What causes absent seizures?

Moms experienced “absent seizures” in their babies. My son is 17 months and had what his doctor called an “absent seizure” I just want a little more information on what other moms went through with this was it ongoing. Did it happen once and stop. What causes it. We have spoken with his doctor and are seeing them today, just trying to figure out personal experiences with this. It scared the life out of me and my five year old but He’s been doing well since it happened.


Hi there! So I am 27 years old and was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 5. I have absence seizures and focal seizures. Absence seizures are more like “staring spells”… my mom really thought I just wasn’t paying attention until I had the EEG. For me, of course the lights could trigger the seizures and when I was overly exhausted BUT my seizures never went away. Some kids out grow them, though! I’d be more than happy to chat more with you about it if you want… add me on Facebook if you want Mallory Braswell

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes absent seizures?

My oldest has them. Had them since he was 4. Just make sure you see a neurologist and they will do the rest. He is 11 now and with the right medication he has done great. I understand the worry and concern. Most children an outgrow then before adulthood but some don’t. Just make sure you attend every appt…my oldest has done great with his Depakote and clonidine. I thought I was absolutely crazy when I first started thinking something wasn’t right. He would twitch and toss and turn and whine in his sleep. Go off into these staring spells and then it was like he had no idea what his dad and I were even talking about.

Every person is different, neurologist are the experts, if you think you need another opinion I would defiantly do so.

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My daughter had Absent Seizures as a child when we looked into it more the consultant explained it like a day dreaming episode :woman_shrugging:t3: he said they were nothing to really worry about but each person is different and my daughter just stopped doing it one day.

I have them quite often. Mine started after I got a mandatory vaccine a few years ago.

My almost 3 year old has recently been diagnosed with epilepsy. She was having what we thought were absence seizures, I took her to our GP who referred us to a paediatric neurologist, my daughter then had an EEG which confirmed she was indeed having seizures. They aren’t absence seizures, they are focal seizures which can look extremely similar. They started happening up to ten times a day which was quite distressing, but she was prescribed anti seizure medication and has been seizure free for a month now.
If you can, try to get your son an appointment with a neurologist, and as scary as it can be, just remind yourself that when he has a seizure he is completely unaware of it happening, it’s just like a blink to him.
Good luck :heart:

My son had them, starting around the age of 5. His neurologist started him on medications and we very rarely noticed any after he was in therapeutic levels of the medication. They never really told me a cause or why they happen but did say that typically children do out grow them. I was also told the early they start the earlier they out grow them. We began to ween my son off his medication Around 11 years old, he has been off medication for over 2 years and has not had any absent seizures since. I remember freaking out and placing blame on myself but honestly he has never had any problems because of them, he never had any issues in school and never fell behind (they said absent seizures, esp unmedicated, can cause children to fall behind in school because they tend to miss some of the lessons due to the seizures) he never had any restrictions and it never caused him to miss out on any activities or any sports. The seizures themselves just looked like my son was rolling his eyes and if you talked to him during that time he wouldn’t know what you said. I was concerned teachers may think he was being rude but other than that I forgot he had them most days, he was just like your typical kid and it didn’t seem to negatively impact him at all.

My now 10 year old developed them at about 3 years old. He was diagnosed with epilepsy and given medication which for personal reasons I never gave to him. He grew out of them a few years ago but now suffers from migraines.

My partner has them often he just blanks out and unresponsive and heavy panting breathing and loses memory he was in a head injury car crash was in a coma and has afib which has caused the seizures

Ive had them since i was a baby

Hey my daughter got these out of no were at 7 year old had them till she was 10 and now on no meds and we dnt have them some time kids can out grow them as such hope that helps there medicine they can give u for them

I had them when I was young so much so that I needed to take medication but I grew out of them and am no longer taking the medicine.

I suddenly started getting them at around 19 years old. Been healthy my whole life. I’d be disoriented for a bit when it’s over but I would usually just continue whatever I was doing after coming out of them. Finding causes can be tricky even for neurologists but I say please see one for a professional opinion. Wish you the best. :blush:

I just went through that with my 4 year old. Turns out he had a cyst in the left side of the brain that on all medical exams was showing songs of “silent seizures” when we did the MRI/CT we found the cyst. Turns out he was not having seizures every but had we not found that cyst he was going to eventually start having seizures

Don’t have them anymore but what triggered mine was falling off the bed and hitting my head pretty hard at around 5 years old and they stopped at around 9. My parents did take me with a neurologist, I don’t recall being on meds just brain scans. I do not have any side effects from it.

