What causes late periods but negative pregnancy tests?

I track my period on the Flo app. I’m 31 days late. I have taken several home tests, all saying negative. I have made a do. Appointment, but they can’t get me in for two weeks. I need some suggestions/advice. What could cause me to be that late and still have a negative test?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes late periods but negative pregnancy tests? - Mamas Uncut

I had the same issue a few months ago about 2 months late and basically they had no answer finally got my period and they said Ok good

Sometimes it takes the HCG hormone (the pregnancy hormone) to show up in your urine, I was over 2 weeks late with all my kids before I got a positive test

Depending on age and hormonal levels.
Stress is a common factor also.

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Stress, lack of sleep and poor eating habits.

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This happened to me multiple times. Last year I went over 3 months without a period bc I ovulated once every 2 weeks instead of once a month.

My doctor said it was normal to have your period every two/ three months. As long as you were consistently 2/3 months late every period. That’s what happened with me. I wasn’t overly stressed. I’d take a pregnancy test when I was late, and it was always negative.

Stress, PCOS, Menopause.

This happened to me as well. Was regular, on time every month and then it started to be late more and more. Doc said “it just happens as you get older”.

There is a lot of reasons. I’d talk to your doctor.

Stress pcos could be to soon to test

Stress, cortisol levels, thyroid problems


Pcos stress or your hormones may be off or unbalanced. I get my period once every 2 months now due to my pcos and hormones fluctuating so much

Stress & sometimes I think we are jus a bit off sometimes naturally. I think the 28days cycle should be looked at as a generalized time frame but could be off a bit at times too​:wink: I dont kw Im no DR. I’m jus a WOMAN :woman_shrugging:

Did you have the vaccine? I know for a fact your first cycle after your vaccine will be thrown off drastically.

Stress is a #1 factor, I was 36 days late, hade my period for 3 days and 2 weeks later I am on it again now im on 7th day.

I also heard that the vaccine can alter your period….


It took me 2 months to show pregnant with my last baby :baby:

Irregular cycles, or you make have a cyst on ur ovaries. Well, that’s the case for me

Menopause or in my case early menopause.

Early menopause even the vaccine for some reason messes up ur cycle for a couple of months

PCOS, I sometimes went 6 months without a period in my 20s and early 30s. (And now at 55 it’s like clockwork).

Insufficient vitamin b12 can cause menstrual issues such as absent periods.

Have you recently had your covid vaccine apparently that can effect them x

I’m not co doning lying… but if your ok with going to the emergency room saying you think you might be pregnant and have severe cramping from a fall or a ball to the belly or something along those lines they will do an ultrasound right there. Like I said I do not condone lying but if you want the fastest answer it’s an ultrasound

Hey babe really rude question… how’s your weight? That can muck up your period… no accusing or being rude just a thought as I’m passing through?

Pcos,stress,hormone imbalance your doing the right thing by going to the Dr.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes late periods but negative pregnancy tests? - Mamas Uncut

How old are your you?

Stressing about why your not getting your period will actually make it stay gone longer. Try to relax!

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Menopause??? Age???

Stress , eating, age, cysts alot of things can effect your period . Mine got like that a few years ago . But the doc said everything was normal and good . My gyno put me on a medicine but I hated the way it made me feel . I started taking a rebalance supplement and liked the way it helped my body get back on track.

Stress mostly once i got mine after 73 days it lasted 10 days and was heavy now i am again 2 days late… i was sent to do an ultrasound a month ago to check made an appintment for this friday but due to covid almost everything is closed tomorrow i will call them to see if i have to make another one or not

-hormonal imbalance
-working night shift


Stress and also some test are not accurate and the doctors would do a blood test

When my thyroid levels are off it effects my cycle. There was a time I had to take progesterone to regulate my cycle too.

stress or worries or just not enough rest

Pituitary tumor is one of the many causes

Go to family planning or a plan parenthood facility if you have one where u live.

Stopped ovulating
Thyroid problems
Birth control issues

I deal with this every month.
U need to get medicine that makes u have a period.


Being underweight

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I had a 50 day cycle once at age 30 and apparently it happens every so often x

2 weeks? Find another doctor.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes late periods but negative pregnancy tests? - Mamas Uncut

A ton of stuff can cause it. Including stress, any kinda diet change, etc


Did you recently get the Covid vaccine? No judgements… I’ve heard other friends have their cycle messed up after the shot! So maybe that?! If not… I’m no help :upside_down_face: good luck!


My body does that when I sync up with other women.

Are you up to date on your pap test?

Things that can cause periods to be late other than pregnancy:
Weight changes.
Hormone imballance
Thyroid issues
Lack of necessary vitamins and minerals
Things wrong with your uterus such as a cyst blocking the cervix.

I am sure there are many more that is just a short list that I know.


I’m currently 2 weeks late and I had a tubal 5 years ago. And negative tests. I’m thinking it’s my thyroid causing it to be late.

Endometriosis and PCOS

Have them check your prolactin level. I didn’t get my period for several months and started acting like i was preggo but the tests all came back negative. turns out that i had a pituitary tumor (brain tumor). i would have them do a complete set of bloodwork to test for everything just to be on the safe side.

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I often have anovulation due to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, but there are several reasons a period can be late that’s not due to pregnancy. Simply being sick, like with a cold, can cause delayed ovulation. I highly suggest going to see a gyno. They can do a sonogram and find out what’s going on, if you have cysts or endometriosis, or something else. You might also have them do a lab and check your thyroid levels and estrogen/testosterone levels.

I’m currently 40 days late….

If you are around other women alot this will happen. You will sync lol

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There are many other things that can cause a missed period other than pregnancy. Sometimes we just have a weird cycle. Especially if you are on birth control or have recently stopped birth control. Or recently gave birth. Weight and medicines and other health conditions can cause a missed period. Only your doctor will be able to get to the real reason. But sometimes we just have a weird cycle and there isn’t really an answer for why. Don’t stress or worry yourself. If you aren’t in severe pain or bleeding uncontrollably, then I’d say you’ll be fine and hopefully your doctor will have some answers for you.

Sometimes stress can cause you to skip entire periods. Hormonal issues maybe. I would wait two months and then see a doctor.

My daughter, and I both had negative at home tests. It was a blood test that confirmed pregnancy

Your period’s not late your ovulation is :wink: and lots of things can delay ovulation stress all sorts of things

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes late periods but negative pregnancy tests? - Mamas Uncut

Ovarian cysts maybe? Happens to me every month. :disappointed_relieved: Hope you get answers soon.

Stress or medical reasons

I have always heard people on diets and runners can do that and losing weight too fast can also think thin hair out and make it dull. Of course extreme stress could. So many things can interfere with normal body functions.


Stress, anxiety, illness… I was pregnant with twins and didn’t get a positive urine test until about 22 weeks… blood test showed about about 4 weeks…

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Often the pregnancy hormone doesn’t show up in blood tests until at least 4 weeks. Stress could also be a reason why you are late. Definitely worth a visit to the gp


I hope all goes we’ll

Age, stress situations going on in your life. Health issues you can still be pregnant with a negative test. That’s why You need a dr blood test and exam.

Stress will stop your period. New, heavy exercise programs will ztop your period.

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Try going to a walk in clinic. 2 week wait for a doctor is too long.
Also relax don’t stress.

Heavy exercising can cause it too

Stress is a big factor


Stress, hormones, illnesses, you could be getting a false negative on your pregnancy test, you could be syncing with other females around you…

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Stress can do it. Back in January I was a month late with mine cause of all the stress I was under.

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Stress is highly likely to cause it

Take a women’s daily vitamin also low dose estragon can help regulate your hormones

Go for an examination. You might have a cyst.

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OMG - go to your doctor!! Or OBGYN get a blood test taken! The sooner you do and IF you ARE of, the sooner you can get prenatal care to benefit you and your unborn child. AND if your not pg, you should find out WHY… and get test - could be nothing serious or it could be! GL

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PCOS, or insulin resistance. Or just plain stress.

Stress and anxiety, are, weight gain or loss.

If its every month you should ask your doctor

PCOS…check with your doctor if u can have ultrasound to know if u have PCOS…


I never showed pregnant on home text. I had to always go to the doctor.

I lost my period for 4 months last year. Turns out my thyroid is trash and wasn’t functioning properly. I’m on medication now and it came back.

Please take a blood test to confirm pregnant or no…

Stress are you on any birth control

If your sanity sake you can’t wait, find a local women’s clinic and go there for a test. Also when testing for early pregnancy make sure to do it first thing in the morning. For weeks I tested positive directly after waking up at 5am and then at the doctor’s office at 9 I was negative😅 the pregnancy hormone has more time to saturate over night while you are asleep, making that first morning run to the bathroom the best time to check.

All i can think of is stress and change of diet maybe

Nothing related to nails, unless they are inquiring about saving money on polish too?

Definitely stress. I jump all around from 45+ days to 20 day cycles. I have been checked out by my doctor routinely because of my irregularity, and I didn’t have any pcos, endometriosis, etc… it’s amazing how much impact our external environment can have on our internal environment. I would still go to the doctor if this is out of the norm for you.

Well for starters worrying and stressing about if you’re pregnant or not could cause it to be late (I know from personal experience). Also you could still be pregnant and get a negative result cuz the hormones aren’t strong enough to show up on a test yet (my sister in law had this happen to her). I wouldn’t stress about anything until you talk to your doctor. My period was super late one time and there was no reason for it except that my body just wasn’t ready for me to have my period yet. Also any kind of infection (yeast infection, UTI, kidney infection, flu, common cold, etc) can cause your cycle to be thrown off schedule too.

Aunt flo comes when it wants sometimes she misses a month

Ask your doctor to order blood work in the meantime.

Stress or sometimes cysts. It can be any number of things. I haven’t had any partner for nearly 3 years and I skip months when I’m stressed out. Its not that abnormal actually.


Stress, exercise, age, weight, ovarian cyst, pituitary issues. Bottom line…wait for the doctor. You’re just gonna stress yourself out more!

Stress, physical activity,

Some people are never regular… I would skip months. The older you get the more your cycle changes.

Stress, seasonal change, working out

This happened to me last month, my Dr said it was normal, u just may not be ovulating