What can I use to heal a diaper rash?

It might be bacterial or yeast related. Take the little one in to see their doctor. Not trying to be rude in any way. My son had a rash that needed treatment with a prescription anti-fungle ointment a few weeks ago.

The BEST and QUICKEST thing to use is Vaseline. I used it on my kids and now using it on my Granchildren

Ask your pediatrician

Stuff they use for cow cutters heels it up literally less than a day I no it sounds weird but it work so fast

I always used A&d ointment on my son and he had super sensitive skin. Worked really well for us.

Zincofax Extra strength … pediatrician also told me pepto bismol …

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My daughter used to get dreadful nappy rash even blisters while teething. I used to be so embarrassed to change her in front of anyone. As soon as tooth was thru cleared almost over night. Usual nappy change was baby oil or corn starch

Zinc and castor oil works every time

Bepanthen cream weks like magic​:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

Corn starch works wonders

Sunshine let baby have nappy free time in the sunshine and then use a barrier cream.

Corn starch!! Work’s miracles!! It drys it out instead of keeping it all wet

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If you’re by chance breastfeeding or have any leftover breast milk, it works wonders! Put some in and just let it air dry.

Any antibiotic ointment really. That healed up my daughter fast.

Aquaphor is what helped my kids the most. We have sensitive skin kids also.

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I love this brand used for all my kids!! Worth the money

Mix aquaphor and cherry Maalox together - 1/2 & 1/2. If you think it’s yeast add some vagisil. Best stuff I’ve ever used.

Try baby aquaphor, letting them have some naked time to air out and make sure they’re completely dry before applying cream and it could be the brand of diapers or wipes you use that’s the issue

Cornstarch baby powder on top of the diaper cream. It works wonders

I sell Pomifera products. And our healing body oil is the BEST for diaper rash! Message me for details!

Aquaphor does wonders!

Cornstarch work great

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I’ve never used anything other than pure Vaseline never had a baby or grandbaby with a diaper rash

A &D ointment or coconut oil

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Have you tried baking soda baths

It could be a yeast rash if not healing with normal diaper cream. Might need a trip to the dr.

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Cornstarch works great!

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Nipple ointment, it’s anti-fungal. Works like a charm

You may need Nystatin cream from the pediatrician. Could be yeast


Crisco shorting in the can. Swear on everything. Been a momma for 30 years, this is it. One use and it’s gone. But do not double dip in the can :sweat_smile:

Pinkxav or a&d ointment

Instead of wipes use wet paper towel for a few days

Ive also heard coconut oil if it wont quit

Find a powder… that works much better than creams imo…

I switch between a&d and desitin each diaper change

baking soda bath will help a lot. after the bath apply a thin layer of a&d and a then a thick layer of triple paste. This was the only way I was ever able to heal my son’s severe diaper rash. Once it clears up, continue with using a&d every diaper change

Baby magic diaper cream

Balmex worked wonders on my little one with diaper rash.

Domeboro power. Not sure of spelling. Over the counter any drugstore.
Works wonders

Shorting or Maylax works wonders

If it’s a yeast rash try some monistat

This stuff is amazing

There are two things I go to…
If the skin has broken I mix triple antibiotic ointment with pain relief and desitin max relief.

If the skin is not broken I buy jock itch cream and use that. Especially during summer months.

Sudocream or good ole cornstarch

Sounds like a yeast rash and you have to get a proscription cream. You can call the doctor and they should be able to call you some in without having to go in to the office

Change diaper brands!

Corn starch and air out

If you breast feed do a milk bath. I swap between a&d and powder every other diaper. And if it’s been longer than a few days maybe see your pediatrician about getting a prescription diaper rash cream.

Baby aquaphor, nothing with zinc in it, you want something with a lot of petroleum in it, they sell 100 percent petroleum Cream. Also baking soda bath, try patting when wiping, these are the things I do when my LO gets a rash, she gets them Everytime she is getting a tooth

This stuff right here! Seriously, no pun due to the name. My family has been using this for decades. It’s great for dry and cracked skin, burns, etc. You can only get it at feed stores in my area though.

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Take her to the Dr to determine what is causing it. If it’s yeast, corn starch can make it worse. Treatment should be specific to the cause of irritation.


I’ve heard yrs now even after doing it, corn starch is not good to use as it hold the moisture in and can make things even worse

Zinc oxide cream. It was prescribed by doctor and worked really well

If it’s yeast DON’T use corn starch…my daughter had a tiny red spot and I used baby powder with corn starch… when she woke up from her nap, her whole diaper area was covered in a yeast infection. Found out the hard way that corn starch feeds the yeast infection :scream: I felt horrible :cry:

Take the diaper off allow baby to be freeeee

Let em walk around nudey booty for a while after each change. Really helps!

Pennington cream worked for my boys when they were babies.

Brown some all purpose flour in a skillet…just enough for some color, not too dark. It stinks but it works literally overnight!!! I’ve passed this on to MANY mommas who have all seen amazing results.

If nothing has been working. It’s probably a yeast infection. Continuing to use regular rash ointment could be painful. Go to dr.

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Sudocream. And air it out as much as possible

I used corn starch on my babies. Worked every time

Corona cream is great, I get it at like tractor supply, it has a horse on it, because yes it is to help with wounds. But totally great for a bad rash. I would take the child in though to see if it could be a yeast infection, that won’t go away with just butt cream. Also let them air out.

Sudocream and Buttpaste were are you go too when the girls were younger :slightly_smiling_face:

A&d always worked for me but once my babys got so bad i went to the pharmacy and they mixed up something special for us and it worked in 8 hours

If nothing is working it may be a yeast. See your provider.

When my son’s was really bad we used Desatin with vaseline, for some reason it stuck better :woman_shrugging:t3:

Aquaphor healing ointment, but if it won’t go away I would take to dr and have them double check

Try air time , and then a cloth diaper .

Lanolin and than cover with vaseline

Its most likely a yeast infretion. I had no idea boys could get them until my son did. Call your pediatrician

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Try an antifungal such as monistat.

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My youngest daughter kept a diaper rash. Sounds crazy but I used Crisco shortening it worked every time!!

Bag Balm I used it on my 3 kids and they used it when my. Daughter was nicu and was recommended by some of the nurses

It’s prob yeast infection

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Depends on the type of rash. My son has super sensitive skin so I had plenty of practice :persevere: Being naked is the best thing :raised_hands:t3: but a dermatologist my mom worked for told me to use Mylanta (stomach medicine) apply with a cotton round to the affected area and let it dry then plenty of triple paste. It worked better than everything else I tried! The Mylanta works to counteract the acidity that could be causing the rash from pee or poop touching the skin! (also baking soda in the bath helped) but there were a few times where he needed prescribed meds so if it doesn’t get better definitely bring to a dr to determine the type of rash! Good luck!

Sounds like yeast… Use an antifungal, his ped should be able to prescribe one

Desitin extra creamy or ask your child’s doctor for a prescription ointment

Sometimes a little baby soap and water, then an afternoon of tummy time on a towel with no diaper really works best. The fresh air will give baby’s bottom time to dry and heal before smothering more cream on it. I have also used neosporin after giving babys skin time to dry.

Try coconut oil, bactine spray if its painful. A&d ointment some powder

Airing it out and using Triple Paste is the only thing that worked for us. That’s what our dermatologist recommended.

Brown some flour in a frying pan, let it cool, put it in a baby powder container (without the baby powder) and cover the butt at EVERY diaper change.

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Has to be the one with zinc… it’s good to have in general for most first aid kids. My daughter had a bad rash from to much lemondaid, worked like a charm. Recommended to me by 3 people in my household that work in hospitals/clinics.

Give them a bath with about 1/2 a cup of cornstarch and add a little to the new diapers until it goes away. It usually works in 24hrs for my kids.

Get a prescription from your doctor, my daughter has to have a nystatin prescription it is the only thing that works on her diaper rashes!

Aquafor works for my daughter its expensive though

Corn starch. I use it on almost all rashes.

Desitin and a&d ointment mix and apply! Really works wonders!

Corn starch was a life saver for me!

Triple paste is AMAZING I won’t buy anything else

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I swear by this put it on over night and its gone in the morning :ok_hand:

Aquaphor is the best

If the paste is not working it might be yeast

Corn starch and bag balm ! Works every time also do warm bath and let their bits dry out a little bit

This works for everything, but I LOVE using this on my kids for a diaper rash. The rash goes away pretty much right away unless it’s a very bad rash then a tad longer. I prefer the gel kind rather than the cream because the gel is so think that it sticks on SO much longer!

Baby Aquaphor is what I use! It works great!

The BEST paste ever, for diaper rash!


Might be yeast need nystatin


A &D ointment is awesome

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Most likely yeast if not getting better, use regular strength lotrimin. If it gets better within 24h it was a yeast rash.

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If none of the normal over the counter remedies work for you, take the baby to the dr as soon as possible. One of my sons had developed a food allergy, and without the medication I was given, the rash he had would only have gotten worse and more painful.