What can I do for itching while pregnant?

Has anyone ever experienced uncontrollable itching all over during pregnancy? Currently 33 weeks, 2nd pregnancy. I went through a phase with this during my first pregnancy, did blood work & did not have cholestasis. Both my mom & sister have had it during their pregnancies, so it is still a concern for me that I will definitely be bringing up at my appointment this week; I just want to see if anyone has experienced itching like this without having something like cholestasis. It keeps me awake at night, there’s no rash, I’m literally clawing at my skin constantly & Benadryl doesn’t phase it. I’ve tried a good moisturizer even though my skin doesn’t seem to be dryer than usual & that hasn’t helped either. I am at a loss on what else to do or try until my appointment later this week.


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I had special blood test done had to take my son at 37 weeks cholestasis can be fatal make sure they did correct test

Cholestasis was my issue, had to be induced early. I’d have it tested again

Happened to me and I developed eczema. Try to see a dermatologist if possible. I use cerave cream for my eczema.

The only time I’ve experience itchiness is when I got diagnosed with Cholestasis!. I get it around my third Trimester. I get so itchy all over my body mostly the palms of my hands . I tried everything and my doctor prescribed me some
Pills but it didn’t go away. My doctor has to induced me at 37 weeks .

See a doctor asap
Can be a warning

Try to pat it instead of scratching i made my my stretch marks worse, id try vitamin e oil or coconut oil!

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Yes had with all three of pregnancies … only cure was delivery … had them all 2-3 weeks early

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Ok so this is going to sound crazy but it worked for me. I didnt have health issues but was super itchy all over my body. What I did was when showering I would coat my body in skintimate shaving cream (the raspberry kiss one that starts as gel and turns to cream) I let it sit and tingle for a couple minutes then rinsed off. It took the itch away in no time. Sounds crazy but worked and wasnt at all harmful to me or baby :slight_smile:

So cholestasis is really hard to diagnose because the liver enzymes can change really quickly so it is best to get blood work multiple times

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I drank V8 and as crazy as it sounds it really worked.

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Daughter had it. They just took the baby at 37 weeks and it was not early enough. One day baby heartbeat was great the next tachycardia. Emergency c section and he is still in Nicu. Don’t mess with this. Get retested!!!

It may be PUPPS. I hope it’s not, it’s maddening. Talk to your OB.

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Cocoa butter lotion. I remember when I was pregnant with my first I was in a convenience store (6-7 months so obviously showing). I flipped my shirt up (No shame) and started scratching. It was my offspring stretching my skin. I grabbed a bottle of cocoa butter lotion. Never got stretch marks! I had a second child almost 5 years later and used the lotion with him as well.

I had cholestasis with my 3rd pregnancy definitely make sure u get checked again I was induced early

It was Pupps for me and I absolutely hated it

Definitely pupps I had that when I was pregnant it was awful

Buy some organic oatmeal put it in a coffee grinder blend it really fine and put it in your bath. This is what helped me…I had PUPPS!

Get retested! I had it my last pregnancy. They sky rocketed and my baby’s heart rate got super low and I got sick. I scratched holes in my skin and have scars on my fee. The minute they read my levels I had an emergency c section

May be a sign of pre-clampsia. Don’t scratch at them though. Makes the stretch marks worse!!! :disappointed_relieved:

I had the same issue, had all tests done and they didnt have a answer for me. Cortisone cream was the only thing that helped me a little. But nothing truly worked completely until after delivery it went away. I joked I was allergic to pregnancy.

Look up puppp in pregnancy. Happens during pregnancy. What I thought was stretch marks was actually pups and I was so itchy I could cry, night time is the worst. The stretching of the skin is what causes it to be really itchy. Also happens most in the third trimester. Read up about it. May be what you have

I used gold bond medicated and okeefes

So i had that. And at 34 weeks they induced me. Whatever its called can cause you to have a still born. Call your dr

I was late in my second pregnancy, 36 or 37 weeks. I’d been itching like crazy. A nurse practitioner I worked with told me to have bile acids checked (blood work). They were high. My c section was moved up and had the baby right away.

My skin itched from stretching so I used palmers body butter to not only soothe but to remove stretch Mark’s.it works if you use alot of it.

I had the same issue my last few weeks of pregnancy and tested negative for Cholestasis as well. So, I took cold showers every single night to cool my skin off and ease the itching!

Bag balm would help.

I used baby lotion I had really bad itchiness when I was in my third trimester, got my partner to smother me in baby lotion before bed and some nights it helped some nights it didn’t, just trial and error with lotions

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can I do for itching while pregnant? - Mamas Uncut

It sounds like cholestatis I would bring it up sooner rather than later

Sounds like Pruritus. I had to go to the ER to get prescribed some medicine to help get rid of it

Would speak to the doctors as soon as possible just to be safe

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I had cholestasis. My labs showed my levels being kinda high but not where we needed to be concerned. I had weekly appointments and went back a couple weeks later in shorts and my doctor seen the scratches all over my legs and finally sent me to another lab and at which my levels were insane. Drink water. As much as possible stay away from caffeine. Watch the sugar count in food. Eat fruit. The healthier the better. Hot showers were my best friend it’s the only thing that gave me relief. Ask again to be tested. I have scars from itching so bad and it’s been a year. Two days after i had her the itching finally stopped. Now when i get the slightest itch i freak out with ptsd :joy:

Are you taking an iron pill? I had the same problem taking iron. I stopped taking the iron pill and the itching went away.


