What can cause HPV?

Today I got a phone call from my doctor’s office that my pap came back irregular. She said I have a form of hpv but what kind we don’t know yet. I’m freaking out because it never showed before. And before anyone says something like “oh maybe your husband cheated on you…blah blah blah” no he hasn’t and no I haven’t either! No bad comments please as I’m trying to figure this all out already.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can cause HPV?

It can lay dormant for years


Skin to skin contact… intercourse isn’t even necessary.


You can catch HPV just from sitting on a toilet


Hpv can lay dormant foe years


Try not to stress , sometimes these tests give a false positive.sending hugs xx


Are u pregnant ? My friend had it , only showed up when pregnant

The cdc is a great resource

HPV is a sexually transmitted virus/disease. I’m not saying anyone cheated. I’m unsure if it can lay dormant or not. Your doctor should have more info.


Is it too late to get the shot ?

Hpv can remain dormant in your system for years. It’s only detectable when it’s flaring up. You could of contracted it a long time ago. It’s also not always from sex.

Transmits from skin to skin contact. You can’t get it from a toilet seat.


Yes. And with the vaccines they offer, it only “covers” certain strains.

So I had it at my last Pap smear.
It was gone at my next one.

A lot of people have it and never even know it


I had irregular one. It sometimes shows irregular cells. No cheating done. It is watched and they scrape cells from it. U should be ok. Only positive vibes

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I was told by my OB that HPV can come & go. Typically, it’s men who have it & don’t know it & it can reoccur in men, more than women. So husband could’ve had it & not know for years or you could’ve had it & it’s just now coming to the surface.


It can lay dormant for years. I had the same thing happen. By the next pap it wasn’t detected again.


HPV can stay dormant for years and years before it shows on a pap, doesn’t mean anyone was cheating. 80% of people will have it never know it, usually because it goes away on its own after like 2yrs, especially if you have a good immune system. Caused by unprotected sex tho.

Unless neither of you had sex before marriage then you could have gotten it from anywhere and it was just dormant for a while.

HPV is a sexually transmitted virus. So either you contracted it at some point, or your husband has, passing it to you. It can not show for a while. It can also clear on its own sometimes.


I had it and they said we could of had it when we were born there is no real symptoms for it. I tested positive all my life until 12 years ago


I was told sometimes the ph balances can cause it to come out. Also could have stemmed from even prior to yous being together, after getting it cleared tho if it comes back again then I’d question stuff cause can only have another bout of it if a body has been around a new ph balance.

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This has nothing to do with your husband. Don’t let that possibility even get to you. Shame on people. It can lay dormant for many many years. It comes up when your immune system is low. Pregnant? During cycles? Chronic sickness etc.


It can lay dormant for many many years. Normally it comes out after 40 or if you become immunocompromised. Such as severe illness, pregnancy, or other things.


80% of women will be exposed to HPV at one point in their life it’s whether your body can fight it off.
If you are pregnant and get a pap that can alter the findings.

My papa came back irregular also this past December. They did a colposcopy and a biopsy and everything came back just fine. My ph was off however and that can throw off your pap.


Its dormat in everyone. I had it before


It can come and go as far as showing up in paps- you could have contracted it years ago

Maybe u didn’t have an outbreak before

I had that as well bc I had sex like that morning, once it came back positive they gave me a biopsy and that came back normally. Sometimes Happens after you have a baby (if you did it’s like a year later) that’s why my doctor told me

Ok from what I understand, HPV is spread thru sex. Oral. Anal or vaginally. However it doesn’t have to have Intercourse to spread, more so skin to skin contact (like oral sex)
However it can lay dormant for many years. Like ppl can go decades before realizing they have it, and not having symptoms. Even without symptoms it can be spread. So likely you or ur husband could have had this for many years, before you met.

Most men do not have or never will get symptoms if they have it. Which is why they push more for females to get the hpv shots before she becomes sexually active, altho both male and female should get it.
They didn’t have these shots when I was a teen.

It can actually go away. I had it at one point and after several years it was gone.

You could’ve had it for a very long time and just so happen to have a flare up when you were in for your pap this time.


Most of the time is goes away and just disappears on its own. Get follow ups. U will b fine… U could have got it from ur very first partner. It does lat dormant. Also most men carry it but it doesn’t effect them.


I got a call from my doctors office telling me to come in because of an irregular pap and they wanted to do another to be sure then they told me I had cervical cancer and six months later they told me it was a mistake and there was nothing wrong at all… I’m just saying don’t stress too bad until you get more tests done


Let the haters think what they want u don’t have to prove nothing to no one

There is a non sexually transmitted HPV Information About Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Don’t freak out. The same thing happened to me. I had a special test done in office that was super simple and i was fine and negative for any form of HPV.

You may have had hpv for a while and it just wasn’t causing an abnormal pap smear til now.

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I have HPV and unfortunately during my last Pap smear, I had to then have a biopsy done of my cervix. Turns out I have adenocarcinoma in situ. So I had to have a cold knife conization and I am now screened every 6 months by an OBGYN oncologist.

HPV is the wort virus. If you’ve ever had a wort or a verucca it’s in your system and can occur at anytime

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I had the same thing a few years ago, had to get a biopsy done they took a chunk of my cervix and it came back fine… I’m not sure what it was all about it.

Most women have it. Don’t worry. Just make sure you attend any treatment .

Most women will get one form od HPV in their lifetim3… most forms will cure themselves up in 2 years… I unfortunately ended up with the HPV that caused cervical cancer


It can come out later on and HPV is actually quite common. So many people have it but have no clue for years. I’ve had it come up in a couple paps and not show on others. Ph plays a part in when it pops up and when it’s dormant. I wouldn’t panic, they’ll do a biopsy and probably a colposcopy, both don’t hurt, and I’m sure it’ll all come back fine :blush:

It can lay dormant for years. It goes away, she was wrong for saying that.


You can have an irregular one it doesn’t mean anything about cheating. Don’t stress…you could also have had it for years. It can stay dormant & then all of a sudden appear. Can another one down if you can before any type of treatments. Doctors make mistakes too…that’s why it’s called practicing medicine. Don’t stress & good luck!!


HPV is way more common than people know. Most people that have it never know or don’t find out for years after. It’s estimated that approximately 80% of adults have some form of HPV.


I read it’s about 75% of the population in America that has some form of it. It can lay dormant for years before you test for it. Men usually have no symptoms unless its the warts kind. The kind that doesn’t show can be cancerous so be sure to keep up on it going forward.


I got HPV when I was 12 long before I was sexually active

This is something that is common sadly. And it doesn’t mean anyone cheated. Men can be carriers and it can lay dormant for a long time….
I’m waiting on results also.
Two of my best friends had this, and my mom! Among other women I know. They will start with the leep procedure to remove part of the cervix… and then you get paps every 6 months until clear


HPV can lay dormant for years and you can test negative before it pops up but it is a sexually transmitted infection. You could’ve had it for a long time and it is just now coming out


Hpv doesn’t always come from dirty dick. You could get it from sharing sex toys and just about any other bacteria you shove in there

Your partner having it can cause yours you be abnormal

I have the cancer type if hpv meaning I have a very high chance of getting cervical or uterine cancer. But I can’t go get regular pap smears

You didn’t ask the doctor when they called and told you?

You are not alone. A lot of women I know have HPV. It is the most common. Don’t get discouraged or feel bad… You have a huge support system.


U can have it for long periods without it showing symptoms. It will lay dormant for years in some people b4 anything comes to the surface. I had it for like 5 years bc of someone cheating on me. I didn’t know until a year after he did it bc it doesn’t immediately begin to show. Many treatments and stuff later I finally cleared it and got a clear pap. U will make it through this. Most people clear it on their own. I even had the kind that caused cervical cancer and developed cervical polyps. It was awful. Thankfully it cleared before I gave birth to my kids. So they weren’t exposed to it. Men almost never show symptoms of HPV. It’s scary how many people they can spread it to without even knowing they have it. Just take the treatments seriously and they should be able to sort this out over time. I wish u the best during this time of hardship. Stay strong and keep pushing thru.:heart:

Men are the carrier of HPV… it’s extremely common to have now a days… people just aren’t aware… it can lay dormant and suddenly be active but u have had it… let the drs talk to u about it


Sex with someone who has it

Hpv is very common especially in ppl age 25-40. It didn’t used to show up on tests bc they didn’t used to test for it as a standard practice. You’ve probably had since before you and your husband met.

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HPV IS AN STI AND IS SPREAD THROUGH SEXUAL CONTACT. I was diagnosed with hpv 5 years ago. It is ONLY contracted through sexual contact. I have gone and had the biopsy done and found out i have the precancerous hpv and am having a leep procedure on Friday actually to hopefully remove the cancerous cells out of my cervix.


I have a friend who developed hpv. Her paps come back abnormal. She had to get a biopsy and colposcopy every year.

Mono is a form of HPV so if you have had that you most likely have the Epstein bar virus. 95% of the population has a HPV virus


They will do a a biopsy and see which strand of the virus is. It could be hereditary or sexual. But even if it is sexual it could be from years ago and it just becoming active.

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I had that too, it goes away, I wouldn’t worry too much - I thought it would mess with me getting pregnant as I never had it before but I’m currently 14 weeks with my 2nd :baby:t3:

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When I had my Pap smear pregnant with my daughter in 2010 same thing happened to me… Pap smear irregular… after my daughter was born they did a colposcopy and took a biopsy it came back pre cancerous cells on my cervix… I had a procedure called a LEEP to remove the cells. Had to have a pap yearly for 5 years after… she said my next few will probably come back irregular because I had it but they never did they were always normal and still are… it’s never came back. Good luck to you… :crossed_fingers::pray:

Most definitely could’ve been dormant in your body from a past time.

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I was told the same turned out I had cancer

It’s sexually transmitted.


It can lay dormant for years without any signs… I have it this is the 4th year and it hasn’t went and also my cells are changing after every year, I’ve had biopsys n all that too… I’ve just had another yearly smear and awaiting results hopefully it’s gone…
It can appear for any reason and I hate when people automatically think its you or your husband that’s cheated etc…


I don’t know a ton, but I’ve read that men are carriers. Like maybe it laid dormant and now is showing it’s face. I’d calmly sit down with your doctor and ask those questions see what you can do

The best thing to do these days is get the hpv shots. Even as an adult. My son is 13 and he has already had his two doses. And my nieces have all also been “vaccinated “ for it as soon as they hit between 12-14 years old. It isn’t a an actual std but can cause cervical cancer and so much more in boys and girls men and women if not treated.

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It can lay dormant for years. You cam also get it from a parent from what my dr told me.

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This is great info for me, thanks for speaking up and asking about it.

You get hpv by someone giving it to you. It can lay dormant for years. A previous partner of 20 years ago could have passed it on.

HPV is sexually transmitted. You might have gotten it over the course of ten years from another relationship. Your husband might have gotten it in a previous relationship. There is a HPV vaccine for both boys and girls. Make sure your children get it.

You can have it for two-3 years before it can be detected.

So when I had HPV I hadn’t had sex with anyone for over 2 years. My obgyn told me I either got it from that partner 2 years ago and it was just dormant or it can be passed through skin to skin contact that’s not sexual. My pap came back with “abnormal cells” due to it and they had to do what’s called a cone biopsy to determine if the abnormal cells were precancerous or cancerous. My biopsy showed mine were precancerous, meaning they had the potential to become cancer. My obgyn preformed what’s called a LEEP procedure which is basically a heated loop of wire that they use to scrape your uterus with to remove the cells. After the procedure I had to have a pap done once a year instead of the normal three years to make sure the abnormal cells didn’t come back. After I got 2-3 normal paps done I was able to return to the regular 3 year pap. There is a vaccine for it called gardasil(sp) but after I got the first shot I had a reaction to it so I wasn’t able to continue getting the booster shots or anything. I had the LEEP in 2007 and all my paps since then have been normal.

