What can I do to get rid of head lice for good?

You can do all the treatment you can think of but if your not washing/ and drying all bedding and vacuuming often- even your couch you will keep getting it! All the treatments I’ve seen on this post are accurate BUT lice can jump and live on other items in your house. Stuffed animals/ pillows that aren’t normally washed got treated in the dryer.


Dye ya hair with bleach

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Zap works big time. Always worked for us. Then I wash all bedding and pillows. Then steam clean all beds, floors, carpets.

Use vamousse, it’s about 20$ a bottle, super easy to use on yourself and works the 1st time! But treat your hair atleast twice - 7 days apart and if you’re really worried use it a 3rd time 7 days later.

You may not have them I though I did Dr checked. Once you start itching. Have Dr check

Nix shampoo made for super lice! Get the kit! Treat your hair with it, let it sit 10-15 minutes wash it out with shampoo and comb the shit out of your hair. Vigorously. The nix does make your hair super greasy and nothing can stick to it! Keep combing and when you start not getting anything out of your hair comb it 100 more times. If you get ANYTHING out within those 100 combs start over! Treat EVERYTHING your head has touched. Don’t get discouraged lice are such pests! Having 3 daughters with thick thick hair in the public school system I’m telling you this is how I get it out of their hair every time they have caught it. Good luck girl.

Vacuum and clean everything in your house!

Comb your hair with the nits comb with conditioner, once you get them rid of them just do it once a week, sounds like you keep getting near someone that has them


Go to Wal-Mart the have medicine to kill head lice. Wash all your cloths, bedding, spray and vacum the bed and carpet. Soak your hair brushes in Lysol. Make sure you wash the coats and jackets.

my daughter had it once then I got it from her. the dr gave me a prescription for both of us. it was so gross but it worked. we’ve never had it again.

Tea tree oil. Every ten days treat house and every one. Even if you don’t see any. I battled it for a month. And tea tree oil still gets put on our heads. I hate lice.

Tea tree oil. You can also make it as a fabric spray. Dilute it with peppermint Eucalyptus EO with distilled water and witch hazel or alcohol. Spray couches , beds, and curtains.

Wash and dry all bedding, run it in the dryer a few times, it’s the heat that really kills them. Bag up any stuffed animals in black garbage bags for a few days before washing and drying them. Throw out hair brushes, just get new ones. Tea tree oil in water, spray it everywhere. Use nix ultra, comb through your hair with the lice comb. I would also coat your hair in coconut oil afterwards for the next day, it will suffocate any you might have missed. Comb your hair out multiple times. Re treat your hair in a week, whether you see any or not.

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Get green soap from pharmacy and it will get rid of them. Wash hair everything untill gone, with the green soap

I had to dye my hair because I couldn’t comb it myself. My hair is really long. One of the ingredients in the dye suffocates the lice and egg. I also put 3 drops of tea tree oil in my shampoo and fairy tale detangler after I get out of the shower. I use that for both me and my daughter.


Buy the spray that kills the lice for your furniture. Wash your bedding in hot water. Spray your bed and pillows. Put mayonnaise on your whole head clear down to your scalp and do not skimp. Wrap your head in saran wrap and a towel and leave it on all night. Next morning wash your head really well. Blow dry your hair and then comb with a fine tooth comb over your sink.

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You have to treat your entire house. Linens and furniture

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I put lemongrass oil and olive oil mayonnaise on my head, wrapped in a plastic bag and slept on it, washed it out and nit combed every day for a week and it worked!

Neem shampoo
Cut ur hair short bob
Or dye ur hair it will kill them

I dyed my head. All my younger siblings kept getting nits back but nits wouldn’t come near me (had to re dye my hair due to regrowth and I would do that every couple of month)

I remember my mom washed my hair in vinegar when I was a kid and I never had them again. Worth a shot!

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Tea tree shampoo and conditioner and hot wash everything.

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I heard doing a Apple cider vinegar rinse helps to get the nits to release from the hair so easier to comb out

Tree tea oil or hair color

Go to your health department or call and ask if they have any head lice treatment I tried everything when my youngest brother got it almost shaved his head until I was told to call the health department and they gave me some good lice shampoo that worked great all the buggies died and he hasn’t gotten them since but mayo also works BTW dying or coloring your hair DOESNT make the lice go away or die it doesnt help what so ever

Put olive oil all over your hair and wrap it in a shower cap or cling film over night. Comb out all the dead lice. They will suffocate. Then rinse the oil out and spray a mixture of water and vinegar. Leave for an hour. Then comb the eggs. Repeat weekly until your sure there gone.