My 2 year old has them as a result from a stroke when he was 9 months old x

My daughter is 16 and has has them since about 10. She takes meds every day and sees a neurologist. With the meds the have gone away and she is currently being weaned off and able to drive . Dr said most of the time children grow out of them.

My son has had them since he was in first grade … he’s in his 30’s now… he holds a great job , has a family, drives … has just learned to deal with them … it was so scary at first ., and all the medicine he was prescribed back then … he only took the medicine for a few weeks , as the side effects were far worse than the condition for him … we just worked through them , learning how to recognize them , and learned new ways to teach him things , like only giving one task at a time , having him repeat what I had instructed him to do ., ( he had many episodes a day and would miss things ) but he is a super hero and is living his best life :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

My oldest son has 100s of them a day. He started having them as a toddler but went misdiagnosed for almost 10 years. For him basically his eyes flutter for a few seconds technically he is not coherent for those few seconds. Or his eyes will just roll into the back of his head or he will have a blank stare. For my son if he has many absent seizures aka silent seizures back to back it’s a sign he might have a Tonic-Clonic seizure. He is 18 now and was diagnose back in 2013 and although we have his tonic clonic seizures controlled for the most part we have yet to control the absence seizures.
Since your child is so young there’s a good chance they may grow out of it. At least that’s what my neurologist for my child said. Unfortunately for my child he did not it only got worse.
Unfortunately there’s not a lot of research on epilepsy so a lot of questions remain unanswered. I still don’t know why or how my son ended up having epilepsy.
I wish you lots of luck.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes absent seizures?

My daughter is 10 so I’m 5 years in. Not sure of the cause. They happen daily multiple times a day. I just make sure she’s safe no crossing streets no diving boards no riding a bike etc. Cuz they occur often and never know when. I stay close to her very close n always hold her hand when in the stores. U will get alot of stares but just focus on ur kiddo. They are scary and odd but u just have to be a little more cautious. And my daughter struggles in school huge memory loss…

My son has them. At first I thought he was ignoring me or it was a game he player. Staring into space, at nothing. He has many medical issues bt they haven’t been a real problem and he snaps out of them fairly quickly.

My daughter had some when she was about 4. Had one or two full seizures. Then grew out of it. If the drs are unable to pinpoint any epilepsy or reason for seizures. They call it a child hood epilepsy snd most grow out of it. My daughters 9 and had none since she was about 5.

My 3 year old had her first one at 13months and has 10 all up now shes 3 fevers cause it heat causes it

My son has a mutated gene scn8a gene. He has had absent seizures since he was 3 days old. He is now 6 we went threw a gene test it is a very rare gene. He has only been seizure free for 1 and a half years he takes meds twice a day.

Why didnt u ask for more info from the doc?


An absent seizure is caused by excess electric energy in the brain, a focal absence is a seizure occurring in one area of the brain, where as a general absence seizure is from excess electrical energy occurring in both sides of the brain. While absence seizures are not usually life threatening as long as the patient has time to recover between seizures, they can be scary and some times a warning that a bigger seizure is coming. I have absence seizures that are triggered by migraines and have had since I was 8. However, as I don’t lose consciousness they aren’t classed as epileptic, it took me 15 years to find out my correct diagnosis. Best you can do is keep a diary of what was happening before and during a seizure and just hope that he grows out of them. Good luck xx

My son is 4 was 3 when he had one in February. He was admitted to the hospital had a EEG done came back abnormal then went for a MRI came back normal got another EEG came back abnormal with no seizure activity. His next appointment is in august. Good luck

My son had one when he was about 4. Only happened once, scary as. Was told to video him if it happened again.

Your doctor would have the correct answers to your questions, better to ask them than random fb people.


Get him to a neurologist who can answer your questions
I’ve suffered from them since age 8 but mine is from childhood head injury

I have two daughters who both suffered juvenile epilepsy with absence seizures. They were very difficult to get under control, but eventually we did and they have been seizure-free ever since. Unfortunately, nobody really knows why this happens (I went through three different pediatric neurologists trying to figure it out). Most kids outgrow it by adolescence. I had one child who started having seizures at 3 and finally stopped having them when she was around 7. My other daughter started having them when she was around 5/6 and outgrew them when she was around 8. I hope this helps. Hugs to you and your family- it DOES get better and far less scary.

