What can I do to get rid of head lice for good?

Serious question for the mamas, and can you post this Anonymous. But what’s the best way to deal with head lice and get them gone FOR GOOD?! I feel like I’ve tried everything! My son hasn’t got them back but maybe twice. I’ve been battling them on my head for months now! I have semi-long hair, but it’s driving me crazy not being able to get rid of them completely. I’m ready to shave my head, but if I do, I know it’ll destroy the little self-confidence I have. Someone, please tell me what the heck I can do.


Men’s shaving cream …cover with plastic sack for an hour. Works every time

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Dye your hair.lice will be gone instantly



She saved my life with my girls they got her treatment and its been over 3 years and we still never had it since!

Dr they give a shampoo that works great

Tea tree oil!! I swear by it!!

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Tea tree oil shampoo and tea tree oil hair spray… you will never have them again

You can’t just get rid of them for good, you can always catch it again… but mayo smother you head, either leave in over night or let sit 30mins washout completely and then wash your hair with dawn dish soap and then use regular shampoo and conditioner to finish. Depending on how bad the lice is, comb in-between each wash and rinse.

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Dr shampoo is the best. My daughter’s doctor prescribed lice shampoo after a long battle with lice and they were gone instantly

Coke cola let dry on head wash as normal kill lice and nits wash right out

You have to clean the house and wash the bedding and stray what you can’t wash. It is exhausting . But it has to be done at the same time as your hair.

You have to spray and wash your house too. They can live on your bedding and stuff


Dr . There is a new lice that over the counter meds dont work on.

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wash wash wash sweep sweep

my daughter kept getting them repeatedly she was the only one getting them i found out that she was getting them from my babysitter who use to spend the night occasionally and sleep in my daughters bed or on the couch i had to get rid of the bed mattress and the couches in order to get rid of them i found out from my sirdresser that they can live in and on safe surfaces for months because they eat the skin cells no matter how much you treat your head as lond as they are in the furniture you will get them repeatedly

If you have long hair…you should add lots of hair conditioner and comb your hair out. It gets rid off the large bugs.

You could dye your hair to see if it helps. But I would still recommend doing what I say even if you do that to make sure it’s gone.

Get a good lice comb. Like professional quality from a professional that specializes in removing lice.

Mix warm water and conditioner in a spray bottle. Conditioner helps the nits come off your hair easier.
Spray hair generously and comb thoroughly the first day.

Then comb every day, or every other day for two or three weeks until you stop seeing bugs and or nits.

It’s a marathon, not sprint. It sucks, I know. But if you stick with it, the constant combing it will get rid of it.

Coat hair in coconut oil and cover with a shower cap or plastic bag and sleep like that, then take a nit comb through your hair at least 2-3 times…also make sure all bed linens, pillows, pillow cases,etc. are washed in hot water and dried on high heat for at least 60 minutes, all stuffed animals or things you can’t wash or dry needs to be put in garbage bags and sit on your porch or a garage for at least a week…but you are also going to want to go through your hair with the nit comb EVERYDAY for the next 2 -3 weeks you want to make sure you get every nit out of your hair

Tea tree oil in the shampoo and B vitamin supplement. Sometimes a deficiency can attract them. I had lice when I was young and fleas in my hair. I needed vitamin b. Once I took it, never again. And I worked for children’s social services and combed I kid you not prob a million nits out and never got it again

I had to dye my daughter’s hair to get rid of them

Mayonnaise all in your hair, shower cap and sleep in it. Next day wash your hair out and then use lice spray.
Wash everything in the house that can be washed. Vaccuum and use bug bombs in house

Tea tree oil.
Put it in your hair, kids hair, everybody’s hair.
Use coconut shampoo they hate coconut anything.

olive oil.
one thing my mom did when I got lice the first (and only time, knock on wood) was went to the black hair care section in walmart and got an aerosol can for olive oil (?). Lice cant survive in oilier hair. So the more you wash it, the more likely you are to keep getting them because Shampoo strips oils from your hair and scalp.
anyway, oil your hair and wrap in in plastic wrap. You’ll have to pick the dead lice and eggs from your hair like normal. Also clean carpets, bedding and anything that can hold lice eggs. I suggest doing what you can in the wash, and then finding a big bomb that will suffocate the lice.

