What can I do to help my daughters?

Long story, but could really use some insight. I have 3 daughters. 16, 14, and 13. On 1/31 my husband was diagnosed with cancer. This past Monday, we found out it’s stage 4, meaning it’s spread to multiple places. A Radiology Oncology deals with everything neck and up. Regular oncologist deals with everything below the neck. He is currently in radiation for the brain. Next week he starts treatment for the cancer on the other parts. I have told my daughters everything, from whenever I find anything out, but keeping a positive attitude with them. My husband is on steroids and it has made him very irritable, has mood swings, and is just not himself. Adding cancer of the brain and radiation side effects, it’s made it so hard to deal with on top of the diagnosis. He can’t work, so I’m working, but leave work to take him to appointments, then most of the time for back to work. I’m also taking the girls where they have to be, or getting them from their regular after school activities. They are all teenagers and are going through this and their own things. It’s a lot for all of us. I was thinking therapy for each of them, but I’m at a loss. They all think it’s a great idea and would love them to see a therapist, but realistically, how?!? Getting 3 kids to therapy appointments and still working, and taking my husband to at least 3 of his appointments a week, plus my daughter’s orthodontist appointments for her braces. I work a Monday -Friday job. Most therapists here work the same hours I do. Missing more work is hard, when it’s not for his appointments. How can I’d do this? Is there an easier way?