What bottles do breastfed babies take?

Hey mamas! I need some advice. I am about to go back to work, and my LO has been strictly breastfed. I am looking for a bottle that is similar to a nipple that my baby will take. Help?


My daughter takes the bottles that go with the breast pump. The Spectra & the Medela ones but she doesn’t seem too picky. She’s breastfed.

you have to find one you baby likes so you’re gonna have to search but the best ones i’ve found are Nanobebe and Avent bottles

I used Avent with all 3 of my breastfed babies and never had issues with nipple confusion. Just started with the slow flow nipples and graduated to the larger flow nipples as they grew.


Mam bottles worked for my son.

It’s different for every baby. Mine took avent and dr browns. I work at a daycare and they all take different bottles and nipples! You have to go by trial and error until you find the right fit

My daughter only took Dr. Brown’s. Remember to pace feed

Depends on the baby. Mine takes Smilo or Comotomo.

I used mam and avent bottles for my kids that I pumped for. You may have to try a few before you find one because all babies are different :slightly_smiling_face:

Munchkin latch are great

Every baby is different, but mine would take the Mimijumi bottles.

It depends what your baby likes. You’ll probably have to try a few different ones. I’m not sure how old your baby is but if you’ve waited too long to introduce a bottle he/she will probably refuse it and take some work getting used to it.

Medela and tommee tippee

My son wasn’t picky, he used whatever we had on hand because he was mostly only breastfed with the occasional mommy’s milk bottle if someone babysat. He used playtex drop ins at home, but parents choice at grandmas, and nuk at nanas.
My daughter would only take the playtex drop ins and the lansinoh bottle that came with my pump. We stayed at a friends and I tried to use the first years bottle she got with her pump because I liked it and was going to invest if she would take it, but that was a no go!:joy:
All babies are different and it’s trial and error with breast babies and bottles.

It depends on your baby. Mine loves wide-neck Dr. Browns. I gave her a bottle at a few days old and every once in awhile gave her it again until I started back working so I knew she would take it.

We use medela bottles and teats they go with my best pumps and we have never had an issue in 3 kids :slight_smile:

I tried comotomo and a few others but settled on dr browns which don’t resemble a breast but we waited until she was 8 weeks before we tried introducing bottle with pumped breast milk. She refused a lot before finally taking it, don’t worry if that happens just keep trying! Good luck

My son likes Evenflo Balance Plus. They are designed specifically for breastfed babies. They have really helped my son with his latch. They are very reasonably priced also. They do not leak when turned upside down, and I can’t even get any milk to come out by squeezing the nipple. Baby controls the flow by their sucking. I’ve tried so many different bottles between 5 kids, and this one is by far the best.

I was using avent but the lactation nurse switched me to the “dr brown breast like” bottles.

It just depends on your baby… we have dr. brown’s, nuke, advent, the ones that came with my pump and a couple random cheap ones and my 4 month old switched between any of them and my breast without any issues. You’ll just have to buy one and try it until you find one that works for your baby.

The only bottle my daughter ever took when I stopped breastfeeding was the Avent bottles

With my son I had to try probably 5 or more different types. It all depends on your baby.

My daughter was exclusively breastfed too and she only took Avent

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I have used the Dr Brown bottles with all my kids

My daughter would only take Tommy tippee and that was only a couple times. I could get her to drink out of a supply cup though so I just switched

If they still have them, I swear NUK nipples look like yours when your child is done!!! That’s the only fake ninny my son would take after nursing!

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The avent bottles are the bomb


I swear by the Kiinde system. My LO didn’t take to any other bottle!

I matched the bottle nipples to the shape of my nipples and that worked. I used playtex but one kid took normal nipples and the other one wanted silicone ones. Trial and error I suppose

Avent. Baby refused every other bottle. Make sure to warm the milk throughly. Breastfed babies are used to body temperature milk. I realized this when I thought my baby wouldn’t take a bottle, he just needed it to be warmer. Avent and body temperature milk did the trick :+1:t2: been pumping and breastfeeding for 7 months


My daughter liked the mam bottles, but it depends on what your baby likes. Buy one of a few different kinds and she what they like/will take.