Full marks mousse is the strongest one you can buy get someone to help you section your hair n comb comb comb every day twice a day after 3 days retreat with the mousse again use 2 bottles if thick hair n do the same thing comb section by section if used correctly you won’t get a re infestation. Wash all clothes bedding jackets throw out brushes etc I personally don’t bother with home remedies but nitty gritty comb or there’s a nit comb that zaps them

I would get a large bottle of hair gel and soak your hair in it. Then take a shower cap and put it on. Sleep with it that way overnight and wash out in the morning. Repeat if necessary, but I’ve only ever had to do it once when my kids were young and got lice from the neighbor girl. The problem with all the lice medication is that the lice have grown resistant to it so it’s ineffective. Make sure you bag all of your bedding, pillows, etc., in a garbage bag for at least 72 hours. Anything that can be washed, wash in very hot water and dry on high heat. I hope this helps.

Call their/your dr and get a prescription. Ask for SKLICE if they have it, it works wonders!!! We had 5 females with long hair and 6 males. We cut the boys hair down(it was summer anyway) it looks,smells,feels like elmers glue but it worked after multiple tries of home remedies cause we couldn’t go to WM and by and tin of products and we didnt know dr prescribed until we called them cause someone told us vinegar would work​:unamused: it gave my daughter a burn down her back,butt, legs. Do a skin test if you are going to try at home remedies :pensive: at the time I didn’t know(trial and error)that was years ago. Some will say rubbing alcohol but I watched a friend use it on her daughters and it was a pity to watch please don’t do it! Tea tree oil as well… The dr told us it repels but doesn’t kill! At least not all stages…We let it get out of hand a fee years ago wasting time trying home remedies. Last summer my daughter caught it and all her little cousins staying over. We called for prescriptions but whatever they gave us didn’t seem to work… But I think it was re infestation from kids going and coming constantly. We bought this shampoo at Wal-Mart for like $8 it definitely helped. Fought with it for weeks until started using shampoo. We keep a few bottles now anytime lice is going around at school or I see a kid scratch I wash their hair for at least a week with shampoo.

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I am Director at family homeless shelter:

Here’s what we do:

  1. all - clothes, stuffed animals etc come into buildings are run thru dryer or heat lamp
  2. if brand new from store we won’t process
    3)do head checks on all kiddos when they return from sleepovers anywhere
    4)Bag all clothes and linens that have been near the kiddos heads in black trash bags for 7 days. Then wash and dry them
  3. once lice is gone… then rinse the kiddos heads after shampoo with a 2 quart pitcher of warm water and about 1/2 cup vinegar. Do this every shampoo for about a month or so then every week forever! :flushed::wink:
  4. check adults heads because often they have lice too
  5. vacuum your other furniture and your car… spray with lice spray
  6. check pets

As to being embarrassed don’t be… lice is not particular about who it comes after

The flea drops you get at the pet stores. Others wouldn’t recommend it, but it worked well as a deterrent :100:

Maby to really live it’s time to shave it. I did . Best thing I ever did . Even tho it didn’t feel that way at first

My daughter got them recently from school and we used Vaseline . It worked for us! She was the only one in our home that got them but I treated everyone with it even myself and my husband and we put the Vaseline in overnight placed shower caps on our heads overnight then used not comb on hair in the morning and washed with dawn dish soap ! I will warn you the Vaseline is very hard to wash out but it works! I also put all my girls hair up and used mint scent conditioner nightly in their hair for about a week . We only had the one that had head lice and haven’t had any problems since !

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Dye your hair or treat it with rid. You will have to have someone comb through it for you or you will never get the nits and bugs out. While you are doing this clean everything in your house pillows, bedding, stuffed animals, vacuum anything you can possibly vacuum. They also have a spray you can use if it won fit in a washing machine.