If you can find some mittens to wear at night that will help not wake you up so much at night also.

Take a cold bath and cold compressions

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I had the puppp rash and it was the WORST thing ever. Uncontrollable itching and rashes all over my body!

I had the exact symptoms you’re experiencing with my 3rd baby. My doc also suspected cholestatis and actually tested me twice. Once around 27 weeks and then again around 35 weeks both negative. Sent me to a dermatologist he prescribed some kind of steroid cream and allergy meds, didn’t help. I tried different soaps and lotions and nothing… My son is 2 mo. old now but I noticed as I came home from the hospital that my symptoms were gone!
Talk to your doc and hopefully they could prescribe you something to give you some relief but it will most likely get better once you deliver.

Aveeno oat bath !! I experienced the same during my pregnancies and I found that helped . Good luck

Itching or Pruitis excessively isn’t normal and indicate many things. Please mention to the Dr promptly

The word pruritis refers to itching. This symptom can occur in isolation or can be the result of another condition. The most common cause of pruritis is dry skin. Skin disease, PREGNANCY, and medications can also cause pruritis. Your doctor can prescribed various medications, oral and/or topical. In the interim, u could try ice packs and cooling gels.

I didnt have any thing but had major itching and I had to switch my shampoo to whole Blennds oat, i had to use aveno itch body wash and benadryl cream for my belly.

I had it with My last pregnancy. It’s called PUP. I had to go see a dermatologist. It’s horrible itchy. The doctor had to prescribe a lotion. The pharmacy had to make it. Also had to take a medication. Go see your doctor and ask him.

Alovera lotion or an Epsom salt bath . i use epson salt with lilac in it .

With my first pregnancy, I developed an allergy to the pregnancy… can’t remember the medical term. I itched severely and was told the only thing to help would be to deliver. Within an hour of delivering, it was gone. Maybe try Gold Bond lotion for extremely dry skin or Aveeno Oatmeal soap and see if it gives any relief.

I suggest taking your iron pill every other day. That should give you some relief with the itching and constipation.

Are you taking with Iron? I had to stop taking iron because of this and I wasn’t even pregnant. My Dr prescribed iron because I was consistently low in iron even though I eat a lot of foods rich in iron. I ended up scratching my skin raw and he knew right away what was causing it. He said that iron supplement is a common allergy.

I would see your ob. Mine suggested oatmeal baths and oatmeal based lotion for me. I had pupps rash at the end of my second pregnancy i scratched myself so raw that i actually got induced a bit early. It went away after i gave birth.

I’ve got it currently as well… doc said it could be a form of anxiety as well as some of the others ppl have mentioned. Try a thick cocoa butter perhaps…?

Bur a jar of collodid lotions listed in the first few ingredients

I had really itchy dry hands when I was pregnant with my last daughter, nothing showed up on any bloods or anything.

I took unisom (ask your Dr which one) which helped with nausea, itching and restless leg syndrome. It has an anti histamine in it.

Try Avenno oatmeal lotion. I used it when i pg with my 2nd I had shingles. A bath in some wouldn’t hurt.

Omg I did I felt like bugs were crawling all over me and I hated life but my dr didnt seem too concerned. I bought a big bottle of eucerin skin calming lotion and globbed it all over me every night.

My daughter in law had that problem. Really nothing they could do about it.

Talk to your doctor asap. It’s better to rule out any medical conditions immediately especially while pregnant.

Definitely get checked again for cholestatis, I didnt have it with my first 3 pregnancy’s but had it on my fourth. My palms were the worst. You poor thing, it’s terrible being itchy. Good luck

I was like this with my first child, I came up with hives all over from it, turns out I was allergic to my baby and was taken in for an emergency c section once I was out of recovery, the hives went away so did the itching.

Break open a Vitamin E capsule and put it wherever it is itchy.

I experienced PUPPPS during both of my pregnancies. Pregnancy Rash: What is PUPPPs?
Maybe ask your doctor if this may be what you are experiencing…?? Just a suggestion

Do people even talk to their doctors anymore?

Omg. I had that but it was cholestasis. I had to be hospitalized and it reached its peak a week after the baby was born. My liver was out of whack. Sounds like you have it my dear. You should get yourself checked out. I would scratch until I made myself bleed. Take care and best of luck.

I did about colistasis. Mine ended up staying and i still have it but not as bad. Mines dermatographia. And i cut out wheat and its better. I joked i was allergic to him, the father,and then found out i was pregnant lol maybe its an allergy thing from the baby.

