What clothing should I get my newborn?

I’m having my first baby soon… And I feel so overwhelmed like there just seems like so much to do and get. So could mommies out there give me a breakdown on how much clothing to get for a newborn (like how many body vests, growers etc) and how much of 0-3 months for now…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What clothing should I get my newborn?

We and family went overboard with ours, so ended up with entire packs of things unopened as we had so much. 15-20 bodysuits (long and short sleeved) in plain white and patterned; 10 button up footsie sleepsuits; 2 or 3 cardigans, and about 5 leggings/joggers. A pack of 2 hats and matching mits, and a 5 pack of little socks. This was literally all we rotated our little one in. Fancy/novelty outfits never saw the light of day. Crib shoes were kind of pointless at this age, as socks were fine. I always recommend buying smaller clothes too - tiny baby/newborn. We only had 0-3 as we thought that was small, but we ended up with a lil 4lb baby and everything swarmed her too much to keep her warm. So the day we got released from hospital we had to go baby clothes shopping for things small enough :see_no_evil: Not ideal, so bare that in mind!

Easy on and off stay away from fussy stuff. Easy wash as you do a lot of that.

Buy comfy things. Overalls etc are super cute , but imo not really practical for the little ones. And don’t feel the need to buy in excess. They will out grow/ stain things quickly. Congratulations

I’ve had 6 but 6 newborn sleep suits and vests and thats it I’ve had 3 that was prem. So had to buy tiny shit but there was knitted hats etc given by charity

The baby singlets that button up in the crotch are amazing the don’t ride up. In the first few months they poop and wee lots you will probably change clothes 3 times a day.


Definitely buy newborn clothes too. Because 0-3 are actually really big!! My friends have had 8-9lbs babies and still needed newborn clothes xx

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Both mine were over 9lbs and half the stuff I got or was bought was too small! I’d buy a few baby grows and wait! You can always buy more after!

Forsure get some 0-3. My girl was 7 lbs 1 oz and they were big on her. Plenty of time for her to grow.

I’m on my 5th baby and over brought again I’ll never learn they really only need baby grows and vests 12 / 15 of each new born and 0/3 they grow out of them so quick but this is our 1st boy (we have 4 girls ) so everything blue ive seen he’s got ive even started to buy double so don’t listen to me :see_no_evil::rofl: x

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I’m having my first baby too,I’ve got 6 vest in first size and 0-3 months,6 sleep suits in first size and 0-3 months,3 blanket,6 muslins,Bibs,and lots of socks. People will most probably buy to lots of stuff so try not to go over bored,good luck xxx

I bought mainly 0to3 as was told my princess was gunna be at least 8lb4 but she was born 7lb3 had nothing that fit so ended up buying some tiny baby and newborn, shes now nearly 8month old and ive only just gave her newborn and 0to3 clothes away as we now fit 3to6 at last zz

My 4 literally had vests and sleepsuits until they could sit up, I didn’t bother with clothes at all! Especially in the summer just vests.
Scratch mitts are awful as you are taking away their comfort of sucking on their hands (they do this in the womb)


Don’t buy too much newborn as they could grow out of it quite quickly…def get some 0-3. If I had another I would only buy a handful of newborn and then review their size in a month.

Im having my 4th and I’ve learnt with each one and the best thing I did was 20 vest and babygrows in newborn, 20 vests and babygrows in 0-3, bibs, coat, blanket, hat and mitts and the rest just buy as you go along that will keep you going for atleast a while x

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Baby grows and vests. It’s easier abd any other clothes are just a waste of money. The kids first 3 months spent in pjs. Cheap and cheerful. Get plenty though as they can go through a few outfits in a day

My second son started in size 2 singlets I just folded singlets up.

Do t get much for a new born coz for the first 3/6 month most babies live in onesies and grow out of clothes so quick so don’t wast ur money from about 6 month u can start getting them a few pants/ jeans and tops & cardigans for when u go out but keep them in baby grows while in the house as they go threw so many sets of clothes a day baby grows are just easier too throw on them and I did it with 2 kids x

I have aload of baby stuff for sale is anyone is interested from swinging mini cot, clothes, nappys and bouncer

My advice would be to buy lots of newborn n tiny baby, I had hardly any and had loads of 0-3 months thinking they’d fit n they were huge ans I had go go out n buy more thr second we got home xx