What can most three year olds do?

My three year old just wrote her first name for the first time yesterday! I am so proud of getting it and was just curious what kids should be doing at her age. It seems like she is ahead of the game but not sure. Thanks


That’s simply awesome. :ok_hand:t2:Please don’t fall into the rut of what other kids her age are doing . Go ahead nurture her abilities and needs as she requires. Recognise her abilities and needs My daughter is also exceptionally gifted and I was always guided by what she required and showed interest in. She is now a grown up lady who has graduated from Cambridge university and training as a lawyer Everyone is different… you are a lucky and blessed mum​:pray:t2::sparkling_heart:

Seems about right. My kids all did name about 3 when at nursery.

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I feel each kid is different and grows at different rates . that’s great. shouldn’t really matter what other kids can do but be excited for what urs can do


That’s amazing!!!

That’s great! Their teachers will be so thankful when they go to school someday! I used to work in a daycare. Our kids could count to I think to around 50-100 (I don’t remember, it’s been a while), could write and spell their names, and could add extremely basic numbers on their fingers. They knew all of the shapes, colors, alphabet, etc. too.
Some of them could read and spell very basic words too. But, this was a preschool and they taught the kids these things everyday. It’s not something a kid picks up right away, it took these kids a few years of learning this stuff slowly each day.

I have 5 and they’ve all been different. Never compare to another kid her age.


Every child is different and will do things at different stages. My kids did that at preschool and they were 3-4 years old. Personally I never thought my child was ever ahead or behind other children as they all grow differently.


A bit of advice, don’t compare your child to any other child. (Even/especially siblings!) All it will do is drive you bonkers. Every kid is different. Some kids can’t write their name at 3, but can play a guitar.

Don’t give yourself expectations of milestones. As long as they are progressing, you are both doing great!

Its human nature to want do it, I just found I was soooooo much happier when I stopped.



3 prek where I’m at gets 3 year old to write their first name 1 thru 10 and as many ABC as they can.

That’s amazing, my son was doing the same thing when he was that age. It’s very exciting

When you’re a first time parent it’s easy to get excited about the milestone and it’s okay to think your kid is advanced. The reality is, weather a kid is advanced at a young age or later on in their elementary years, it’s a fluctuation and combination of environment and influences. I know of someone who only barked till he was 5 and he became a doctor later in his adult life. I’ve known some kids who were well ahead of the curve during their school years and work at the grocery stores because that’s just where life took them. Stay humble about their milestone and praise them but never compare them.


I learned a long time ago not worry about what leave or grades another kid got. Your kids are not in a competition with anyone


My son did at age 3 also.

Now teach them how to hold the pencil correctly…the teachers, occupational therapists and future employers will really thank you!

My oldest was reading at 3. My others struggle. Every child is different. 1 thing I learned is not to compare your child. I know it sounds cliche & curiosity gets the best of you. But comparing leads to pushing your child or feeling less adequate. There will always be a child who does more than yours. Just enjoy her. Take her lead at what she wants to learn. Slow down when she’s struggling.

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I’m 50 I’ve taught my granddaughter to handwrite her name. Its 4 letters. Lol but I’m so proud of her.

I have never in my life heard of a three year old writing out their name, that’s awesome.

It all depends cause each kid is different. My daughter has known how to spell her name, repeat my phone number, knew how to count to 15, colors, knew all her abc’s verbally and visually (capital and small letters), knows her body parts, and knew all of our names (parents and grandparents) when she was 3. She is almost 5 and can write her letters and knows a little bit of math and a great artist. My 1.5yo can “sing” and does well at copying words, knows her body parts, knows how to remove her clothes (which this isnt always fun lol), knows some animals and a few colors. She also knows who each person is and can say their names pretty much.

My 3 year old can count to 20+, alphabet, knows her colours and writes her name (it’s 3 letters)

All children develop at their own rate xx

It’s amazing what kids can do at this age and it gives them a permanent academic boost if you teach them stuff at this age. Get them to read words on signs or simple books too.

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That’s why in school some teachers do not have time for that child doing their best they wants the fast child just give each child a chance

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I think all parents feel that their toddlers are ahead of the game. My toddler was counting to ten before she turned two by learning it from peg + cat and could do all the moves from the baby shark dance along video by 1.5, my husband and I thought that meant she was advanced. But there’s no way of knowing at this age, they learn at different rates. My only advice is to not force an education on her too early, they learn the best through play at this age.

