What can I give my toddler in place of cow's milk?

Hey moms! I have a one-year-old who gets severely constipated when she drinks any cows milk. She’s a pretty good eater and drinks lots of water and juice so I know for a fact it’s the cow’s milk. I’ve talked to her pediatrician, who still wants her to drink cows milk and surprisingly didn’t see anything wrong, but my baby is traumatized by constipation. She literally would hold her stool in and scream even if her stool is soft! We’ve tried different kinds of milk like Almond, Soy, and Ripple (plant-based), but she really doesn’t take to them as easily. My husband and I feel really bad that we’re still giving her Reguline Enfamil formula, but she doesn’t seem to want anything else, but the formula and I really want to spare her the pain. Have any other moms faced this issue? Any advice? Thanks in advance!


My pediatrician recommended a half a cap full of Miralax every day for my 2 year old. It has helped her alot. If you still want to try another kind of milk, try goat milk. You can either get it in the cold milk section or buy canned goat milk in the baking section and mix with water.

Try acidophilus milk

Give her cow’s milk and she may just need some Miralax once a day in very small amounts to make her more regular…check with the pediatrician…good luck

I mix formula and whole milk seems to not be constipated that way

Lactose free milk? My daughter drank that at 12 months due to constipation

Find another doctor for one. No one should be on cow’s milk


I say whatever works, do it.

Have you tried goat milk? It’s healthier than cow’s milk. My son is allergic to cow’s milk so he was on goat milk formula before turning one and when he turned 1 we switched to regular goat milk.

maybe try enfagrow its enfamil for toddlers 9 months to 3 years. they have a gentlease one plus others.


My baby went through this too. Our pediatrician put her on a couple doses of sucralose to make her stools soft and eventually she realized it wasn’t going to hurt anymore and stopped holding them in. I know its rough to listen to them scream but it is most likely going to be a temporary issue that you can help your kiddo through

I was going to say enfamil as my little boy was lactose intolerent…he was given it for that.

Goats milk .1 of my brothers was in it 60 years ago .
Camel s milk is also available in some places ( no.idea about taste extra ) , maybe research ot .

Skip to goats milk u can get that from supermarkets but check with paediatrician to make sure it’s ok

My daughter had issues with whole milk and my pediatrician suggested to try 2% or low fat milk. The change did the trick. We recently encountered the same with my grandson in transition from formatting milk and we were advised to do the same. And once again it worked!

My son has issues with normal milk, try lactose free milk, it helped my son a lot

We use pediasure drinks. My daughter was breastfed and isnt fond of cows milk but drinks up the pediasure. They have different flavors too like vanilla chocolate and strawberry.

Lactose free milk :ok_hand:t2: give it a week and see how she is :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

Did you try different milk my soon couldn’t handle whole milk but could drink 2%with no problem

Try and go to another opinion from another.pediatrician because there could be more going on than constipation a child shouldnt suffer like that but u till then keep the water juices going cranberry juice add a little water to it so it’s not so strong but go take your child for a second opinion

My son had lacto free” no more constipation x

Goat milk is very good but rare to find

Lactaid, my daughter has the same problem, and lactaid taste just like milk

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I would ask another doctor but in the mean time why not try and water down her milk no there aren’t as many fats in it up front but maybe it’s just a bit too much on her all at once so maybe do a 2% milk

Do what you know is best for her! Doctors offer OPINIONS and are wrong at times. Keep her on formula for now. Maybe reintroduce dairy a little at a time over the next year…yogurt, cheese, etc? There is NO RUSH. Poor girl :disappointed_relieved:

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Look at the foods she’s eating as well. Is she eating a lot of cheese, bread, applesauce, pasta, sweet potatoes, or bananas? Those all can cause constipation.

There is nothing wrong with still giving her formula

Have u tried vanilla almond milk? If she likes it slowly add regular almond milk to it until it’s all regular almond milk. It may take a little while but that way she gets the vitamins and calcium she needs

Both of my girls were this way as toddlers. I would limit them to 12 oz a day. Less if they had bananas that morning (because bananas did it too) and by age 4 or so they outgrew it.

Put a powder laxative in her milk once a day, use about a teaspoon not the full adult dose.
My son was the exact same, and this is what his pediatrician reccomended. It has no long term affects and it helps tremendously. He eventually grew out of it and now he’s fine.
Good luck!


Have you tried lactose free milk?

Change pediatricians and try goats milk.