Coat your head in mayonnaise and cover over night with a shower cap. Wash all bedding in hot water, vacuum, clean everything the best you can. They make rosemary shampoo for kids that can help to repel them. Good luck!!

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I just got over head lice with my son and literally tried everything from special shampoo prescribed treatment from drs and the only thing that helped me was smothering his hair in conditioner putting a shower cap on his head he slept with it and rinsed out the next day and for the next two weeks just keep combing through too see if you see any eggs or anything and if they do just smother it in conditioner with a shower cap again

Nic complete lice care.

Worked like a charm. I swear my daughter attracts them everytime there is a break out at school!

This was the ONLY thing that got rid of them from my daughters hair.


Soak your hair in apple cider vinegar for an hr or 2 and then wash and condition it and comb comb comb until there is nothing coming out on the comb and then regularly treat with tea tree

Vamousse from Walmart for $20 works really good for my kids and my own hair. Spray and vacuuming like crazy. Wash all bedding , coats, hair brushes, etc…

Tea tree oil

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I work at a Dr office. We recommend that you treat (1tx)weekly over the counter meds and EVERYDAY use (lice comb)comp nits and all debris from your hair daily( it’s the only way to remove) use conditioner if it helps to comb, must section every inch. keep doing that every day until one day after combing and no longer see Anything on the comb. With lice comb. Use paper towel to clean comb after every stroke. Also wash sheets daily until resolved avoid sitting on furniture. Put all throw pillows blankets not being used in garbage bags for a week. It’s the only way! Trust me the nits are harder to kill than the lice. So you have to physically comb them out daily.

Blow dry and flat iron it on a daily for awhile

When my daughter kept getting them back we used Vamousse daily use shampoo and fairytales detangling conditioner. And comb comb comb…RID furniture spray. I vacuum sealed all her stuffed animals and sprayed her bed. all bedding got washed seemed like daily for awhile there. Stick with it and you can eventually beat them

Use regualr mayonnaise. Lots of it. Put a shower cap on when sleeping. Wash hair several after over night. The mayonnaise will suffocated the nits in the hair. Wash all laundry bedding with hot water and dry on high heat in dryer. Put stuff anaimals in a trash bag for 4 weeks.

Idk about kill bit plenty of stuff coconut oil, mayo and a few other things will make your hair greasy enough to comb them out then immediately put comb in hot water after every stroke.

Coconut oil, a plastic bag (or shower cap) over the hair and a hair dryer. Then sleep in that and comb through. Don’t do what I did and panic buy $150 worth of harsh chemicals that don’t even rid them

My daughter had it once and we used coconut oil in a cap overnight and then combed it out. Waited a day then did blue Listerine for a couple hours and then combed it through. By the 2nd day they were gone and she never had any issues with it again.

I know it sounds weird but completely cover your head and mayonnaise and tie a bag on top and leave it there overnight and then wash it out and come to your hair with a nit comb to get all the eggs out if you have tea tree oil keep that on hand and on you daily but you really have to wash everything and use furniture spray and all that fun stuff

My daughter used to get head lice every single weekend when she went to her dad’s because they never kept their kids hair free from it

Not sure if this could be the problem or not but some people forget to treat the car with the spray.

Cover your hair in a cheap conditioner. Nit comb it through until you can’t see them anymore. Repeat 5-7 days later for the next 2 weeks. (3treatments)

Once you get rid of them put tea tree oil in your shampoo. It keeps them away.

Use lice free spray from Amazon. My daughter had long thick hair and we couldn’t get rid of it for a few weeks. I bought that and just soaked both of our heads and then again a week later, they didn’t come back after. Then use fairytales shampoo, conditioner, and/or the leave in they make. It repels them. We used rid 3 sepearte times and they kept coming back.

Fairy Tales from Ulta saved my life. My daughter and I have long hair. She uses the hair spray and conditioner to this day. I swear by it. There are so many products.

