other people have side affects.

Birth control in ur arm

A friend of mine worked at a gyno clinic. The drug rep collected the expired pills and told my friend the company mixes them with new ones so they do mot loose money. Its a crap shoot if a person uses only the pill.

Maybe you should check with your doctor so you both can talk about the best and safest form of birth control that will work best for you.

These ladies, although meaning well, do not know your body. What works for one woman, may not work the best for another.

Go to your gynecologist. If needed, get a second opinion.

I had one baby at 21 and had my tubes tied shortly after. I have never regretted it.

I got pregnant on the pill and on nuva ring. I had the mirena and it shifted, perforated my uterus. So I’d avoid those lol

Talk to your gyno ! You and the Dr can discuss your options. Everyone is different when it comes to Birth control. Good luck !

We don’t want another either so we went abstinent. I got my 2 girls and 2 boys. I’m done.

I got pregnant very easy so when my daughter needed something we did the implant. Just a little match stick good for 3 years can remove if you want another kid.

I have the depo injection. Have had it for 8 years every 3 months. No period. I suffer with chronic back pain, so the no period pain is great. Never got pregnant on it.

Either the depo or the patches.

Love the depo! Hate the weight gain on it, although I have not gained alot. A couple pounds is all. But love that I dont have to worry about taking a pill everyday and dont have to worry about my body rejecting an IUD

If you’re
Done having kids why don’t you get tubes tied or partner get vasectomy

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Get a stronger pill and don’t use antibiotics while on it don’t have sex during ovulation or get a pill that stops that use condoms as well

I have the nexaplon in my arm. I really like it. I had the mirena IUD 3 different times because they kept getting dislodged. I hated it

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I had the thing in my arm it’s a 3 or 5 year birth control I’ve had it twice an loved it never had any issues with it

I’m on a mini pill and I also track my cycle days. I have an app that I log my periods and it tells me my fertile days so I know when to be extra careful. It’s worked for 3 years so far.

I use the nuva ring and it has worked very well for me

patches worked well for me but it sounds like your one of the few people that bodies reject birth control. What has ur doctor said about this

Do not get the depo shot!!! It ruins your life and menstrual cycle! If you want more kids you need to go off for minimum 3 years to be able to get cycle back to normal.

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I got pregnant on the depo but every reaction is different so I still suggest the depo. It makes you gain weight and have some serious mood swings but it’s usually very effective. Even the doctor said me getting pregnant was a very rare situation

Dont use the depo
Worst mistake I made. Had period from hell since 2 weeks after depo and it’s never stopped. 7 months later

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You have to choose what is right for you and your body because everyone is different. I loved Mirena and had no problems.

Always did the pill until baby, now it’s nexaplon. It hurt my arm for awhile and left a scar, but it’s been 7 months and so far so good. It’s nice not having to think about it and lasts for 3 years.

Try the depo shot, only say that bc the pill and iud didn’t work for you. However I HATE the depo. It messed up my balance, vertigo all that stuff for 3 VERY long months. I couldn’t move to fast or I would get so dizzy I would throw up. I couldn’t lay down flat it was a DISASTER. And I never had any reaction to any drug before that.

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I’m a big fan of bc you don’t have to worry about taking everyday. Since you aren’t a candidate for a IUD depo or the nexplanon would be my next go to. They are the same formula just different methods. I didnt have a period with either one of those. i did the patches also but i bled just about the entire time I used them.

I got the nexplanon because every other birth control affected me terribly. So far i really like it. The periods are weird but mine stabled out within almost 5 months. Insertion was completely painless , the bruise was gnarly though lol

I take the pill and have been for 3 years. Not once have I had a scare. My period is so freaking regular I can set a clock too it. No joke every fourth week that Monday I wake up to it.

The depo was awful for me. And I was on it for 7 years. The weight gain was horrible and no matter how much I tried I couldn’t lose weight. Plus I was super depressed on it. The good thing was it did stop my period and I didn’t have to worry about it every day. When I stopped it though I dropped 15 lbs in a month and it took 5-6 months for me to get my period back. I would never do the depo again

I prefer Depo when I take birth control. Never gained a ton of weight and made sure to schedule my next shot so that I had a period in between.

