What causes numbness in hands?

This post isn’t about me, but I’m concerned about my friend. So for a whole week, my friend told me her hand gets numb out of nowhere! What can be causing this? She doesn’t want to go in because the hospital bill is expensive.


Is she near menopause?

If her pinky isn’t going numb than it’s probably carpal tunnel…atleast that’s what I was told by my doctor :woozy_face:

Carpal tunnel syndrome I got it bad in my right hand we’re on a remote control and overhead crane at work now retired three of them four out of five of my digits are basically numb and no I won’t see a doctor because it’s too far in advance for them to do anything but for you I will suggest seeing a doctor get it checked Jimbo

Possible pinched nerve near shoulder or elbow

I had an entrapped nerve in my elbow and the last two fingers on my left hand had no feeling for several months. My dr gave me some exercises to do and it eventually worked it’s way out. Video of the exercises are on YouTube.

alcohol does. not sure if she drinks but excessive alcohol will cause that even after u stop drinking my mom has that and that’s what it’s from

After I tore my rotator cuff my hand would randomly go numb & I would get tingles in my arm. Carpal tunnel syndrome can also cause numbness. It may actually be worth going to a doctor because there is so much that can cause the hand to go numb.

carpal tunnel and maybe cubital tunnel possibly work related or from sleeping wrong

Thumb, first and middle fingers, and the side of your ring finger is carpal tunnel, the other side of your ring finger and little finger is cubital tunnel.

It can be a lot of different things honestly. Pinched nerves, carpel tunnel, or stress to name a few. I have this issue (hands going completely numb) and I’m being evaluated for MS but I have a lot of other symptoms as well.

Calcium deficiency can cause tingly/numbness in the hands and feet.

Carpel tunnel or pinched nerve from anywhere in the shoulder or elbow. It needs to be checked out.

try carpal tunnel brace wear at night sometimes works

Vitamin b12 deficiency

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This is reynauds disease I suffer from this, numbness in my fingers and hands and feet as well, very painful at times and brought on by cold temperatures and stress


Pinched nerve! Try a chiropractor! They are less expensive than a traditional doctor and in my personal opinion in cases like these more effective!

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Medication for Migraines… The side effects of mine has become unbearable.

My hand was numb and remained numb. I went to doctor they told me pinched nerve or carpal tunnel. A few weeks later I started having Heart Palpitations. Finally saw a cardiologist and the end result was one of my arteries was clogged. Once I had the surgery to unclog it a few days later I regained the feeling back in my hand.

If your job involves alot of pushing, pulling, even weeding the garden it can pinch and cause swelling and numbness randomly.

Lots of reasons. Some scary. Some not scary. This is something your friend is going to have to seek out answers for on her own because none of us can diagnose it, even if the commenters were entirely doctors. There’s tests that need to be done.


All of my fingers and thumb on both hands were badly affected by carpel tunnel but I could have the operation and no trouble since this was about 20 years ago

Possibly raynauds syndrome. My mom and sister both have it.

Carpet tunnel, vitamin deficiency, multiple sclerosis. There are a number of things it could be. I would have her make an appointment with her Pcp.


I’m no doctor but I play one on tv and on Facebook

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I get this sometimes. Mine is due to ulnar nerve impingement. There are stretches you can easily do at home that help.

I have neuropathy and my hand and arm do this :pensive:

Most likely Carpal Tunnel

Lots of things… Carpel Tunnel, pinched nerves, early on set symptom of diabetes, dehydration, best to get checked out! Better safe than sorry!

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It’s could most definitely be a multitude of issues probably should get checked out if it does not go away, mine is caused by herniated/bulging discs in my neck and back

I had pinched nerves in my neck. Made my hand numb then very painful.

For me it was a problem with my neck. The discs on c3 and c4 were pressing on nerves.

My husband’s boss had that, turned out he was having mini strokes

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Anxiety…she is holding her breath without realizing it.

