What can i use for stinky feet?

I’m in desperate need to find a remedy or product for foot and shoe odor. I wash my feet daily and shoes weekly but my feet sweat alot and just smell so bad. (Think mens work boots smells :sob:) I can literally smell my feet/shoes while o have my shoes on and I’m embarrassed knowing others probably can also. Please help.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can i use for stinky feet?

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I use Gold Bond instead of odor eaters powder in shoes. I find it helps the smell much better.

Put baking soda in your shoes or talk to your doctor. They can prescribe you something for it

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rubbing alcohol. buy the spray kind. when you take your shoes off at night spray it in them and on them and spray your feet with it.

Gold bond the blue kind

Wear white socks only, buy a new pair of shoes when u get new socks.

My boys have stinky feet too. I spray alcohol in their shoes. The smell comes from bacteria. Sometimes it was so bad I had to pour alcohol in them and let it soak. The alcohol evaporates and will dry on its own.

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I just had the same issue with my SO and this has taken the smell away 100%

Walmart $5


Gold bond and good thick socks

Buy cheap listerine style mouthwash wash feet twice a day with soap n water. Then wipe them down with mouthwash…try removing or reducing sugar in your diet

Try spray deodorant, like Armand hammer

Put baking soda in a coffee filter and tie it up with a bread tie. Leave it in your shoes every night. This works for my sons stinky shoes.

I doke mine in baking soda vinegar and wRm water

Spray the inside of your shoes with water protector this will help from them absorbing the sweat.

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Make sure your socks are cotton and not that stretchy polyester crap. Just that does wonders for my boys.

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Soak your feet every night in black tea. I know it sounds weird lol. But my BIL had such bad foot rot it smelled like cheesy vomit :face_vomiting:. When he lived with me and my husband I made him do that and it worked!

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I’d put anti perspirant on them . And grans remedy

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Borax in the shoe’s that’s the only thing worked for my husband,after the shoe’s got broken in they stopped all together.

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I actually use spray deodorant…my fav is dove advanced care…cool essentials.


Arrid xtra dry Aerosol deodorant; spray it in every pair of shoes & the bottoms of your feet

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Dust a little baby powder in your shoes

Soak your feet in a cup of bleach and a gallon of warm water. My oldest son had the same problem. Soaking his feet in bleach helped.


Freshly washed socks changed twice a day if needed. :ok_hand:t5:

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Soak your feet in  Listerine and vinegar and water

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Wash your feet and then use Lume cream deodorant. A little goes a long way and you can use it in all your sensitive areas. Well worth the money!


Treat with a fungal wash and make sure toenails stay trimmed and dead skin removed x

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Soak your feet nightly in hot black tea. Works like a charm. I

Soak feet in apple cider vingar or peroxide at least 10min. Longer if you can. For maybe a week. For your shoes wrap in garbage bag and stick in freezer overnight or longer. Kills the bacteria and wear cotton socks. I like to use Deodorant on my feet too

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Sprinkle baby powder or whatever powder you like in your shoes. Or you can put tea bags in your shoes. I prefer the powder method though.

Lume deodorant!!! It says you can use it on your feet. I know it works well for underarms.

Put baking soda in you shoes, cover the insoles well, and put them in the freezer overnight and dump out the baking soda in the morning. (It kills the bacteria.) If you can pull up the insoles and get the baking soda above and below the insole too, that is even better. Do this at least once per week for a few weeks until the smell in your shoes is gone and as needed after. And a good antifungal powder applied on your feet, antifungal powder spray between your in toes, and a little extra powder put down into the toe of the sock. Clean cotton socks daily, change once or twice daily if they get sweaty while you are wearing shoes. And when you don’t have to wear shoes, wash your feet thoroughly and dry between the toes before walking around in the house. Either sick and let them air out or if you can’t sit, then wash feet and put on clean cotton socks again only when they are thoroughly dry.

soak your feet in mouthwash and water. spray fungus sppray inyour boots , only wear white socks . use bleach to wash with the socks.

That you Stephen Murphy

Be sure to be using high-grade cotton socks, either WHITE or unbleached (if you can find that). Helped my Hubbs out a bunch💕


Wear socks and use fabrics softer

Panoxyl acne wash will kill the bacteria that causes the odor. This can also be used for underarms

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Cotton socks and you can put deodorant on your feet

Have you went to a foot doctor yet? I would suggest starting there. It could be a underline illness you are not aware of. They also can give things to help with this


Also, exfoliate your feet

Soak feet n shoes in water with peppermint oil

Zsorb foot powder for feet and shoes I promise it works

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If you can take the sole out take a ankle sock and turn it to where the bottom is covering the top of the sole you can take that off and clean every day. I sprinkle foot powder in mine and then put sole in ankle sock helps alot

Go see your doctor. There are treatments to lessen perspiration. It probably won’t be covered by insurance but it will be worth it. I had laser treatment on my underarms. Under stress, think arguing a motion in court where losing means a 10 or 11 yo kid gets kicked out of school and separated from the friends they’ve grown up with, I would sweat through layers of clothes before treatment. After treatment, it is so much better.

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I know this sounds odd. But check your ph levels. Or use a ph balanced wash. I’ve had deodorant completely work against me.

You have to use 100% cotton socks, Lysol spray your shoes (you have to actually kill the fungus so washing them won’t technically do that) use peroxide on your nails, in between your toes etc. take your shoes off as soon as you can to prevent sweating. I don’t have this problem but my son did and the smell went away almost instantly and it’s been years since :woman_shrugging:t3:

Soak your feet in freshly made strong black tea for about an hour three times a week.

Tea bags in the shoes overnight. New socks and treat the feet with anti fungal

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Detox foot soak.
Detox your system and pull the impurities from your system out of your feet.