I think lactaid tasted pretty similar to milk… when I remember trying it…

Have you tried mixing the cows milk and this formula? I did a gradual shift and we had 0 issues.

Have you tried goats milk ?

Enfamil makes powder toddler milk

  1. whole milk can initially cause constipation when switching to it. It’s normal
  2. do not exceed 24 oz in a day
  3. have their diet be high in fiber
  4. have other fluids, such as water.
    My son gets hard stools and occasionally constipated since switching from formula to milk. I only give milk during meals, otherwise he has water.

Almond milk worked wonders for my youngest! No more constipation, gas, spit up, etc. I’ve been giving her the unsweetened vanilla and she loves it. She’s very healthy.

She was allergic to soy too. Lactaid here is super expensive. Like almost $7 for less than a gallon. I didn’t have to add any other vitamins to her diet either. Most vitamins in milk you can get from elsewhere.

Try goats milk Kabrita makes a toddler formula

My kids get constipated with whole milk. We have to get 1%

My best friend went through something similar with her oldest and the dr ended up prescribing something to help her with the constipation and today none of this is even a thing anymore.

My girl is 9 now and has been lactose sensitive since around a year, she gets the lowest % of milk (2 being the highest) or lactose free milk (not rice, or almond). When she gets constipated from it I give her chocolate covered prunes (drs recommendation when she was a toddler)

When my daughter switched to cows milk and ended up severely constipated, I was instructed to use a laxative (cheo guidelines were given to me) daily to help with her constipation. She ended up staying on it for at least 3 months before her body was “re-trained” to properly digest the milk.

My son has an intolerance to cows milk causes diarhoea and sometimes constipation he is two he didn’t take to any of the milk alternatives until I tried oats milk and he has been fine since x

Hi! I hope you read this comment. My son has chronic constipation too. He’s 16 months now. We have tried a lot of laxatives but found miralax is best . It doesn’t cause tummy cramps and softens poop to what normal poo is supposed to be like. I mix 2teaspoons in his juice once a day. Every other day is also fine, depending on what you see works for you. Ask your dr about miralax . But our dr prescribed it. And I promise it has been safe and wonderful for us. He had rock solid poop triple the size of his fist. He would scream bloody murder. He was scared to poo , and would hold it for as long as he could. Now he is more comfortable. And doesn’t even shed a tear! Miralax saved us.

My grandson had the opposite problem with milk. He drinks oat milk.

Lactaid. My daughter has the same issue, but lactaid works great!

I use NIDO milk… it comes in powder like formula! Got completely rid of my babygirls constipation and it was a daily issue! You can find it at Walmart and Target.

Also, for my daughter she had more diarrhea than constipation. Usually diarrhea is from lactose intolerance, but a lot of things can cause consolation too. Formula can if it has too much iron.

Demi Demi-Lea Adam can you help x

My oldest was similar and we switched to lactose free and its amazing how different she is.


Cows milk is only for cows…you can give her choc almond milk since she’s a year old


I think cows milk is disgusting and unhealthy. My 1 year old gets unsweetened ripple milk!

We did vanilla almond breeze, my son wouldn’t drink any other kind of milk and I don’t blame him. Cow milk isn’t meant for human digestion that’s why SO many people have issues with it. Good luck mama♥️

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She doesn’t NEED to drink milk. It’s not essential to her living, you can get her the same nutrients, calcium and protein, from other sources.


Switch to whole raw cow milk or goat milk. It’s all the processed crap that messes with the intestines.


Can she stomach yogurt? I’d cut the drinking of milk asap. My daughter had severe GI issues from milk and would pass out from it hurting so bad to use the potty. Its not worth the constipation. Maybe get a 2nd opinion from a different pediatrician

My son has a milk protein allergy and we use silk soy milk and almond milk. The almond milk he likes better and he’s a picky 4 year old.

She is now being healed from Allergies in Jesus name Amene

It’s the formula. Try upping veggies and fruits. Prune juice or prunes help soften stools.

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My kids liked goats milk

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We just started my 14 month old on goats milk. He hates cows milk for whatever reason. Nutritionally, it’s very similar to cows milk. However it’s pricey.