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Could be pinch nerve or carpel tunnel

I’m pregnant and my doctor says towards the end of pregnancy, because of bad circulation, this happens and can mimic carpal tunnel… it’s awful :weary:

First they said it was carpal tunnel but I have neuropathy and my hand and arm do this :pensive: and now I have sciatica. That was the main thing that caused everything else… My sciatica. The nerves in her back could be, being pinch by a slipped disk. That’s what happened with meDoes she have back pain often?

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Poor circulation or among other things i get same way my hand left hand right now is numb.and my pointer finger lately

Neuropathy, carpel tunnel, Pinched nerve, There could be a number of things

I have really bad carpal tunnel and i also have a pinched nerve in my elbow. It causes my arms and hands to go numb alot.

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I have this problem too. I have had an EMG and nerve study, MRI’s of my back, neck and head, EEG… Still no answers.

Could be multiple things. My sister had this happen to her. She was later diagnosed with Ms

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Potassium deficiency can cause that also

Go see a doctor. Only they can give you an accurate answer

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I went to physical therapy because of my upper shoulder and neck muscles were bothering me, he asked me if I had numbness in my hands and I was surprised because I did and wasn’t even going to bring that up. Come to find out the numbness was caused by tight muscles, after the 3rd week of therapy my numbness went away

Go to own Dr or walk in clinic. Sounds like Carpel tunnel.

I get it from alcohol abuse…

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Mine is my neck even though it’s not hurting its the nerve that goes through your elbow onto you hand.

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Hypothyroidism can cause numbness in your hands and feet

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Not to freak you out but get checked for autoimmune disorders. One of the signs of MS is numbness too

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Could be lots of things. It’s hard to tell without going to a doctor.

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Mine is always from neck alignment out :cry:

A pinched nerve in her neck. C7-C8 is the nerve that leads to the hands. If constricted it can and will cause numbness in hand/s

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For me high blood pressure during my pregnancy. Also can get it from throwing up a lot.

Anxiety can too, it happened to me.

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Carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel (usually in the pinky, ring and middle finger with a cold feeling too) neuropathy or even issues going on in her neck (nerve issues or protruding disk) can cause it. Depends if she has any other symptoms along with it usually it’s nothing that needs a hospital visit best doc to see for that issue is a neurologist but of course it depends if any other symptoms are there

Could be from a pinched nerve in the neck. I had one fixed last summer. Done well .

Poor vascular circulation, neuropathy, a lot of things

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I had damage in my elbow that caused this. To many years doing quad care. I had a guy I’d see 4x a day, out weighed me by 80 lbs.

Extreme tension in the neck and shoulders can also cause numbness in the hands, Google some stretching exercises


Mine do it because of my neck spinal stenosis

Pregnancy had me like this

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TOS. Thoracic Outlet syndrome

Could be rheumatoid arthritis, my son started getting these symptoms in middle school :confused: No pain…but swelling, numbness, loss of circulation in hands/feet. She needs to see a Dr and get some lab work done…

Carpal tunnel or pinch nerve

Could be warning of a potential stroke! Also when my diabetes acts up this is a symptom. She needs to see a doctor ASAP!


Tons of stuff! Needs to see a doctor. Mine did this while pregnant a lot and anxiety also causes it or poor blood circulation among how many other things.

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She should definitely see a doctor. Could be Raynaud’s, a neurological disorder, rheumatoid arthritis or any number of things. No need for emergency room, but should make a Dr apt soon.


Probs Raynauds. If her fingers get cold and go white, then a blue/purple colour then red I would say that’s it. I have it in my hands and feet.

I have the same and they can’t figure it out. Had an expensive test for carpal tunnel just to have it come up negative. I just have to live with it. Your friend needs to see the doctor. They will refer them to a sports medicine doctor who can do the carpal tunnel test


Raynaud’s Syndrome and hypothyroidism, and many more things could cause hand numbness.
In my case it’s caused by Autoimmune issues, thyroid & raynauds.
The only way to find out is thru running tests.