She’s asking for personal experiences


Every single person walking on the planet has had AT LEAST one absent seizure in their life. It’s very common. Seizures in general are very common.
I get it’s scary when it’s a kid especially for parents. I’m trying to just say it’s not unusual.


My sister who had childhood epilepsy only had absence seizures, not the full blown ones people think of. They figured out when she was a toddler that she wasn’t just a bad sleeper as a baby but that she kept having seizures and waking herself up. Even though we didn’t always notice she was having seizures according to the EEG tests she was having 30-100 a day! The type of figuring out the right medication can be exhausting because there can be so many side effects but once figured out many can live a fairly normal life. About 50% of the people who have her type of epilepsy grow out of it and my sister was completely med free by 12 years old! Unfortunately at 24 she had another seizure and was rediagnosed. But she is now almost 30 and doing awesome on her meds and living her best life! Just our experience, as asked. I’m sure there can be lots of reasons for absence seizures. The doctor will most likely schedule an EEG.

Well I don’t have a child with them but I’m epileptic and I can tell you absent seizures do not hurt or last long 30seconds to a minute . I get a lil dazed and confused after and gotta think about where I’m at what I was doing so don’t be surprised if baby cry’s after it’s from the confusion I have them almost daily and other kinds.


Lesions can cause seizures. They are like cuts on the brain. Sometimes they get bigger, sometimes they grow more, but they never go away. Every person is different. My daughter had absent seizures from the age of 1 year and 9 months to 4 years old. And she only had them maybe 4 times that people have seen. The longest one lasted 5 minutes. She is now 23. She was put on anti-seizure meds after her first seizure. She had yearly brain EEG’s, which showed some seizure activity, but nobody ever saw her have an absent seizure after she turned 4, even though her EEG result showed otherwise. Eventually, when she reached around 17, her EEG’s showed that she was not really having any seizure acticity. She was sent for an overnight 24-hour seizure exam at age 17 at the hospital, which showed her first NO seizure activity. And from 17 until now (23), her yearly EEG’s have shown no seizure activity. So, it is possible for a child to outgrow seizures. Oh, sometimes they can urinate and deficate on themself, so make sure you carry extra clothes and wipes. And they might be tired for a good chunk of the day, and may even want to sleep. But all that said, kids are usually fine after an absent seizure. I wish u well.

Ours was due to febrile convulsions, when not fully convulsions he would have absent episodes , usually.bought on by a temp , he grew out of them by 4yo


I’ve been having them my whole life, diagnosed at 11. Now about to turn 35. It was scary for my mom as a kid because we just didn’t know what was happening at 1st. They say most children with it grow out of it. I unfortunately did not, but it only lightly affects my daily life. It is the most dangerous as a teen in my personal experience due to driving hazards. Other than that it was and is very manageable with the right medication. :heart:

My son has absent seizures .He would randomly just blank stare, he doesn’t move. It last for about 20 seconds or shorter. He is currently on medication to control them. So he doesn’t go into a grand mal seizures. He sees a neurologist. He got diagnosed 2 years ago at age 5. He isn’t allowed to climb higher then 3 ft so if he does have one he isn’t injured in any way. He got an MRI and a brain wave test: they did flashing lights and had him do certain things to see the spikes if he had one or many during the test. Hope this was helpful.

My daughter had absent seizures. She was medicated and grew out of them after two years. Came off medication and is doing absolutely fine now. I will say the medication she was on caused her behaviour to really change dramatically though so if they’re going to medicate make sure you do your research. She used to go blank a lot and sometimes had ‘cluster seizures’ where she had a few one after another. Once she had a seizure while we were walking and she walked straight out in front of a car. They’re frightening but definitely manageable and I think commonly grown out of. Feel free to PM if you want to know anything more specific!