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My daughter has long hair and we were struggling to keep them gone too. I finally used the robicomb and then the Vamouuse foam. And every couple days I use the robicomb just to make sure they haven’t returned. As for bedding and furniture, washed everything I could and sprayed the rest. We also wore shower caps when we laid down to help avoid reinfestation.

Both my girls have had lice so many times. Like everyone mentioned above I have tried it all. I recommend treating everyone in house same time. Change/wash everything your head/hair touches. Hats, coats,scarves. Change bedding. Spray your couches chairs cars. New brushes combs hair ties. And invest in a good lice comb. Definitely worth it. Lots and lots of patience!! As a preventative we use tea oil in shampoo and the fairy tale spray. Lice are extremely frustrating!! Best of luck to you.

Hire a nurse that does this for a living. Takes about 2 hrs but she will get all the nits out and youll be done. Chances are you arent getting all the nits and they are coming back.

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My daughter caught them years ago and it was a nightmare. Constantly washing everything in the house and trying everything on the market to get rid of them. I’ll tell you what worked in one dose. I bought hair color and applied it as directed. It killed the lice and ended the nightmare. The lice live on the proteins in the hair and the hair color kills them


Call a professional. Here where I live they have a company called the Nit Chicks. I would google lice removal in your area.

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There is a prescription you can get from your doctor it is amazing and works.

Mayo hellmans mayo drench there hair in mayo put a shower cap on send them to bed wash there hair in the am then olive oil for 3 hours wash there hair again and should be all gone works every time for us!!

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But a Robi-comb and use it once a week. I was a school nurse, and had students that kept head lice all the time. The Robi-comb was the BEST thing EVER!


You need to get lice treatment, wash your clothes, then possibly bomb your home. I suggest buying all new sheets and pillow cases, It’s sounds you have it bad. I’d definitely bomb your home. If you have animals it’s most likely affecting your pets and y’all probably passing it back and forth. I’d also retreat your child also. These lice are coming from somewhere, if you all keep getting it, there’s something going on in your home.

Nothing works except coloring your hair! Go to a beauty supply store & get a hair color as close to yours or change it up a bit. They will be gone then use tea tree oil in a spray bottle mixed with water and spritz your hair everyday with it! Been there done that when my daughter was in middle school. Those shampoo kits don’t work! Also wipe everything done with alcohol or nit spray! Rugs, mattresses, furniture, combs, brushes, etc


This will sound werid use cooking spray soak the hair for 10 mintues then run the comb thru it. Wash your hair with dawn dish soap then shampoo and condition like normal took me twice and my kids never had them again

Mix equal parts vinegar and alcohol saturate hair completely tie a grocery bag around hair wait 30 mins. Wash all bed clothes buy some spray for live around the house and spray everything

Use lice shampoo and tea tree oil together wrap your head in a towel for 45 to 60 min, clean your hair brush combs repeat this again according to the box Recommendations

Lather your hair in mayonnaise and wrap like a plastic bag orotund your hair. Leave Mayo on as long as possible. At least 4 hours. This works because it smothers the lice.

Go to a dr and have them prescribe you sklice or sclice. That is the best stuff and it kills them instantly

Blue Listerine and vinegar. Douse head with Listerine and wrap in plastic. Leave an hour. Rinse. Repeat same with vinegar. Wash and comb out. Treat whole house

Have you tried the cetaphil thing? Get the regular skin cleanser, dampen hair, coat with cleanser, pretty thickly, all the way from tip to scalp, then blow dry, with cleanser on. It kind of shrink wraps the hair. Leave it on that way 24 to 48 hours if I remember right, then wash.

Sounds like you need to completely treat your house. Wash everything in hot water. Vacuum beds, furniture, etc


I use a few drops of tea tree oil in my shampoo, my kids shampoo and my dogs shampoo. Never ever had lice or fleas!


Tea tree oil in your shampoo or buy tea tree shampoo.

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I used Vinegar rinse after every hair wash. 1 cup of white vinegar. Takes a few weeks, never came back

I used a comb in the shower until they where gone

Tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar, bleach and the bug sprays and coca cola

Lice Free and someone combing through your entire head.

I fought lice in my daughters hair for years , she is now grown , I tried everything under the sun, all I can tell u is good luck, thank god those days are behind me

I remember when my niece got it after summer camp my sister tried everything… she finally had to dye my nieces hair with semi permanent hair dye (same brown as her natural) and it killed and got rid of all the lice.

You can always used wigs…

Why is this a post on here? Idc about head lice. I care about marriage!!!

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Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo


Fairytales shampoo works winders

Buy vamousse. Works every time.

