What can cause bleeding after sex in late pregnancy?

I’m 37 weeks as well and this has happened almost every time my husband and I have sex. Doctor says it’s totally normal and just because the cervix is thinned out.
Just to be safe though, I’d call and let them know!

I would ring the hospital and go get checked out. They usually always say after 20 weeks if there’s anything at all you suspect is wrong or doesn’t feel right or you are worried about, ring early pregnancy unit to go in and get checked over

Ring the maternity day unit as most of those are open till 2am ish or there should be a labour ward number on your blue folder. Always worth getting checked in case the sex nudged your cervical plug

I would go get yourself checked out just to be on the safe side not only are you putting your baby at risk by not going you are putting yourself at risk you probably don’t have much to worry about but it could be serious with my second son my ex partner started bleeding and it turned out the placenta was breaking away until it ruptured causing my son to arrive 7 weeks and 3 days early. Best of luck to you but please get yourself checked out just incase :slightly_smiling_face:

Go to hospital ASAP!

I’d go get checked over just to be sure hun x

Call your doctor Facebook will not help

Hospital just to check everything is ok asap !!! x

Could be cervical erosion which happened to me. I was 24 weeks and they kept me in and gave steroids but I ended up 8 days overdue in the end so it was nothing. Any bleeding needs to be checked tho not matter what the cause and it will put your mind at ease

Ring your midwife, especially with getting pains!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can cause bleeding after sex in late pregnancy?

I haven’t experienced this but you should call your doctor or the hospital to see what they feel you should do. I don’t think you are supposed to have period like blood. I’ve heard of light spotting but not blood like a period.


Short answer: ANYthing… Most likely, nothing to worry about, though… I would bleed EVERYTIME after we had sex after month 8… My midwife said it was perfectly normal, and actually expected… And we had sex A LOT, because both of my previous pregnancies were two weeks overdue, and we were trying to get the ball rolling😁

You will probably be sent back home, but I can’t stress enough how you need to go to the hospital! This is likely nothing alarming. However only am examination done by a trained professional, will determine that. This far in pregnancy so don’t take chance with your lives. Just rip the band-aid and do it.


Call your ob and explain the situation if the bleeding is brown it means it’s old blood but they’ll be able to tell you more or call the hospital if your dr is closed and ask to be transferred to the maternity ward. I bled during sex during the end of my pregnancy because my cervix was sensitive

I did the same thing with my second but I was around 39 weeks. I went to labor and delivery bc it scared the crap out of me. Everything was fine and I had dilated 1cm. Had him a few days later on my due date. If it worries you absolutely call your OB or just go in. There is nothing too small to go in for.


There’s no need to panic unless the bleeding is continuing and is accompanied by strong contractions or pain in your abdomen area. That’s what your doctor will more than likely tell you. When you’re at the end of your pregnancy it’s also normal for small blood vessels in the cervix to burst and bleed slightly. It’s just a sign you’re close to the end of the pregnancy. Obviously if you are worried at all, talk to your doctor if only to ease your mind. That’s their job. You’re gonna be just fine :black_heart:


Definitely go into L&D. Always safe rather than sorry.
Could be nothing, could be placental abruption. Especially if your baby isn’t moving a lot.

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Go to the hospital! Let them check you to be sure. That sounds like alot of blood for a mucus plug but it’s better to get checked out and know for sure!!!


Considering you are technically full term it could be “bloody show” meaning labor could be any day now. If that’s the case nothing will be done to stop labor but I agree with all the ladies. Get seen or at least call and explain the situation to be sure it’s nothing serious.

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It’s always better to be safe than sorry… Every pregnancy and women are different! I would at least call your doctor and tell them to see if you should go in or just go in… better safe than sorry, it’s your body and you have to go with your gut feeling and if it’s telling you to go get checked please go :heart:


I would go and get checked. You won’t get turned away, it’s too important. I say better safe than sorry. It most likely is just you cervix but the bleeding would worry me anyway. If the bleeding doesn’t stop I would go get checked. Air on the side of caution.