My son loves Tommee Tippee

Every baby is different. My son wouldn’t take anything but the cheap Walmart brand bottles. I tried every nipple shaped bottle and every one designed for breastfed babies. He only wanted the cheap ones that aren’t nipple related really at all. But my god daughter would take anything you put in her mouth.

My suggestion is get a few different ones and try them out until you find the one your baby does best with.

I used the medela Calma bottles, the teat is a no flow tear so milk will only come out when the baby sucks on it, if the stop the milk flow stops
Couldn’t use normal teats otherwise my baby would drink it all fast and then throw up
These worked perfectly for him when I went back to work and had to pump for him

Definitely Avent, with natural test! :100:

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My son loves Tommee Tippee, I nurse and pump.

When I was a nanny, most of the babies I cared for used Playtex. But formy twins, the only bottles they would use were MAM brand bottles. It is up to the baby. Every baby is different. You will just have to see which one baby likes. My suggestion is to only buy one or 2 bottles of a certain brand. Have a few brands at home. See if baby prefers any of them. You do not want to buy a whole bunch of one kind until you know your baby likes them.

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Depends on the baby. My daughter is exclusively breastfed but had trouble latching so I pumped and bottle fed during the day and just nurses at night. I also had tons of different bottles from welcome boxes and such and what she liked the best were mam bottles. They’re a little pricey but definitely worth it

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My breastfed baby refused all bottles until I finally tried MAM nipples. I just got a pack of 2 nipples and put them on my avent bottles to see if he would even use them. And he did!! So I went ahead and bought a few bottles!! Thank God for mom pages that helped me find them!!

Every baby is different. 3 out of my 4 babies were/are breastfed and none of them will or would take a bottle. My son took one for the first two weeks as we supplemented waiting on my supply to come in and be sufficient and as soon as I was producing enough to meet his needs, he never would take it anymore. We have had some intermittent luck here and there with the como tomo bottles, and the even Flo bottle that looks like a human nipple. Neither of my daughters ever took one. They would occasionally take a sippy cup but only with water never with breastmilk. :woman_shrugging:

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It will be the last one you try and buy haha … I had to try them all with my first before we found the Lansinoh one and he loved those. With my second I had to triple feed at 2 weeks and hes has so far taken most bottles i have offered. So really depends a lot on the babe!

I think it depends on the baby… mine would take whatever I gave him. I mainly used MAM in the beginning only because I had tons of free ones from motherhood maternity

My daughters who were both breast fed easily transitioned from the breast to MAM bottles. The nipples are similar in shape to the actual nipple. They also have pacifiers that are great. I know other moms have used several different typea of bottles and nipples for their babies and ill be honest there are some really great ones. Ultimately its what your baby is comfortable with.

The only ones my son liked were Joovy. The problem was, then he got lazy and didn’t want to breastfeed anymore. Thank god for pumping at work.

My daughter did well bouncing back and forth between the boob and playtex nurser bottles. You can get a variety pack of the different nipples offered to see what your child responds beat to.

Mine would only take those parents choice bottles. I tried all brands but you just have to try and see what works best for your baby.

I was very lucky with my son I used Avent bottles and the Nuk brand bottles with the special shaped nipple but my son didn’t care what I used her had no issues and I breastfed him until I went back to work and then I breastfed and did formula since I couldn’t pump enough. My advice would be to not bulk buy until you know your baby will like the bottle. Otherwise keep the receipt and don’t open more than a box at a time. If you are having issues with baby and a bottle it could be the nipple flow is to slow or fast where baby is getting more air or baby is feeling flooded. There are new bottles coming out all the time and I may try something different with my next child but I have no complaints on the Avent bottles. Easy to clean and look nice

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MAM bottles! After trying out 5 others different my baby girl finally took mam it’s a very high success rate for exclusively breastfeed babies.

Tommee tippee, my 3wk old has been going back and forth almost seamlessly from breast to bottle using them… only bottles I’ve used with all 3 kids


My 2 week old I believe likes the Phillip avent bottles she does good on them wen I do give her dr brown seems to take her longer or like she don’t really get that bottle. I personally favor Avent bottles for breastfeeding or just formula used for my first with formula now my second for breastfeeding and probably eventually formula

My LO finally at 9 months old, took a Tommy Tippee bottle. It was the only one that he would take. I breastfed until he decided one day he didn’t want it anymore.