Have you gotten treated at the saloon yet

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Coconut oil with tea tree oil in it all over your head and hair. It smothers and kills them. Here’s a good link. A friend i shared this with who tried everything else did this and never had anymore lice. How To Use Coconut Oil For Lice Treatment? - 5 Remedies

I don’t know if you realize this and whether you have done this, but every single thing must be washed in hot water, vacuumed, scrubbed, etc. wash your hair with treatment shampoo and follow the directions. Dry with a hair dryer. Wash all clothing, blankets, sheets, pillows, jackets, etc. if it’s as bad as you say, I think you should wash EVERY article of clothing. Use hot water and dry in the dryer. Vacuum mattresses, carpets, etc. Throw away combs, brushes, etc. In order to avoid recontamination, this must pretty much all be done in a day. Anything that can’t be washed must be sealed tightly for 2 weeks. Also, head lice thrive in clean hair without products, so using some hairspray or anything like that helps deter them.

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Ask your doctor for a prescription for ovide , once you treat with it, every time you shower and put conditioner in your hair use the metal lice comb with the conditioner still in your hair. Then after that tea tree oil in your shampoo

I had head lice growing up, on and off and when I turned 18 I went and had all my hair chopped off… I was done fighting it… I chopped about 10 inches off my head to a short pixi…then I did a mayo treatment and spent an hour going through my hair…
It felt good to finally be able to get rid of it for good, my sister was no longer allowed to spend the night with the child who had given it to us… we also tossed alot of bedding and stuffed animals…

I use tea tree oil in my shampoo to keep it gone, and i think if my child or I ever come in contact in the future our hair is getting chopped off…

Get this asap my daughter got them in kindergarten our pediatrician recommended this kit it is pricey, but well worth every cent. It’s mainly oils so it doesn’t damage your hair and it kills super lice as well. Wash all bedding in hot water. Put stuffed animals in a garbage bag for a week. And boil combs and brushes. This stuff is a god send. And once you get rid of all lice and eggs invest in some lice shield spray . It keeps all.lice away. It works shes in 3rd grade and we’ve never had it again.

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Best thing I ever invested in.


Lice ice works great

Make sure your treating your whole house. Pillows bed bedding new brushes couches they make a spray. Your car not only your head.

Heat. Wear a hat put it in the dryer. Wear a sweatshirt put it in the dryer. Lots of laundry for the bed snd pillow cases

Plus a lice clinic

I spoke with one of those lice clinics. They use olive oil on the hair and very thoroughly comb through the hair. Clean out the comb after each use (toothbrush works) keep super hot water near by to soak the comb in. Hit the hair from all angles each section. My daughter just got rid of it after not being able to make it 100% go away for months. She has SUPER thick hair. I got a script from the Dr and mixed it with Nix so I had enough. Went through her hair first. Then applied it and let it sit for a while. Went back through it a few days later and it’s been a success. Thank God. If you have any questions feel free to message me

May sound crazy but yellow listerine and wrap your head for a few hours (i find overnight is easier) then repeat every 5 days (do this 4 times) listerine kills them… The other treatments kill anything that hatches afterwards.
Mom of 2 girls and older sister of 4 girls. I swear by it.

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If you can afford it they have actual lice clinics that de-louse. Problem is you pretty much have to get rid of every single one and eggs are hard to see and remove. Vamouse works so great and is chemical free meaning you can leave it on if you had to. I’d get the package that also comes with the shampoo. Always retreat even if you think your good. Theres a spray for your furniture and car and bed. Wash or bag everything you can. Get new brushes. It can get expensive and be time consuming.

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So on Amazon there’s a lice comb. It’s metal but I can’t remember what it’s called. It works wonders! Also, order the lice oil from Lice Clinics of America. It kills the live bugs instantly! We fought them with my daughter for 3 months until we realized that her cousin had them and we kept getting them again. I actually took her to the clinic and treated them. Also, olive oil over night works better than the over the counter treatments. She still had a live bug on her after an otc treatment. Dry EVERYTHING! Condition your hair and run that comb thru it every day. Do the oil every couple of days. Persistence is key. Good luck!

Tea tree oil. You can mix it with coconut oil or olive oil. Thoroughly cover hair from roots to tips and leave for at least 15 minutes. Then comb through with the little lice comb and wash, adding some more tea tree oil to the shampoo. Most shops should have some kind of preparation similar so you dont have to make own mix. Make sure you clean all bedding/towels and dry in sun or dryer, clean your brushes with boiling water.

There used to be a place by my work that was called the lice lounge. My son had lice go through daycare on a recurring basis, because one parent kept using the chemicals, and it didn’t work. What I learned is that you have to get all of the lice and eggs off. You may kill the lice, but chemicals do not kill the eggs, so they hatch 5-7 days later and you repeat the process. What they did was use diluted coconut oil, mix it in the hair, and there are special lice combs that you use, and you go through every section of hair with the comb a couple times. Wiping the comb off between each swipe. It’s a tedious process, but if you do it every 2-3 days for about a week, or longer if needed, it will get rid of the lice. But all the eggs need to be combed out.