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Coconut oil and a shower cap. Comb it with fine comb. Wash and blow dry. They don’t like heat. Tightly bag up everything that fits in bags. Pillows and be put in the dryer on high heat. They make mattress bags so use those to protect mattresses

You need to use lice shampoo and a lice comb on everyone’s hair until they are gone. All of the soft surfaces (carpets, beds, bedding, clothing, curtains, everything) need to be sanitized and be lice sprayed. Use tea tree oil diluted in water and spray it on everything including hair as well. Pets also need to be washed and combed.

I always soak my hair in listerine for 30 minutes then wash with warm water and blow dry. Also make sure you wash your pillow cases and everything!

A very hot hair straightener/flat iron will kill a lot in the lengths of your hair, too. (You can hear the eggs pop!)


This!!! And wash everything!!! This i swear by it!!! It kills and keeps them gone!!!

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Ivermectin from your local tractor supply or feed store. Google the amount you need to add to a spray bottle. No nit picking or repeat treatments. Make sure you clean all bedding and throws.

Mayonnaise then use tea tree oil daily to keep from coming back

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Soak you head/scalp with baby oil and cover with a shower cap for a couple hours. Then comb the nits out. Wash your hair. The lice should be gone

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Hair dye will get rid of them!

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Wash all bedding after you get treatment

If you’ve been dealing with it for months, I would highly recommend searching for a clinic near you that takes care of it; my younger sister had it BAD!! She has red hair and the nits looked like she’d been out in the snow. My Dad finally took her into a place and she hasn’t had an issue since; most places guarantee their work with a “free” appointment if it does come back

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We use coconut sauve shampoo! It kills them (let set for a couple mins) & keeps them away!

Call your Dr Ive been dealing with the same thing. Dr prescribed me permethime cream.

Lice centers of America.

Sit in natural light and have someone else comb through your hair

Once you are finally rid of them, get in the habit of using hair spray, or gel in your hair, lice don’t like that

We used the Lice Free Spray and i highly recommend it! Looks like some others do too! I sprayed all furniture, vehicles, and washed sheets

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Cetaphil facial cleanser… coat dry hair until saturated, then blow dry, use a nit comb a few times and repeat in a couple weeks. Wash all bedding etc. This is the only thing that worked on my daughter, dr recommended it.

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There’s a spray for lice that u can use for sofas, pillows etc.
Wash everything right away after u get treated.
Go to the lice clinic

So there is a place called the lice nanny in michigan. I’m pretty sure she ships her products and I hear they work great!


Wash all bedding stuffed animals, anything that is fabric you would have your head on. Treat your hair with nix once and then again 10 days later. Have someone help you get the eggs out. You have better luck to use your fingers over a comb and make sure you vacuum everything! Bed couches floors everything. My brother fought headlice for 3 years and I got it multiple times over that 3 years. More than my entire life. Thank god I had good friends to help me!

Grease/ oil or use mayonnaise. Treat bedding carpets clothes furniture as well

My daughter got lice at camp the summer of 2019. Between then and Jan of 2020 we tried everything. I mean everything. I finally had enough and made an appointment at The Lice Clinic in Matthew’s. Haven’t had an issue since that day! It was the best money I ever spent. I would have saved so much money, time and frustration if I had just gone their immediately upon finding them!

I rid a homeless man if lice with neem seed oil. He had them so badly the eggs were 9 inches down his hair… so he had been living with them for a long long long time. No shaving the head necessary. Neem seed oil has been used for thousands of years and they cannot build a tolerance to it.

A spray bottle with water and essential oils like citrus and lemongrass it won’t kill them but they won’t want to stay on your head. My daughter has never gotten them again at school since we started spraying her hair every morning…bonus her hair smells great!

Tea Tree oil!!! Boil all brushes or hair accessories as well! Buy lice spray spray all beds, furniture,and spray you car seats or wherever they have set!! Dry all pillows,stuffed animals etc.etc… a week later repeat again… never will I understand y they even exist. I hate those little things with a passion. Hopefully this works for you it definitely did for my household

you need someone to help you–you have to get all the nits combed out. Also need to treat every week to make sure you get all those that you may have missed that hatch. coat hair with coconut oil with tea tree EO in it put a shower cap on and leave for overnight and then have someone help you comb it.