I use LOLO. It’s a pill form. I set an alarm on my phone and take it. Had it for 9yrs now. No issues. (No menstral cycle)

The nuva ring worked really well for me. Got pregnant on the pill too.

Staying away from men and celibate is working 100% for me right now


I haven’t used anything and it’s 14 years later. I think it was just a fluke that I got pregnant at all.

Find a Man that respects the fact that you dont. Want childrens is the Only thing that really works

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Everyone’s body is different but the nexplanon is great. Sometimes it gets itchy but maybe it’s just my mind playing tricks

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Well personally tubal ligation is the only thing that’s worked for me. I got pregnant twice on 2 different types of birth control pills. And depo was a disaster.

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Natural family planning calendar is what I use. The pill made me have symptoms of oncoming clots, so I can’t use those type of things. I use an app called iCycleBeads for the days you’re fertile and infertile. We never use condoms and it works but if you want to be extra safe use condoms and only have sex on infertile days.

I had most of them. Most recent being depo. Eating constantly! :confused: can’t wait until the effects are over. Oi. I had the nexplanon. Could.not.stand.it. weight gain, mood issues, not for me.

I have the nexplanon. I’ve used it for the last 20 years and will continue to use it, I took it out 7year who to have my daughter and soon as she was born it went right back in after 24 hours :laughing: but you need to check out every option out and what would suit you best

I c there are a lot of ppl that have had bad reactions to the depo but I love it! No more periods…just g2keep up w it every 3mths…plus seems like implants and pills just dont work well for your body. Everyone has a different result w any kind of BC. I’ve been on the implanon (now called nexplanon) and that one was good too…for 3yrs no worries, but for the 1st 3 to 4 days, u cant really move your arm cuz it friggen hurts. I cant do the IUD cuz I’ve had PID in the past so the doc wont even chance that w me. So if the IUD pushed out, something like the nuva ring might also. So best bet is going for the shot or the nexplanon

What if your wanting to breastfeed? Any recommendations? I’m 27 weeks pregnant and I’ll be breastfeeding. Just like I did with my 12 month old.

I would maybe try the iud again it might have been too soon after giving birth that you got it so your body was still getting back to normal and pushed it out. I got the copper iud. I can’t handle hormones and I love it I feel nothing.

I got my tubes tied lol

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implanon is what I was on like 6 years ago


I heard great things about the implant in your arm

I used tri sprintec lo. Been on it for years

Depo shot. Or if you really don’t want anymore you can get your tubes tied

I have the Nexplanon and i absolutely love it. I just had my daughter 4 months ago i got it when she was 2 months. Ive been active and no signs of pregnancy at all. Doctor told me it is 98% effective. I even take metformin(which makes you fertile) Im not pregnant. It hasnt made me gain weight or make my period heavy. It actually slowed it way down i only spot when im supposed too have it. I love it.


I have Nexplanon. I’ve had it for a year and my body is only just now starting to accept it. I bled every day for a year and gained a bunch of weight. I probably wouldn’t have suffered ao much if I just monitored my body.

It’s doing its job. I would 100% be pregnant again without this birth control and I’ve never had a scare


Are you married and done having kids? If so vasectomy is the answer.

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I have nexplanon. Since having it put in after my son was born 5 years ago and then I had it replaced almost 2 years ago now. My issues with it is weight gain. I cant lose weight no matter what I try with it in and I just gain weight. And there for a while when it first got implanted and then again when it got switched out I bled consistently for 3 months or so then have no period or symptoms after that.


Nexplanon implant. Goes in the arm and you can forget about it for 3 to 5 years. Depo shot screwed up my system big time.

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Depo and if you have anxiety use a condom definitely will help you calm your mind

I LOVED the NuvaRing when I was on it. Don’t have to remember to take it and I didn’t have any side effects.

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My daughter had the Depo- shot.

Exclusive breastfeeding is associated with a natural (though not fail-safe) method of birth control (98% protection in the first six months after birth). It reduces risks of breast and ovarian cancer, type II diabetes, and postpartum depression.


I have the nexplanon and honestly it has put my periods and everything out of whack. Periods hurt so freaking bad too. If anyone has any other options let me know. My dr did the nexplanon this time last time i had the implanon and for some reason it was easy peasy…