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The differential diagnoses for hand numbness is far too vast to be polling the internet.

Tell your friend to visit a doctor’s office first. The doctor will determine if there is to be a hospital admission or not. Likely, it won’t.

Persistent numbness always merits a doctor’s visit.

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Carpal tunnel … have her to place the palms of her hands together pointing her fingers up. Then have her to pull her hands downward while keeping them together. This helps with carpal tunnel.

If the numbness bothers her while sleeping… she should place a pillow under each arm.

Go to an actual massage therapist. There are muscles that when tight in the shoulders and elbows with refer numbness to the hands.

I have the same problem and just got the results of a electrical conduction test. It is SEVERE carpal tunnel in both hands and an impinged nerve at one elbow. Will be scheduling surgery for the left hand and elbow and when that heals, I’ll have the right hand done.

There are a number of illnesses that begin with numbness of the hands…so she most definitely needs to see a doctor. I had the same thing to happen about five years ago – went to the doctor and had countless tests. Turns out, I had MS.

I have the same thing. Right arm goes numb and tingling, and shoulder pain at the same time. It has happened before and it was cervical stenosis on my c4 vertebrae. Had surgery to repair it and they told me then that I had another developing on my c2 that would also require surgery in a couple of years. That was 5 years ago and now I am certainly paying the price for putting it off so long


I go to the chiropractor and it instantly goes away and I can feel the blood flowing back into my hands n arms.


I have this issue but only with my thumbs and it’s near the top of the thumbs always where your finger prints

Raynauds, blood clots, thoracic outlet syndrome. Doctor asap. I would start with a vascular specialist.

Could be nerve endings or carpal tunnel syndrome could be a lot of things. She really needs to see a doctor.

Sometimes it’s a pinched nerve in the neck causing numbness to hands but there is other possibilities. NOT stoke!.:paw_prints:

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I had the same issues and found out I had a spinal cord injury, pressing on my nerves. I had surgery and because it took so long to get testing done, I am now disabled!!! DO NOT WAIT, BILLS CAN BE PAID. :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

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Tons of stuff. Mine did that for a long time and turns out my body was just dehydrated so my muscles would cramp up fingers would curl and go numb. Started drinking more water daily and hasn’t hardly happened since. If it does I drink a bottle of water and wait 5 mins. It loosens right up and stops being numb. Should probably get checked out to find the exact reason its happening to your friend.

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neuropathy, could be is she diabetic

Maybe carpal tunnel syndrome, a pinched nerve probably should see a dr.

it could be poor circulation. or it can even her nerves. have her see a doctor anyways, just to be safe.

Have her go to a chiropractor it could be her something out of line in her back

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I get this, I have ulna never compression. So any pressure on a certain area near my elbow causes numbness in the 3rd and 4th digit through the hand and half way down my forearm.
Once the pressure is removed the feeling comes back after a few minutes.
But your friend should definitely get it checked out.

I get this because of severe anxiety or just not enough water or sleep. You’re body goes into flight or fight mode from constant stress. Does your friend have any anxiety? Hope this helped :purple_heart::disappointed_relieved:

Chiropractor. They do exrays to check for narrowing or pinches. They can help you.

Unless they have zero insurance, a checkup for this shouldn’t be to expensive for the average person to afford. I am so confused…and it could be something very serious!

You would need more background for this. Like maybe it could be carpal tunnel? Do they have any other symptoms? It could be a pinched nerve or MS…

I get this in my arms and body; I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis, Definitely needs to see doctor, As said in comments could be a number of things

Sounds like a visit to the doctor is in order.

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  1. Smoking consrticts blood flow which in turn creates numbness.
  2. Pinched nerves.
  3. Carpal tunnel.
  4. Diabetes.

A number of things…carpel tunnel…neck out of place…ra…a dr. will test for many things

1st thing is simple carpal tunnel,quick fix surgery,could be arthritis

Hi! What hand and does she have numbing or pain any where else?

Can be a sign of low B12 in your body. X