Go to a lice clinic you wont regret it.

I used to get it a lot as a kid for a while. My mom did a mayonnaise treatment on my hair, left it in overnight, rinsed it, then went through my hair strand by strand. She washed everything in my room. She put tea tree oil in shampoo, always used a repellent spray before school, and used a robicomb on my hair once a week. I never got it again.

Mayonnaise in the hair overnight with a shower cap and wash all linens

I had this problem and my hair was almost to my butt. The OTC treatments from the store ruined my hair. What finally got rid of them for good was cheap vodka. I soaked my hair with vodka and put it in a shower cap for an hour then rinsed, no shampoo/conditioner and repeated it the next day and then 5 days after that and never saw them again. I even used that treatment on my 6 year old and it worked like a charm. It kills the live ones (they were falling out as I rinsed) and dries out the eggs. We didn’t even comb that time.

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This is what worked for us and I swear by this. Put tea tree oil all in your hair and wrap it up in Saran Wrap. Leave it in for a couple hrs. Once you rinse it and comb it…put coconut oil on your scalp and all through your hair. Wrap that shit up again for over nights. After that and once you pick them out you should be good. make sure you clean clean clean all your stuff. Hopefully this works for you.

I have long hair. When I got them from my daughter in college we used different things. What I did worked the first attempt. She tried 3-4 different things, before she had me treat her like I did mine. Lice hate coconut oil and tea tree oil. I mixed the two and soaked my hair. Wrapped it in saran wrap and let it on for over 8 hours. Those buggers can hold their breath for 8 hours. I combed it out with a lice comb. Shampooed my hair with a tea tree castile soap and rinsed it with vinegar, another thing lice don’t like. Continue to use shampoos with coconut oil and tea tree in it and it helps to not get them, along with vinegar rinsing.

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Treat it and pick every single egg out, get help if it’s alot.

My girls were awful growing up amd getting lice. It seemed like within days of getting rid of it, they would get it again. I was able to do their hair but had no one to help me. I finally shaved my head and that was the end of it! Hair grows back!!

Mayonnaise. Inside of a shower cap. I still have nightmares but it worked

The only thing I have found that works every time is lice free gel. Not the spray in kind. It kills the eggs also. Make sure to spray your furniture and wash bed clothes. Boil brushes. It sucks when you have to do your own head.

Sounds like your be re-infected. Once gone unless your visiting areas with li e you shouldn’t keep getting them. Find the source! Recommend going to a professional though. Have to comb the nits out daily.

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Tea tree shampoo and there is a spray that contains teatree for hair stuff works like a bomb

Nix shompoo/cream rinse. Kills lice and the eggs . We used it at the hospital. Works well.

Go to a lice clinic the are wonderful my son kept getting lice from school could not get rid of them they got them all great place. Lice

Vinegar… I got lice from a pony I bought at the salebarn… pour over head. Wash clothes, warmest temp possible with vinegar, in the rinse cycle . Dry as hot as possible… try a mayo hair mask. . supposed to kill lice and it is healthy for your hair.

I heard of someone dying their hair the same color to get rid of them. 🤷

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Vamousse lice treatment is what I used on me and my youngest when she was in daycare and got it on a weekly bases. I also used the the vamousse lice treatment shampoo for like 2 months straight on both of us.

Tea tree oil does miracles… it’s the only thing that worked for my daughter when she was little and would get lice. Good luck.

Tea Tree Oil. It works very well. Mix it a small bottle of shampoo and put on hair for 15 minutes. Then rinse and comb out nuts and eggs as usual.

Comb through with conditioner. I use just the cheap stuff from dollar tree on dry hair. Apply heavy and let set about 10 minutes then comb through with a nit comb. Rinse out and blow dry. Then use a robicomb after wards. We went for almost a year using the chemical stuff, even got a prescription from the doctor. This is the only way we finally got rid of them. P.S. we use the robicomb at least once a week even after they were gone just to be in the safe side.

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