My 1st one I didn’t have contractions, or bleeding or anything like that. I had to be induced. But my 2nd I have bloody show at the end of my pregnancy. A lot, I went to the er and they explained to me that it was normal but it’s always better to come in and be checked.

Happened to me a week before I delivered my 3rd baby. Doc said its where the cervix is softening for labor and is super sensitive. The bleeding stopped within hours and intercourse was forbidden.

You really need to call your doctor. In late pregnancy intercourse is used sometimes to bring on labor. There is a hormonelike in semen called prostaglandin that actually can induce labor. So for your babies safety and yours, call your doctor or seek medical attention. Good luck with your new blessing.:heart:

I did this with my first child. I was 37 weeks. The day after I had this bleeding I went into labor. She is 8 years old now.

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Ask your doctor’s office. I would call all the time and a nurse would call me back or answer the phone and help me. I’d suggest doing that. The anxiety you’re feeling over this is probably not healthy. Ease your mind mama. Best of luck to you and your baby.

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I would definitely call your doctor to be on the safe side, but when I asked my OBGYN about this, he said that sex can irritate the cervix and cause bleeding because the cervix is very sensitive during pregnancy.

Call your doctor or go to L&D! It is most likely nothing but it could be very serious. Please do so for you and your babies safety.

I had this at 35 weeks and it wasn’t anything to do with intercourse…I had a big blood loss, and it nearly ended in tears I was lucky to be Alive and so was my daughter, emergency section within 2 hours of being in the hospital my placenta erupted! Please contact your labour ward


Better safe than sorry. Call your doctor first if you’d rather but best to check in.


I woke up with blood like that the day after I did BLS training. That evening my water broke. Then 4hours later my daughter was here. It’s always safe to just go get checked out.

I’ve had this happen in almost all 8 pregnancy is from intercourse and they will send you right back home since your bleeding has decreased, water hasn’t yet broke or started leaking, no contractions, and no pain!! It’s very normal as we grow our bundles of joy our body to changes and things we we’re able to do we might not be able to do in our last stages!! Its perfectly normal to worry to so nothing wrong with being a mother by nature!! You’re absolutely fine…now IF…ANY of those symptoms do change and you do start having pain close together and EVEN if your water doesn’t break or leak still go…I had an 2different times where I was having pains and got to 3 mins apart but my water hadn’t broke but that moment I made it to the hospital both times I was a 10 ready to push…they had to break my water and literally no time for a gown or meds boom both times and they’re all different!!

I would call triage. I had the same and it was actually my show and I was dilated to 2cm when I went in to get checked :joy:


Call your ob or go in to get checked. I would bleed sometimes after we had sex but it was never bright red, or anything more than pink/spotting. Also it did stop quickly after! It’s likely nothing but I would want to double check since it’s outside of what they say is “normal” if anything a call to your nurse will get your questions answered!


This happened with my last pregnancy, they said because of you creating another life and all the extra blood flow to the baby your vessels are more dilated and break more easily, do you still feel the baby kicking and moving? If so I wouldn’t worry about it, if it was a miscarriage the blood would continue and be a large amount it wouldn’t be easing off

Everything is all “full and sensituve” down there. I was told that as long as it does not soak more than 1 pad an hour, it was only spotting and was fine.

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If your bleeding fills a pad in less than hour each time then go to the ER. but if your spotting youre okay. Just call and let your IB know about it. For safety. But that’s what my hospital told me to do when I was bleeding as well. The next time it happened I went in and it turned out I was having contractions and they stopped them with a shot in my arm

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I did this but at 26 weeks pregnant. My cervix was starting to funnel and I was going into labor. Go get checked. Any kind of bleeding this late in pregnancy is not normal.

Near the end of pregnancy, your cervix can be sensitive so avoid sex and speak with your doctor.