Lume is supposed to be great for this! You can buy the soap and deodorant in a lotion form! It stops bacteria stopping the smells! I hope this information helps!:heart:

Put the shoes in bags and freeze to kill off the living bacteria. Do this at least once a week to keep at bay. Daily use odor x in your shoes… it helps with the sweat and odor.

Cotton socks and baking soda or gold bond powder

Sounds odd but check your PH levels. Deodorant and body washes used to work against me. Try PH balanced products.

Also when not wearing those shoes…place out in the sun. That helps.

Hormones out of wack?

But I’ve heard Lume works very well at containing odor.

Baking soda. Also you may need the boot spray that kills mrsa and bacteria. Sweat makes bacteria grow, causes infections, and produces odors

We have a few people in our home that have the same problem. I’ve attached a photo of 2 products that we use in our home.

I hope it helps. Good luck.

Try kareasol food cream Walmart

I’d stay away from fragrances. Stink Free by 2 Toms is good. I think that’s the name. It’s odor free and pulls odors out of shoes. Take the inserts out at night and spray the shoes and insoles and dry overnight.

Lume works for me but if the odor is in the shoe you still have to pit a powder of get that smell out first

Coconut oil. Use white cotton socks only, rotate shoes so they have the opportunity to dry fully, put gold bond powder in shoes.

We use this for the shoes themselves which helps a lot.

Make sure you are NOT wearing polyester socks.

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Lume. Cotton socks. Treat your shoes.

Nightly foot soaks in apple cider vinegar and water thoroughly dry your feet and zeasorb

Lyme is awesome… order it and you will have it in a few days. Worth every penny.

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My son has terrible foot odor…
Half and half of apple cider vinegar and brown listerine… spray 2x week set in the sun… works great for shoes. Also coconut oil rubbed on your feet every night will help


Do the shoes dry properly? Mildew smell can be “activated” by getting wet again (through your sweaty feet.) Tinactin spray and odour eaters powder or spray both work well. Switch your socks too. All cotton if possible.

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Don’t put lotion between ur toes. Like ever.

Drink chlorophyll. I drink a cup of water with 15 drops a day. I swear you don’t even need to use deodorant if you drink it religiously.

As someone said above. Change your diet. Drink more water. You could try bentonite clay on them to help. It draws out bacteria that causes smells. You just mix it with water (you can add Apple cider vinegar to it) let it dry, then wash it off. Covering it up it with sprays and powders won’t get rid of it. But flush your system with water…

Lume deodorant for all your smelly parts


Hormones also cause this. Talk to your Dr. Or your foot Dr.

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Use spray deodorant on your feet daily.

Rotate shoes so they can air out

Take the vitamin Zinc. My ex husband had the same problem and the Dr. put him on Zinc. Cleared it right up.

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Do you wear sock? Wearing socks helps control the smell in shoes. They make socks for almost any shoe now that can’t be seen. Put the foot powder in the shoes also. It helps absorb sweat and smells.

Always wear 100% cotton socks.

You can put any of your shoes that stink in a zip lock bag and put them in the freezer, say for a week at least, the freezing temps kill the bacteria that causes the odor. Then take from the freezer, let them warm up and sniff them again to see if they still stink, if so, put them back in the freezer.

All great advice you can also put dry herbal teabags in your shoes/boots overnight camomile or lemon

Shetiga Northcutt is correct. With my son, we also used Gold Bond every single day. I washed his shoes weekly, in a pillow case for protection.
Also, see a Dr. They can get to the cause & help that way.

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Put panty liners in your shoes to absorb sweat & combat odor.

You can get Botox injections in your feet or take pills for hyperhidrosis if it’s that serious too.

Put deodorant on your feet if that helps. For a natural solution I like the crystal “rock” deodorant if you don’t want the regular stuff; Mitchum makes heavy duty deodorants too.

Wear thick, moisture-wicking socks to help when you can. Surprisingly wool socks do a good job.

Also check your diet. You can take chlorophyll to neutralize odor too.

Not sure if they help, but there are large teabag-like pads you put on the bottom of your feet at night that supposedly draw out toxins. I’ve seen them in a bunch of catalogs so shouldn’t be hard to find.

My sister soaks her feet in white vinegar and water, to keep the odor away. About two teaspoons of vinegar to a gallon of water nightly

Change your socks multiple times a day. I had this same problem and I would literally change socks three times four times a day. Wore open toed shoes as often as I could and little by little the smell started fading, my feet still sweat a lot but nothing like they used to, I still change my socks two times a day but it’s worth it to not have that smell. It does take a bit of time and work to get it under control.

Spray Lysol in them not alot just a flash

Tea tree oil. Rub it on your feet and sleep with socks on. Works overnight. It stinks but works. Make sure you clean your shoes before using after treating yourself. Vinegar is a good odor neutralizer for cleaning your shoes. Hope this helps

Soak your feet in the original Listerine (the amber colored stuff) for about 30 minutes

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Switch your shoes wear a different pair every day and change socks if needed throughout the day. My husband has terrible stinky feet but since we’ve gotten him more than one pair of work boots and sneakers it’s gotten better.

Rotate your shoes go barefoot when you can

Change your diet. Soak your shoes in vinegar and water for a couple hours vinegar kills bacteria

Consume more chlorophyll thru leafy green vegetables.


Soak feet with vinegar nightly

Stop wearing nylon sox!


Put baby powder in your shoes.

Vinegar and Listerine for a foot soak. Be careful not to soak too long because I did and my feet were very tender for a couple of days.

Tea tree body wash!! Or get liquid chlorophyll and mix it with a beverage and drink daily.

Gold bond power or baking soda

Always heard gold bond works pretty good

My husband uses powder and or foot athletes spray