What can I do to get my daughter to stop sucking her hair to fall asleep?

How can I stop my daughter from sucking on my hair to go to sleep?! I’ve thought of everything, and I’m tempted to cut some off and give it to her at night. It wouldn’t be a problem, but she makes knots and mats all in my hair, and it hurts so bad. She’s 1yo. This is the only way she will sleep. I also have super long hair, and I am not cutting it!


Pit her in her crib and let her go to sleep…


French braid or put your hair in a bun to sleep.


Don’t cut some off and give it to her!?! Have you ever seen where people get blockages from hair? Just like cats you can’t digest it so it just sits there. Put in a bun or find another way but DON’T let her suck on it or give her some of it!!!


Dont give that baby hair tf… French braid your hair or put it in a bun


We once heard our daughter choking at night in her sleep and she brought up a hair ball. It was her own hair she used to suck so giving her some isn’t a great idea


I either put my hair on a braid or bun at night or depending on how long your hair is, braid it and bun it up!


Is people really that daft… why would you give a 1 year old some hair you need to read the dangers of these things put the child in her cot an give her a snuggie / comforter like a wee teddie with blanket attached… if you give your child a bit of your hair your to blame for the outcome of it.


Give her something else to suck on…Maybe teething ring

You need to stop that so she doesn’t get a blocked bowel. Hair can build up in her digestive track like it does in plumbing pipes.


Do not let her do it or give her hair to chew on😂🤦

I have really long hair. I always have it up so don’t get into it.

This mumma is not cutting it she was joking as I read on the last sentence.

I shaved my head after my son was born and he never even had a problem like this… she’s not to blame… bad parenting is. Choking hazard, can block her bowels, can form a cyst of hair that has to be removed.


My son did the same thing I had to constantly have my hair up or pry it out of his hand and tell him no over and over while trying to replace it with a teddy. It took a while but he eventually got the point

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Get her one of those tag blankets made for babies, she probably just likes the feel. Then put your hair up and out of the way, and tell her no and don’t give in and whatever you do… DON’T GIVE HER SOME OF YOUR HAIR!

Ok. My sister got appendicitis from sucking on her own hair when she was younger. Definitely do not do that… Other than that I’m at a loss for what to do. Maybe try giving her a blanket or a toy that she likes to suck on?

The fact that you need people to tell you not to give your child a clipping of your hair is beyond me. This should be common sense. I must be missing something.


Messy bun or braid your hair. If she swallows any of your hair it doesn’t digest in her stomach and if she has too much in her stomach she’ll have to get it surgically removed since hair can’t digest or pass on from the stomach


Get a grip You are her mother. Stop letting her do it. Say no and put ur hair up out the way, Its that bloody simple.


My daughter used to do the same thing. Put my hair up and gave her a special blanket.


Break that bad habit while she’s young put it in a ponytail find a soft blanket but stop the sucking of hair now before it causes other bad problems

Idk if this has been commented but have you tried taggies toys, or taking a blanket and cutting strips into the side of it?

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Your child is going to end up with a hairball !!!


Jeez im about to leave this group im so sick of people being rude when people are looking for help


Brittany Savković did you write this :joy::joy::joy:

Babies love to hold on to silky things like blankets or the little toy things with a bear or some other toy animal on it

Is it hers or yours? Read the post again :woman_facepalming:.

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Braids …me and my sister both had this bad habit as children

My daughter has three taggies that she lugs everywhere and has to sleep with… maybe try something like that to replace the hair. Please don’t let her have a piece of hair :confounded::frowning:

How did this habit even start? That is incredibly dangerous and shouldn’t have been allowed to start in the first place :confused: it’s unsanitary on top of the serious risk to her health & life


Damn you guys are rude lmao… try a pacifier? Maybe a stuffed animal? A blanket? If you cosleep try to take it away whenever she falls asleep to prevent any suffocating

I did it when i was younger but as a anxiety tic. They told me id get worms and i stopped :grimacing:


Have You tried a toy doll with hair. Or the silky blanket binding. Toy dog or cat with hair. Good luck!