My daughter was two. She was the only child and grandchild. My mom kept her and worked with her through the day and I did at night. She loved learning. My son is almost four and doesn’t even know how to hold a pencil​:roll_eyes:. He thinks the name for a circle is tire. I give up with him :joy:


My first could write his own name at 3 years old… My 4th boy is almost 3 and still can’t say his own name. Children are all completely different. Be proud of their achievement but NEVER compare…


My daughter when she’s 3y/o she can write her own name, memorize the alphabets and can count to 100. Also she learned by herself adding numbers and I’m a bit surprised. Also she learned how to clean up herself after she does both 1 and 2 without any help.
But I noticed that she likes to watch the way I do things and she learned from it.

I guess she’s very independent at her young age. And she’s my only child. At 4 she’s now cutting her own food like steak.
But still I let her enjoy doing things that she likes cause we can’t force our kids to learn things if they’re not interested.
So let them try it and see what they can do.

For some kids this is normal and for others it’s advanced. It really depends on the child and the kinda work parents do with the kid in this regard.

She’s obviously gotta knock for learning and thrives with it so I would start working on her alphabet and some simple sight words and see how it goes.


It all depends on the kid. My oldest was doing all you listed at age 2. My youngest is 3 and has a speech delay, and cannot speak how most 3 year olds do, and his comprehension isn’t quite there because of it. He’s in speech therapy and got tubes put in his ears, which is helping. All kids are different and do things at their own pace. :woman_shrugging:t3:


At 3 … That’s awesome and crazy ! Time to teach phonics and sight words (my friend has her 3 yr old already reading little words which is crazy insane to me) etc … my 4 yr old acts like he doesn’t know anything around me… So I go by what school tells me he knows … lol


my 13 year old can tell you the ins and outs of cardio thoratic surgery but doesn’t know her multiplication tables :woman_shrugging:

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At 3 I would worry more about her social emotional skills than I would about academics. That’s what I have been taught. If they can’t play and control their emotions, school and being with other kids is going to be really hard.


At that age there is no “ahead of the game”! Kids learn at their own pace, especially at that age. Don’t compare kids. Yes be proud of the milestone but don’t compare it to when another child achieves it. It creates unnecessary insecurities in you, your child and the other children you are comparing them to.


All are different. My 3 and half year old can spell her first and last name. Write her first, tell her bday, her address, and knows mom ans dad’s real name. Can count to 25 and ABC. My 12 year old still doesn’t know our address :rofl:


My son could do it at age 2. It took my Daughter till 4. Every kid will have their talents tho.

My 3 year old son will still eat a crayon, nose dive into a wall & likes to tell his classmates he’s got a ‘big weiner’ :woman_facepalming:t3::sweat_smile: Be proud she’s learning. Boys seem to be uninterested, of course.

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In my opinion every child is unique and learns at a different rate, no child’s rate of learning should be compared to another child’s.


Totally depends on the kid… my daughter was reading and writing at 3 years old, but my son can hardly write at all and definitely can’t read and he’s turning 5 on Tuesday

It all depends on the child and what they are ready for. I’ve known kids at 1.5 years old already know how to fo the abcs and recognize letters, sounds and can already count numbers and I’ve known kids at 5/6 struggling with it.

However if your kid is already doing it and loves to do it keep up the work and motivate them to do more just let them learn at their own pace.


I wouldn’t worry about what your child should or should not be doing, they are all different. My LG could write her name of 8 letters before she was 3, potty trained day and might by 2.5,sing the alphabet by 2.5 and rode a pedal bike for the 1st time on her 3rd birthday. However, some of her friends struggled with all this. At 6, they can all write their name, go to the toilet, say the alphabet and most can ride a bike. They’ll all do their own thing in their own time so just rejoice in what your daughter can do but don’t compare to others. Well done to your LG on this achievement, any achievement should be celebrated regardless of age:)

I teach 3 year olds and have for 24 years . Some can write their names some can’t. But by the end of the year most of my kids will recognize the alphabet know the sounds be able to write most of the letters. Recognize their numbers 1-15 at least count to 30 and know the seasons, most holidays and can tell single digit numbers from double digit but the most important thing is they have fun and they have a love of learning from an early age

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All kids learn at a different pace. My niece could write her own name, knew all the letters and sounds of of the Alphabet, animal sounds, etc… by the age of 3, but couldn’t figure out how to open a door lol My son by that age could sorta trace his name, but figured out how to bypass every baby safety mechanism ever made :weary: He wouldn’t call things by name only by their primary color lol He’s fine now :laughing:

She can probably learn her ABC’s if she has not learned them already or start learning reading and writing simple words.


Check developmental milestones with pediatrician. Otherwise, don’t compare to other children. Your child will develop at his or her own pace.


