What can I take for constipation in pregnancy?

12 weeks pregnant and constipated I’ve tried a few things nothing has worked for me. What did you use or any safe at home remedies that helped during pregnancy?


Apple juice
Taco bell


I have no idea. I was never constipated

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Cranberry juice n lots of fruits

Senna laxative from the drug store it’s not fast acting. And high fibre foods. Lots of water ! I had issues in the beginning of my pregnancy

Ground up flax seeds or chia in a fruit/veggie smoothie.

But yeah as far as I know apple juice

Oranges helped me A LOT

Wheat germ. Add it to your food.

Stool softeners. Water!!! Magnesium powder.

carrots and/or carrot juice everyday, salad every day, and or at least one cup of green juice daily.

I used lubricant that I put in my butt lol
The second time i sat in a hot big bowl of water.
Both very successful
But remember im not a doctor im just telling you what i did.

Apple juice or oatmeal

Milk is laxative for me :joy:. Dairy period

Magnesium. However my body is weird and iron gives me diarrhea.

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Eating mangos helped me And also natural tea called smooth move!

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Miralax worked wonders for me, my doc said it was safe

Coffee its a natural poop stimulant

Water water water!!! You def need to drink tons of water - my dr advised me long ago your urine should be clear at least once a day. Also grapes, orange juice - def ask your doctor before trying any medications … some increase intestinal contractions which could cause uterine contractions (with you only being 12 weeks that may not be the case) but just check with dr!

Any fruit that starts with a P. Prunes, pineapple ect.

I’ve been on colace and it’s not helping me. I just want to poop lol

A spoon full of olive oil

Metamucil worked for me


Miralax and colace my entire pregnancy. L

Colace stool softener and water. More water than you think you need!

Good ol’ prune juice!

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Switch to myKind prenatal vitamins. I promise it will completely eliminate constipation

Switch to myKind prenatal vitamins. I promise it will completely eliminate constipation

Miralax and lots of water

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Prune juice and sprite

Sugar free jelly beans… guaranteed

Try the traditional medicine tea brand smooth move. Drink it before bed otherwise you will regret drinking it in the morning mid day. Trust me it works!:smiley:

Miralax, water. Yogurt, apple juice. And black coffee

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Prunes, prune juice, drink water

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Miralax is what my doctor gave me but you do have to read the label and use it correctly. And if you keep getting constipated do fiber there’s a drink that you take every morning and it will help regulate you more naturally.

Eat an apple every morning and every night. I’m not kidding… saving my life this whole pregnancy. I’m 21 weeks


ask doctor first,but smooth moves tea by traditional medicinals, shoprite sells it.

Dulcolax!!! And its safe for pregnancy

After trying all of the foods that normally make me go I finally did about 1/4 bottle of magnesium citrate in a big glass of ice cold sprite and finally went.

Probiotics & Enzymes from a health food store
Ask them about Kombucha.

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Mixed apple juice and prune juice

I used fiber. It helped

Absolutely nothing :weary:
I was literally consipated for 2 months and just kinda had to force myself to go. I didn’t poop for the entire two months

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Colace stool softeners. My midwife had me on that my whole pregnancy

Lots of prunes, a couple after every meal

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Cheerios or oatmeal or raisin bran! Big bowl!

Water water water water! Anything can happen with enough water. If you still can’t go… Drink More Water!


Teaspoon of olive oil and squeezed lemon. I was better the next day.

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Apple juice & milk of magnesia is okay to take while pregnant.

Purne juice, it doesn’t taste the best but I drank it threw my whole first pregnancy cause it was the only thing that helped me.

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Apple Juicy juice or Juicy Juice and general

More fiber in your daily diet stay hydrated and if nothing helps get a quarter pounder at mcds


Stool softener, fiber pills, milk of magnesia, REAL coconut juice & pulp.

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Green tea not the bottle the other kind and lots if water. Water a natural laxative

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Ask ur doctor for stool softeners

With my first I had to drink a glass of metamucil daily and it helped. If I missed a day it was terrible for me.