Go to the ER! I had contractions at 35 weeks. Drove myself to the ER. They checked and I was not dilated. They said I was probably dehydrated. When I got up from the wheel chair, immediately started bleeding and I was in labor. I had a c-section, which I already anticipated cuz I had one with my previous pregnancy. Turned out I had an abdominal intrauterine pregnancy and my baby was born. It took a long time to put me back and bring down my BP. Both my son and I are healthy and a blessing to be alive. I do not take life for granted.

If something doesn’t seem right to you please ring the hospital asap. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous you might think your question is but it definitely isn’t to them.

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Talk to the doctor, girl! Seems like a bit much to be the plug but I suppose it could be. I’d confirm it with your obgyn/midwife just in case tho. Best not to assume anything in pregnancy.

It’s better to go there and get sent home known your baby is OK than not going and not knowing if they are it could be nothing but I’d definitely get checked especially the amount of blood your talking!

Please go in. Better safe than sorry. When I spotted with my pregnancy I had pre eclampsia

Definitely go get checked! I bled too and I had placenta previa. Always better to be safe than sorry mama❤️

The consensus is to call or go to er, or your doctor. Maybe FB isn’t the place for medical advise, but it is for moral support. Good luck, prayers that everything is okay, and you soon have your little bundle of joy.

Blood after sex isn’t uncommon but for that amount I would think maybe your bloody show, Some prior think your show has to be snotty goop but sometimes it can be very bloody, With my now 18 year old I was getting undressed to shower and then had a gush of blood down my legs (imagine sneezing on period … ) went to hospital and they said all was well but waters were ready for breaking, So they popped them and I had my son that evening.

Call your midwife or hospital you are booked at and talk to someone, It’s always worth getting checked, Better safe than sorry.

I bled for about a week before my first was born. Its totally normal. Chances are your mucus plug dislodged. That causes the bleeding.

Call your obgyn and ask them for advice


This happened to me and I ended up getting a super small tear in my vagina (swelling, different wetness, and friction can cause it). Mine was a whole toilet paper that I wiped with files with bright red blood. Even with that being MY experience, it doesn’t mean it’s yours and I highly recommend getting checked

I had this happen in my first when I was 26 weeks and I ended up having a couple days later! Definitely go get checked even if they send u home!

I had this and my ob food me it can happen because your vaginal walls can thin out so the friction can sometimes cause bleeding. With the amount decreasing and no contractions or pain I wouldn’t worry too much. But you know your body better than anyone so if you feel like you should be seen then get seen

I would go get checked. Or at least call and let your doctor know. I spotted my last 3 weeks due to being kicked in stomach by a resident of a nursing home and put on bed rest!

Always better to be safe than sorry. Even if you go and they send you home. Unless you live a good distance from the hospital… then I’d call triage and ask their advice. It could be nothing, it could be you are swollen and sensitive, it could be “time”. We don’t know your body, everyone is different. I did this from 26wks until 40wks. Was checked every time and nothing was wrong.

I used to bleed every-time the dr checked me, just had a sensitive cervix…maybe it’s that? I would ask dr just to be sure

I did that with my daughter. I bled twice in the last week of pregnancy and my husband said no more! It freaked him out. Mine was a decent amount of bleeding but stopped after a few hours and was completely gone the next day. Cervix is super sensitive! I do remember i tiny bit of cramping but it went away quickly. Id say if the bleeding doesnt stop than go get seen.

Well, I would spot after intercourse while pregnant, and my OB told me it was normal because of changes to my cervix, or because of bruising to the cervix after intercourse. However, that much blood doesn’t seem normal, and being that far along you should get it checked out or call your OB ASAP.

Girl, go to the hospital… doesn’t matter how ridiculous you may feel if it’s nothing. I’m 35 weeks and went to L&D 3 weeks ago because I thought I was “leaking” fluids but turned out my little one made me pee my pants a ton of times! It’s best to be checked, even if you feel it’s not something too worrisome.

My husband and I had sex at 37 weeks. A few hours later I lost my plug but no bleeding at all. Then my water broke a few hours after that.