Every child is different. My older kids could but now but current 3 year old cant…but she also has a long name. She can count and say her abcs,

All 3 of my kids could write there names count to 50 knew there a b c and colors and shapes at 3 but I took my kids to the library at least 3xs a week and I worked with them now my grandson is 4 and he doesn’t care to do anything but he can’t sit still he has ADHD

My 3 year old boy can say his ABC, almost count to 20, knows all the basic shapes, colors, can spell his name and Blippi :joy: I cannot for the life of me get him to focus long enough to teach him to recognize letters. I have tried and tried. He knows A. That’s it. Lol

My 5 yr old refuses to touch a pen or pencil… So shout out to you mama! Mine wont be able to write his name til he’s 35


When you make popcorn not every kernel pops at the same time. Doesnt matter what you “think” Is age appropriate. Although I do have to say writing the name at 3 all by herself is pretty awesome.

My two boys were doing all this at 2yrs, my daughter…at 5yrs was writing her letters backwards lol!

My 4 year old can tell you all about the solar system, construction vehicles, animals, dinosaurs, he can count forward and backwards, he can name all uppercase and lowercase letters and could name most letters since before he was 2 and he can recognize all numbers up to 100. He cannot dress himself, he can’t pull his own pants up after using the bathroom, he can’t put his own coat or shoes on, he can’t stay seated in his booster seat without a seatbelt lock even though he knows he has to. My best friends daughter is only 2 and can do all the things my 4 year old can’t. 3 is roughly average for learning to write their name. My daughter learned her alphabet at 15 months. My 13 year old laughed when we asked him to sing the alphabet because he chooses not to. All kids learn differently. It solely depends on the child.

My 3 year old talks like hes grown and knows sign language but we cant give him pens cause he tries to draw all over the house. I think he might be a fire fighter when hes older cause he loves fire trucks and can tell you hes going to put out a candle fire with the fire extinguisher

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Wow! My 3 year old can’t spell his name verbally yet lol it’s Lincoln though and he’s getting tripped up on the silent ‘l’.

You should be proud mama! She definitely sounds like a bright girl.

Working on writing, coloring, counting, abcs. Once they know all the abcs you can teach the sounds each letter makes then move on to phonics.

Adding and subtracting, potty training and tying their own shoes, counting to at least 30-50, etc

Every kid is different. One of mine was reading and writing before she turned 4, another chose not to read at all until 1st grade. Both are straight A students in advanced classes now :woman_shrugging:

Depends on the kid

She’s probably ready to learn her address and phone number for safety reasons at this time :heart_eyes:

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My 3 year old just started saying his first and middle name. Can count to 15.
They learn at their own pace🤷‍♀️

I taught my brother to write in cursive when he was 5.

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All kids are different. I raised 4 and none had the same milestones.

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My daughter wrote her name at 2 years 10 months

Even if she is ahead of the gang now it will equal out.

The things doctors will ask and measure by is called bench marks, look up the bench for the age you want(ex 3 year old bench mark)those are what a standard normal functioning average/normal intelligence child of that age should be doing.

They should have a job by three at the latest.


My kids peaked when they started wiping their own ass…

As long as she can share and handle being told no sometimes, I think she’s doing great


My 3 yr old. Does awesome scribbles on my wall and talks jibberish in full sentences :heart:

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I wouldnt compare her to other kids. You’ll never feel good about yourself. All kids have different strengths anyway. Like I have one child who is good with academics but another is good with crafts and cooking. As long as the child isnt too developmentally slow then there isnt anything to worry about.


The day my daughter turned 2 she could say and sing her ABCs.

At 3 we were having a rough time with her name- Havana would come out H-a-v-a-b-a-c-a etc. Lol.

By three my oldest could have taught a first time mom how to breastfeed. Lmao.

Seriously though- address, phone number etc is vital. Our story is extreme but the coast guard stopped my parents and questioned my 9 year old. Due to being prepared for that situation- he knows everything but my social security number. My mother was quite surprised when he spouted out my birthday lol

My middle hates school- literally does just enough to get through the day. I don’t know if he is retaining anything- trade school is a wonderful thing. 🤷:joy::joy:

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Great, life is a long game sweetheart. Nobody has headstarts sadly.

Not sure where in the world you are but google HIPPY. Here’s the link to the New Zealand one.
I did it with both my kids and they got a good start to learning.

My daughter who’s three can verbally spell her name, she knows when her birthday is, what city and country she lives in, she knows what her address is lol she’s known her abc’s and count to 20, all her colours and shapes since she was 18 months!
Every kid is different and learns at their own level

Every child achieves at thier own pace

It really depends honestly. My kids started preschool when they were 2, and went until kindergarten age. I bought those work books for my daughter when she was pretty young just to see what she would get the hang of quickly. She was counting to 20 in English and Spanish by 2 1/2. Principal and teacher wanted me to allow her to skip 2 grades, but…no lol. Shes in advanced classes, has been since 6th grade, and graduates this year. I was the same exact. My son, whos a freshman, well, he showed no interest lol. Theyre all different.

I say enjoy her obvious zeal for learning :grin:

oh dear christ. what does it matter???

Every child develops physically & mentally differently. I was walking, unassisted, by 3 months. Reading the little golden books by 2yrs. My brother still has a hard time reading & no reading comprehension & hes 50.


Totally agree Natalie Phillips . My twins are completely different.

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Check out www.starfall.com the early learning lessons. They are great.

Plant a seed… #a mustard seed grows so huge…tree
Just that tiny seed planted correctly can pair fruit in the future thats worth more than plata y oro…

A 3 yr old writing their name is not “ahead of the game.” All preschools start handwriting with students and writing their name is one of the first things they learn to do.

Keep celebrating your child’s achievements and pushing your child to learn reading, and writing, and kindness, and socially appropriate behavior. Don’t worry about where they are on the scale of advancement. That’s for their doctors and teachers to worry about. You’ll hear about it if there’s an issue. Just enjoy watching them grow and learn.

Why not ask doctor or check Google instead of trying to compare

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When my oldest was 3 he could count to 100 and write his ABC’s, and spell a few words as well as his name… i thought I had genius genetics that i passed down (hell ya!) so I had more kids… my current 3 year old likes to put the crayons in her nose. So does her younger sister. They make pretty scribbles :woman_shrugging: btw my oldest is now 10, a good student but not much above average. They just all pick it up at a different level


That’s fantastic!
My newly 2yo used the toilet for the first time this week!
Take your win and don’t compare, everyone is different…

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She’s doing great! Kids really vary. My #2 took her first steps at 8 months old, #3 was 15 months. Both are very normal for their ages now at 10 and 15.

What ever they damn want as long as it’s not making a big mess lol… I’m on BBY number 3 so :woman_shrugging:t4:

Wow! That’s amazing :heart: my daughters 4 and just started writing hers :slightly_smiling_face: that’s a big accomplishment !

When my 4 year old was a freshly 2 year old, she was writing her name, singing every song by heart, knew her ABCs, counting, colors, shapes, etc etc etc. Now she knows them in 3-4 different languages.

My 2.5 year old with autism can spell and read. My neuro typical daughter (now 6) couldn’t do those things at the same age. Depends on the child but I’d say it’s amazing!!

Why compare to another child?!?! I feel like this is harmful to some parents who believe their kid should be on the same page as other children at that age. Just encourage your child to stay on that same path, every child develops and thrives differently

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The worst part of being a new mom was having other moms and grandmothers compare your child’s development, or lack thereof,to theirs. Kids develop at different rates.


Mine wrote his first letters before two. He loves drawing and writing. It is important to learn also about lowercase/uppercase in teaching them to write.
Mine is four now. Very proficient at reading, writing, and spelling his own name. He can’t recite his alphabet, but he recognizes each individual letter, and can sight read a lot of words.
It is important when teaching younger kids not to put too much pressure on them. They will understand that kind of intensity soon enough.

Don’t compare your child to any other. Even identical twins can be different. Keep working with her, praise her good work and NEVER make it appear that she isn’t as good as any other child.

Are they 3, almost 4 or just turned 3? That’s a big difference. 3-4 is preschool aged and kids are usually just learning to write their name. Recognize all their letters.


My 4 yr old can tell me words I dont know and what they mean yet he still hasnt got his ABC’s quite right!

All kids have different strengths and weaknesses. They learn at different pace. Just enjoy them.

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At 1 my son could pick out things in a book like I would say where’s the cow :cow2: or ball , by 2 knew all abcs could identify them as well numbers up to 10 could identify.
By 3 he could identify his name, counted up to 20, knew basic shapes, all colors , knew all the nursery rhymes , could do 1 plus 1 is 2 , and go all
The way to 10 . His pre k teacher said he didn’t need to be there he already knew he what he needed lol :joy:

We have six kids , four of them twins , all different , my oldest boy is so clever with computers he could work for NASA , but can’t wash a dish properly lol

My niece is 3 her teacher said she is more advanced than all the other kids in her class she can write her name she can write papa she can’t spell all the way but she knows the difference between peoples names in the phone so she calls exactly who she means to call she can spell names based off of knowing who is who in the cellphone so I’m sure she will be reading soon she also taught my other sister how to make pancakes bcuz she wanted some and my sister doesn’t have a cooking bone in her body so she talked her through it so she can get her pancakes :rofl::rofl::rofl: