What can I use to heal a diaper rash?

What can I use for a diaper rash? I have been using Desitin & Boudreaux’s paste but it’s not working. What helps to heal it?


I used a&d for my sons diaper rash and also vaseline. Both of those worked well and i let him air out after his bath every night for a bit

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Starch n yellow. Box

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Starch works wonders definitely try it

Yes… Just dust him w starch… And use that… My kids have allergies to everything… And this is the only thing that helped

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Let it air out. Change the babies diaper more often and less acid foods :woman_shrugging:


A&d ointment… Cotton balls with water instead of wipes till its gone… Or pamper sensitive wipes…

On my daughter we just used a warm wet wash cloth and let her “air dry” it cleared after a day or 2. That other stuff would irritate her even more.

Maybe try new brand of dyper

Breastmilk if you are breastfeeding or know anyone who is

I always mixed corn starch and zinc cream together it works wonders

Liquid Mylanta on A cotton ball. Dab it on and let it sit dry if you can. Pepto works too but Mylanta worked better on my kids.

Burts bees is the best

Triple paste works wonders


Vaseline and Air.

As in let the tooshie get some air. My daughter had cracked and bleeding diaper rash. Did an hour of air few times a day. Put on Vaseline when it’s time for a diaper. Vaseline works wonders for many types skin issues.

Use cloth diapers.
Let your baby “air out” once in a while.

Egg white and leave to dry, works wonders


Aquaphor. Oatmeal baths. If it’s painful to baby get Nystatin ointment from your pediatrician.

I’ve learned creams take forever but use cornstarch… you’ll notice a differance in one diaper change. Yes, the kind of cornstarch you keep in the kitchen, not baby powder


Aquaphor is the best, my 21 year old son uses it to prevent rashes. Recommended by my pediatrician many years ago.

Pink salve on amazon as Pinxav

I have three sons,
30, 26 and 15.
They hardly ever had diaper rashes. I wiped them good each time I changed their diaper, patted them dry with a cloth diaper and put unscented vaseline on them if their bottoms started to get red and irritated. Use it to prevent and treat!

Also use a hair dryer on no heat after changing their diaper.

Corn starch was my tried and true

The Honest brand diaper rash ointment was the only thing that worked on my nephew. My sister also had to change the diapers brand.

Caldesene powder…so soothing for them…I always used the pink bottle…my son 32 now got bad rashes all the time from certain foods…I swore by it…never knew it existed till a almost 90 yr old dr mentioned it…miracle for my child and me…lol

Blue seal baby vaseline, works wonderful…:heart:

Egg white. Thoroughly clean & thoroughly dry, then apply the Egg White over the whole area. Let it dry then put Baby’s Nappy on. The egg white acts as a barrier for the urine to flow over & not make the rash worsen. My daughter always got severe Nappy rash when teething. Egg White was always used at first sight of any redness & Sudocrem was always used as a prevention. Unfortunately babies will always get Nappy Rash when teething. Their urine is always stronger at this time too.

A mix of washing it well, air drying, as much diaper free time as you can, and cornstarch. Avoid acidic foods and drinks if baby is eating and drinking things other than breast milk/formula. If baby is teething, it could be from that. Also, make sure it’s not from an allergic reaction to something (like if you recently got a new type of diaper).

Make sure you wash it every time u change the diaper, dry well then apply Boudreaux’s.

I used Vaseline regularly. It keeps the moisture away from the skin and is a bit thicker!!!

Triple paste it’s pricey but it works

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After bathing…booty time…let it air dry first.


Corn starch is the best


You’re going to think I’m crazy but I swear this works. When my son was a baby, he would get horrible diaper rash. Nothing helped. My mother-in-law said an old woman told her years earlier to use burnt flour. I was so desperate that I tried it and within a day, his little bottom went from bright red to pink and by day three it was gone completely!! I just put some AP flour in a dry skillet and move it around until it’s a tannish color and then put in a container to cool. I never needed it with my second son but it was the only thing that worked with my eldest. Idk what makes it work but it did! Lol 🤷

I guarantee this will work. I tried every cream/ointment/home remedy I could find and when I tried this her rash was almost gone the next morning.

I Know This Sounds Crazy But Athletes Foot Cream Works

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If nothing else has worked I’d say its yeast, reach out to doc!

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Pinxav works miracles

A & d ointment but if it is really bad you can give the baby a bath with some cornstarch in the water it helps

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For my kids i used baby powder.

Wash with baby soap every diaper change. Let air out as much as possible. And i put A LOT of Vaseline all over. Worked like a charm for my 4 kids. Also hydrocortisone cream works great.

Take your baby to the dr and get some nystatin.

Nurses at work told me…mix Aquafor and milk of magnesia … m.o.m. helps for acidity and aquafor helps heal

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Might be a yeast infection

Cornstarch in bath water then apply again after dried and diaper. Works every time

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Airing out and corn starch

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Corn starch and let the babys bottom air out some. It will dry up.


A&D ointment and rinse babys bum every diaper change. Allow to air dry. Avoid wipes or wiping aggressively.