Call your OBGYN but it’s completely normal because the lining of your uterus is thinner and the blood vessels are more tender

The best thing to do would be to call your doctor and ask the dr what you should do or what they reccomend . Something serious could be wrong or nothing could be wrong but the dr would know best .

Call your dr but i had this when i was pregnant with my son and it was nothing… it was just because of me being so pregnant and my body being so sensitive at that point.

I dont know if this was already commented but I had this happen and assumed it was just early labor signs and when I called they guessed the same thing. But at my next appointment it ended up being a really bad infection and I almost didn’t have enough time to finish the antibiotics. So like everyone else said, it’s better safe than sorry :slight_smile:

Yeah, had my daughter at 23 weeks, was life flighted to the closest nicu unit. She passed at 6 days old. Is it worth risking because you don’t want turned away? Better safe than sorry…

Yeah that happened with my last pregnancy. It scared me so I went in. Had our daughter 11 hours later.

Bloody show!! Same thing happened to me and I had my daughter that night

Go to the your maternity hospital and check in. They will probably monitor you and check yours and the babies vitals and if they think you’re ready then it’s go time. You’re only 1 week away from full term so the baby would be fine coming earlier. You don’t want infection setting in. Better safe than sorry!

I had this issue when I was pregnant. Call your doctor but I bled from him being to rough which causes bleeding but no harm

This happened to me and they monitored for about an hour and sent me home. Better to be safe than sorry though

I went to the hospital and they said it was normal

Yeah I went into labor at 34 weeks having sex & had some bleeding and he came the next day

I can’t stress this enough that when in doubt go to the hospital and have it checked out! It’s better to be sent home for a scare than have something more serious going on and having consequences for not getting medical attention.

you should contact your doctor, i don’t want to stress you out by saying it but it’s better safe than sorry…

Well depending where u are located… Is there a phone number for health information? If not call your doctor … 37 weeks… or hospital direct normally after 3 months hospital can help … At 37 weeks something can be done before 3 months no … so call the hospital at the birthing center and ask …

Why would you put your pregnancy in the hands of Facebook instead of calling your doctor??

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Plug. My first child was born at 37 weeks within hours of sex that was followed by blood

Go to your doctor. Don’t mess around. Especially it just didn’t happen the first time. I think you’ll be fine though❤

This happened in my last pregnancy and I miscarried at 10 wks

I would go get checked even if it turns out being fine always safe then sorry

Sex that late in your pregnancy can cause some bleeding but idk bout that amount. I would call and talk to your Dr🤷

Irritated cervix had to me in pregnancy but if your worried please seek medical help

Contact dr. I was 36 wk when had my daughter
Any boogers? And could be a irritation to cervix better to be safe

Call your hospitals labor and delivery unit directly. This happened to me (not as far along), and they got me in within the hour. Turns out I have some rare uterus condition, but the L&D team told me it’s always better to get checked and have it be nothing, then not checked and something bad happen.

The mucus plug? I experienced that with my first child and fourth but not my middle two.

I experienced the same situation. Doctor said it was nothing to worry about

Were you diagnosed with placenta previa

Go tot he hospital. Personally I’d rather be told I’m over reacting than under react and it be an issue.

Cervix is fragile. I had to have short strokes from like 15 weeks til 37 when i delivered.

Your cervix is sensitive could be plug.

That happened when my mucus plug came out.

If it were me I would go just to get it checked out. I bled prior to my 2nd and 3rd but it was because my body was going into labor but it wasn’t enough blood to mimic a period.

Why are you asking ppl online? Go to the hospital and find out what is going on.

It’s totally normal as long as it’s spotting. Anything more I would go to the doctor

It could be your mucus plug.

Why would you come on social media to ask about this and not be contacting a medical
Professional? Are these questions a joke?!

Have u lost ur mucus plug? If u did it could be ur bloody show. I would go get looked at

Any bleeding you need to go to labor and delivery

You really should go to the hospital

Could be your mucus plug?