You can’t be serious.


What the… Have you tried baby blankets with little things sewed on them to help soothe kids? This is odd.

Braid it nightly and give her a doll with hair🤷🏻‍♀️ maybe a silky/soft blanket…

A soother? Don’t give her your hair Jesus Christ


Wtf…give her a nuk or don’t give her anything. Condition her and comfort her another way. A safe and normal way

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A binkie? 100% better than hair

I have long hair too its actually better for your hair if you braid it or I like to wrap my hair up in a loose bun on top of my head at night that way it doesnt get all tangled and when I take it down in the morning it’s perfectly curled or you can get one of those shower cap looking things like a silk night cap to sleep in and your hair will be perfect in the morning and she wont be able to grab at it. My daughter likes to play with my hair when we are snuggling too but it hurts when she pulls it so I just keep pulling it away and telling her no that hurts mommy’s head.

My son just turned 2 and is a hair twirler, he loves to twirl my hair. It has been a process getting him to use something other than twirling my hair to sleep. I’ve had to constantly pull my hair back and give him a taggie stuffy to latch on to. It’s hard but you have to stick with it and be consistent. I would definitely try a pacifier which you’ll have to ween her off of as well, eventually.

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ABSOLUTELY DO NOT LET HER KEEP DOING THIS!!! I’ve seen babies and toddler have to get surgery to remove clumps of hair out of their intestines and stomachs because it caused blockages. It will also turn into a habit as they get older and can cause the same issue.


You really should stop her ASAP. It could cause a literal hairball in her stomach and it could end up having to have surgery to remove it if it’s to bad.

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You shouldn’t be allowing her to do that in the first place. :grimacing:


I have twisted my hair since the age of two I’m 28 and still do it. My daughter is 2 and she twist her hair. It a condition called Trichotillomania some are more severe cases than others!

That is gross. Did your parents never tell you to stop chewing on your hair or you’d get worms? Or better yet have you ever watched My Strange Addiction where the women literally has a HAIR BALL In her stomach?! Should’ve never ever let that be a habit. Put ya damn hair up and stop letting your kid eat it. They make all natural oils you can use on her feet chest and back of neck to help her fall asleep, they sell it at Walmart. Go get ya some. It might be rough the first few days but it’s better than her insides being screwed up because of poor decisions.

& to the people saying “you don’t have to be so rude” well some people don’t have to be so senseless either. :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:


This can’t be a true story. If it is I need your address so I can send CPS over.

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It may take a few different things to try until she finds a replacement she likes but whatever you choose, nook, tag blanket whatever, I’d recommend redirecting her consistently for 2 weeks. Typically afte 2 weeks you’ll notice a decrease in the behavior but be prepared for her to fight you on it more at first. Just keep at it!

What if she chokes!? Lol

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Get her a damn pacifier :joy:

Do a bun. Harder to get to :woman_shrugging:

Please for the love of God dont give the child a hunky of cut hair! Um, she will 99% for sure swallow it, choke on it, aspirate it…anything. jesus, are you seriously that clueless?!


Choking hazard lovely. I’ve always had long hair and when my babies were born in a plait it would stay and out of the way.

Is this a serious post? I only have obvious answers on the chance this is real; don’t put your baby at risk. Yikes yikes & yikes

I would wrap your hair in a bun or ponytail, but I would also recommend maybe trying a toddler pacifier when she sleeps, don’t give her a chunk of hair love it’s a safety hazard, lol some kids just develop weird habits, my son has to have a stuffed lama in order to sleep

The fact that she really said she’s tempted to just cut off a piece and give it to her. :grimacing::grimacing: YIKES.


This cannot be real :flushed:

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Yeah tie it up, braid it or cut it off but NEVER give her the hair. That’s ridiculous, dont allow her to suck it. It’s dangerous and can get caught inside her tummy. Give her something else to have. Or even spray something that taste nasty on the hair.

The lord is testing me with this one.