Just keep giving her the formula it’s not going to hurt her at all

Hey my son has a cows milk protein allergy, egg and soya allergy. Following on from formula when a child turns one obviously cows milk is recommended. Oat milk from asda the free from version is highly recommended by dieticians as it is fortified with vitamins and iodine. If your child has reactions to cows milk, then goat and sheep milk are not recommended alternatives as the protein structures are similar and can cause similar reactions. Oat milk can be used as a milk source over 1 as can soya, coconut, hemp and pea milk. If your little one is on a prescription formula then sometimes the dietician can extend the formula to a follow on milk if there is a medical or nutritional need to do so. My son is 21 months and on Neocate Junior as he cant tolerate other milk alternatives. Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face: x

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Try this our 3rd child didn’t like milk we used this one

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I gave my son a blend of almond and coconut milk

My youngest son drinks lataid. He does really well with that


My son amazing with goats milk

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Im switching my 1 yr old now were at 5oz of whole milk and 3 formula but now he poops like 4 times a day its not diareah tho just normal

Try giving it a little at a time , add it to the formula little by little until it’s just milk

I’ve used exclusively Hemp milk since mine turned 2. If they don’t have it I use oat. Mine has terrible eczema and since I made the switch it has been almost nonexistent. You’ll get the most nutrients out of Oat or Hemp if that is your concern.

Lactaid. It’s what we had to give our first son

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Don’t give her regular cow’s milk then if it’s causing her issues. Try lactose free milk or even give her a little orange juice with added calcium and vitamin D. That’s probably why the pediatrician still recommends milk to make sure the child is getting enough calcium and vit D, which are very important nutrients to a growing child. You also might consider seeking a 2nd opinion from another physician regarding the constipation problems. It’s clearly worth looking into as it’s causing the child trauma

You know what makes her stop going , now find out what makes her go . Apple juice worked really well for my kids . Also they snuck and ate a whole bunch of bananas once and the next day was taking turns in the bathroom.

My daughter drinks Lactaid!

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Try goats milk or pet milk. It seems to be less harsh on the tummy. Gave my son goats milk as a newborn cause he would projectile vomit anything else.

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Put Karo syrup in the vitamin D milk and she won’t be constipated anymore

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Give it a little time . My daughter was constipated at first and she’s fine now after almost 2 months . She drinks lactaid instead of regular whole milk.

Oat milk or you can try toddler formula

Lactaid is what my oldest had to drink.


Flax milk is a great alternative and has a good amount of protein!! A lot of stores sell this brand and my kids love it!

Enfamil makes toddler transitions drink. My pediatrician said to make sure he was getting enough fiber as if it isn’t cows milk causing it.

At the daycare i work at we give the kids almond milk if they aren’t allergic

Had the same issue with my first, and we ended up using hemp milk. Superior to cow milk and way more nutritious than any other “plant” based.

Whole milk lactose free


She might have a milk allergy. My grandson had this and they are unable to digest the proteins in cows milk. It is not the same issue as lactose intolerance. We gave him Almond milk and he did fine they even make it in little cartons in case you need it to travel or go to daycare. Another alternative in case there is a nut allergy would be coconut milk. So no need to constantly give laxatives like many doctors would recommend. I wish you and her well.

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This is the most cow’s milk like option I found for my daughter. It has a good fat content that toddlers need as well.

Goat’s milk is the closest to human milk 🤷


Look for goats milk, or power milk :milk_glass:


Vanilla almond milk taste good.

I had this with my son he’s 2 now an I just gave him a cup of tea in his bottle in the moring an pop thru out the day seem to make him go I put a little bit of sugar in to

We mixed the formula with the whole milk until our baby got use to it .

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My youngest, who is now 24, would be severely constipated. My doc recommended Lactaid, and there was no more constipation. Good luck.

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I kept my baby on formula (after breastfeeding for a while) until they were ~1.5. Perhaps you can try Lactaid??? That’s what I transitioned mine to and it has been okay so far.

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Did you try lacteese? It’s a pill you can get kid ones and take 2-4 of them before you give milk and they will be fine. I’m lactose intolerant not as bad as I was and my god daughter is and she is fine if she takes those and drinks milk

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How would you know for sure that’s causing the constipation unless you literally cut out everything and reintroduced it all… it’s normal to cause some constipation when you switch. And if you’re switching back and forth between formula and different milks that will make it worse! At one year old she doesn’t need to be drinking a lot of milk. Try mixing the formula with the cows milk to transition her slowly. Until eventually she is only drinking cows milk. As for the constipation ask her pediatrician for a prescription.

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Try 2% or even 1%. My grandson had the same issue

Probiotics daily helped my toddler when we switched to cows milk. There’s also toddler formula.

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Instant Non Fat Dry Milk

Goats milk! Life changer. Fresh and raw is even better

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