It’s colistasis and if untreated can cause stillbirth in infants, I just went through this and had to get induced and if your levels get to high its a huge risk to baby… please go get tested …… I’ve had it with both of my daughters

I did with my last pregnancy and my doctor said that unfortunately it was a pregnancy symptom that sometimes happens…nothing I tried helped, it was definitely hell

I had itching while pregnant but it was that bad that my belly looks all red like the mosquito bit me. I tried a lot of different oils, organic cream and whatever is in this world I think but nothing helped me till I just put 2 bottles of water in the freezer and when it was ice I was just rolling it in my belly up and down, left and right. I was scared that my baby would feel cold or anything but the doctor say it is fine. I didn’t wanna try creams recommend by my doctor because even she say it is fine but I didn’t like the ingredients it has. I went 2 times to get blood test because I heard about “cholestasis” and got worried but my blood test was fine so I just had an extrem itching . A wet towel on my belly helped me as well. Only those 2 things that I mentioned since my rush was worst from 3am to 5am . And again during the morning . Try those dimples things if nothing else help you . Also making your belly wet in the shower helps but i did that when was extrem bad at 2am since I was so sleepy :disappointed: . I did go out with my wet towel on my belly because I couldn’t handle it . Hope it helps you.

Baby oil baby oil baby oil baby oil!!!

Sounds like ICP though. Keep getting blood work checked. I’ve had it 3 times

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can I do for itching while pregnant? - Mamas Uncut

Sounds like a condition called “Pupps”

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Try cortisone cream? Ice baths, or frozen bags of veggies where it itches

I had it and my levels were fine. My doctor gave me something to take before bed and it did wonders :slight_smile:

Please get the bloodwork done. Rule out cholestasis. It could be PUPPS. I had this when i was 34 weeks pregnant. The itching was unbearable in the evening and night. The one thing that helped me was grandpa’s pine tar soap and using aveeno body lotion. The soap smelled awful but the itching and the rash went away in like a week to ten days. I would highly recommend the soap and lotion.

Cholestasis. I had it with all three of my guys. Friggen brutal. My foot was so itchy the only thing that scratched it good was rubbing it on the rug… I had rug burn on my mf foot :expressionless:

I didn’t have it with my first but did with my second. My ob wouldn’t test at first for it bc it’s so rare he said. I forced him to and I had it! Nothing helped! But I did have to be induced at 37weeks. For safety reasons for both me and baby.

Every time I was itchy when I was pregnant I would put on stretch cream lotion a whole bunch of it and rub and rub and rub don’t scratch just rub your stomach with the cream I have no stretch marks.

Pupps or cholestasis. You need to get some blood work done now, so you can talk options and treatment at your appointment.

I had cholestasis and would leave scratches on my body from when I was asleep. Nothing but birth helped. I was also hospitalized and had untrasounds twice a day to make sure baby was ok.

Pupps and cholestasis are nothing to joke (or lesson) how bad they can be for our babies.

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Vitamin e. Rub it right on your skin

Get a damp cold cloth and place on itchy areas x

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Talk to your doctor!!! Just bc it wasn’t cholestasis the first pregnancy does not mean it isn’t that this time. I had to be induced at 39 weeks for cholestsis, you dont wanna mess around.

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I had cholestasis. It was horrible! I had to be induced early because of it!

Prescription Benadryl!

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Yes all over and lasted until a couple of days after child birth. Poor thing

OMFG my arms, I would scratch them until the bled :sob: Sarna cream was the only thing that gave me a little relief

i did horribly for my first 2 pregnancies! i told my drs none of them seemed to even care, i couldnt sleep, couldnt sit still it absolutely sucked!


I used coconut oil on my skin during later months due to itching.

I suffered thur i got tested for cholestasis and it wasn’t that. Didn’t get tested for pupps but I really think at one point I had it. Hope you found something that helps. I was in tears by 3am because I was exhausted but couldn’t sleep


Yes I was allergic to every material clothes are made of except cotton. It happened during my next two pregnancies also.

I had it with my daughter I think. PUPP rash I think it’s called?

You might have the PUPPP rash. My daughter used a black tar soap that barely took the edge off of the itchyness. Gave her some relief while she was pregnant with twins. It came back a few weeks after she had them for round two. Doctor had no relief for her, she was miserable. Google “soap for PUPPP rash”. Good luck!

I had this 2nd pregnancy, no explanation, blood work fine and normal, so I basically had to try all different home remedies such as allegery tablets or medicine every day a couple of times a day, baths with either e45, centebane or demol in and moisturiser all over body afterwards. Drinking plenty of water to try flush bad toxins out, The itchiness drove me insane for weeks and then eventually stopped. I just put it down to the extra hormones in my body, I never experienced it with my first. And when I went to the doctors they weren’t helpful as there was no rash or specific area of irritation the itchiness was literally all over my body and scratching for me made it more itchy so I also tried my hardness to avoid it.

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Please get checked for ICP! Talk to your obgyn about it!!!

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Sounds like PUPPS. I would get seen by your OB.

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I would talk to your OBGYN but I had this at 33 weeks as well. I was absolutely miserable. I don’t even know why I was so itchy.

I was induced early because of the uncontrollable itching. Tell your dr.

I used bio-oil or coco butter.

Weirdly I was reading reviews for grandpa’s coal tar soap, and there were a lot that recommended it for PUPPS rash.