“We gave spoken to his doctor and are seeing them today”

She probably did ask them. She wants personal experiences…not text book experiences…


My son has absence seizures, it is a form of Epilepsy. I’m surprised you caught it so early. They say there is a 50\50 chance they will grow out of it in their teens. My son started having the seizures lasting 10 secs and we have got them down to 3 secs with medication. They can not hear or speak during these seizures and it is normal for them to come back scared especially once the seizures have shorten. It is definitely hard as a parent, watching your child go threw the EEG scans, getting blood work and all the medication. At one point my son was on 1500mg of seizure medication a day and still having them and I got it switched and now he just takes 325mg a day of a different kind. The medication is tricky to find the right one that helps your child. I seen my son struggle so bad in school from missing info from having seizures. I will warn you there can be triggers. For a example, stress trippers my sons seizures. Trigger seizures are not treatable with the medication. It’s hard of the child and hard for other children to understand. Keep your child away from any flashing lights as this can trigger them. Hope this helps some! I know how scary this is, I cried for like the first whole month but it will be okay!

I’ve had them and my son too. My birth mom and brothers have also. It looks like we are staring for a long time with blank expression, even when hand waved in front of us. Doesn’t effect anything else. I cant speak for others

Personal experience, my son had them, they usually grow out of them by the time they are 4-5. My son did not, he had an eeg and then and mri, to check his brain, he has epilepsy, but after treatment people can sometimes stop having seizures and come off their meds. What I suggest you do: record any incident in detail such as the time/date, length of seizures, if the child was not feeling well at the time or stressed. Learn what to do if someone is having a seizures, lay them on their side, move any objects away from them, do not try to restrain them or put anything in their mouths, learn cpr if you don’t know it. If the child is having many seizures or long seizures return the child to the doctor and get a referral to a pediatric neurologist. If someone has a seizure lasting 5 mind you should call 911. I’m really sorry you are going through this, hopefully it’s just febrile seizures, but there is hope, after several years of taking medicine my son has been seizure free for about 2 years.

Most children end up growing out of seizures. Do you know if they are epileptic or non epileptic? But honestly until you have an mri and an eeg done they cant tell you much. All the luxk to you and baby. Dont worry too much mama.


My son has silent seizures, many a day when he was little, he was put in a sleep clinic and had a bunch of electrodes on his head and that’s how he was diagnosed. See silent seizures are a form of epilepsy but when people hear that they automatically think of twitching on the floor, that’s not the case at all, in my son’s case his teacher would say he was daydreaming a bunch of times, like he was staring off into space and not paying attention and i thought thst also until the sleep study. When he would have one he indeed looked like he was just daydreaming and not paying attention but in reality his brain was having a seizure and there is no outward signs except the gazing off. He didn’t remember anything after an episode and i was told he wasn’t allowed to ride his bike etc in case he had one and fell into the street or just fell and was injured. He was given meds which made him like a zombie and he slept, the part i hated but thankfully he grew out of them as almost most do.

My son has absent seizures when he’s sick or getting sick. I know lots of healthy children get seizures or have some seizure activity when they are sick as well. My son is epileptic so he’s had 11 different kinds of seizures…. The infantile spasms being the most detrimental. Sometimes it’s hard for the doctors to pinpoint what’s causing them… I’d suggest watching what’s going on and what he’s doing before they happen, document what you think the cause may be then discuss with your doctor or a neurologist.

My nephew has them, he’s now three been having them since 18 months, his are caused by tonsillitis when his temperature gets to high, they are classing his as febrile convulsions, they are scarey, just stay calm and all the best x

My little boy had absent seizures about about 2 years old, came completely out of nowhere, he would just look like he was fixated on something drop what ever he was holding, would last about 30 secs to a minute. Had an eeg which came black clear, then after about 3 months they stopped x

Another word for absent seizures is petit mal epilepsy. Its not necessary harmful but it is a form of epilepsy. Episodes can last from half a second to up to 45 seconds.
Causes are still hard to diagnose in this day and age. I have it and im on my 4th medication which isn’t working :sob: my next treatment is to have a pacemaker-like device fitted into my chest to see if that sorts it out

I had absent seizures when I was kid. Like 6 to about 11 or 12. Lots of tests done but I was ok! They don’t last long maybe a minute. I took medication for it that helped space them out some. Read up on your medications. They have ones that can make kids super angry (mood swings type stuff) it’s definitely harder for you than the kiddo tho!


My son has them because he has epilepsy, along with other seizures. The absence ones don’t affect him and he recovers very quickly. I know it will be very scary but brain wise they don’t do damage (unlike the longer seizures). My sons dad had epilepsy as a child and grew out of it, which is also very common x

My son had a number absent seizures when he was aged between 2 & 3 then, we didn’t want the medication so played it out, they tapered off and he’s perfectly fine now :relaxed: no further action required. It was scary at the time though !!

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First I just want to say I’m sending you love and mama hugs​:heart: different situation but my daughter has breath holding spells that lead into reflex anoxic seizures. So I have no advice for you but just wanted to put out there that people and there personal experiences have helped my daughter and I so much. Truly its been more helpful then some of the doctors we have seen. So please don’t feel bad about asking people about their PERSONAL experiences :kissing_heart:

Some people, why even bother commenting!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes absent seizures?

It’s more common in children then people think. It can sometimes just be an age thing that they grow out of

My daughter had one at 27 years old -

  • I had to give her cpr - no one ever found the cause -
    Thank God she is alive and well

Me! My daughters had them her whole life. It does not affect them realistically, the worst that can happen is they can miss out on tiny bits of learning when school comes because they’re zoned out. They won’t shake, nothing like that. When you see it happening, make sure you stay close in case they spaced off so hard they start to lose balance. You’re welcome to message me and we can talk


My daughter has them we have done all kinds of medications and the only thing we found that works for months at a time with no effects or horrible outbursts is medical Marijuana


My daughter had 3 and we now have a eeg appointment and we have seen a neurologist for some stuff and I brought this up

Me! We actually have a neurologist appointment on 8/20 they told us when he was a few months old they can possibly go away…they haven’t and they are more than before.


Mt daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy. She had mild complex seziures. She was getting about 60-80 an hour for 2 weeks straight when she was 6 years old. She’s went through so much testing and still till this day they don’t know why this was happening (she’s 10 now). It became controlled and completely stopped with Keppra after the 2 weeks. They were only able to tell which side of the brain it was coming from… thankfully her seziures stopped for years but they did start coming back after covid but she pretty much lives a normal life like any other child otherwise.

I have seizures as a result of my traumatic brain injury about 4x a year. The seizures last around five to thirty minutes. I do not know what causes them. I do NOT have any warning that the seizure will occur. Your situation sounds very scary. I truly hope that his doctors help you

My daughter was also diagnosed with epilepsy. She started having these absent seizures at about 2. Took her to the doctor immediately, showed them video, got a referral for a neurologist. They did an EEG and diagnosed her, saying she should grow out of them and gave her medicine. She stopped having them around 5.

I have them! like someone above me said, it doesn’t really affect me too much, except the little blips where I don’t remember things :sweat_smile: the worst I’ve had put me on my hands & knees & I stayed like that for awhile, but other than that I was fine. I start to lose my hearing first, so that could be a warning sign for you :blue_heart:

Keep an eye on them, document every episode, with date, time of day and duration, and find a good pediatric neurologist. My friend’s daughter had them from an early age, and they were indicative of a far more serious issue. Her condition is very rare (double cortex syndrome), but the absent seizures were the first indication something was going on. She had a very diligent and determined mama, and they diagnosed her sooner than most.

Best of luck with everything!!

It’s petit mal seizures. My daughter had them, I had them, my mom had them and you outgrow them

School was a nightmare. I fought a couple of teachers over my daughter

I had them growing up and grew out of them when I was a teenager

I have them so does my daughter … they don’t really have much effect other than missing bits and pieces of things here and there … we just space out sometimes have a few rhythmic twitches here and there… we can even sometimes hear what’s going on but can’t respond… have tons of them a day

My daughter had what is called infantile spams a form of epilepsy that turned into absence seizures but hers is caused from part of her brain not devloping correctly.

I have them it has to do with the brain waves but there are lots of reasons to have them in kids normally thy grow out of it by the time they are 13 or 14 I never did but in most cases just do what the dr says they are going to probably give you a referral to a neurologist and they are going to do some tests nothing will hurt your baby I promise just keep asking your questions and what you can do

also as a reference time them from when they start and finish and write down what you see happen a lot or people like my self aren’t aware they have them and they end up missing parts of what’s going on crying spells as some drs call it is a sign too they are random and sporadic and sometimes don’t last long my birth mother had them and I have them and iv been keeping an eye out for my kid it can be hereditary I asked my dr when I became pregnant if it was

Most of my kids have/had febrile seizures. They’re fever-related and they typically outgrow them by age 5-6.

This can be serious go seek Dr Nair at Cleveland clinic in oh

I had petit mal seizures as a child and out grew them.

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Or sparatic seizures I have them

Or grand mal seizures which I suffered for 7yrs

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes absent seizures?

Very frightening I’m sure. Seizures frequently have no known cause, frustrating I know. He’s young it may happen a few times as he grows and then stop for no reason at all. Find a good neurologist whose primary focus is seizure disorders. You will find them very helpful. Keep a log too. How long the seizure lasted, any precipitating factors, e.g. flashing lights. Remember to take care of yourself, you are his best advocate and you did NOTHING to cause this.


Idk about absent seizures but when our l/o was 3 he started having focal seizures and now has reverse seizure too. They are pretty scary. He is 9 now and they said he might outgrow them.

It’s like a petit mal seizure. The child could out grow them. Both sides of the brain are involved. I don’t think anyone knows what causes seizures; but a Dr. can explain how they happen and help a patient to recognize one is coming.

My daughter developed this at the age if 9 seemed to start when her father and I split up. We where under shared interm custody for a year and her episodes continued and the medication wasn’t controlling it. The day I obtained primary custody through the courts her seizures stopped. I asked her neurologist if stress could have caused them and he said yes. She is 18 now and they stopped at the age 11 and never came back

All I know is my niece is 10 and just had a grand mal seizure. They diagnosed her with absent seizures and are trying to treat them. From what I gather they are small seizures you can’t see really, they don’t fall and flail around, they are short burst seizures that happen randomly. They only show fluttering of the eyes and short absences of consciousness. It’s hard to tell a child has them until they have a grand mal. They are treatable but tough to treat if you don’t know they are happening: thankfully the grand mal happened or we would know about the ascent ones. A pediatric neurologist is absolutely necessary. Also, they mimic learning disabilities. It’s devastating and scary but treatable. It will be ok!

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My son started having them last September (he was 7.5 years old). Unsure of what is causing them. He had an mri, waiting for his neurologist to come back from leave to get the results.

Also known as petit mal seizure. Can be treated

What is absent seizure?

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I had them til mid 30s. Granddaughter outgrew hers around age 10. It’s a neurological problem. Granddaughter had to try two different meds. Ended up on older med at highest dosage allowed. Neurologist said if she ever need ER for any reason to have them call her because they would say dose was to high. Hers got worse for a while. She would have many in an hour. First grade teacher was scared when she first noticed one even though she knew what to expect. Granddaughter never phased by them. Once over, she just continued on. It didn’t stop her from sports either, other than no high beam in gymnastics. It sounds scary, but most outgrow them early like she did.

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My daughter at 2 years old had 5 seizures in one day. 2 at home and when I realized something was wrong I called an ambulance where she had another one and the paramedics explained to me she was in a postictal state when she immediately went to sleep after the seizure. She had 2 more while waiting in the emergency room. She stayed in the hospital for a week and after numerous tests including the spinal tap the doctors could not give an explanation on why it all happened. This was at the top hospital in the country at that time (Johns Hopkins) They basically said, sometimes seizures occur with no explanation. She was on tegratol for a year and never experienced another one. She is 26 now.

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My brother and sister both have absent and grandmal seizures.
My brothers were caused because the doctors screwed up during delivery, him and my mum both nearly died leaving him with no oxygen for 8 minutes causing the damage, also has developmental delays with reading and writing.
My sister was due to being 3 months premiere and had craniosyntosis. She takes regular grandmals and has multiple absent seizures daily. (She’s now 23) and has never grown out of them, no developmental problems.
They are both medicated on seizure medication and diagnosed with epilepsy. Some have long term issues some don’t.

Epilepsy/seizure support and discussion

I haven’t heard of absent seizure but ive heard of febral seizures from high fevers.

My son has absent seizures. They was really bad at one point he was having at least 20 per day since being on his medication he isn’t having any to the naked eye but have massively improved. Your paediatrics consultant will go into it more once you have your appointment. My sons seizures started around the age of 7 with nothing causing or triggering it but like I said they are really controlled now. Be open to different medications as 2 out of the 3 didn’t agree with my son and just be weary they are an appetite booster so your child will more than likely gain weight in such a short period of time