Not only is it a choking hazard, its seriously dangerous for her internals aswell. Can cause huge hair balls in her stomach/intestines that can cause blockages and require surgery to remove. Take her to the gp for a checkup because ive seen what it can do to someone. Hope you find an alternative xx

Shove your hair up in a bun :roll_eyes:

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Do you know how dangerous this could potentially be ? Even if you don’t think she is, she IS ingesting some of your hair. Since your hair is “super long” this can build up in her stomach and cause her so much pain and so many more problems. Not to mention she could choke.


Does anyone remember the little girl who used to suck on her hair and ended up having a huge hair ball in her stomach, she unfortunately passed during surgery to get it out

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I would have stopped it from the first time,this is actually quite disgusting


My 5 month old loves trying to collect my hair, I shed like a dog and it doesn’t help he grabs it every chance he gets. I keep my hair up and he typically ends up going for my shirt. I told him he can only collect my hair once he stops collecting it in his hands and stops wanting to eat it.

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Just don’t let her? She’s one! Digesting hair can end up in surgery so it’s dangerous. Put your hair up and don’t let her grab it or put it in her mouth. Again she’s one, easy to do.

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Tie your hair up and don’t let her :woman_shrugging:t3:
This is how snowflakes happen…

If your like me and get headaches from prolonged up dos, keeping your hair up can suck. I prefer a claw clip bc it can help. Is your lo a thumb sucker? My son attempted to be but we kinda nipped that bud awhile ago. Every once awhile when he self soothing now (hes 17m), and it’s usually when we have cuddles- he will suck on his fingers 🤷 I just soothe him with singing or rubbing his head.

Tie your hair up in a bun out of her way and absolutely do not give her a piece of your hair to suck on she could choke on it or it could cause a blockage in her stomach

Put your hair in a pony tail or a bun. If you dont want her to do it then dont allow her too. Out of sight out of mind. Give her a snuggly bear or stuffed animal. See if that will help maybe. But don’t give in because its the only way she will sleep. If you dont want a behavior remember You are the mom. Be loving and firm amd consistent. Your babes will learn and the behavior will subside. Your babes is only 1 so if you move your hair away she wont be able to touch it. My sons 17.5 months when hes laying down he likes to run his hand through my hair. He pulls it and his hands will get stuck. I move his hand and hold his hand and sing to him it stops him from doing that. Its normal for them to touch your hair we rub their heads and such as comfort. So they learned its nice. But i agree it does hurt. So i dont let him do it because I def am not going to sit there and let my son do something I dont like so he will sleep. I find other was etc. You got this. As for sucking on your hair. Babies are weird little critters. It Will subside if you move your hair.

Maybe get a costume wig for her to play with instead. Wear it if you have too.

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:thinking: cut some off and let her get a hair ball in her belly :face_vomiting:


Braid her hair so she can not do that and talk to her Pediatrician.

i would definitely talk to her pediatrician.
this may not be the case but, it could be something stress related. i know she’s only 1 but i had a hair issue due to stress when i was only 6/7 where i would pull strand by strand out for minutes at a time until i felt soothed by it.

Tie it up? Then buy her a doll, Although really its a habit you need to break not enforce by giving her an alternative. Maybe try giving her a taggy blanket instead. Or one of your t-shirt to wear. Its a big difference but its safer than hair in her little belly.

Soft cotton towel?
Could you carry it around on you/wear it down your top or similar during the day time so it has your smell and then when she tries to suck your hair at night time, hand her the towel and say “mummy got you a special sucky towel instead of mummy’s hair but ill lay beside you and stroke your face/back so you know I’m still here and we can cuddle” or similar? It might work.

It’s a very common thing for children to do and most will do it to their own hair for comforts.

