What can I do about my back pain?

I’ve had back issues for many years including bulging disc in my spine and sciatic nerve damage on my right side. I have numbness from my knee up. It started when I got pregnant with my first, but was never bad. With my second after the epidural guy stabbed me 5 times it became worse. I didn’t regain feeling in my right leg for several hour after giving birth. My husband had to practically carry my to the bathroom. Due to these issues I didn’t want to have anymore children. I used to work out, but after becoming a mom I just don’t have time. Well surprise I’m pregnant again… This was a big surprise as I was bleed for 2 months before hand. I am now roughly 24 weeks and they are having trouble finding out my date. My leg has been acting up. To the point where it goes down my leg to my ankle and up to my butt. I’ve tried a brace that my doctor recommended, but it did help much. The pain is getting so bad to the point it’s hard to stand/walk at times. Has anyone had this happen or something similar? What did you do to help the pain? TIA


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I’ve had four visits to my chiropractor and I’m a different woman.

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I went to my chiropractor as well. Hot soaks and mostly I was bed rest. When mine acted up I would just drop bc my whole leg would just go dead. I only held my other child while sitting as much as possible so I didn’t fall with my other baby. It was a rough ride.

I use cannabis to treat my spinal pain


Take Turmeric with black pepper. You can order them on Amazon. Life changer!

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Regular professional massage, routine maintenance

Toe touch stretching has helped me regain mobility. I was about to be on a walker from bulging disc and sciatica from car accident. My left leg was completely useless and numb I was being helped by my 8yo. Now I’m walking normally again and maybe I’ll run again.

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Have you gone to a chiropractor?

I went to my chiropractor, helped every bit of pain and so many parts of your body will relax and feel so much better, they do warn you though it does have the very slightest possibility of kick starting labor, but I went more often the closer I go to my due date. It helped so so much. I couldn’t even drive myself there bc of the pain and by the time I walked out perfect and felt like I could run miles.

See a different orthopedic dr ,
Get chiropractor asap , massage therapy , acupuncture, use bio freeze , ice packs alternating with heating pad . I’m so very sorry !

I would check with your doctor about maybe getting a Rollator walker to help keep you from falling. Also the support from the walker may help with the pain. You might have your doctor refer you to pain management. After you have your baby… you may be a candidate for a spinal cord stimulator… a neurostimulator which blocks nerves from getting some of the pain signals to the brain. The first one you get is usually pretty effective. I had trouble with infection due to less than normal wound care with my first unit and had to have it removed and another one placed. That one didn’t work at all, so they removed that one and put in one with a paddle lead. It worked a little better, but then the battery wore out and it was a couple of years before I was able to have the battery replaced. Now it’s working again, but I’ve gotten older and the damage is more extensive than before due to arthritis and degenerative disc disease. The spinal cord stimulator isn’t effective enough. I’m going to see a pain management doctor very soon and have gotten a Rollator walker which is a Godsend.

Epidural- the beginning of permanent back pain :cry:

Hot salt wrap, rock salt or Himalayan

Chiropractor and physical therapy saved me. I had HORRIBLE sciatica. I had four spinal injections and it did nothing. Physical therapy and exercise is key. I did PT for 6 weeks and my pain never returned.

I would of learnt from my first pregnancy.and had my cords tied.

Evidently I have never been pregnant but your symptoms in your leg and butt are exactly what I have. Bulging and herniated discs. Fusion at L4-5. I’ve been through several surgeries and have an internal stim, like a TENS Unit. It’s nerve damage. I’ve had numerous rounds of injections and been to physical therapy. No solution. Only temporary relief after having nerves cauterized.

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