Prune juice, ramp up your water and fiber intake, and do a suppository just to get things moving.

Warmed peach juice works

Stool softeners, apple juice on an empty stomach, and lots of water!

Grape juice or prune juice

Pear juice. Just like I did for my son.

2 fiber one bars a day :slight_smile:

Coffee (don’t look at me like that, my doctor said it was fine in moderate)


Drink lots and lots of water

Mc Donalds, Taco Bell or tuna casserole… Works EVERY time! Lol

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Frozen Blueberries and honey by Cheerios… works like a charm everyday!

My obgyn told me to try miralax it’s with a pink lid. Goes in glass of water and is over the counter. She said it was safe for baby. I needed it my 1st pregnancy before I had my gallbladder removed. It helped me.
Also, Drink alot more water. And more fiber intake.
Pear juice/prune juice helps too.

My mother told me many years ago when I was pregnant with my first child to take mineral oil. It worked really well.

Stuck my hand up my ass and pulled it out.

Glycerin suppositories

I ate mini wheats with some sort of fruit every morning for breakfast and a lot of water… the fiber helps a lot

I stayed so constipated I had to drink miralax everyday and still use enimas

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Prunes or prune juice :cup_with_straw:

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Cook pears and prunes together. Swish them and freeze. Then scrape out with a spoon and eat with pasteurized yoghurt or custard or ice cream or on its own. Also you can eat them without cooking. Drink prune juice. Lots of water daily. See doctor to get advice on safely getting moving now, then continue to with the other stuff daily. There is a liquid that you may be able to safely take during the pregnancy. Discuss with doc. Best of luck :shamrock::shamrock:

You should ask your doctor because I don’t know how these might affect a pregnancy/ unborn baby. … fiber one bars, metamucil fiber cookies, benefiber powder (clear, no grit), stool softener, apple juice (lots), probiotic yogurt. That’s all I can think of right now. A person I know: eat greasy chicken tenders from the Wal-Mart deli.

I took a little of baby laxatives only twice and it worked wonders

Coffee will def clean you out!

Try milk of magnesia. It’s safe for pregnancy and works.

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Drink lots of water, maybe a cup of coffee, oatmeal and taking walks

Milk of magnesia. Had to drink it 2 x a day qith my second and could only eat veggies and little meat.

Prune juice worked for me

They say stool softeners only like colace so you dont get dehydrated or hurt baby. Medical wise. Natural remedies like high fiber foods & beans honestly do wonders.

Lots of magnesium and a cappuccino

i ate mini wheats because they have a lot of fiber. did the trick for me lol

I craved apples with my daughter. 2 bags a week. Never was constipated

Ask your doctor first. I am 31 weeks and haven’t went in like 3 weeks. It’s awful. I’ve tried milk if magnesia, dulcolax, enemas. So all those are safe. Try colace stool softeners. Drink LOTS of water, more fruits and veggies. If you are taki ng nausea meds that will constipate you too. Good luck!

Milk of magnesia is what my doc recommended for me currently 14 weeks along

Bran flakes for breakfast. Everyday while pregnant.

100% Apple or grape juice works every time

Believe it or not, I always had good results with chocolate syrup. . 3 tbsp did it for me…

Drink tons of water, eat a lot of fruit, milk of magnesia, Miralax, prune juice.

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Probiotics and apple juice worked AMAZINGLY for me.

I always thought a warm bath. It worked for me

Applesauce or salsa …fiber…

Miralax is what I took

I ate apple sauce and strawberries

My doctor recommended a “jam” — it was a combination of prune juice, flax, chia seeds, and applesauce. Taste isn’t awesome but a tablespoon of that and drink ++ water worked great!

Senacot S … if you are taking iron supplements that is probably the cause

Coffee, cranberry juice and prunes always works

Coffee, plums, grapes, spinach…fiber