What can I do at this point?

My daughter is 12 she’s always followed my rules and been very trusted.

A couple weeks ago she asked if she could hang out with a couple girls (sisters 13&14) walk around town (not a big town at all) I talked it over with my husband and we agreed after rules were put in place. I planned to pick her up after 2 hours roughly. Said I’d call her.
Fast forward…. Hung out with them again…. She was having issues with her phone. I took it and obviously went through it. I found pictures of my daughter vaping in our bathroom along with a couple other places. A condom she took a picture of saying she just had sex (not true) she told me she got it from the nurses office (okay I’m fine with that). She however won’t tell me where she got the vape… I’ve looked for it multiple times.
The bigger issue is Monday (because her phone has been taken) her friend calls me to tell me my daughter missed the bus because someone took her backpack - I replied with I’m on my way have her meet me at Dunkin (places to sit)
I get there… she is there with friends. Looked my kid dead in the eye and said where was your backpack? All 3 girls start laughing so I knew I was lied to.
I gave my kid a look and said I don’t think any of you are funny at all let’s go. My kid was embarrassed! And knew I was pissed. Once in the car she was like thanks mom - I said you lied to me and that’s one thing I do not allow! And I promise you that you will not be allowed to hang out or do anything with these girls again.
I’ve already taken her phone… given more chores… bed time is earlier
But she really doesn’t seem to care.
What can I do at this point?

I’ve also told her if she doesn’t tell me who gave her the vape I will be contacting parents/school/friends.