What can I do about my child who likes to play in his poop?

So currently having issues keeping clothes on my 19-month-old son which for the most part isn’t a huge deal but now he has started stripping in bed then playing in his poop (pooping after the diaper is off and out of the crib because there’s zero poop in the diaper) a friend has suggested putting sleepers on backward so he can’t unzip them… any other suggestions from mom’s that have dealt with this?


Put zip up onesies on him backwards… Or duct tape his diaper

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Put the diaper on backwards. Until he masters that you should have more time

I tried EVERYTHING! My youngest did the exact same thing, he’s slightly on the autism scale but at 17 he works part time and goes to school full time as a junior.

Potty training him😏 that is a sign hes ready believe it or not.


At 19mo sounds like he’s ready to potty train

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Put a normal nappy on him and also a pull up over the top, he might get a little distracted

Diaper, fabric undies over and a romper…he could also be ready for potty training.

My son (Autistic) did this… I don’t miss those days!!! This lasted for about 5 years for us!!! We did one pc sleepers first, this worked for a while then we resorted to duct taping the diaper on. This worked for a while. But, ultimately it was just a long shitty ordeal. Lol…

It may be time to start potty training since he’s taking the diaper off before he goes.

If it was me (and it has been) I would make sure his room is safe, install a baby gate, and put in baby monitor.
Put him in a toddler bed and put a small potty in his room.

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Sleepers and diapers on backwards.

We used G Diapers. I would put the disposable on my daughter and then the cloth diaper cover over top, the velcro straps are on the back and very secure (I have to use a little force to lift them up). That way the aren’t too hot or uncomfortable wearing reversed clothing.

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My son did the same thing when he was that age. His an adult now. Put diaper on back wards with a cover or a onsie on backwards. With zipp up pjs on backwards. Hes also ready to start potty training.

Sleepers on backward

My boy did this and just grew out of it ,nothing worked to stop him x

Putting sleepers on backwards always works

Break the tab off the zipper that way he can’t get it unzipped. Worked with my grandson.

My daughter did it for a while.

Put pants or shorts on first and the a onese with snaps ove it. It may look funny but it works for mine at that age