As an infant daycare teacher, my advice is every baby is different. But make sure she’s taking a bottle completely before starting. If she wont drink a bottle for you, she won’t drink a bottle for a stranger, and her first week will be so unpleasant for her. Good luck Mama!

I used Avent glass bottles with natural nipples. Worked great!

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Playtex drop ins. Best bottles. Only bottles I’ve known of to not be refused by any babies. (Been working childcare for 22 years and have two of my own.) Also helps prevent gas and helps babies with reflux.

My baby does breastfeeding and bottle breast milk. Has been since he was 2 months. He’s been using the boon nursh bottles and absolutely loves them! Silicone drop ins so no plastic touches the milk.

I used glass ones born free I think was the brand with my first and the medela ones with my second.

My daughter uses the Tommee tippee bottles and really takes to them when i need her to!

My son took munchkin latch bottles and my daughter took MAM

My daughter did very well with como tomo bottles! Highly recommend! :slight_smile:

My son would never take one. I tried them all! 2 years later he’s still attached to me most of the time :joy:

My son uses mam! He took it right away no problem

Both my girls liked lansinoh bottles the nipple is softer more flexible and nipple like to them I guess

My daughter loved tommee tippee. But not the ones with the anti colic insides. Just the regular bottles with a size 0 or 1 nipple so it’s slow flow like a breast.

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Ooohhhh lansinoh bottles
If you’re a breastfed mom you need to look outside of the basic normal bottles that mostly (mostly) formula babies take

I always got told from other
Mam (kind of worked for a while)
Tommy Tippie (didn’t work at all)
Dr.brown ( didn’t work)
Avent (didn’t work)
Even flow didn’t work
Cómo tomo didnt work

Mine use the Playtex with the collapsable bags. The flat-top nipple worked well for them

I used Medela Calma System- it was similar to nursing at the breast.

My son and step daughter only like the tommee tippee bottles and my step daughter used to be exclusively breastfed

I got these for my little one, they’re made by a biomedical engineer, a industrial designer, and 2 pediatric dentists. All parents and it’s literally designed to mimic breastfeeding!! Mine are coming in Thursday and I’m soooooo excited

Both my kids have taken any bottle if they are hungry they will eat.

Boon Nursh are the only bottles my son will take from me, on the rare occasion he gets a bottle.

The Kiinde and comotomo have worked for me

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Mam or Playtex has worked for my son

MAM is the only bottle my 3rd baby would take… after many tries. Theyre 97% success rate

Nuk made a nipple that was similar to the human nipple in the baby’s mouth… 30 plus years ago

I back up the MAM bottle suggestion. My first liked the NUK bottles.

My daughter took to the Dr. Brown and lansinoh bottles :smiley:

Tommee tippee. Had no issues. I had tried dr browns and he didn’t take it.

My daughter would only take a como tomo bottle

Dr browns worked really good for my little man when we werw switch him over to bottles after being breastfed for almost 8 months

I had como tomo and avent

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I had no issues with the tommee tippee bottles

We are going from boobie to cup she has been using her cup for a couple months now she cought on really quickly

Mine liked the Playtex nursers

Each baby is different. I tried a ton and gave up because I didn’t have to bottle feed but after all my research and trying my last hope was Minbie. It’s closest to natural. Not cheap at all though :confused:.

I heard others worked great but it wasn’t the case for my son.

Every baby is different but MINBIE

Avent were great for us

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My daughter took mam bottles and my son now has started taking mam bottles!!


My son took tommee tippee and dr.brown…

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My son liked tommy tippie the stream was fast but so was my breast because they were always full😭

My daughter liked tommee tippee and Dr. Brown

My daughter liked tommee tippee

My daughter used dr. Brown bottles

I had good luck with Playtex and Nuk

Dr. Brown’s worked well with my boy… but depends on your kid

I used Nuk nipples with my kids

I used the simply nuk or MAM. :blush:

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Tommee Tippi worked for me

Mam bottle are shaped like nipples

We use nuk. The ones that are more like moms breast. Only one my son will use