Let the baby go without a diaper as much as possible, or a thin cloth diaper so it can be taken off immediately when dirty. Disposable diapers are thick. Pure Vaseline might help keep it from hurting from being so dry. These things helped mine when he was a baby… but his wasn’t real bad.


If its not healing with that its.not diaper rash its.yeast and you need a script

Resinol. It only takes a little at a time but works great

Avoid corn starch it facilitates yeast growth. A and D at every diaper change and Desitin (thick) at night

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I was told to use athlete’s foot cream…it worked wonders!

Sounds crazy but get the cheapest bottle of REGULAR milk of magnesia…clean the affected area, and dab on the M.O.M with a cotton ball. If possible let air dry.


Make sure baby’s skin is completely 100% dry before applying anything. Also, if it turns into an open sore you might require antibiotic cream from your doctor in order for it to heal. This happened to my youngest and it was the only thing that helped. After that she never had a rash again.

My kids had very sensitive skin and desitin would make my son scream it burned soooo I found that using fragrance free wipes and butt paste worked best

Cornstarch wks great but when I had my boys and they got rashes I burnt flour in a skillet and sprinkled it on their bottoms and it cleared up.

My granddaughter use to get blisters, the Dr. said it was a yeast infection and gave her ointment for it, that was the only thing that worked and really fast.

Some butt naked time in the sunshine


Calmoseptine- ask for it at the pharmacy. It’s magic!

Corn starch. It is tried and true. My great grandma used it on her babies, so did my grandma, my mom and me.

We always use coconut oil for my daughter worked better than the prescription stuff the hospital gave us

butt paste(its a real thing) or corn starch

Resinol. It’s what we use in the NICU.

Mild soap and water then air dry

Savlon but the best is to let them go free no nappy

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

Butt paste. Best thing I’ve ever bought for my boys!

Use plain old corn starch in the diaper and also put lots of it in warm water and let the baby sit their bottom in it to soak. My middle daughter had awful diaper rashes and none of the rash creams worked, even prescriptions. Within a day her rashes would be sooooo much better! I kept her bottom powered and kept a bunch in her diaper. The corn starch was a miracle worker and cheap. I kept and still keep boxes of it.

Neosporin its an antibiotic ointment but it curef the worst diaper rash ever.

Use a warm rag to clean the diaper area after every change (when able). Let baby air dry after every change (when able). Use regular corn starch in the diaper. Change the baby as soon as possibly every time. No greasy water proof pastes (or any pastes) because it traps the moisture and blocks air which allows yeast and bacteria to grow.

Hello Bello works amazingly. It’s kind of new. You can get it at Walmart.

penaten was the only thing that worked for my babies
comes in a flat blue metal round container

Mom - since it was a yeast infection, ointment/cream for a vaginal infection helped.

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My boys always responded to a simple soak in a warm bath with baking soda added to it. It helps neutralize the acidic urine. Then regular cooking corn starch lightly dusted on their bum. If a zinc based ointment isn’t working, try A&D ointment. I swore by that for my youngest. None of the zinc based ones worked on him.

Wash and put petroleum jelly.

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Walmart brand desitin and cornstarch baby powder but then I found out he could only use huggies little movers diapers then no more rashes. Otherwise Dr told me to use soap and water and let him go without a diaper as often as I can

Go to your GP and have him prescribe the appropriate antibiotic ointment to treat the condition properly. I have found that by the time you try the various recommended remedies and go to the chemist for over the counter medicines, you end up spending good money after bad and the remedies don’t work anyway.

Wash baby in a Luke warm oatmeal bath then lay out some blankets on the floor and put cornstarch on the baby and just leave them naked with a receiving blanket on top. After a little while you can put vaseline and then add cornstarch on top of it to keep it sealed… should be a lot better by morning

i swear by coconut oil once everything else stopped working for ys

Mustela diaper rash cream, is the best and when the baby pee and the skin is irritated protect the area so the baby doesn’t feel pain and obviously wash the baby area every time you change the diaper, baby wipes are the worst

Breast milk if you’re still lactating, and have the little one go commando for a bit to dry up. I got a prescription from the MD for Clotrimazole.

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I use A+D than on top of the A+D I use cornstarch Desitin and Boudreaux burns when u put it on them

Sincofax cream worked for when.my.daughter had a bad one very.young

I am a huge fan of a tubby with some oatmeal in the water. Oatmeal calms the skin. Then a good amount of extra strength desitin and a good coating of baby powder so that the cream doesn’t stick to the diaper. I also recommend the oatmeal tubby morning and night! Frequent diaper changes too.

All I can use on My super sensitive baby is a soft warm wash cloth and Aquaphor healing ointment

i used to leave the diaper off at least for half hour after washing and changing, they did the desitin,

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All I every used was Vaseline

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Sometimes babies can be allergic to zinc oxide which is in pastes. Try using Vaseline or neosporan

Pure Cornstarch and air it out regularly


Try some 8 hour cream it’s expensive but works well

Resinol, best thing I have seen. You have to ask for it from the pharmacy in ant store.

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Cloth diapers for one

Oatmeal bath helps …

Bag balm! You can get it a ranch store

I know it sounds crazy but if you’re producing or can get some breastmilk helps.

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You might consider changing the brand of diaper

Baby powder with cornstarch

California Baby Calendula Cream