Honestly when my sister had it bad when we were younger… dying her hair killed the lice. It was the only thing that kept it away for good. Same thing worked for a friend of mine when her and her daughter had it too. (She didn’t dye her daughters hair, she didn’t have it as bad)

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Hair straighteners from the root down kills any missed eggs!

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The only way I could ever do it, and I did, was to move schools.

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Go to a doctor for a prescription. Wash everything. Things that can’t be washed. Dry on high heat. Once gone. Use a tea tree oil shampoo

Use kerosene on your it take care of your head

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Vacuum everything. Things that can’t be vaccines need to go in the freezer. Wash the seats & carpets in your car.

Dimethicone 4% ask your gp :grin:

Vacuum everything,spray the furniture and pillows with lice spray, anything cloth in the washer with hot water and then dryer. French your hair in mayonnaise and put a shower cap over night then comb your hair out then wash it. It smoothers the lice

Lots of rubbing alcohol

Spray tea tree oil on your roots.

Are you vacuuming and cleaning all the bedding in hot water?

Bleach your hair. You can always dye it back. It will kill the eggs and all.

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Are you 100% sure it’s lice and not a dry or irritated scalp?

I heard to wrap your head in olive oil and let it sit for 8 hours. That will suffocate/kill them :+1::+1::+1: google it

Tea tree oil shampoo lol


Get the prescription shampoo from your doctor. And COMB COMB COMB! I had them when I was young and my hair was down to my butt. Tried everything from chemicals to mayonnaise - NOTHING worked except the prescription stuff.

There is a lice that is referred to as a super lice and takes special medication to treat. The medication is “Natroba” Any provider can prescribe it. After using this treatment you must treat your entire home top to bottom. You can purchase a lice killing spray for the furniture and beds. All stuffed animals or pillows need bagged up in air tight trash bags and placed in a closed closet or even outdoor shed for a minimum of two weeks. Wash all curtains and bed linens in hot water and dry on high heat in the dryer. An important step most people skip is to retreat every one in the homes hair 10 to 14 days later. Purchase the metal lice comb to comb out the nits. Worth every penny. Blow dry everyone’s hair daily. Vacuum daily and empty the canister or bag in an outside receptacle. Peppermint spray can deter reinfestation along with tea tree oil. The tea tree oil tends to leave my girls hair greasy so we use peppermint spray.

Put a whole jar of mayo in your hair. Cover your head with a shower cap or plastic bag. Wash everything, sheets, clothes pillowcases and vacuum your sofas anything with fabric. Sleep with the Mayo in your hair. Next morning wash it out with shampoo. Do not rise out the conditioner. Put the conditioner in your hair and get a small fine comb. You have to comb out all of your hair to remove all eggs. Once you do that, throw everything away. I did this exact thing with my niece and she never got lice ever again

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Lice comb lots of rubbing alchol


Crisco will smother them. Put crisco on your hair, put a bag or some kind of hair cover on overnight and wash out with dawn dish soap. Was given this tip by a nurse and it works. Also make sure to wash all bedding, stuffed animals etc.


Go to bed with your hair soaked in vegetable oil (24 hrs preferably) and comb every little bug and egg out. You’ll probably need to be home 2-3 days depending on how long your hair is. I kept getting it from school and this is the only thing that helped

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Suffocate them once a week with mayonnaise.
Larger you’re head with mayo at nite, wrap on Saran wrap or a plastic cap, and sleep.
It does work.
And bonus, soft hair.

Blow dry and flat iron you hair after treatment. They don’t like heat.

There is a nit treatment called Nitwits and it’s amazing. I’ve got 6 kids and it is by far the best thing I’ve found. Obviously it won’t keep them away, but if you do have to keep treating your hair this is great because you only have to use it once instead of doing it again a week later. Also, it doesnt make your hair greasy like some do. It kills eggs and lice too.

NATROBA …it’s a prescription, look it up, read the directions, you do not even have to pull any nits, they disintegrate, call your doctor they’ll call it in for you.

Call your doctor and get prescription grade lice treatment. Mayo won’t work, dying your hair is temporary, tea tree oil doesn’t kill all the eggs, heat won’t work if you aren’t getting directly on the scalp, and oil doesn’t suffocate them. There are a thing called “super lice” and are much harder to get rid of. If you aren’t getting all the eggs (all the Mayo and oil methods only help to comb them out), they’ll just keep coming back.