I have both strands of hpv that cause cancer. I had a hysterectomy 10 years ago because of precancerous cells that were found… at that time I was never told I had hpv… flash forward … last year my paps kept coming up irregular… then I had biopsies that didn’t line up with the pap… after serveral.of these
.I was sent to an oncologist gyn… upon her examination and her own biopsy… it was determined I do not have cancer but hormone changes. Stay positive. Hpv could mean nothing… there over 100 strands but only 2 that can cause cancer… and most of the time our bodies clear it. (Almost every sexually active person will have a hpv virus at some point).


No it doesn’t mean anyones cheated. HPV is why you have smear tests. It can lay dormant for so so so long. Usually males are carriers, and it can lay dormant in them for a very very long time…

It’s pretty common approx 80% of women will have it by 50. However, some strains can cause cancer so figuring out which and keeping an eye on it is very important

However however our incredible immune systems usually clear it up within 2 years.

You could have had it for awhile and it’s just the first time it’s shown up in a pap. They likely will do a follow up test like a biopsy, and as long as it’s not cancerous it will clear up on its own. They’ll just monitor it going forward at your annuals. A lot of ppl have it. It’s nothing to worry about unless your follow up comes back with a bad result.

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There is a vaccine for HPV. My doctor told me there are also different kinds of HPV. There is the infection and one that is the cancer causing one. Or something like that. Idk. Hope you get well soon.

My doctor told me a few years ago that most adults over the age of 32 have it. It was really common in our age groups before the vaccine came out. It can lay dormant & flare up. I had the kind that causes Cancer so I had 9 different scraping done to remove the cells & my last two paps have been normal.

It’s honestly not your fault or his. But please please check yourself and don’t stop going back. I made a mistake 4 years ago after I had the baby of not going back and i am now recovering from a laparoscopic hysterectomy and I don’t wish that on nobody.

It can dormant for years…doesn’t mean someone cheated

i remeber i had hpv like 20 years ago. it went away all on its own. most of them go away all on their own.

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Most men never show signs of it and you can carry it and never know it. I have a form of it also from my ex that never showed signs of it also…

HPV can be contracted just by skin to skin contact with a carrier. It’s not transmitted by bodily fluids. :woman_shrugging:t2: You could have gotten it from anyone.

Sometimes men unfortunately are carrier of it and don’t have any symptoms

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Unfortunately you can have HPV from years ago from past partners that can lay dormant and won’t show up on a pap. Then can “resurface” years layers.

Paps are so important. HPV is curable and can go away.

Also though sometimes it can be a false positive.

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It doesn’t mean that he cheated on you. I had it too. They caught it early after I had my daughter in 2004 but I still had to have two LEEP procedures done to remove all the cells from my cervix. The virus can lay dormant for years before it pops up and my ex husband happened to be a carrier for it. If it’s not cancerous, it will clear up on its own. But if it is and it’s caught early like mine was, they can remove the cells from your cervix. I had to have Paps every 6 months for 2 years afterwards just to be cautious. It actually came back 15 years later but again, had another leep done and it got all the cells again. It’s a very very common disease and the stigma already added to STD makes it sound that much worse. Please try not to worry though!

Men usually don’t show signs so it could have been from a previous partner. It could’ve also been dormant in you from a previous partner.

Also know you probably had it awhile and the new testing procedures actually found it now.

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It’s a virus that can cause cancer. There are vaccines for it.

I have it and there’s no way to know who gave it to you , it lays dormant in men for many year’s and they don’t show symptoms. I was 4 month’s pregnant and they had to biopsy my uterus which could have ended my pregnancy. Thank God I was ok and baby was ok and it was benign . I eventually had a full hysterectomy

It could have been dormant in your body. It could just be something you’ve had for years and it wasn’t active until recently and there’s various reasons it could be active right now. It doesn’t necessarily mean your husband cheated. It could mean that but I wouldn’t assume it’s his fault, if you have reason outside of this to believe that he cheated then I would say consider it. But it’s actually pretty common. They now vaccinate girls against it when they’re around pre-teen to teenage years. But you do need to follow up with your doc and do all necessary testing because some strains are cancerous and may need treatment. But don’t panic, just go for your follow up, ask your doctor the questions and they will have more specific answers for you specifically.

You and/or he could have had it for decades. You’ll likely just need more frequent Pap smears for a few years.

It is a sexually transmitted disease