It also takes roughly 21 days to break a habit. Be consistent and don’t let her suck it, just keep replacing it with the towel and hopefully she will move onto that. The towels sometimes will get holes in etc but better than your hair x

The biggest thing with letting her do it is a danger to her personal health. Any time something like that is happening, there is the chance she is ingesting hair. Short term that isn’t such a problem but as it continues to happen over time, it can cause basically a big hair ball in her stomach which can have some serious consequences and if that were to happen and god forbid she eventually need medical treatment for it, guess who the doctors are gonna call DCS on? You. It seems like there is something specific about your hair that brings her comfort and makes her happy. Maybe she is feeling overwhelmed or just plain likes to have something soft to comfort her while she is falling asleep. I would suggest finding things that can replace that and perhaps do the same for her that your hair does. For my now two year old she HAS to have a VERY soft blanket to go to bed with, she requires her favorite show to fall asleep to (octonauts,) and her cup with her choice of drink in it. For my one year old she requires a blanket which she may or may not use depending on her mood, but mostly she wants the shirt her daddy wore that day. I think its his scent that honestly comforts her because she is such a daddys girl and misses him. As long as he gives her kisses, a bit of attention and a shirt of his before they try to go to sleep, she is absolutely fine. If that routine doesn’t happen…well…we all get to hear about it from her.

Tie it back in a high bun of sorts. Use a binkie for the moment

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Tie it back but also speak with her doctor. My daughter would eat her own hair and it was a vitamin issue.

Wtf! Sucking your hair?

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Put pepper on her hair or onion.

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She will stop. My middle daughter had to play with other people’s ears to fall asleep, she eventually stopped. My older son had to have his feet touch someone to sleep lol, he grew out of it as well. Maybe have her start a new habit that soothes her, like holding a special blanket or toy.

Don’t give it to her. If she doesn’t have access to it she can’t do it.

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Give her a cuddle stuff animal or her own soft pretty throw blanket!

I used to twist my hair in knots dr said it was stress can you give her one of those teething things I did this 60 +years ago

You should probably think more of her health and less of your desire to not cut her hair! Put it up or cut it off!!


Braiding it and putting it in a tight bun? Wearing a shower cap to sleep?

A paci? Looks like she’s looking for something to soothe her. I don’t know if you want her to get too attached to that either now though because you don’t want them hooked to the paci to long. I’m going to take my sons when he turns 2.

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are you willing to give her an alternative? It’s easier to break the habit of sucking on a pacifier than it is for her sucking on her hair. Especially because hairs can get loose and she can choke

normally I wouldn’t recommend introducing a pacifier at this age, but it seems to me like your child has an oral fixation and self soothes by sucking on her hair. Clearly this isn’t something that we want for her to do for safety reasons

it would probably be difficult to find the right size pacifier, but there are teething toys that she could probably use.

also, you say the child is one. that presents a very wide range of behaviors and motivations. Would you be willing to clarify her actual age in months? I would be able to give a little bit better advice if I know I’m dealing with a 12 month old, and 18 month old, or a 22 month old. the advice might be slightly different, as there is such a vast and rapid growth in the first years.


Do not cut some off and give it to her. I’d suggest braiding or a headband or pulling it back into a pony tail


https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/630254/Hairball-pictures-video-removed-sucking-hair-plait/amp I read this story once that scared me! I’d get her out of this habit now mumma, don’t let her do it anymore. As others have said perhaps try an alternative such as a dummy xx


Um put her in her own bed.


What about a cuddle blanket toy?


Well you cut her hair and at bed time put her in her bed in her bedroom walk out close the door not to be reopened until feeding time or wake up time that easy you deal with a few nights of crying for a lifetime of trouble free bedtime

Get a silky like blanket.

:hushed: Hair does not digest. If she keeps doing it you’ll have more than a sucking problem, she’ll end up with a hair ball in her stomach.

Yea i would not suggest cutting your hair and giving her some, that doesn’t sound like a good idea at all… she could swallow it, choke or get hairballs , if this is a problem then stop it :roll_eyes:…why continue it. Put your hair up in a bun, kid is a year old she may not like it, it may be difficult for a few nights but will eventually get better…put her in her own bed let her cry it out after making sure all her needs are met. And as for her hair maybe cut hers to a length that it can’t reach her mouth or put in a semi tight French braid and tuck it up. I’m sure you will figure something out.


95%of these questions are painful :woman_facepalming::laughing: